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Nordwhale Review 2024 – Best Custom Software Development Company?

Nordwhale Review 2023:

We all know how saturated the market of software development has become over the past years. But that does not support the fact that each of the existing companies is versatile and well-equipped with trained professionals to provide you with the best work.

But we do keep a track of all the possible options and solutions for our readers who are in search of a potential web and mobile app development company that could provide digital solutions to their products/services.

Did we guess it right? If yes, then here you are totally at the right place and about to get a detailed overview of one of the most successful development companies none other than Nordwhale.

Allow me to walk you through the background and thought behind the foundation of Nordwhale.

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What Is Nordwhale?

Nordwhale Home

Nordwhale is one of the well-developed outsourcing companies that work on Web, Blockchain, and Mobile App Development for its customers. It has a strong motto that is solely based on the betterment of its clients’ businesses and companies.

Nordwhale has successfully handled several projects through the efforts of its compassionate team that inculcates top-notch technological features to its clients’ orders.

It was recognized as one of the top app development and blockchain companies. The work provided by the team at Nordwhale speaks for itself.

We are here to present you with an overview of all the services they have for you to help you get an in-depth view of who they are and what they offer.


1- Web Development:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the process of Web Development is a full-art. From superficial appearance to intricate details, it requires great expertise. The web development process is a set of procedures which starts from a basic concept development as what is the main purpose of creating a website to its deployment and maintenance. It is a lot more than what happens at the back end. The professionals at Nordwhale provide you with the best web solutions that can operate on an extensive range of platforms.

If we talk about the details, the following are the services that are offered to you by a talented team at Nordwhale:


We have heard this multiple times that research holds great importance and plays a significant role in the outcome of any task or process you perform. Why is that so?

It is because of the simple fact that through thorough market research you can get to know what is it that people are liking in the present. It reflects their thought process by the products or services they use at a higher rate than the normal.

The same is the case with research in Web Development. The team carries out market research and get to know user experience, user preferences, creativity and innovation required, and concept testing. By merging all these aspects of the research, the Nordwhale team builds for you a supreme solution to maximize revenue generation.


The web development consultants at Nordwhale are well aware of the challenges and turbulence that businesses might have to face while competing in the market. They not only propose practical and appreciable guidance but also help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Before entering the market, you must be aware of all the contenders to get to know their working strategy. Just get Nordwhale on board and let them take care of the rest.

Front-end development:

The developers use specific tools for the front-end development of a website. This one here is also referred to as the “client-side”. Front-end development is all about the visuals that users come in contact with. From design to content, front-end developers at Nordwhale link both the technology and design leading to user interaction.

Back-end development:

Back-end development serves as a prerequisite for front-end development. The highly qualified back-end developers at Nordwhale are well aware of the programming language required for back-end development. This is referred to as the “server-side” too which communicates the database information to the browser.

Payment system integration:

One of the services that Nordwhale offers you is the integrated payment system. They make sure to connect all the required features for the transaction purpose and gives you a hand full of relaxation when it comes to processing payments regularly.

2- Mobile App Development:

The uniqueness and proficiency of Nordwhale do not just end here. It has a lot more to offer you that could be a huge booster for your business.

Here is yet another development service that Nordwhale has promised its users for. They offer you a mobile app development either from scratch or polish the already existing ones. They develop for different operating units i.e. for iOS, Android, and also for Windows.

iOS and Android Development:

The iOS and Android app developers at Nordwhale know the programming languages required to build the applications for both the respective operating system. Both the app developers follow a flowchart of a well-arranged set of procedures starting from ideation to final submission.

Responsive Web:

A responsive website is a much-required feature to captivate a large number of audiences on your platforms. It allows the users to set the orientation of a website depending upon their screen sizes. This offers a smooth user experience regardless of the fact of what device they operate the website on.

Mobile UI/UX:

Mobile application design should be a simple yet sophisticated design that will add to the likeness factor when used by the users. The designers at Nordwhale make sure to add every bit of aesthetics to your work. Apart from the illustration they offer, they work on creating a design that requires less user input and excessive commands. This also involves user experience gathered through complete research to know how they perceive your brand/product/service.

3- Serverless Development:

The serverless services cost you only when they are executing and not otherwise. Nordwhale implements Serverless solutions using AWS LambdaAWS, Cognito Users Pool, AWS API Gateway, Serverless Framework, DynamoDB, etc.

4- Blockchain And Smart Contract Solutions:

At Nordwhale you can have blockchain solutions that are totally custom and also smart contract solutions. The team has complete know-how about blockchain development and how it operates. The smart contract on the blockchain can help you ease a rigorous process of trusting a third party by a specific code written on a blockchain that can only be verified by the two involved parties.

The major services include:

  • Daap.
  • Wallets.
  • Exchanges.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Crowd Sale.
  • Smart Contract Development.

5- Product Design:

Building a product is not the only approach you should be satisfied with and expect to grasp a pool of customers to your platform. Product designing is on top of everything when we talk about the best product features. With an increase in competition among industries with every passing day, it has become so important that each of them starts working on highlighting even the minor details of their service or a product.

Product design greatly reflects the idea and thought behind it. It illuminates the goals and objectives of your company and what purpose are you trying to serve using it. Therefore, every business must pay heed and put great effort into their product design and come out in a way that no one would have seen until now.

If you are struggling with the product design and do not have a skill set in it, stop worrying! Just get in touch with the designers at Nordwhale and express what you are looking for without any hesitation.


Prototyping can be explained in a way that it is giving your computational work a well-defined form at a small or pilot scale which might serve as an end-product. The developers at Nordwhale help you to figure out all the details you have put into your product and also help you notice any loopholes if left behind which need to be covered. This helps the developers to build an intuitive approach before reaching the final and end product.


The process of building interactive products by the use of interaction design is something not most people are geniuses at. But what is to be hesitant about when you have a team who understands your preferences and works day and night to support your businesses. The designers dig deep down into user interaction and analyze the demands which could help them create an exact version of what users are looking for.

Branding and Identity:

Creating a visual identity of a brand is a diligent process and acts as a deciding factor on the whole of where your company could exist in the market.

The team at Nordwhale accepts every challenge with great spirit and build an individual identity for your business in a crowded and competitive market. Successful branding can mount you on the top of success setting apart from all other existing competitors.


The Nordwhale team takes pride in its work and has maintained its reputation because of all the hard work and passion. We do recommend you to have a detailed look at their website and see what services you can have from them to help your business outgrow in a shorter period with the utmost quality.

Contact Information:

Below are the required contact details of Nordwhale.

  • Website:
  • Email Address:

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