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Pernix Solutions Review 2024 – Is It Scam Company?

Pernix Solutions Review 2023:

With great minds come great solutions. Smart are those who create solutions in this rapidly growing software industry where people look for nothing but uniqueness, quality, time, and cost-effective services by the software companies.

If you are also the one searching for a suitable platform to help you build quality products, you are in the perfect spot.

We are here to present before you one such software development company that has been winning the hearts of thousands of users across the globe.

An Overview Of Pernix:


As we say that there is always a story behind creating some service or product. Here the rule goes with coming up company’s’ name. The name Pernix realistically comes from one of the Latin words that means “With Agility.” Fortunately, the name perfectly aligns with its goals and objectives for its customers as the team goes beyond Agile by crafting quality solutions backed by Guarantee.

It is one of the employees owned companies that was co-founded by former Intel and HP employees. The team critically believes in delivering quality solutions to its customers in a healthy and professional environment.

The credibility of Pernix Solutions can be known from the fact that it is a certified Essential Costa Rica company that certifies its commitment to the values of Innovation, Sustainability, Excellence, Origin, and Social Progress.

Now that you have an overview of the company, let us walk you through their various services, which can help your business excel in no time with great perfection.

Pernix Solutions Services:

1- UI & UX:

UX design is a term that means User Experience Design, whereas UI refers to the term User Interface. Both components have vital importance in the development process of the product and its design features.

The user experience design encompasses the development process and allows the creators to improve user interaction quality. It is one of the preliminary approaches that has been in use by several digital industries and helps them to focus and enhance the overall feel of the user experience for a particular product or service.

On the other hand, the user interface highlights its importance in digital practice. It is linked and expected to focus on all the interactive elements, such as the product interface’s visuals and aesthetics. Some of the other features may include images, typography, color schemes, and much more that appeal to the customers in one way or another.

The product interface should be in a way that minimizes the fatigue and struggle to comprehend for the user. It should be aimed to guide the customers and create an intuitive experience in their minds. It reflects the brand’s strengths and reflects the endless efforts of the designers behind the end-product.

With Pernix Solutions and well-trained designers, you will never be disappointed with the experience. The UX designer majorly focuses on Competitor Analysis, User Research, Product structure, Content development, Prototyping, Development Planning, Analysis, and Iteration.

If you are a company that has been lacking in pulling off your game in the market, Pernix is the right place for you. The role of UX emerges towards a different set of accomplishments. It might seem complex and multi-faceted, but it is the prime step to link and achieve what you have promised to your users. It connects the business goals to all your users’ needs through an intricate process of which a result is expected to be customer satisfaction.

The UI designers at Pernix are people with an immense vision of creativity. They are loyal to their profession and will no stone unturned to satisfy your preferences. Some of the tasks they perform for their customers are design research, customer analysis, user guides, graphic development, branding strategies, etc.

As a brand or even a startup business, you should consider yourself responsible enough and inculcate every possible tool and feature to your service or product. And for this, join hands with the talented team at Pernix Solutions and let them take care of the rest.

2- Development (Mobile App And Web Application):

With the emergence of peoples’ preferences and choices, the digital industry has taken a turn towards a whole new niche of advancement. Such processes that were not considered before are now being practically implemented and have led to a huge turnout ratio in terms of usage.

The development of applications has been a real boom over the past few years. Gone are the days when people were bound to perform tasks manually with extended effort. In today’s’ world, innovative technology has changed challenging and exhausting tasks into a piece of cake.

But this has only been possible due to the pioneers of this field and who believed in their passion and ambition. Pernix Solutions has maintained the integrity and custom of such amazing tools, without which none of our lives would have been that easy.

Mobile application and Web Application development are now considered a pre-requisite for every business to attain the height of success. And the developers at Pernix Solutions will take you beyond your imagination with their expert services and roles.

The mobile app developers define the strategy for creating a successful app. The first phase of the mobile app development process defines the strategy for evolving your idea into a successful app. With their years of experience, the developers identify the target users, competitors, create goals objectives for your company, and lead it towards practical implementation. It involves all the functional requirements and develops technologies based on what mobile platforms you are working on.

After the completion of the development process, the team also helps with the prototypes. They are significantly important for user experience simulation and checking the workflow of the app once completed. The whole prototyping process can be tiring and time-consuming; the efforts are well worth it as they often help to identify modifications required in an already existing one.

Web application development is also one of the expertise of Pernix Solutions. The team creates application programs to be delivered to users over the Internet. With Front-end and Back-end development, the professionals will optimize every single feature for you. They also help you manage web designing and content, graphic designing, web hosting, and several other tasks.

3- Prototyping:

You might have heard of this term before, but do you know what advantages it holds? It is an extensive process of creating a replica of a product that is to be created originally. It is better to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenarios before the real problem arises; the same is the case with the prototyping process. It mitigates the risks that are likely to occur once you are done with the product development and are now stepping towards the deployment step.

It is developing an end product on a pilot-scale that aims to gain customer feedback before the actual launch. It is one of the most important features in a software development cycle that can save you from so many losses if handled carefully. The prototyping process allows you to analyze how the end product will look like and then refined as per the feedback obtained by the customers. The team at Pernix Solutions will keep on repeating the process for you until you obtain the final acceptable prototype, which serves as a model for the final look.

Importance Of Prototyping:

  • This ensures customer satisfaction because they can encounter the product early in the development process.
  • Highlights the refinements required, and it becomes easy to accommodate once you are of them. New requirements can be easily accommodated as there is scope for refinement.
  • Early detection of the errors

All of this is possible if you put your trust in the Pernix Solutions team and let them handle all your preferences.

Technologies Used:

They provide services in the following technologies:

  • React
  • Node
  • Ruby
  • Native mobile development (iOS / Android)
  • We use several frameworks, such as Rails, NET, Angular, and Ember.

ISTQB Certification:

Trust and Loyalty are two major qualities that depict how a particular person is. When you own a business, it reflects all the hard work you did to attain your goal and that no external power should become a reason for destroying your reputation and class.

Pernix Solutions has kept all your concerns into consideration and fully understands the struggle behind establishing a particular platform. The team at Pernix Solutions takes full responsibility and is accountable for what they put into your business.

ISTQB Certification is an internationally accepted software testing certification. The whole crew of Pernix Solutions is ISTQB certified, which means no fabrication will ever be a part of their services. The company is also based on the motive of trust, loyalty, and transparency, and you can expect to get the most promising results by the end of the day.

Apprentice Program:

Learning is a never-ending process, and those who put their heart and dedication to it will achieve the best in life. Pernix Solutions offers an Apprenticeship Program that facilitates the students from Computer Science and helps them outgrow their existing skills by providing hands-on experience on projects. Whether they are mere startups or full-fledged developed businesses, Pernix Solutions will teach you every bit of tool and feature to crack the whole development process making it feel like a piece of cake.

If you are looking to pursue your professional career in a related field, later on, this is the time and right place for you to get professional experience and add some skills to your CV. Head over to their website and join the program as soon as possible.

Clients Of Pernix Solutions:

The work of a well-equipped team at Pernix Solutions speaks for itself, and that is one of the vital reasons it succeeded in working with the greatest platforms and helping them out through their services.

Some of the clients it has had the chance to work with includes:

  • HP
  • HelloCollege
  • Hulihealth
  • DocuSign
  • GASH
  • Abakis

Final Words:

We highly recommend you to at least pay a visit to their website and have a look at well-crafted services by Pernix Solutions. It has an extensive team of hardworking professionals who make sure that you get the best possible results by the end of the day.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Email Address:

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