15+ Best Productivity Apps in 2024 : Experts Recommend

Are you looking for ways to enhance your productivity? Or are your employees working hard but still not getting the required results? Is making progress difficult for you?

If yes, then this article is for you. We have been looking for ways to increase productivity for a long time now. Since it is one of the most important needs of a growing business and personal growth as well. Productivity may be enhanced without help but with some assistance, it can really make a difference.

Wasting your time with a lot of hard work but not getting the needed response may be really heart-wrenching. And so needing assistance is not something you should not go for. These tools can help with every work you need to do but more efficiently and in less time! 

What Are Productivity Apps?

Productivity apps are the tools that help users in producing things like documents, databases, presentations, etc. They are also helpful in management. For example, time management, employee management, etc.

Productivity applications intended to increment proficiency, streamline work processes, and upgrade efficiency in different parts of work and routine tasks. These applications offer a variety of features and functions that aid individuals and teams in time management, effective collaboration, and faster task completion.

Why You Should Start Using Productivity Applications?

Productivity applications aren’t designed to push you to accomplish more with less or be more proficient except if that is the very thing that you need. They really offer to improve or simplify something that is a little cumbersome or frustrating.

A lot of productivity apps automatically perform tasks that you would have to do manually, like copying and pasting data from one app to another or transcribing audio. By assisting you in becoming organized, others improve your quality of life by reducing the amount of mental energy you expend trying to remember where you wrote down important details or what you should do next. They drop that load from your shoulders! Who doesn’t want that in this fast-paced life?

Best Productivity Apps 2023:

We have made a list of the Best Productivity Apps in 2023 And 2024:

All the important and needed tools that might help you increase your productivity in almost every field.

  1. ClickUp
  2. Todoist
  3. Chanty
  4. Everhour
  5. RescueTime
  6. Toggl Track
  7. Google Docs
  9. nTask
  10. ProofHub
  11. Hootsuite
  12. MindMeister
  13. Scribe
  14. Time Doctor
  15. Hive

1. ClickUp – #1 Best Productivity App:


ClickUp is one of the best software to mention in this list and to discuss under this topic. ClickUp is an all-in-one platform that can really help you in growing your business. It enhances your productivity across the board. It is a place where teams come together to work together with the sole focus of growing a business.

The teams can collaborate through the software features of tasks, Docs, Chat, Whiteboards, etc. It promotes all types of teams to work with it. The customer reviews can tell a lot about any application and the customer reviews of this one can easily tell about customer satisfaction and have about 226 features within 45 categories.

Some of its features include API, Access Controls, Activity tracking, Application Management, Approval workflow, Bar chart, Billing and invoicing, billable and non-billable hours, Calendar management, campaign analysis, capacity management, client management, content management, contractor management, daily reports, etc.

Try ClickUp For Free


The software starts from $5 per user per month. It offers a free plan and a free trial as well.

2. Todoist:


Todoist is a well-known and growing platform in this field and has a lot to do for its users. It helps its users in managing their businesses through one dashboard. It basically works as an online to-do list where people mention their projects, and tasks of the same day or from the upcoming days to remind themselves and then complete them.

Either an individual or a team member can complete the task mentioned in the list. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. The software also has a mobile application which has made access to it even easier, you get notified of everything and can quickly open it whenever you need it.

It works best for teams and organizations that have simple workflows since it has less complexity than others doing the same thing. If you are looking for Gantt charts or Kanban charts then this one is not for you.


The pricing starts from $5 per month or $4 per year. It also offers a free basic version.

3. Chanty:


Chanty is a platform that has its sole focus on team collaboration and can also be considered a team collaboration platform. It has a chat-first model that has made the communication between the team members highly effective which further progresses the work and growth.

Since there is a chat organization option, you can add messages to the task or an assignment, assign it to the person who is considered for the task, and then set due dates for the task. It also has a Kanban view that basically helps in making the workflow better than it is and eventually making it easy to manage the tasks from one location.

Some other features include audio and video calls for groups and a pair, sharing screen, community support, built-in management of tasks, and searchable chat history which is unlimited.


It is free for up to 10 users and then it charges $3 per user per month.

4. Everhour:


Everhour is a time-tracking and management software that can actually work beyond these features. It focuses on many other features that it offers. These include integrations, budgeting, billing, custom reporting, visual aids, scheduling, estimates, invoicing, etc. This platform assists you in flexible yet strict time management through its tracking. It is considered a fault-free and efficient software to work with.

It is seen as working best for small or medium-sized companies that need an all-rounder tool the control the environment. It also offers a top-notch project management assistant to keep things on track along with time tracking. It has more than 30 integrations with a number of applications.

It shows you which employee is working at which time and what his or her progress is. It also offers the option of custom reports along with timesheets. The project and task manager that it owns helps you filter tasks and set a budget for them.


It owns a free plan along with paid plans starting from $5 per month.

5. RescueTime:


RescueTime is another company that was founded in 2008 by some good investors including Series A Financing by True Ventures and Y Combinator and has members all over the United States today. They have a different approach to time and task management as a result of the management of the company.

They do not ship in the ways that are traditionally used to keep an eye on the employees and want to promote an environment full of trust and encouragement for their employees. It works best for individuals and small teams that are looking forward to growing into large businesses.

This one helps you to keep control of your day with ease. The platform helps you set goals which are then tracked by the platform. It gives detailed reports along with productivity scores. They block distracting websites for you so that you can focus on your work completed in the given time and can use any other websites after your day’s share of the work is done.


It has a free plan and the paid ones start from $6 per month along with advanced features that keep adding up along with the price.

6. Toggl Track:

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is another software that has some remarkable time-tracking features for you. It has a remote work culture and has become a pride for the company now because of its huge success. Being a remote culture software, it has a number of people from different parts of the world working under the same roof. This has added some diversity to the software too.

They also fly to different countries to meet their users and get feedback from them. They ask them how they use it and what they think about it. The time tracking feature is available through a web timer or a browser extension that will connect its users to more than 100 applications.

It shows visual reports that are very easy to understand and can give the users their daily activity check mentioning the use of their time on the projects that they mentioned. They give a team overview as well. It also offers a master’s program that will help you hire a toggle consultant who is certified enough to help you use the tool efficiently.


The free plan has about 5 users free and then the paid versions start from charges of $10 per user per month.

7. Google Docs:

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best tools that you can use to increase your productivity. It works for sharing documents and then collaborating. It works as a word processor that is online and can save you from the headaches of saving and sending files to others to save them.

The editing process is also very easy to understand and do. It is known by almost everyone who uses the internet. Similarly, everyone has come across this platform at least once in their lives. The platform helps the team members of bigger companies to collaborate from anywhere in the world. Miscommunication is also avoided through this.

Moreover, there is Google Sheets that work almost in the same way and is for sheets which lets you help with all the documents online. Google Docs also has a comments option and commenting can also send a notification through email. Moreover, you can download documents as PDFs and then edit them online. It is also very secure and private and so is trusted by its customers.


It is Free of cost.

8. is a very interesting application that serves as a to-do list and a task management application. It helps you by labeling items or tasks as today, tomorrow, and upcoming showing you clearly what to do and when. It also has an attractive calendar that can help in seeing how events and tasks that are upcoming can be done together. The manager can also organize your tasks and filter the workflow by dates and by categories.

Other features might include a calendar, tracking time, reminders on the to-do lists, a daily planner to organize and prioritize to-dos, and applications for Android and iOS both. It has a free version but it is not considered as useful as the paid ones.

The paid version has features that are mostly needed by everyone for the actual work but the features of the free version are not that advanced or diverse. The interface is really user-friendly and the support options are also good.


It has a free version and the paid ones start from $2.99 per month per user.

9. nTask:


nTask is a task and project management tool that offers features like project development tracking, good collaboration among the teams, assessment of risk, etc. The application supports an easy-to-use interface that is attractive too and because of this, the platform does not hesitate to welcome new users.

Inviting new users becomes effortless. Some features that you might find helpful for you are the management of tasks, management of risks, management of projects, management of teams, zoom integration, tracking of time, tracking of issues, management of timesheets, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards.

The support system is good and is always there for you if you have any queries. People or teams who have used this platform call it delightful to use. Since it does not confuse them or overwhelm them at first glance. It has mostly suited small businesses and individuals more so far and so is advised for the same too.


The pricing starts at $2.99 per month and a free trial as well as a free version of the software is also available.

10. ProofHub:


ProofHub is another project management and time-tracking software that has some really powerful features to work with. The user interface is easy to use and so teams can easily get attracted to it and start using it as a must application for their business.

The timer is automatic and can start tracking every billable hour as soon as you open the software to start working. You can add time entries manually too. The reports in the platform assist the users to keep a track of the productivity of the members individually. It also has integrations with some third-party employees as well. It works best with companies that have teams and managers so that there is someone to keep a check on someone. It has real-time collaboration tools and custom reports too.

You can also make the announcements that you need to spread to every member of the company through this platform. It is best suited for smaller and medium-sized businesses as large businesses may get really bothered by notifications that cannot be customized. Some other features are to-do lists, Gantt charts, a chat app, an online proofing tool, customized reports, sharing of files, and mobile applications that are supported by iOS and Android.


It ranges from $45 to $89 per month.

11. Hootsuite:


Hootsuite is a detailed tool for social media marketing. Hootsuite is a platform that is used worldwide by a whole lot of users to flourish their businesses and accounts. They are offering automation in schedule posting that has been helping businesses to post their content on time in a well-managed manner. It is a good platform for checking the analytics too.

It is considered an all-rounder for social media marketing by a number of people since it is good for almost every aspect and feature that you need in marketing. It is mostly considered for Small and Midsized businesses. This tool has a simple and user-friendly interface with all the needed tools placed in a slide-out menu on the left side. But it might be a little confusing for a beginner since it has a lot of data on the interface when you open it.

This tool offers its services for Twitter profiles, FaceBook profiles, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn groups, Instagram Profiles, YouTube channels, and WordPress blogs too. It has recently been working on the quality of video-first support for FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. Hootsuite can offer a number of ways in which it can display the data of analytics, you can choose whatever is easier for you. It has different templates you can choose from and hence it can be very useful.


It has a 30 days free trial with $29 per month for up to 10 users as a start.

12. MindMeister:


MindMeister is basically a digital mapping tool. Tools like these help in visualizing data, planning projects, and thinking of the best ideas about anything. It can be good for an individual or can also be used for teams so that the members of the teams can interact and share ideas with others. It also offers some previously set themes for maps, or they can also be colored through customization of styles, colors, formatting, images, and whatever is needed.

You can also create branding for the companies you are planning to open. It helps you to store information in the cloud so that you have no issues sending or saving the work or data in advance. It offers unlimited canvas and redos, the user interface is easy to understand and the response time of the support team is really reliable and quick. This helps in increasing the productivity of the employees of your company or just you if you are working hard on something.


It starts from $ 4.99 per month.

13. Scribe:

Scribe productivity app

It is a documentation tool that helps you turn any process into step by step guide to make things easier to understand and follow. It enhanced productivity across teams by streamlining and standardizing the user’s knowledge. This mostly helps in saving time and removing the need for scheduled training sessions. It can literally save hours of work.

These hours can be put to any other useful purpose to be even more productive. Scribe is a Google extension and will help you make guides for any application that you use every day. You simply ‘record’ your work via the extension and then continue doing your work in the other application. The extension will automatically create a how-to guide with all the instructions and screenshots while highlighting each click you do. This tool can be easily shared by a link within any workspace.


It starts from $39.95 per month.

14. Time Doctor:

Time Doctor

TimeDoctor is a tracking software, especially for teams, and was designed by the owners of a company named It was launched in 2012 and has been working in the field since. It has desktop software, a mobile application, and a web platform. You can choose any one of these options before using the software for your good. As this software has been specialized for teams, it allows the customers to build distributed teams so that those teams can work outside the office irrelative to the location they are in.

And so this is also a fully remote software that is working in this field. They have employees who belong to 23 different countries which gives diversity and companionship in the teams. It works well for any sized business or company. You can keep an eye on the employees’ progress in their work by using a screenshot option. The remote employees do need to be managed as they are not coming to your office for a job. It further allows alerts, reporting, payroll, and automatic time tracking.


There is only one plan present for this platform which starts from $9.99 per user per month.

15. Hive:


Hive is another all-rounder software that covers almost all the important features that you need to have a successful business. This one can be used by teams or businesses of all types regardless of how small or big they are. The platform has been helping the teams to work faster together and making it easier for the business to grow. This software can be used for managing upcoming and already existing tasks, collaborating within the team and across the teams, assigning work to team members, etc.

It is an exceptional task manager and can also be used for project management, remote work, and team collaborations. Some other important features of the platform are that it helps you in making and assigning tasks from notes or emails, assigning tasks to both types of users i.e. internal or external users, displaying tasks in 5 different layouts i.e. Kanban, Gantt, Portfolio, Summary, Database, and Calendar, etc. You can upload and attach files to the tasks and can create repeatable tasks with pre-set templates as well.


The pricing starts from $12 per month and also has a free plan for 2 users with a basic plan.


To end the discussion we can say that this list will actually help you in every regard to increase your productivity. The productivity of your employees and as a result, of your business. We have played our part to help you in getting an overview of the all-important tools that you might need for personal or professional use. Best of luck!

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