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20+ Best Podcast Hosting of 2024 (According to Security Experts)

Best Podcast Hosting:

Ever think of starting a podcast and not knowing which platform you should use to host it? Well, look no further as we are bringing to you some of the best podcast hosting sites of 2024.

Since podcasts have been gaining popularity over the years, the type of content and the way that content is being shown, has grown and diversified as well. The power to engage your audience and keep them hooked by your content can ultimately lead to you generating extra revenue and monetizing your content as well. And for that purpose, you need a good podcast hosting platform that can really understand what your needs are and how to popularize your work.

Now if you are wondering just which podcast hosting site you should use, we have made quite the best list for you.

Let’s start.

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How Does Podcast Hosting Work?

But before we can get into listing the best podcast hosting sites, let us first dive a bit into what podcast hosting actually means.

The job of a podcast host is to offer storage for your podcast content. You are also provided with the distribution and uploading of your content through the host. It provides you with an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication Feed), which is basically a way to distribute your content to your designated audience. It makes sure your work reaches them. You can also manage your work before you can upload it online.

Basically what podcast hosting does is provide you with an online space to store and manage your podcast material before you can publish it.

Best Podcast Hosting 2024:

The following list depicts some of the best Podcast hosting platforms for 2023 and 2024.

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Simplecast
  3. Podcastics
  4. PodBean
  5. Anchor
  6. Spreaker
  7. Podiant
  8. Podomatic
  9. SoundCloud
  10. Blubrry
  11. Sounder
  12. Libsyn
  13. Transistor
  14. Captivate
  16. Fusebox
  17. Podcast Websites
  18. FeedPress
  19. Whooshkaa
  20. Castos
  21. Podcast Garden
  22. Audioboom
  23. Resonate Recordings

1- Buzzsprout:


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $12/month

Starting with what is considered the best podcast hosting out there, Buzzsprout should definitely take the lead. It has a very low-priced plan which can be perfect for those on a budget. Buzzsprout also has a free plan available for those that are starting out for the first time. Combining these user-essential features, Buzzsprout has a litany of great packages available at super-low prices.

Since its advent back in 2009, Buzzsprout really has a way of understanding your needs better than most other podcast hosting sites. Considering its veteran status, it still has a very modern look and is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Looking for something specific for your podcasting? Well, Buzzsprout has it all. Unlimited storage space and 250GB of bandwidth per month. Excellent audio quality and is extremely easy to use for people from all walks of life.

Buzzsprout is definitely one you should consider.

2- Simplecast:


  • Free Plan: Not Available
  • Paid Plan: $15/month

While Buzzsprout is considered the best of the best, due to the fact that it offers its users a free starter plan, Simplecast is an easy second. Though it doesn’t offer a free plan, it still has a 14-day free trial period. Simplecast is a bit pricey, but its reliability can be judged by the fact that big-wig global companies also use it to host their podcasts.

Simplecast is considered quite robust and efficient in its use. It has unlimited storage capacity and unlimited bandwidth. It has an extremely powerful analytics functionality and is great at showcasing your content to your audience. Another benefit of using Simplecast is its easy-to-use interface whose main purpose is to create a great working zone for both users and consumers.

3- Podcastics:


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $8/month

Podcastics makes it on this list as one of the free podcast hosting platforms. The free plan offered by Podcastics hosts an array of features that you might find very efficient. On another high note, the free plan is offered for a month, and you won’t have to provide your credit card information to attain it. So take it on a spin and find out if it is for you. Mindful of the fact that in order to avail of the free plan, you will have to upload an episode of your podcast on the Podcastics platform.

Once the free trial period is over, you will have the opportunity to shift over to the forever free plan, which comes with limited features, or you could head over to the paid plan, which starts at a low $8 a month.

But you need not be alarmed as the paid plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and unlimited download capacity. Podcastics work on any platform and even have a support system for the migration of content from platform to platform.

4- PodBean:


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $9/month

PodBean has been in the business for a really long time now and has become a veteran podcast-hosting site among its peers.

PodBean is definitely a good-ranking podcast hosting platform, if for no other reason than that they offer great plans for both beginners to pros. The free plan offered by PodBean is by no means limited in features, as they provide almost 100GB of bandwidth and basic analytics functions.

As for the paid plan features, they include unlimited bandwidth and storage, not to mention the fact that it is available in an in-app format for both Android and iOS.

5- Anchor:


  • Free Plan: Free Plan
  • Paid Plan: N/A

Ever heard of a free services site that comes with zero obstacles and 100% of efficiency? Well, look no further than Anchor, a totally free podcast hosting site that is best for people who are starting up the business of working on podcasts.

There are a few limitations that might be dealbreakers for people who require the best of the best. The limitations are that Anchor doesn’t have an embedded podcast player, something that almost all of the other podcasting websites on this list have in their paid plan. Another demerit is that the monetarygain from Anchor is really low. So for those hoping to make it big with their podcast content, it is recommended that you jump in with both eyes open, being mindful of what your needs are beforehand.

6- Spreaker:


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $7/month

Another podcast hosting site that is a contender for the best in the gig, Spreaker is definitely a good option for podcasters.

The people availing of the free plan offered by Spreaker will not be disappointed with the number of features provided by it. Ranging from increased storage and bandwidth capacity to unlimited feeds being allocated in one account.

The paid plan offered by Spreaker is also cost-effective and works like a charm. In which the advanced analytics function is one of the best, considering most podcast hosting websites offer basic analytics to their users, even in the paid plan.

7- Podiant:


  • Free Plan: N/A
  • Paid Plan: $12.99/month

While relatively new, Podiant is definitely by no means lacking in efficiency, coming right on par with the more expert and established podcast hosting sites on this list.

With Mark Steadman, an expert podcaster, at the helm, Podiant came on the field to show just how effective it really is. Not only is it expertly developed, but it is also easy to use as well.

The unlimited storage and customizable dashboard are just a plus feature in Podiant. Definitely, something for people who are hoping to grow their podcast business should go for.

8- Podomatic:


  • Free Plan: Unlimited
  • Paid Plan: $8.32/month

Another one on our list of podcast hosting sites that have been here for a long time is Podomatic. Someone who has been in the business for a while and definitely knows what is expected of them.

The free plan offered by Podomatic comes with a slew of options, from 500MB of storage to 15GB of bandwidth. Something else for the viewers, the free plan offered by Podomatic is unlimited.

The paid plan doesn’t disappoint either. Offering an embedded player for your website, monetizing gains, and made for both Android and iOS.

9- Soundcloud:


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $12/month

A name on our list that you might already be familiar with; is Soundcloud. While originally known for its music streaming services, Soundcloud also offered an amazing podcast hosting platform as well.

The free plan offered by Soundcloud comes with all the basic features offered by other podcast hosts, such as analytics and a limited amount of time for content. With upgrading to the paid plan, you are given a lot of breathing room to really produce your content and promote it more effectively.

10- Blubrry:


  • Free Plan: N/A
  • Paid Plan: $12/month

Another veteran on the list, Blubrry has been around since 2005. And in all those years, this podcast hosting site has gained a huge amount of experience.

The reason Blubrry is so popular among podcasters is that it has partnered with WordPress to use its subsidiary PowerPress. Which is a podcast plugin that helps users optimize their website for podcasting. And as there is the backing of another renowned website, Blubrry really aims to utilize any and all resources to make their user’s experience better.

The only demerit of Blubrry is that it doesn’t offer a free plan. All the special features that are usually provided by podcasting platforms, come in the paid plan of Blubrry.

11- Sounder:


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $10.39/month

As evident by its logo, Sounder is a podcasting platform aiming to create growth opportunities for its users. Whether that growth entails; growth in popularity, content growth, traffic growth, etc. Powered by AI and ML techniques that help creators really get in the thick of it all to customize their podcasts and track their progress.

The free plan may be limited, but the paid plan offered by Sounder helps users to grow their audience in an authentic setting.

The best feature of Sounder is still definitely how involved it is in its users’ channel growth.

12- Libsyn:


  • Free Plan: N/A
  • Paid Plan: $5/month

Libsyn also enters the list with the others for being one of the oldest and longest-running platforms for podcasts on the internet, making their experiences quite efficient. And if that weren’t enough, they also offer one of the cheapest plans as well, with only $5 per month, you can access their paid services.

Mindful of the fact that Libsyn doesn’t offer a free plan, therefore in order to utilize their resources, you will have to pay.

13- Transistor:


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $19/month

The transistor is a podcasting host platform that is more on par with professional podcasters who are genuinely serious about their craft rather than using it to pass time.

And while the free plan offered is limited to only a 14-day trial period, and the real quality features come at a price of $19 a month, it’s safe to say Transistor is only for the most serious of podcasters. As big names like Drift and Ionic also use Transistor for their podcasts, it’s safe to say that quality level of podcasting features is provided for its users. Ranging from unlimited bandwidth and storage to Global CDN (Content Delivery Network), Transistor has it all.

14- Captivate:


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $17/month

Another new podcast hosting site, Captivate is gaining a lot of traction despite its inexperience in terms of years. But the reviews are in for Captivate and there are happy smiles all around for content creators who say that their revenue and audience have definitely increased using it.

And though a free plan isn’t offered, but rather a mere 7-day trial period is set in its place, there is still enough time for users to check out Captivate’s awesome features and decide for themselves whether this is the right pick for them. The paid plan isn’t cheap, but the litany of impressive features offered by Captivate more than make up for the high price.


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $4.99/month

If the domain name doesn’t hook you in, then maybe the features offers might soften the deal. Some of the best customer support systems are offered by and their price range is quite cheap too. And although the free plan might be limited, the audio range, powerful analytics, embedded player, etc. features definitely make up for it. knows its audience and is here to deliver the goods.

16- Fusebox:


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $8/month

Fusebox was originally created to act as a way of fulfilling any issues left behind by other hosting platforms. A WordPress plugin, Fusebox enables you to publish your content and review it on your website.

The plans offered by Fusebox come with a limited edition free plan and a paid plan.

As for being a plugin for WordPress, there are other benefits to that as well. Not only can you publish your podcast content on your website, but you can also transfer your website traffic to your podcasts.

17- Podcast Websites:

Podcast website

  • Free Plan: N/A
  • Paid Plan: $77/month

From one look at this site, you will think that it’s offering an extremely costly paid plan and there aren’t any free plans available. Well, the reason for that is the quality level of robust features provided by Podcast websites, that is built as one for-all podcast hosting site.

Podcasting websites guarantee that your podcast will be up and running with a steady increase in audience engagements, along with monetary benefits, should users wish to avail of the paid program offered by it.

18- FeedPress:


  • Free Plan: N/A
  • Paid Plan: $9.94/month

RSS feed, an XML-based format used for sharing web content, is the backbone of every podcast hosting platform. This is why FeedPress is considered extremely effective because of its detailed feed analytics.

There is a tiny problem with that, as you will have to pay for the feed analytics separately from the overall podcast hosting side.

The audio storage is extremely efficient in FeedPress, along with its feed management abilities.

19- Whooshka:


  • Free Plan: Limited
  • Paid Plan: $29/month

An Australian-based podcast hosting platform, Whooshka is considered one of the best podcast hosting sites on this list, in part due to its impressive features.

As Whooshka really dives headfirst to gauge what your needs are as a podcaster, it works wonders for users. And although the price range may be a bit much, that isn’t to say that they don’t deliver. The free plan offered by Whooshka is also quite impressive, offering 5GB of storage, which is a lot considering other platforms barely offer a few MBs of space.

20- Castos:


  • Free Plan: N/A
  • Paid Plan: $19/month

Castos is the answer to your prayers. An extremely flexible and easy-to-use hosting site for podcasts, Castos is built for its users’ needs and requirements.

The feature set offered by Castos is definitely for professional podcasters who are serious about their craft, hence why the paid plan starts off at a whopping $19. There are other paid plans also offered by Castos, for those that are willing to invest a little more to unlock the best that it has to offer.

Which Podcast Hosting Platform Should You Choose:

When thinking of starting your own podcast platform, you need to be mindful of a few things that can help you in your journey. You need to know what you need for the type of content that you want to post and just how serious you are about your work.

After that comes the part where you figure out what features are necessary for your work. Do you want extra storage? Extra bandwidth? A built-in podcast webplayer for your website? Or do you want to explore your options to find out what is the best deal for you? All of that can be answered once you explore the extensive list of platforms available online.

And the list provided to you here just might help you narrow down what you should look for and where.

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