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Most Profitable Verticals in Affiliate Marketing-According to Experts

Most Profitable Verticals in Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money online, which is especially relevant for those publishers who have their own website or landing page. With this method, you advertise or recommend a product with an affiliate link, and when the user clicks on it and completes the target action, the advertiser pays you a commission. Many affiliate publishers monetize their website or blog and earn money online in this way, since online shopping is very popular and convenient.

Most profitable verticals in affiliate marketing

In many ways, profit depends on the choice of affiliate programs; thematically, they belong to a certain category – the vertical. Each vertical has its own characteristics: the topic of the advertising offer, the target audience and traffic sources. How to figure it out and how to choose the best affiliate program for yourself? To make this task easier for you, we have prepared a guide to 7 verticals in affiliate programs from the MyLead affiliate network.

E-commerce Affiliate Programs:


E-commerce, in the context of affiliate marketing, means a variety of product offers, such as smartphones, clothing, jewelry, garden tools, kitchenware and others. In this affiliate category, there is a conditional division into white and gray goods. The difference is that the white product can be promoted through Google Ads, Yandex.Direct and social networks, while the gray ones cannot.

Since everyone may need something different, making an average portrait of the customer will be pretty complicated. To determine the target audience within this affiliate program category, you will need to start from the affiliate program itself (your advertising offer).

Traffic sources that will work best with the e-commerce affiliate programs:

  • contextual advertising in Google Ads,
  • social media targeting
  • ad banners,
  • push notifications,
  • placing links on the website,
  • pop up.

Best E-commerce Affiliate Programs:


  • Rate: 1.84% – 5.60%
  • Conversion type: CPS
  • Geo: Global

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Newchic 2.0

  • Rate: 18,40%
  • Conversion type: CPS
  • Geo: Global

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Finance Affiliate Programs:

finanace affiliate

This vertical collects offers in such affiliate categories as: microloans affiliate programs, bank cards affiliate programs, forex affiliate programs, binary options affiliate programs and earnings with cryptocurrencies affiliate programs. Finance is one of the most profitable affiliate categories. An affiliate program with $500 per lead rate is not that hard to find, and it’s not a limit. But it will be more difficult to attract a customer to an affiliate finance offer than to a campaign with promoting some sneakers.

The target audience is mostly men over the age of 30. This affiliate audience is divided into those who want to get easy money, and those who are interested in business and IT. Microloan affiliate offers are designed for an audience that, for example, wants to solve financial difficulties before payday or spend money on a holiday.

Traffic sources that will work best with the finance affiliate programs:

  • mailing,
  • contextual advertising,
  • social network,
  • Youtube.

Best Finance Affiliate Programs:


  • Rate: $12.26
  • Conversion type: CPA
  • Geo: Many

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  • Rate: $7.38 – 1253.88
  • Conversion type: CPA
  • Geo: Many

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Nutra Affiliate Programs:


Nutra are offers from the Beauty and Health affiliate category. Serums dietary supplements and vitamins, remedies for weight loss and joint pain, medicines – that’s what Nutra and its affiliate programs mean. 

Nutra, in terms of affiliate marketing, deals with topics that are relevant to the widest target audience, so for successful actions, you need to focus on the product and affiliate offer itself. Typically, the best strategy to get to the affiliate audience is identifying what the potential customers’ problem is and then offering a solution. For example, a rejuvenation cream is unlikely to interest girls under 25, and a medicine for prostate will be obviously more interesting for men.

Traffic sources that will work best with the nutra affiliate programs:

  • teaser advertisement,
  • social media targeting,
  • blog,
  • SEO.

Best Nutra Affiliate Programs:


  • Rate: $41.56
  • Conversion type: CPA
  • Geo: Many

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  • Rate: $14.37 – 20.29
  • Conversion type: COD
  • Geo: ES, IT, CZ, HR, PL

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Dating Affiliate Programs:


Dating affiliate programs are all about websites and apps designed for finding love, like Tinder. Because dating affiliate programs can be promoted using paid advertising, they are considered white. However, the dating affiliate category has its own affiliate subcategory – adult affiliate programs (or affiliate programs for adults). 

Dating affiliate programs from the For Adults subcategory are all about sex, casual meetings (one night stands), adult content and products for erection. 

Traffic sources that will work best with the dating affiliate programs:

  • social media,
  • contextual advertising,
  • push notifications,
  • Telegram channel.

Check out the blog post from the MyLead affiliate network and learn more about the best way to promote adult affiliate programs.

Best Dating Affiliate Programs:

Sex Dating – Smartlink VI – Best Dating Offer

  • Rate: $0.27 – 6.07
  • Conversion type: CPL
  • Geo: Many

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Naughty Hub

  • Rate: $1,45 – 1,99
  • Conversion type: CPL
  • Geo: UK, FR, PL 

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Gambling Affiliate Programs:


Gambling affiliate programs are all about promoting casinos, slots or betting platforms. When you get into the topic of gambling affiliate programs, you will notice that what distinguishes this category from other affiliate program profitable categories and verticals are their high rates – sometimes you can get $100 for acquiring one customer. Sports betting affiliate programs are sometimes classified into a separate category.

In the main advertising networks, including Google and Facebook, links to gambling affiliate program offers are prohibited, but affiliate publishers deftly bypass the restrictions and can manage to make money online. How? They mask the link using the HideLink tool as a free solution. The tool, made by the MyLead affiliate network, works like two landing pages at the same time. On the first one, called the safe page, everything complies with the rules of the network, and bots stop there. Real users are automatically directed to the advertiser’s website.

Check out the HideLink tool designed to make earning money online easier by hiding your links for free!

The audience of gambling affiliate programs is divided into two categories. For the first, the main goal is the desire to earn and the opportunity to get easy money. For these customers go for ads about high rates, hacks and easy access work.

 For the second category, excitement is a way to have fun; these customers pay attention to the availability of certification and the reliability of the portal.

Traffic sources that will work best with the gambling affiliate programs:

  • mailing in messengers,
  • mobile applications (usually WebView),
  • youtube,
  • SEO-optimized landing pages (that drive traffic for free),
  • thematic sites.

Best Gambling Affiliate Programs:

Vulkan Vegas

  • Rate: $36.43 – 123.9
  • Conversion type: CPA
  • Geo: Many

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  • Rate: $101.19 – 125.93 
  • Conversion type: CPA
  • Geo: Many

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Download Affiliate Programs:

download affiliate marketing

Download affiliate programs are offers of mobile applications and mobile games from different stores. The best thing about download affiliate programs? They are relatively easy for the user to complete the desired action – installing the application.

When determining the target audience for download affiliate programs, the interests of users will serve as a guideline, depending on the application itself. Young people aged 18–35 respond more actively to these kinds of offers.

Traffic sources that will work best with the download affiliate programs:

  • targeting in social networks, in particular Youtube and TikTok,
  • advertising in mobile applications,
  • app stores,
  • communities in social networks and Telegram.

Best Download Affiliate Programs:


  • Rate: 15,20%
  • Conversion type: CPS
  • Geo: Global

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  • Rate: $0.01 – 1.6
  • Conversion type: PPI
  • Geo: Global

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Contest and Lottery Affiliate Programs:


Sweepstakes affiliate programs are all about lotteries, contests, chances to win gift cards, chances to win game consoles, chances to win smartphones, etc. To make money with this vertical (as well as with others), an affiliate tool called content locker will be very useful. The tool works by blocking the most interesting part of the site’s content. To gain access, the user is prompted to complete a task from the proposed list, for example, participate in a drawing or visit the advertiser’s website.

The advantages of content lockers are that they are an alternative to annoying ads and passively monetize the site.

Check out the Content Locker tool and start making money online with the MyLead affiliate network. 

Reaching the audience when promoting Sweepstakes affiliate programs should be easy since there are a lot of people who just want to get a free phone or a discount on things from a well-known brand. Moreover, this is a diverse target audience, thanks to which sweepstakes affiliate programs are really profitable.

Traffic sources that will work best with the sweepstakes affiliate programs:

  • social networks,
  • push notifications.

Best Contest and Lottery Affiliate Programs:

Sweepstakes – Smartlink III

  • Rate: $0.11 – 17.99
  • Conversion type: CPL
  • Geo: Global

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Sweepstakes – Smartlink I – SOI

  • Rate: $0.13 – 2
  • Conversion type: CPL
  • Geo: Global

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If rates per lead are $500 in one vertical and $1 in another, does it mean that one vertical is more profitable than the other? In affiliate marketing, everything is a little bit more complex –  the rate per lead depends on the cost of attracting it, and it is often easier to attract 500 users to download an application than one to invest in cryptocurrency.

Which affiliate program is the most profitable? Each affiliate vertical is. If you are considering which affiliate programs are best to make money with, at first focus on topics that are familiar to you. This will make it easier to promote the offer. It is also worth considering traffic sources and the theme of your site if you plan to use it in a campaign.

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