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Geotargeting WP Review 2024 – The #1 Geolocation Plugin For WordPress

Geotargeting WP Review 2024:

In the current era of online marketing, geotargeting is one of the best ways to send and deliver targeted ads, media steams, and other online content to your users visiting your website from around the world. It is completed by using modern technologies to capture and identify the IP address, organization, country, city, and even zip codes.

The websites, after collecting this information, utilize it to offer content that is geo-specific to its users, depending on what the targeted audience requires; this is the reason a lot of firms want their customers to enter their locations first so that they can show them the content that is relevant to their needs. A geotargeted campaign can help your business in more than one way, from bringing in new customers to improving existing customers’ experience. Everything can be done through a single approach.

So, if you are looking for a plugin that ensures all of your website ads are being geotargeted perfectly, we are about to discuss one which we might have the right thing for you.

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Geotargeting WP:

Geotargeting WP Home

Geotargeting WP is an online commanding API service designed for WordPress to help its users deliver redirects and content to their customers on the website based on their geolocation.

It is an all-in-one solution for the users to make their customers’ experience better than before, and it allows all the customizations so that you can provide content that more relevant to their needs, increase your conversions and sales at the same time.

It comes equipped with a lot of plugins for WordPress, which we are about to discuss below:

The Products of Geotargeting WP:

WordPress Solutions:

1- Geotargeting Pro:

The Geotargeting Pro plays the role of the heart of Geotargeting WP. It is the best solution for any affiliate marketer to target their audience with country-specific orders. All of its features are simple yet powerful, and now they are even equipped with GPS accuracy that allows you to provide specific content based on the cities and states.

2- Geo Redirects:

The Geo Redirects is the simplest way to send and redirect users to other websites and pages based on their geo-location through just a few steps. This particular plugin for WordPress is quite dependable for allowing you to create redirects after processing the criteria consisting of multiple variables.

3- Geo Links:

Geo Links allows you to create smart links that target the users and then redirect them based on IP address, radius, regions, cities, states, countries, and more. It is effortless to set up and use; that’s why it acts as the powerful yet complete solution that the affiliate marketers are using to send users links based on their present locations.

4- Geo Blocker:

You can easily block your users’ access from certain locations around the world using the Geo Blocker plugin for WordPress. This can be done by being completely blocked from the entire website or just some certain pages. Every access will be allowed and disallowed completely at your will.

5- Geo Flags:

Use the Geo Flags handy feature as a simple addon to your existing Geotargeting Pro plugin to let it display the current flag of your users’ countries, or, if you don’t want that, just a simple shortcode. It lets you know which user is accessing your website from which countries to be aware of your audience.

How does Geolocation WP Work?

Geotargeting WP is a geolocation database based on the HTML5 or IP. It gives you the correct and accurate location of your users. This database is placed in their own servers and can be called upon through the plugins, which call the API to return any user’s location on demand.

Each time you need the user’s location, you can request using IP or GPS to their API, and they will handle the rest.

All of their products are made while keeping the clients in mind, and this is why it is one of the best in its competition. They have equipped all of their plugins with the cache mode, which can save a lot of their credits while decreasing their cost and giving them the best results of their users’ geolocation.

Key Features of Geotargeting WP:

1- Create Regions:

You can easily target particular users by grouping the countries and cities. The easiest examples of these would-be making regions like America and Europe, then use shortcodes or widgets for these regions to save your much needed time.

2- Support of Variety of Services:

All your users’ real IPs will be captured automatically through the plugin regardless of whether they are using Varnish, Reblaze, Ezoic, Akamai, Securi, Cloudflare, etc.

3- Compatibility with the Cache Plugin:

In most cases, geotargeting is always lacking in the page cache. Geotargeting utilizes the AJAX mode for all the filters, shortcodes, and geotargeting options to be loaded once the page has been rendered from the cache.

4- Numerous Supported Services:

Geotargeting WP can automatically detect all the real users’ IPs regardless of where they are coming from, be it Varnish, Reblaze, Ezoic, Akamai, Securi, or Cloudflare, etc. It supports all of them.

5- Easy Digital and WooCommerce Downloads:

You can easily hide your products from your users depending on their countries, states, or cities. Besides this, you can also completely make a product unavailable for a particular group of users by just displaying a message or eradicating the product from the shelf.

6- Short Code Generator:

It comes with a mighty generator of shortcodes to easily show different content on their pages. It can help you efficiently wrap all of your content and choose the desired option.

7- Perfect Accuracy:

Their API is always ready to provide perfectly accurate geolocations and never get wrong results. It can easily return the data of city, state, country, and continent. So, if you are looking to build your own product, the GitHub package of Geotargeting WP is your best choice for communicating with it.

8- Strong Rules for Redirecting:

It allows you to redirect all or particular pages, multiple device matching, referrer matching, users brought from other websites/search engines, matching of crawlers/bots, targeting query string, custom URLs, etc.

9- Unlimited Blocking:

It allows you to create blocks whenever and wherever you want them, and they can also be turned on and off just through a single click. The panel for blocking is straightforward to use and has nothing complex.

10- Accurate Link Statistics:

It gives you real-time accurate information about how many clicks each of your links has received so that you can better understand your affiliate links.

Geotargeting WP Pricing Plan:

The pricing plan for Geotargeting WP tools are as follows

Type of Subscriptions:

There are basically two types of subscription plans for Geotargeting WP.

1- Monthly Subscription Plan:

It is the type of subscription in which you pay a certain amount each month and agents certain features according to your payment plan. It is a one-time payment with unlimited usage.

2- Annual:

It is the type of subscription in which you pay a certain amount for the whole year agents certain features according to your payment plan. It is a one-time payment with unlimited usage.


  • It is completely pocket friendly.
  • You can save a lot of money through caching.
  • The setup is straightforward and quick.
  • It auto-detects all the IPs of your users regardless of the DNS.
  • It gives instant redirection to all of your users.
  • The plugin comes with detailed documentation and blogs so to make it easier for you to understand


  • It can prove to be a bit difficult to understand for new users.
  • Not any other particular cons have been reported as of yet.


Try Geotargeting WP For Free

After going through this review, you should understand how geotargeting can affect your business. A plugin designed for this task, in particular, can provide you a lot of benefits by saving you much needed time and money.

The best thing about it is that it comes at a meager price and provides a free 15 days trial for all of its users. Therefore, we recommend you give it a shot and see where it takes you. According to our experience and research, we are quite sure that you will become a paid customer once you see all of its features.

We hope our review has made it easier for you to decide as we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information related to all the products that Geotargeting WP is providing. Our team wishes you the best!

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