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Mobidea Review (2024): The Best CPA Affiliate Network?

Mobidea Review 2024:

Are you thinking about switching your career due to the tremendous workload and incongruent office hours? Or Considering becoming an affiliate marketer? Because we might have the right fit for you!

Mobile affiliate marketing is a particular kind of online marketing whose target is mobile phone users. This performance marketing instructs the affiliate publishers to recommend new consumers or clients to the advertisers’ affiliate proposals, either via an android or IOS mobile device. The advertisers financially instigate these affiliate publishers on these recommendations.

The striking feature of this affiliate marketing is that the affiliate publishers make a commission by promoting the brand’s products. Through each new referral, the publisher earns more profits. The only thing different from mainstream affiliate marketing is the proposal’s design, which is made according to the mobile phone clients. The profits’ earning threshold, validity, and amount all vary with the particular brand or corporation that you’ve chosen to do affiliate marketing with.

But these are the main determinants that’ll affect your affiliate marketing. Due to the commerciality of social media, mobile affiliate marketing is the face of the future, as currently, more than 63% of the world’s population owns a phone. In addition, about 48% own a smartphone, indicating that businesses running through these channels are already a huge success. And the best part about this marketing type is that it is relatively uncluttered. So are you already thinking about becoming a mobile affiliate marketer?

In this article, we’d be discussing a popular mobile affiliate network, Mobidea, and their affiliate network specifications, along with shedding some light on the perks for their advertisers, and affiliates, along with other features like spy tools, push traffic, and Mobidea Academy.


Mobidea is a mobile-oriented affiliate network that will enable you to drive surged traffic to its proposals either directly or through Smartlinks. Mobidea is a remarkably effective mobile affiliate network centered particularly around mobile recommendations for affiliate marketers. Powered by technology and centered around education, Mobidea is well aware of affiliates’ needs and is fully equipped to guide them towards success.

Founded by Antoine Moreau in June 2011 and based in Cyprus, Mobidea is a leading mobile-driven affiliate network. It deals with app install proposals, sweepstakes, pin submits, and mobile subscriptions. The goal to revolutionize digital affiliate marketing and to be always ahead is what keeps Mobidea going.

Mobidea Home

The income models are based on CPA Cost per Activity. You can earn on a CPA basis if a visitor downloads your software or fills out a survey. While CPI comes into play with the install-related traffic driven by game or app download on PlayStore or Appstore. The platform currently works with 10,000+ active affiliates and drives 2000+ mobile offers. Surprisingly more than 80% of the revenue generated is shared with the affiliates! Sounds like such a committed brand? Well, it truly is!

Mobidea mainly focuses on user acquisition centered around Cost per acquisition drives and makes up the top marketing converting network for mobile users.

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Performance Networking Stats:

Mobidea has worked with more than 100.000 affiliates. This excellent platform also hosts more than 500 advertisers offering more than 2 Billion clicks. In addition, the network offers more than 50 operative proposal categories and more than 2000 functioning campaigns. This affiliate network runs in 90+ countries and offers data support in 6 different languages. This innovative mobile affiliate network has provided 50 million affiliate earns to date.

Why should Affiliates choose Mobidea?

Mobidea is a CPA or Cost Per Activity driven affiliate network dealing in mobile offers. Mobidea has an objective to negotiate the premium mobile CPA proposals with top-quality advertisers, set the benchmarks for the affiliate payments, and continue to provide account administration and constant guidance. Currently, Mobidea has more than 100000 affiliates who earn from their platform each day. This digital forum enables the affiliates to monetize their businesses and gain profits from that monetization. Following perks are offered to the affiliate marketers joining the Mobidea affiliate program:

Selection, Application, and Monetization:

Mobidea is a monetization deck offering you a vast range of performance-oriented CPA campaigns from top advertisers worldwide.

A vast diversity of CPA Proposals:

Mobidea gives the affiliates a chance to select from tons of carefully experimented and tested CPA offers from various horizons, from different vertical niches, including health and lifestyle, Mobile content, Dating, Video graphics, pin submits, and many more! However, you should keep in mind that not all offers are public and some of them are only available through the platform such as the adult ones. You can view the offers list and then pick out one of your choices.

Instantaneous Profits earned:

Your performance, rewards, and live feed of your business content fly directly towards your dashboard. In addition, it will enable you to record your account and become familiarized with the ongoing campaigns to decide the appropriate course of action.

Swift money influx request:

You can seek to get your well-deserved income along with the profits each day and get the payment in the fastest time. Mobidea believes in paying out the money as soon as it is earned. Therefore, it aims to send out your money to your account swiftly compared to any other affiliate network in the market. There are various options to get your earned income, including PayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer, FirstChoicePay, Payza, and Bank Transfers, among others.

Smartlink Technology:

You don’t need to squander your hard-earned bucks on pilot drives; you must advertise your products only with the leading campaigns that are tested and tried by millions of routine visitors. If you don’t have enough time searching through their top offers, let their Smartlink decide and auto-optimize your business’s traffic. The affiliates are given the liberty to select from single suggestions or utilize the Smartlink Technology. In addition, affiliates can choose cost-optimized offers via Smartlink. There is a lot of smart links present which you can check out at

Why is Mobidea the best choice for Advertisers:

Mobidea aims to provide an efficient marketing remedy to the advertisers through their affiliate network. Driven based on CPA, they provide their advertisers with a decreased risk environment to enable them to foster their online startups and businesses focused on elevating their revenues.

1- Stats and proposals AP guided by post-event optimization:

By obtaining notifications of the user post events like unqualified leads, Mobidea identifies the leading and most effective traffic sources.

2- Exclusively Driven Account administration:

Mobidea is always prepared for any queries, doubts, confusion, or problems that might affect your overall experience. At Mobidea, you’re guaranteed to meet the most accomplished and trained Account managers in the history of affiliate marketing!

3- Exemplary traffic with scam check:

Mobidea believes in delivering high-quality, exceptional content to the users and seeks to make the mobile user acquisition better than before. Therefore, you will achieve whatever you have in mind and paid for. Mobidea believes in fair play and strives to engage and drive quality traffic towards your business. Mobidea works very hard to prevent scam traffic and activities, as is seen with some other affiliate networks. Mobidea uses tools like affiliate behavioral fraud scoring, Authenticity Check, Cloning Detection, Real-time constant affiliate surveillance, which helped Mobidea make more than 18000 deactivations five years back.

The goal of Mobidea for the advertisers:

The main goal of Mobidea is to work with high-end advertisers who are willing to add worth and excellent competence to their CPA-oriented Advertising affiliate network.

  • Strict screening protocol for the advertisers too?

Yes, there is a rigorous screening process after which the advertisers are approved. At Mobidea, every single application is individually dealt with by their respective advertising team, competent enough to filter through the tons of applications and select the few top-quality advertisers that cut. If you’re an advertiser and want to know more about the approval process, you can contact them!

  • How to get started?

You’ll need to inform Mobidea currently about your offers and proposals that you’re seeking to advance, and they’ll connect you with some affiliate marketer from their network. Later on, you’ll need to provide the following details to Mobidea:

  • The content of your campaign
  • Your activity URLs
  • Your target audience and traffic
  • IPs servers to rule out the chance of fraud
  • Your desired GEO’s for the promotion

How to become a successful advertiser with Mobidea?

The Mobidea algorithm, among other ways, aids in driving affiliates’ traffic towards advertisers’ offers. The rotatory offer present in Mobidea’s algorithm helps the advertisers advance their proposals. Every single conversion will promote the proposal upwards in the segment ranking. The top segment proposals get about 50-70% of the present volume! The setup is straightforward and allows advertisers to set up consumers’ budgets per time, with dayparting features and selection options for the best performance hours. It enables you to single out the traffic and create your messages in the tone of your business!

Push traffic feature to boost up your ROI with:

This feature enables media buyers to buy from 45+ exclusive push traffic providers available in their dashboard. Mobidea push feature is tailor-made for media buyers and constructed to give record results!

1- Peerless Conversion Rate:

You can enjoy unmatched CR with this feature because of dedicated user content.

2- Unparalleled Ad Visibility:

The nonintrusive user reaching feature of this specification allows you to get to your user even when they’re not using their device by leaving notifications.

3- Immense Volume Flow:

This feature enables you to access the multiple databases of the direct traffic providers and control your supply directly.

4- Actual Clients; no fraud!

This feature will help you visualize high-quality traffic due to numerous filters for the fraudulent and scam resources.

Why should I get Mobidea Push?

You’d probably still be wondering if you should get this feature or not? Let us delineate a few record-breaking stats for you, and then you can decide! It offers 45+ dedicated traffic suppliers, more than 1 Billion daily clients, and all that on the minimum deposit of 50$! You can launch your campaign using this feature and witness record-breaking results!

Spy tools:

Mobidea also offers to push ad spy tools that enable you to know which push campaigns are most popular and earn the highest bucks! The push spy tools make it quite convenient for you to begin with contracting your best-selling campaigns. Mobidea offers unparalleled coverage with more than 40 million ad networks, above 3 million ads, over 30,000 advertisers, running in over 90 countries, with round-the-clock chat support! This feature enables you to:

  • Reveal leading traffic and ads to help you with your own campaign
  • Spy on the top-performers to get an idea about the business working of leading media buyers.
  • Explore the million-dollar pages to know which landing pages and creative options help businesses earn millions of dollars.
  • Explore the optimal targeting to help you learn which parameters are more significant in targeting countries, traffic sources, or devices.
  • Have the edge over the others through spying on the top push campaigns and learn about the leading ones.

Pricing information:

You can purchase this tool at a cost-effective monthly value without any hidden charges! In addition, all Mobidea consumers can utilize their account balance for payment.

So what’re you waiting for? Purchase this revolutionary tool right away!

Educational support for the newbies; Mobidea Academy:

Are you a newbie who’s interested in mobile affiliate marketing but is confused due to a lack of information? Or are you an excelled affiliate marketer who wants to learn new tricks to augment page traffic? Despair not! Because Mobidea is offering educational assistance to the newbies and experienced marketers that’ll aid them to up their affiliate marketing game!

Mobidea genuinely wants the people to shift their focus from the squirrel cage of their jobs and gain an insight into the revolutionary earning scheme that is mobile affiliate marketing! Therefore, Mobidea is currently providing educational support to novice affiliate marketers in an informative platform called Mobidea Academy.

This forum provides beginners with excellent advice, tricks, tips, and detailed do’s and don’ts about the beginning and advancing their affiliate marketing expertise. With 2000+ campaigns being run on multiple horizons, including pin Submits, Vouchers and Gift Coupons, Health, Beauty, Mobile infographics, Dating, Musical videos, gaming, and fitness, Mobidea Academy is a leading affiliate marketing instructional guide.

From offering the leading paid SEO training certificates and courses to assisting in the selection of converting utility proposals for a business, Mobidea Academy does it all! Featuring the content from excelled account managers, affiliate marketers, and industry experts, Mobidea Academy helps you explore the affiliate marketing terms each marketer must know.

So what’re you waiting for? Visit Mobidea Academy, and become a part of their learning community!

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A promise to assistance that extends beyond the customary support!

Mobidea certainly knows what support means and is currently offering Multicultural Support Squad, comprising staff capable of conversing in different languages, and is operational throughout the week, with record-breakingly swift response time in the market.

A mobile affiliate network that genuinely understands your concerns!

Mobidea is the only mobile affiliate network currently operational in the industry that savvies your money-related apprehensions. Mobidea understands the indispensability of cash flow for the affiliates, and therefore allows you to request payment anytime you want to! Isn’t it perfect? Moreover, you’ll get your price instantaneously!

It’s a wrap!

This article attempted to simplify mobile affiliate marketing for you and provide you with the leading mobile affiliate network, Mobidea. We presented its suitability for affiliates and advertisers, its specifications, push traffic, spy tools, and other particular features which are being used to increase the page traffic and engagement. Mobidea also offers educational support to affiliate marketers in the form of Mobidea Academy. Suppose you’re seeking a mobile affiliate network with the best promising results. In that case, undoubtedly, Mobidea is the best choice for you if you’re an affiliate marketer, a media buyer, or an advertiser! We’d surely recommend this platform to everyone! So get a move on, and visit their website to get more information!

We’ve paused this for now, and will be back in the future.

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