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OfficeAccord Review 2024: Best Employee Experience Platform

OfficeAccord Review 2023:

If you are looking for the most comprehensive Employee Experience Platform on the market, then search no more as today we are going to review OfficeAccord – the only all-in-one EX solution trusted by SAP, Harvard, and others which you’re sure to like. 

Imagine having a platform that automates your end-to-end employee experience.  It begins with a fun welcome process to get to know and onboard new hires. It then teaches them about your company culture. And continues with community and feedback tools to engage your members throughout their employee journey.

In this review, we will take a deep dive into OfficeAccord and its features to help you decide whether OfficeAccord is the right fit for you.

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What is OfficeAccord?


OfficeAccord is an all-in-one onboarding, organizational culture, and project management platform that uses automation and machine learning to digitally onboard new members, connect them to your community, and engage them throughout their employee experience.

The idea for OfficeAccord started when their Co-founder realized the effect that human connections can have on employee performance and retention. “The more we connect, the happier we are, the better we work, and the longer we stay,” he told us. 

Since 2016, OfficeAccord’s platform has grown into a solution designed for mid to large-size organizations who see a need to digitize their community and cultural experience. 


OfficeAccord’s onboarding features help you easily guide new members through their onboarding process, so they feel welcome, connected, and knowledgeable about the company, its culture, and its members.  What’s unique about OfficeAccord is that you can create specific resource pages per office so each location can explain its unique way of working. 

Many tools have onboarding features for employees to introduce themselves. Still, OfficeAccord is the most fun and easy way to help employees tell about themselves thanks to their step-by-step welcome process, which you can customize. This automates the process, saving you time while providing the experience your new hires are sure to love. This helps enhance the feeling of belonging, which is vital for productivity.

Community Building:

OfficeAccord enriches your remote community effortlessly. Their automated community tools are specifically designed to help employees digitally meet their colleagues, connect in meaningful ways, and build a thriving interpersonal network inside of your organization. 

New members are automatically introduced to the community via the newsfeed, where other members can easily welcome them to the organization.

The automated Interests & Skills finder helps employees find their like-minded colleagues. Other features like Cafe Roulette, Employee Conversations, Employee Events, and Employee Marketplace allow your organization to demonstrate its commitment to improving employees’ work-life balance.  

Unlike other providers who treat community as an afterthought, OfficeAccord has made community building a focal point of their product.


Engaging a distributed workforce can be a challenge. OfficeAccord provides specific tools meant to engage employees wherever they are located.  Custom surveys help you gain useful insight and feedback from your employees.  Targeted announcements ensure messages are delivered to the right employee group, and a dedicated Conversations board for affinity group conversations to thrive keeps your business communication channels free of clutter. 

One of the best things about OfficeAccord is its automation. The community is automatically notified via the newsfeed if a new member joins or has a birthday or work anniversary.  This removes any administrative overhead so your managers can focus on work-related tasks. 


Another great thing about OfficeAccord is how you can customize the platform to fit your needs. For example, already have a Ride Share service your company subscribes to? No problem! Simply deactivate OfficeAccord’s Ride Share module and add a custom module that links to one of your existing employee services. This creates a “one-stop-shop” where all of your employee resources can be found. 

The platform comes standard with its own custom Progressive Web App for mobile, which, when saved to a user’s home screen on their phone, it appears as your community app branded with your company logo. 

From module activation/deactivation to company colors and logo to your personalized welcome process, OfficeAccord gives you complete control of how you want the platform to be for your employees.


Do you have a visual of how diverse your office really is? How does your community interact with each other?  What are Conversation topics trending?  What are the most attended employee events? 

OfficeAccord’s platform insights will tell you all of the above and more! The built-in culture tracking indicates how many nationalities, languages, and states your community represents – great for recruiting and PR!  

OfficeAccord also provides you with a built-in feedback system as well. Using this system, you can gain very crucial insights into the community that will allow you to improve and attract more people to your community.

The built-in feedback survey gives you real-time qualitative and quantitative data on how your users like your community and what can be improved. All you have to do is view the results.


To avoid adopting “just another tool”, OfficeAccord has a set of pre-built integrations to tools your organization probably already uses. Single sign-on, Outlook, Gmail, Slack and Teams, to name a few.

OfficeAccord’s smart integrations makes adopting the tool seamless and transparent to the employee to ensure a great end user experience. 


Some of the main features of OfficeAccord are:

  • Community Dashboard – See a curated list of everything that’s happening in your community in one easy to find, smartphone friendly location.
  • Company Culture – Teach your members about your company. Keep them informed of new initiatives. Give each office location a dedicated resource page to explain their unique way of working (tools, important contacts, office info, perks, etc.) 
  • Employee Onboarding – Create a customized welcome process for new hires, complete with an onboarding task list. 
  • Café Roulette – Opt-in to be matched once a week with someone from outside of your department. 
  • Employee Conversations – Provide affinity groups with dedicated forums for them to discuss, plan, and organize their membership to avoid cluttering your business communication channels.
  • Employee Announcements – Send targeted announcements to the right employee group via email or SMS.
  • Employee Directory – Get to know the person behind the employee with a location, interests, skills and office schedule finder. 
  • Employee Surveys – Send targeted surveys to gain useful feedback from your employees to help drive your people strategy. 
  • Employee Marketplace – Provide a safe, trusted marketplace for employees to live more economically by buying and selling personal items.
  • Employee Events – Empower employees to organize their own events to foster community and connection. The tool integrates with Outlook, Gmail, and iCal calendars.
  • Employee Housing – Help employees live more economically by helping each other find and post affordable housing options.
  • Employee Ride Share – Post and find rides to work or to a nearby city to help reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Virtual Breakroom – A dedicated and always open virtual breakroom where employees can enter to say hello at their convenience. Also great for holding workshops. 


  • The only all-in-one EX platform we’ve seen
  • Very automated 
  • Requires very little overhead 
  • Easy to integrate
  • Intuitive end-user experience 
  • Enterprise integrations available 
  • 9 different onboarding and community tools 
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Built-in platform insights and feedback results 
  • Highly customizable


  • Best for companies over 50 employees
  • No native app, but their Progressive Web App works great


For what you get, OfficeAccord might be the biggest bang for your buck. Instead of purchasing various tools which you then need to vendor manage, OfficeAccord’s all-in-one platform starts as low as $500 per month.  If you want to use this platform for Non-Profit or Educational Institutions, there are discounts available as well.

Final Verdict:

SAP interviewed 14 providers and selected OfficeAccord to help them enhance remote employee connections and community.  It is designed for hybrid work environments. Its focus on the human side of the employee experience makes it unique.

It’s affordable, it doesn’t seem to add hardly any overhead (side note: OfficeAccord shared that their client Harvard University with 18k users only spends 2-hours per month administering the tool), and it helps modernize the employee experience in a way that other tools do not do.

So, if you are looking for a comprehensive employee experience platform, OfficeAccord is what we consider the top of its class, if not the best.

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