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How much data does tiktok use In 2024?

How much data does Tiktok use in 2023?

Do you love scrolling through Tiktok? Do you find it a way of joy and happiness? Do you think scrolling through Tiktok videos is a way of escape for you?

Some people find Tiktok a form of therapy. They find it a way of relaxation as Tiktok has so many videos of different kinds it can divert your mind easily. It can also make you addicted to it. Once you open the Tiktok app, you don’t feel like closing it. When you start watching videos, it provides you with a bulk of videos you don’t want to miss or stop scrolling. Tiktok is a way of distraction, and it can distract you from your busy life. Nowadays, everyone has a hectic life and wants a break from this busy life. TikTok is a way to entertain people like this. We think everyone deserves a break from this fast-going life, and if some people find ease and comfort in using and scrolling TikTok, there is no harm.

People worry that when they scroll through TikTok, their cellular data is used way too much. They might get off the internet because of scrolling through TikTok. Sometimes people use TikTok for hours and end up knowing that they have finished their data because they forgot to connect their phone to wi-fi sounds a bit funny, but it can cause many problems. So today, we will discuss how much data TikTok uses when you watch videos on it.

What is TikTok used for?

Tiktok is used for different purposes. As we have mentioned, TikTok has been used by people for scrolling and watching TikTok, but besides this, TikTok is also used for other means. Tiktok can also be used for promoting and growing businesses. Yes, you heard it right. Beginners or people who have now set up most commonly use TikTok to grow their businesses; as we know that TikTok has a million active users worldwide, it is a very good platform to promote your business. In addition to all this, TikTok is free so that you can promote your products free of cost.

How much data does it use:

We know that TikTok is an online app that requires the internet to work. If you don’t have internet TikTok will not work on your device. It works with the internet, and a strong internet connection is required. If you don’t want to watch videos with low quality, you need to avoid a weak internet connection. Tiktok uses data depending on the time it is being used. Like how many videos have you watched in an hour or a minute? The more you watch videos, the more it eats up your data. It also depends on the videos you have uploaded. The more videos you upload, the more your data is used.

Which data are we talking about here?

People may mix storage data with cellular data; this is obvious that TikTok uses a lot of storage in our phones but also uses a lot of cellular data. Here we are talking about the data on your phones, known as internet data, so don’t take it wrong.

How much data does TikTok use per hour?

Tiktok uses most of the internet while you watch or post videos online. It also uses a large amount of data during live streams. You need to know how much data it eats while watching videos so that once you get this idea, you will not trouble yourself. Watching a video of 15 seconds on TikTok usually uses 2 MB to 6 MB of data depending on the quality of the video. If the video you are watching is too low, it may consume 2 MB of data, but in comparison to it, if the video is high and is HD, it might use 6 MB of data.

Considering this estimation, we learned that TikTok uses almost 16 – 20 MBs of data per minute. If TikTok uses this amount of data in a minute, it most probably uses 900 MBs to 1 GB per hour. We concluded that TikTok uses almost 900 MB to 1 GB of data per hour, depending on the quality of the videos watched.

How to restrict the usage of cellular data:

If you use TikTok on your cellular data, a large amount of data is used; we need to mention some ways here so you can limit the amount of data used by TikTok.

Use wi-fi:

The best way to save your cellular data is to use wi-fi; wi-fi is always a better option because the quality of videos achieved by wi-fi cannot be compared with the quality of videos on cellular data. Wi-fi always has a better and strong internet connection and is usually free, so you don’t have to be worried about the loss. Wi-fi is also unlimited usually, so you can use it as much as you want to without the need to be worried. While using cellular data, you always have to worry that it can end anytime. So what are you waiting for? Switch your wi-fi connection and enjoy your videos.

Turn on data saver:

Another way to reduce the amount of your data is turning on the data saver. Data saver means that it would save your data from being wasted. Data saver helps you to limit the amount of data used by TikTok. It may affect the quality of the video you watch, but it will save you from worrying about your data. You need to open your TikTok app, go to the settings, and click on data usage. Once there, you will find an option to turn on the data saver. Select this option, and your TikTok will be in data-saving mode.

Turn off cellular data:

If you are always worried about your data usage, you need to turn your data off from your phone. Ensure your cellular data is turned off when it is not in use. Leaving your cellular on will waste it with the apps running in the background of your phone, and it will also be a waste of money. Another benefit would be that it will automatically connect your device whenever some wi-fi connection is in range.

Use TikTok lite:

If you are seriously concerned about your data usage and are usually out of wi-fi, you can download TikTok lite. Tiktok lite is an app designed by TikTok that helps save your cellular data. This app is specially designed for less data usage. It will not limit you from watching videos. It would be best if you were concerned about how this app differs from TikTok. This app can be downloaded on phones with fewer storage data and used with less internet. The quality of the videos would not be much affected as well. It will also allow you to enjoy videos on your favorite app without worry. This also saves your phone from draining much-charging, meaning that it uses less battery than the actual app and has the same features.

Set a time limit on your TikTok app:

Along with other fantastic features, TikTok also provides a feature that allows you to set a daily usage limit. You can now choose a time limit for how long you want to watch videos on this app. It is just like a reminder, once you cross that time limit you have set for your usage, you will be notified. This feature gives you two benefits together. One is that you use this app a lot but don’t remember how many hours you have spent on this app scrolling videos. It will tell you the exact time you have spent on this app. Turning this feature on will also save you time because excess of everything is bad. It will also save your cellular data when you have picked a time limit for this app.

Limit the data usage of TikTok:

Your smartphones are much more updated now, giving you a lot of ease. What you need to do here is to limit the data usage of TikTok on your phone. Mobile phones allow their owners to choose and limit the use of data from each app. So you can take advantage of this as well. What you have to do in this case is,

  • Open your phone
  • Go to your mobile phone’s settings
  • Search for mobile apps
  • Scroll down until you find TikTok
  • Click on TikTok and go to data usage
  • Once you enter data usage, you will see how much data you have used in the past week or month.
  • You will also be provided with a “set limit” option
  • Set a limit for TikTok use
  • You will be notified whenever you exceed the data limit set.

Get unlimited data package:

This a simple and useful way to avoid data wastage. You are already spending money on your data package, so why not choose one with more data? Now we know that you might be thinking about the purpose of paying more for a data package. The answer is that when you use a limited data package, you keep worrying that it will end soon. You don’t have to worry about usage when you get an unlimited data package. You can use as much as you want to. You can watch unlimited videos on TikTok because there is no data limit. You can relax; it would benefit you and save you from panicking. You can get unlimited data packages according to your networks. They vary in price.

On the whole, TikTok is an app used by so many people, but this app draining your data was a major problem. We discussed in this article that if you want to save yourself from excessive data usage and are worried about it. There are a few things you can do to avoid this problem. Everything has different flaws along with its benefits and advantages it does not mean it is not worth it. It does not mean you should stop using them or lose interest in them.

You need to learn some hacks we told you about and use them correctly. Once you know their right usage, you will no longer be worried about problems like this. Data usage can be limited and is not a big deal you should worry about. Just know that every problem comes with a solution; just like that, this problem also has many. You need to figure out what is the right solution for your problem.


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