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MaxValue Media Review 2024 – Is it Worth it? 

MaxValue Media Review:

Are you a website publisher? Are you looking to post the best advertisements in town right now? Are you looking for people you can trust with the burden of your business?

If yes, we have the perfect solution for you. In today’s world, where owning a business is not a man’s job, you do not just open a shop and sit in it until you get a customer; you must rely on people to get the work done. 

But the question is, how to find those people? How to trust them with everything? This is where we come in! We bring you with solutions that you need. 

We bring you people you can rely on and who will help you grow your business to the level of success that you dream of. In the digital marketing era, we present you with a company that took its baby steps some time ago but is now completely in the race.

A company that makes sure you get the best quality of services and that your efforts do not go to waste.  The company is called ‘MaxValue’!

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What is MaxValue?

MaxValue is an ad network that helps website publishers to earn. They take pride in being a new yet one of the preferred ad networks in advertising. They focus on websites that are looking for attractive yet newly innovative digital advertising to publish.

They believe that being loyal to what you do can bring you a few steps closer to being one of the top agencies in the field. Because of this, they focus on bringing a positive change in other businesses so they can bring it in theirs too. MaxValue has not failed to generate a loyal stream of customers for itself.


MaxValue started its journey from Wyoming, USA. It aimed to give clients exactly what they wanted and, if not that, then definitely better than that, and because of this, MaxValue had a successful start. 

It helped so many clients achieve what they always wanted. It helped them increase their revenue by at least 25%, making them confident enough to trust the platform for the rest of their success. After the fame and success it got in Wyoming, USA, MaxValue has now officially launched its services in the Vietnamese market. 

What Do They Offer? 


MaxValue focuses mainly on sticky ads, banner ads, video ads, and native ads. Both in-stream and out-stream video ads are supported by them. If you are publishing a website, give them a check. 

High Ad Quality:

MaxValue has an eye for high-quality ads. It will either provide you with a good one or will not work with you. They have premium DSP, because of which they only leave you with a high-quality ad for your website.

Header Bidding Technology:

MaxValue allows its users to go for real-time bidding. They use the largest Demand sites or DSPs.The bidding results in an increased revenue of the highest bid. 

24/7 Customer Support:

It has online 24/7 support to answer all the queries that you face while working with them. 

Easy Earning:

They offer users to simply use their ads.txt file and drop JS code on their websites to start earning. 

Ad formats:

When discussing Ad Formats supported by MaxValue, various options are available as below:

Sticky Ads

The popular size for sticky ads from MaxValue is 300×50 – the ideal standard in terms of visuals. They also ensure all ads have suitable, high-quality topics that aim to improve customer experience.

Banner Ads:

According to them, the most popular ones for banner ads for Desktop and Mobile phones are 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 970×250, 300×600, 320×480, 480×60, 320×50…


You can use an effective In-stream and out-stream campaign.

Quick Registration:

Registering on MaxValue is very simple and quick. Their website has a user-friendly interface, and you can easily go to it to register yourself. All you’ll have to do is give your email, website, and password to get started. 

User-centric dashboard

MaxValue customers can experience many advanced features from the authentic dashboard they offer. These include viewing traffic information by country or checking the website’s traffic quality or ad performance insights. Users can promptly assess key metrics in time to update and adjust functionalities to align with optimizing the website and increasing revenue. 

Requirements For Publishers

For publishers to start working with them, MaxValue looks for three main things:

  • One is the pageviews. For MaxValue, the pageviews should be a minimum of 100,000 per month. 
  • The second is Traffic. For them, it should be mainly from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Geo-tier 1 countries are preferable, and geo-tier 2 countries can also work with them. 
  • The third one is their Content. The website should be an IAB-1 site with safe, legal content free from controversial, violent, aggressive, or banned content. 

Why “MaxValue Media” is The Best Choice For Publishers:

Join Maxvalue Media Now!

Being a publisher, you have a pool of options to choose from. But what makes MaxValue different? Let’s see;

Guarantee of Maximum Value:

MaxValue (as the name suggests) guarantees a 25% minimum increase in the RPM for publishers in one to three weeks. Another amazing claim from their side is that they pay the publishers themselves if they fail to reach the mentioned range. 

High Ad Quality:

MaxValue does not compromise on the quality of the ads it provides, making sure your website does not face any criticism because of them.

Header Building Technology:

As mentioned before, this technology is not very common in ad networks providing the same services. The highest bid from DSPs supports increasing maximum revenue for publishers.

Numerous Payout options:

They offer numerous payout options so that it does not become a hurdle in the way of both parties working together.

Easy Deployment:

You just have to add their ads.txt files and drop JS code to your site to earn money. There is nothing more to this simple process.

Payment Methods:

MaxValue allows payment transfers through PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, and cryptocurrency. 

What are MaxValue’s Payout Terms?

MaxValue pays according to Net-15, which means that a month’s revenue will be paid on the 15th of next month. Their minimum payout amount is $25. The payment is always on time too.

Company’s Details:

Do We Recommend Maxvalue Ad Network?

Join Maxvalue Media Now!

Yes, We do Recommend MaxValue Media Ad Network because it is an excellent ad network that helps publishers to earn more revenue. It works well for all types of websites. If you own a small to medium-sized website and you want to maximize your Ad revenue, then MaxValue is the best choice for you.

We have discussed each and everything that we had on MaxValue in detail with you guys to help you make a sane decision being a website publisher. MaxValue is a new one in the market, but their dedication and passion to achieve what made them start is never-ending.

They are different from others out there and continue to prove so. We would recommend the publishers to try their services at least once, you won’t regret it!

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