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20+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs 2024 (According to Experts)

Recurring Affiliate Programs:

Are you looking for the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions?

Then this article is only for you. Because recurring income is one of the highly profitable ways of affiliate marketing. Money is the basic need of modern times, and in this present time, everyone is looking at ways to make money. Marketers market their products online to make money and promote their brands.

Here in this article, I will share with you how you can earn a lifetime Commission from Recurring Affiliate Programs.

Before Jumping to the list of the top recurring Affiliate Programs first, you should know what actually recurring affiliate programs are?

What Actually Recurring Affiliate Programs Are?

With the advancement in technology, it opens up a gateway for people to earn enough money online without wandering for jobs in the market. If you are still unaware of the facts, how to earn money through the internet by online marketing.

Then here is a present for you in this article to inform you in detail. That is how you could earn a good amount of money online with the help of top recurring Affiliate Programs. They are also known as the “residual income Affiliate Program” in the market.

After getting information about the recurring affiliate programs, you will surely wonder to become a part of Affiliate Programs. Recurring Affiliate Programs help the user to produce recurring income for you.

 How It Benefits You?

  • In order to understand this, you must keep in mind that it is the circle of affiliate marketing. In which you are paid by some amount of money when a person buys a product or service by using your affiliate link. Then you are awarded by some % commission of the price of that product or service.
  • The revenue generated for you by recurring affiliate programs could stay for a year or lifetime depending on the number of users that you had referred towards that product or service. You will be paid by the amount because the user reaches the product using your link.
  • Normally, when you get connected with the affiliate programs, you get paid only once when your referred user will buy that product or service by using your web link but in the recurring affiliate program, you are awarded the recurring commission.

Commission Earned from Recurring Affiliate Programs:

The money that you earned with the means of the referred user who has used your affiliate link in order to buy that product is basically a commission that benefits you again and again in the recurring affiliate program.

For instance: If you are going to promote such a service that contains a monthly subscription fee. So when a user will go through the affiliate link in order to purchase that product or to avail of those services, automatically the revenues will go to your budget every month. For availing of the desired service, he has to go through the link of the website and then would sign up there, and then he would be asked to pay the first-month fee. The commission you would get is some % Commission of the price of that product or service.

For monthly or yearly services: you would get some % Commission of the price not only for the first time but also every month when he will pay the fee and in case of yearly services. You will get commission per year and in case of lifetime services. Your recurring income would be for a lifetime. This is a great benefit for you on behalf of the commission. Earning commission is based on the policy of the company, some companies offer high commission and some offer low, depending upon the marketing policies.

With the month-over-month commission: you have a good opportunity to earn a good amount of money by using high-paying recurring affiliate programs instead of making too much effort for earning money online. Thus, residential affiliate programs have the power to grow Your earnings more and more with smart effort. For example, when a market is a marketing hosting service, and you recommend this service to any of your friends, family member and he bought that service by using your affiliate link. You would get the affiliated commission and you will get continuous commission until a user has been affiliated with the targeted company.

Quality of Product Matters A Lot To Get More Recurring Income:

The quality of a product matters a lot, when you go shopping in a market or if you buy something online. You do care about the brand and quality of the product. If the quality of a product is good, more people would love to buy that product and would become loyal customers of that company.

But if the quality of your product is not good, the user will not stick more time with that company and would try to get rid of its services. That’s why it is very important to Promote quality products.

The companies who offer good products and services to the people have more traffic on their company website and thus they offer more Recurring commissions. The product or services you promote always keep something new to stick effective members to the program.

Though at the start it’s really hard to earn income but slowly and gradually with a smart mind and effort you could promote the company and earn high commission.

I strongly recommend you don’t lose the chance of earning recurring income by the use of the best recurring affiliate programs in 2020 and facilitating your life.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs 2024:

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2023 and 2024 that you go through in order to generate the Recurring Commission. 

  1. SemRush Affiliate Program
  2. GetResponse Affiliate Program
  3. Aweber Affiliate Program
  4. Elegant Themes Affiliate Program
  5. Raven Tools Affiliate Program
  6. HootSuite Affiliate Program
  7. StudioPress Affiliate Program
  8. SocialOomph Affiliate Program
  9. LongTailPro Affiliate Program
  10. ConvertKit Affiliate Program
  11. TailWind Affiliate Program

1- SemRush:

Semrush Affiliate

This is an online SEO tool used by people mostly by bloggers and researchers for the purpose of analyzing progress and revenue. Most marketers use it for promoting their websites. SemRush offers up to 40% of the recurring commission to their affiliates.

It offers services and products starting from $99 and with just one sale, you can earn an estimated $40 per month easily. The more customers you will attract towards that product, the more chances you would have to earn more recurring commissions. This is the best way of making money while sitting at home which means you could get more with little effort.

2- GetResponse:

GetResponse Affiliate

Marketing products online with the help of email marketing is always beneficial for digital marketers. If you have a number of marketers as customers on the internet, you could easily earn recurring commissions through the GetResponse.

It offers you the commission rate of 33% per service or product and your affiliate cookie will last up to 120days. thus you have a great opportunity in this way to earn a good amount of money. Its initial plan starts from $15 which means you could earn $4.95 of recurring commission.

3- Aweber:

Aweber Affiliate

Its signup is free and is one of the best marketing tools, offering 30% of recurring commission per referral. It has a variety of plans and its initial plan starts from $9.They offer 30 days free trial so it keeps your clients active for visiting your blogs and websites regularly.

Its email marketing features have the power to attract a number of subscribers to your blog and their email marketing solutions would never spoil the customers. It devotes you to joining the campaign by producing automated emails. Its 30% recurring commission is for a lifetime. Which may help you could earn enough money for a lifetime.

4- Elegant Themes:

Elegant Themes Affiliate

WordPress is free having a lot of themes and plugins. As it is free so it offers limited themes and plugins for free. There are many companies that are providing Primum Themes and Plugins. Elegant is one of them providing amazing WordPress Themes.

It’s important to get more features and attractive themes by making certain payments. Your solution lies in the Elegant themes, providing the best WordPress themes with a number of specific features to make your website more beautiful, attractive, and to look professional.

You could earn a lot of money by suggesting Elegant themes to the blog readers and professionals, and the company is paying you a 50% commission for each referral. You would be amazed to know that, you could earn money when a person reviews it for future use even you will be awarded by the commission for that too. It ́s prices are affordable and the minimum amount that a customer has to pay is $58, payable just within 30 days of the month otherwise your services would be canceled.

5- Raven Tools:

Raven Affiliate

This tool is designed to get the report of your marketing. It offers you a lot of marketing campaigns in order to draw the attention of people towards their services. Its creation and management feature makes it unique and separate from the other tools. It allows you to track social media accounts, search keywords, manage your SEO, etc.

Its rate of recurring commission is 50% which is much higher and for more referrals, they offer you an extra 10% commission for a lifetime. Wow! It ́s a wonderful deal. Its pro account price starts from $9.90/mo and is available only at a ShareASale marketplace.

6- HootSuite:

Hootsuite Affiliate

It is considered the best tool for bloggers and web developers form engage all social media accounts at one place at a time. If you desire to connect with your audience on a regular basis, then it is the best tool for you though it saves time and effort so it has a host of customers.

You could earn a good profit from this recurring affiliate program. It offers a 15% commission rate for annual payments and also offers monthly commission payments depending on the income earned.

7- SocialOOMph:

SocialOOMph Affiliate

It has amazing features that help you in the automation of your social media account. With this, you could easily schedule the updates for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, blogs, Pinterest accounts, etc in very less time.

It offers a recurring commission of up to 40% for each referral lifetime in case your referral keeps using that account by paying their monthly plans. Its mode of payment is via PayPal only.

8- LongtailPro:

LongTailPro Affiliate

It is considered one of the best working tools for the marketing business. It is a magic tool for bloggers, you could improve the visibility of your keyword in Google by using LongTailpro recurring affiliate program.

This is considered one of the best keywords research tools for bloggers to rank higher on Google. It offers 30% of recurring revenue commission per referral.

9- Convertkit:

convertkit affiliate

With the use of this amazing Recurring affiliate program, you can easily promote your email marketing to a new level of success. It has specific features built-in it like killer automation and email marketing tools for boosting up your product, services, and blogs as well.

Its initial plan starts from $29/month depending on the number of subscribers, you have a golden chance to earn more money by promoting this tool by growing the number of visitors to your blog. When a subscriber will pay the first fee, you will be paid the recurring commission of 30% at the first step and then for a lifetime you will get recurring income at the start of every month as long as your referrals stay connected with the company and availing their services, your commission cannot be stopped.

10- TailWind:

Tailwind Affiliate

It is a famous Pinterest and Instagram marketing tool, which helps the user to schedule your post like a pro. It has the capability to attract a number of audiences to the post, so you could judge easily your progress from the feedback of your audience. If you are interested to use this tool. TailWind offers a trial period to you for your ease.

By using Tailwind, you have a good opportunity to make money with less effort by earning 15% of the commission at each referral including a cookie period of 90 days. It serves you in a way that you could easily promote your banner ads and text links on your blogs and websites by using your own social media accounts.

11- StudioPress:

StuidoPress Affiliate

Studio press recurring affiliate program offers such amazing themes that are fully search engine optimized and also respond on mobile phones. Its initial price is $24.95 and lasts at different rates.

It offers a recurring commission rate of 35% per referral but if you boost up the sales by providing 5 to 10 customers then they would pay you $100 for each. It is really profitable. Its payment method is the same as HootSuite as by ShareASale only.


If you check the income reports of a successful blogger, you will know that 50% of the income that they have earned is from the source of recurring affiliate programs. You could earn a lot of money by recurring affiliate programs only by the use of a smart mind, best strategies, and presentation skills. The Programs we have listed above are the best and high paying Recurring Affiliate Programs in 2020.

By promoting those programs you can earn lifetime earnings without doing any extra work. If you are looking for more affiliate programs to join also check the best Software affiliate programs that you can join and increase your revenue.

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