Metaverse Not Ready For Legal Proceedings And Virtual Weddings

Metaverse Not Ready For Legal Proceedings And Virtual Weddings:

As the global Web3 ecosystem has grown, the many ways people use this niche have changed very quickly. He then said that things like this “could happen in the Metaverse,” which didn’t surprise him. More details click at this link

To explain his point of view, Tong made up a story about a fight over an accident on a construction site. In Tong’s example, there was an argument about who was to blame for the accident. “To see the argument from a different point of view, you could put yourself in the real tunnel or the oil containment facility,” he said. It’s possible that all legal work will be done on computers.

Alexander Firsov, who runs Web3.0 at Sensorium, an AI-powered platform for the Metaverse, agrees greatly.  He said this while talking about how a Metaverse is a place that tries to link the real world and the digital world.

Not Everyone Agrees With The Plan:

Dimitry Mihaylov is an expert contractor for the UN and the chief scientific officer for Farcana. He knows a lot about what makes computers smart. He says that the first thing that comes to mind when talking about legal proceedings that can be done online is intellectual property law (IP). This is because, at least for now, there are no borders between places in the Metaverse.

He says the second problem is getting data and figuring out who owns it. Since a long time ago, big tech companies have used the information they get from their customers. Before there can be court cases in the Metaverse, rules about how to store and use legal information will need to be made. Big tech companies have been misusing the information they get from their customers for a very long time.

Clement doesn’t think a virtual courtroom can show what it’s like to be in a real one. For example, in some cases, it is very important to use cross-examination to make the other side’s witness look less reliable in front of the jury.

Mihaylov also said that copyright is very important because it protects digital works in many countries. He went on to say that in the world we live in now, companies like Google are quick to act on copyright issues and would ban any websites that broke their rights.

“More than 100 countries use copyright, and the way it works is similar to how the Metaverse should work. But no one has asked for it yet, and nothing like it has ever happened before, “he said. If you are just starting out, you may trade Bitcoin with complete self-assurance by using Bitcoin smart.

Most People Wouldn’t Mind If Court Cases Took Place In The Metaverse:

Mattan Order, an associate general counsel for the public blockchain infrastructure provider Orbs, says that the question right now is whether or not people are willing to believe that what happens in the Metaverse is real, especially from a legal point of view. He told the Cointelegraph newspaper this. From his point of view, most people don’t live in a world where trials determine a person’s fate. Also, he said:

Order thinks that the problem being talked about here is the kind of thing that governments almost always handle on their own. So, most people shouldn’t get too excited about the idea that these changes will happen fast. He thinks that the legal system has a strong tendency to want everyone to be there in person during a trial.

It Looks Like The Future is “Metaverse Ready.”

Similarly, South Korea’s government said it had set aside $177 million from its budget to make its Metaverse goals more ambitious. Not too long ago, this news came out. The country is working on a way for its people to get digital versions of a wide range of government services on a single online platform.

Condense is a company that uses the Metaverse to run its business. In July, they were able to finish a seed fundraising round so they could keep making 3D live streaming technology.

At the beginning of this year, the first wedding ever to happen in a virtual world occurred in Decentraland. This job is a very important one. In total, more than 2,000 people came to the event. The procedures were run by the law firm Rose Law Group, which ensured they were legal.

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