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Best Affiliate Programs For YouTubers (That Work in 2020)

Affiliate Programs For Youtubers:

Are you Youtubers And looking for Ways to Monetize Your Channel and make money?

Or you might be looking for additional ways to earn more money besides Youtube Ads.

If you are looking for Best Affiliate Programs for Youtubers in 2020-2021 that can help you to start some passive income, you’ve come to the right place.

If your Youtube Channel is not accepted for Youtube Monetization Program or you got Youtube Monetization Disabled then this can help you to monetize your channel and earn passive income from your Youtube Channel.

Here in this article, I will share with top Affiliate programs for YouTubers that you can use in Youtube to earn extra money.

But before sharing the list of best Affiliate Programs first you should learn what is Youtube Affiliate Marketing and how it works.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing:

Youtube Affiliate Marketing is the creation of video content that possesses an affiliate link in the description of that targeted video. Affiliate link directly associates with the product or website, that facilitate the visitors to click a link if he found the product interested so that he can buy that from a link directly.

Any person who will purchase the product by going through your affiliate link, you will be awarded by the commission by every sale.

Affiliate links are the best parts for the marketers, publishers, and video makers even to earn money merely sitting at home by a little effort.

At the start, it will be confusing to attract the people, but when people start liking your videos, then other people would automatically rush towards your channel or video.

Many YouTubers are running big chains and earning a large amount of money by making videos and affiliating them with the links of a company. If you are thinking to start marketing on youtube as an initial youtube and looking to affiliate with the big companies through affiliate programs.

Here is an excellent guide for you, for linking your videos to the websites of a coming with the help of best affiliate programs that can profit you and will make you able to become the best youtube marketer.

In short, Affiliate marketing is related to the promotion of a company, but how?

Affiliate marketing is a big platform where you can promote the products and brand of your company by associating links of the company with the videos on youtube to increase the sales. And in turn, they provide some amount of money depending on the number of sales you generate. Because the link is the only way to access the company.

So, you will be thus able to post a link on your website, email, video, etc. so a customer can easily purchase the product by clicking that link.

Here are some exceptions in this regard that you must keep in mind before going through the YouTube affiliate programs, some of them offer just one-time payment for a customer you bring to them that is not ideal good.

I will recommend you to make a deal in which they will offer you recurring commissions, that will be beneficial for you as a youtube marketer. In this way, you will get a commission every month. This way you can make the right amount of money for yourself every month.

Here you can find more Recurring Affiliate Programs that also accept small YouTubers.

What type of videos can benefit you more?

Every youtube video has its format, description, and style, but a certain standard format has been introduced that can benefit you more in generating more revenues. Some unique arrangements can boost up your brand and the sales of your company.

1- Product Review videos:

Creating kind of videos in which people can see the comparison of different products. Almost 65% of people like to watch the product reviews, among them 52% of the customers purchase the product shown in that video.

You can also share your experience with the product, which will impress the customers that you have used the product personally. Your affiliate link can be in the form of a URL to ease the customer.

This is an excellent opportunity for Youtube Marketers to earn enough money by promoting the sales of the company.

2- Informative and Recommended Video:

creating such videos that contain information relating to the products, description of the features of that product, or merely informative and at the same time suggesting the product and services will improve the sales.

Because it’s useful to put the links in the description of the video related to the product so a customer can click on the link and easily purchase the product.

Affiliate Marketing on Youtube:

It’s effortless to start up a Youtube marketing to earn the right amount of money by less effort. For an initial youtube marketer, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1:

It’s free of cost to Join the youtube and then create a youtube account and then you have to sign up through your youtube account.

When you get signed up, you will see the option of creator studio. This allows you access to upload videos, upload thumbnails, writing descriptions, etc.

Then, you have to analyze your video to judge what is working and what thing not?

An affiliate marketing account is an affiliate network that allows you to promote the product in your video. This is slightly a long process but works effectively for you and the company as well.

Step 2:

A lot of fantastic video editing networks are available in the market, having advanced features in advanced versions. You should use them for making standard and attractive videos to attract more people towards the video.

But if you are an initial YouTuber, you should use an old window media maker that is free of cost but if you are professional youtube marketers and want to edit the videos by using more advanced features. You can purchase a video editor usually a premium product such as Adobe Premiere, Camtasia Studio, Filmora.

Step 3:

If you are making lengthy videos or editing the videos by a lot of video recordings. You always need a good computer having good working CPU and RAM.

While editing videos, if your video is corrupting, or system is hanging, so its a sign that your system is not good. And you need a functional and modern version of computer in order to become a professional editor.

Uncompressed video can easily eat up 1GB so you need to have 1 TB hard drive in order to process it efficiently. In the case of recording real-life footage or video, you need a Digital Camera, the cost of cameras depending on the number of pixels and standard HD.

iPhone has a high-quality camera so making a video by using the iPhone or other Phone with a Good camera is also a good choice.

Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers 2020:

Here is a list of best Affiliate Programs For Youtubers to join in 2020 and 2021

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program.
  2. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.
  3. Builderall Affiliate Program.
  4. Shopify Affiliate Program.
  5. Maxbounty Affiliate Program.
  6. Bluehost Affiliate Program.
  7. eBay Affiliate Program.

They are also the best affiliate programs for small YouTubers as well. 

1- Amazon – Best Affiliate Program For Youtubers:

Amazon Affiliate Program

It is the best-known affiliate program for the YouTubers. By Amazon, you can earn commission by what a customer will buy in the coming 24 hours. Because of its great features, most of the people are using this affiliate program to earn more and more money by marketing and selling the products.

If you have products in the video, camera, tripod, computer, you can simply link these to the Amazon. By linking to the Amazon, you can also get some more benefits like reporting and managing the account online.

With the help of the Amazon influencer Program, you create your own page on Amazon by URL, to view the product that you suggest your followers. It is an amazing way to increase traffic towards your video and channel.

2- ClickFunnels – Top Affiliate Program For Youtubers:

ClickFunnels Website

It is a sales funnel that serves the users by selling their products. It is highly recognizable because of its ability to convert visitors into customers. It can be used personally for generating a website and email etc.

It is really useful for businesses and marketers. Clickfunnels has Bootcamp, that allows you to earn commission not only on a monthly basis but also on every sale that your customer will make from that company. If you have 100 referrals so you can earn a superb commission from that company because for 100 customers they will pay you $500 every month.

So, this offer makes it true that every business needs sales to funnel like a Clickfunnels. It offers everything to sale such as books, shoes, clothing, training webinar, etc.

3- Shopify – Youtube Affiliate Program:

Shopify Affiliate Program

It is one of the best affiliate programs for YouTubers because this is an e-commerce platform offering a recurring commission to the marketers. You can create an online shop by using this affiliate program and thus invite the customers to your shop and can make a good profit by selling a lot of products in less time.

For the basic subscription, they offer you $28USD every month. Shopify is great because this is a store, not a company so you can visit easily and the best thing about this is, payment is always on time so you don’t have to face any kind of trouble.

4- MaxBounty:


It is one of the oldest and also the best CPA Network. It gives you a lot of offers, famous for the conversion of visitors on your page to the customers. the commission offered by Maxbounty is very high and obviously, every referral has to pay a well-paid amount for the product.

They are providing, CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS, and many more offers to help you earn good money from your traffic. They also provide Pay Per Call Offers to help you earn from each call that comes from your referral. You can learn about Pay Per Call Networks here.

5- Builderall:

It has a lot of features that help n promoting sales, its price is lower than the click funnel which means that the commission rate is also low than that but is still a monthly commission.

6- Bluehost Hosting Affiliate Program:

If your channel is about Blogging, SEO, Website tips and tutorials then you can promote Bluehost Affiliate Program to earn $65 Per Sale. Bluehost is one of the best hosting companies that provide domains and hostings.

7- eBay Affiliate Program:

eBay affiliate program is another good program for Youtubers that can help you to earn a very good amount by sharing eBay Products and listings. They don’t have any Requirments to join, all you need to do is create an account and after that, you are allowed to share their products and earn money.

Other Ways TO Monetize Youtube Channel:

If you want to earn more money then use the relevant affiliate programs for your YouTube Channel. Here are some examples of categories that you can use.

General: Best Affiliate Programs are for all YouTubers.

Travel: If you are a travel vlogger then join Best Travel Affiliate Programs.

Software: If your channel is ABout SOfwtaes and Tech then join Software Affiliate Programs.

Shopping: If your channel is about Product Review then you should use the Amazon Affiliate Program.

SEO: If your channel is about Blogging or online Marketing then join SEO Affiliate Programs.

Famous Youtuber: If you are a famous Youtuber then you should join Membership Affiliate Programs.


By using affiliate programs for your YouTube Channel can help you earn a high amount by adopting various useful strategies and following the guide that i have mentioned abe in the article.

So, by using the best affiliate programs, you will find out a way of great opportunities for you to enhance the products and promote yourself as a professional youtube marketer to get more success in this field of marketing.

If you are also Youtuber and using any methods which are listed above then share your experiences below. 

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