20+ Best Ping Submission Sites in 2021

Ping Sites:

Sometimes, there comes an error when you try to open a website, For resolving this issue and removing this error you could access the website by using the accurate domain of the website. Usually, in such a situation, you would be confronted with the “request timed out” messages, which means that the host has blocked your access from this site.

Introduction To Ping Sites?

Ping sites are typically online tools that serve the user by making their access possible and easy to various search engines, web servers, directories, and communities, etc.

How does it work?

Ping websites allow your access to the desired site by getting the IP address of the website. Ping command sends the data packets to the desired website, if that website is available online, you would receive four replies from the target website, providing you the minimum, maximum, and the average round trip times of the four packets but if that targeted website is not available so you would receive a message of “response timed out” which means that this site is unreachable for you.

Method to check the ping time:

If you desire to check the speed of your connection or the progress of your network, you have an option to check your ping time to a website by a game server or a Google server, for this purpose; you have to follow an easy guide:

Stage 1:

The very first stage is, press the “Window” key and “R” to get the run dialogue box.

Stage 2:

The next stage is to access the command prompt window, for this, you simply have to type “cmd” and then press “ok”.

Stage 3:

You could test your ping time by a Google server, then type “ping” at the command prompt and then press the “enter” button on the keyboard. Ping sends the message to the system that you like to do a ping test, inform it to keep pinging until to stop it.

Stage 4:

You will see the “time” column on the results, which means that it gives you an idea of how much time in milliseconds it takes for pinging a website. Ping is a kind of message or a code sent to the server in order to tell him, give the response as soon as possible. As the process started, you could run it as much as you want.

The command to stop pinging the site is “CTRL+C”.

Stage 5:

After stop pinging, the results of your test will be displayed at the bottom of that window, which shows you the minimum, maximum, and average time. The shorter time is suitable for loading the web pages quickly in real-time without any kind of delay while poor web servers access you to the low-quality websites also causes wasting large quantities of data. The best web server that I recommend to you is “Google” providing good quality websites without any loss of packet data.

Reason for pinging different websites:

Through the use of ping tools, you could access the URL of your site and also backlink sources very easily in no time. If you are working as a CEO or a  webmaster, then handling a number of links or blog indexing every month would be troubling for you, in that situation ping tools facilitate you by offering one-time indexing in order to make your progress better. one of the benefits of one time or one-hour indexing is that it leads the user to the  “linklicious”, which opens a gateway for the budget of all SEO projects.

For how much time you should ping the URL of your website?

It’s simple logic if you would ask the same question from your teacher again and again obviously she would be angry at you and will surely stop answering you. The same is the case with pinging a website. You should not ping the same URL to your website again and again in a short time period, which could result in an error. Then, you should take the help of different tools in order to ping the same URL of your website. Try to avoid pinging the same URL with 4 to 5 tools, it would result in annoying the server, which will give you negative results then.

Best Ping Submission Sites 2021:

Here is the list of 20+ best ping submission sites that you can use to drive more traffic in 2021 and 2020

  1. PingMyURL
  2. GooglePing
  3. Pingler
  4. Pingdom
  5. Feedshark
  7. Pingoat
  8. Icerocket
  9. Pingfarm
  10. Bulkping
  11. Pingbomb
  12. Pingsitemap
  13. UseMe
  14. Totalping
  15. PingOmatics
  16. ExciteSubmit
  17. Indexkings
  18. PingMylinks
  19. Twingly

these are free of cost and services for the bloggers ́Seo and webmasters in boosting blogs or link indexing for various projects. I have explained all the important things that you needed to know about ping sites, now it’s up to you how you will ping your blog or website for better indexing and boosting it.

How Ping Sites Are Useful?

  • Ping sites are playing an important role in the life of bloggers to spread a variety of content on the websites. In order to get more traffic, it’s important to create high-quality content on the website in order to boost it up. After creating something new, obviously, you would like to share your content with the world, for this purpose ing sites help you a lot in sharing your content successfully worldwide, 
  • As we know a ping tool is a network tool that helps the user in checking out the connection from one computer to another computer, either it is working well or not.
  • For publishing your content on a website, you need to submit it to the 2 or 3 search engines for its indexing, if there is an error in the connection, your content would not be displayed on the website because it is out of sight of the search engines and thus, your access to these web pages would not be possible.
  • While building backlinks, it’s important to submit to the ping sites for indexing, otherwise, it will not give you the desired results.

Ending Task:

You must keep in mind that in the beginning, operate it slowly and use just 2 to 3 sites per day for indexing, it is a trick for using top sites only.

More indexed content boosts up your SEO, that’s why always remember to submit a backlink for index processing because it will promote your site’s Seo.

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