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PST.NET Review 2024 – Best Virtual Cards for Payments

Are you looking for a reliable payment solution? Are you an affiliate marketer, and are you done with payment issues? Do you think you can never eliminate the problems related to payment in the affiliate marketing industry? Have you faced numerous bans? Have you not been able to get a durable payment card that has stayed with you for a long time? Are you looking for a solution to store, exchange or transfer your assets? Are private proxies or anti-detect browsers not helpful enough to avoid bans?

If any of this keeps running through your head, this is the right page for you! This article contains all the information you might need to solve your payment problems. Well, good news for you, bans and being unable to get durable payment cards will be the least of your concerns now!

The anti-fraud systems on all the advertising platforms check the Bank Identification Number (BIN) when something like unpaid bills, abandoned accounts, or black/hat/grey hat advertising comes up. This might limit your account, including lower daily spending limits than usual, risk payment bans and billing thresholds, etc.

There are many issues that many experienced affiliate marketers have been encountering for years. Apart from the common problems like finding brands that can handle and bear huge traffic, affiliates always face issues regarding their payments. These may include many delays in payments or brands not sticking to their words and many more problems people hesitate to talk about or are never pointed out due to some reasons. Well, I have the perfect solution for all your concerns as an affiliate marketer! By the end of this article, you will be well aware of one of the best platforms, i.e., PST.NET.

Create PST.NET Card Now!

What is PST.NET? homePST.NET is a platform that provides quality financial services. One of the best parts about PST.NET is that it issues cards “virtually.” What makes the cards issued by PST.NET different is that they can protect you from fraud checks. With PST.NET, you do not have to worry about any scams related to checks like Paperhanging, Check Kiting, Check Floating, etc. You are always in safe hands, and all of your assets are safe and secure at PST.NET. It is extremely easy and simple to partner with PST.NET, and your first card might take around 1-2 minutes to get issued. You can deposit the payment cards with cryptocurrency (BTC and USDT).

The user-friendly interface makes it very simple for the users to figure everything out. It also consists of cutting-edge solutions that all professionals may need. One of the best things that keep PST.NET different from many competitors is that it can deal with clients worldwide. PST.NET is a multilingual financial service that can provide services in 13 different languages, removing all communication barriers. A telegram provides all the notifications related to the services offered by PST.NET. They focus on improving daily and keeping their clients away from all the stress.

All you have to do is sign up, add funds and be ready to spend your funds on any service you want, for example, advertising.

Features of PST.NET:

PST.NET has many super-amazing features that make it the best payment solution for all affiliate marketers. The features of PST.NET include:

Virtual Cards:

PST.NET offers virtual cards with virtual formats. This protects the user from fraud, and there are always low to no chances of facing a scam. This allows you to shop or spend without revealing your physical card.

Clean and Exclusive BINs:

A BIN stands for Bank Identification Number, in which the first 4-6 numbers identify the card issuer on the payment card. The first digit points to the major industry identifier, and the rest refers to the financial institution from where the card was issued. PST.NET offers clean, pure, and exclusive Bank Identification Numbers to save you from complications.

Low Commissions:

Another amazing feature about PST.NET is that it has the lowest commission to top up the accounts in the market! The commission for topping up an account starts from as low as 2.9%, which differentiates it from many others. Would you still not want to give it a try!?

Referral Program:

The referral program of PST.NET is a super plus! You can get your commission by literally making no effort. Any time the first card gets issued by a referral, you will be getting a commission of $5. Well, not just that, 30% of the issuance cost of all of the cards that they issue, with an additional 20% bonus from service commissions, is also a part of the referral program.


PST.NET is probably the simplest and the easiest to use. Nothing stays hidden, and there is no complex interface that you should keep worrying about. Everything has been made easier by PST.NET through its combination of modern technologies with financial institutions.

Diverse clientele:

PST.NET deals with clients from all over the world due to its super-cool feature of being multilingual. It can translate its services into 13 different languages, which attracts customers from almost every part of the world.

Advantages of partnering with PST.NET as an Affiliate Marketer:

Following are the advantages of getting hands on the services or products of PST.NET:

Advertising Campaigns:

The cards issued by PST.NET can be used in all your advertising campaigns, like those on TikTok, Facebook, Google, and many more platforms.


You won’t have to worry about complexities as you can figure everything out independently.f

Card management:

PST.NET allows you to manage your card in one single click. The entire control would be in your own hands. It is totally up to you to choose spending and funds without any hidden charges or delays.

Corporate accounts:

You get offered a corporate account for huge businesses. Not only that, but you can also get your expenses optimized and controlled through it.

3-D Security:

3-D secure cards issued by PST.NET allow you to pay for almost all the services you want in any part of the world.


Along with others, withdrawals in USDT are also available.

How can you start your journey with PST.NET?

There are only three steps through which you can easily and conveniently get started. Those are:

  • Singing up takes less than 60 seconds.
  • Deposit your account with USDT and BTC.
  • Start spending right away on instant issuance of the card.

Final Words:

Create PST.NET Card Now!


If you have been wandering here and there in search of a good and reliable payment solution for affiliate marketing, PST.NET has to be your priority right now. It is growing rapidly due to its simplicity and ease of use. Also, the fact that it has many outstanding features, like virtual cards and exclusive BINs, is exemplary. It can be counted on, saving you from many types of fraud. You can easily use those cards for your successful campaigns on different platforms as an affiliate marketer. You no longer need to stress over spending too much with PST.NET.

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