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15+ Best Software Affiliate Programs For 2020

Software Affiliate Programs:

If you desire to monetize your dairy with the best affiliate programs then you are on the right track as you have stepped in the ocean of the digital marketing industry. Now it’s the time to go on a platform of affiliate promoting. Software Affiliate Programs have the highest place in the marketing industry with a good reputation and best performance to smooth the way of success for members.

Now the question is; how you can earn profit by making the best use of software affiliate programs?

Here in this article, you will find out the answer to this question and where to find those affiliate programs and how to join and make money from it. Some companies are also offering Recurring Commission where you can earn lifetime money from Recurring Affiliate Programs.

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1- Choose a Real Product to Display:

To get success in the online marketing, Affiliate Marketing or CPA Marketing, it’s crucial to showcase the best seller product that appeals to the customers, a product that you have experienced personally, have experience and understanding of using the product so, you can quickly tell the audience about the product that you use as a squinting modifier as it is an effective way to raise the interest of customers to buy that product.

You can monitor the response of your audience by investigating ratings on review sites to know the influence of your website´s content and product on the audience.

2- Must Checkout Affiliate conditions:

It is essential to check out the affiliate conditions like minimum payout, commission rate, coverage system, and cookie length for growing more traffic as all these factors have a significant impact on the referrals.

3- Use of Promotional Tools:

Your content must be authentic and qualitative while writing content for displaying on the website. You can promote your website with the help of several promotional tools that supports your business by increasing the traffic on your website as you can’t get any achievement without achieving the right amount of traffic because as the traffic increases, automatically the sales increase.

So, you can make use of promotional tools such as; mixing content with the images and videos, placing banners on your website, and can include it in your newsletter to get excellent progress.

Best Software Affiliate Programs 2020:

Here is the list of Top software affiliate programs that you can join in 2020 and 2021.

  1. NetSuite Affiliate Program.
  2. Bill4Time Affiliate Program.
  3. LambdaTest Affiliate Program.
  4. Wrike Affiliate Program.
  5. Spotmau Affiliate Program.
  6. AutoDesk Affiliate Program.
  7. Stellar Data Recovery Affiliate Program.
  8. Veeqo Affiliate Program.
  9. SKYLUM Affiliate Program.
  10. BuilderAll Affiliate Program.
  11. Affiliate Program.

These affiliates programs will also encourage you to make the right amount of money by promoting your sales with the help of software affiliates.

1- NetSuite Affiliate Program:

Netsuite Website

It opens new opportunities for net designers and the consultants functioning in a B2B and B2C environment and helps the net designers to polish their skills to specialize them in the front- end user enterprise and thus avoid them from the silly actions at the real workplace.

NetSuite has specific features that enable marketers to become competitive and additional economical.

  • It bears the price of mercantilism, implementing, closing and service corporations that an affiliate refers to the company and also allows you to become a member of the referral partner program so, you can earn extra bonuses.
  • Similarly, delivering shoppers to NetSuite allows you to supply high value and high integrated answers to a variety of shoppers worldwide. NetSuite has top integrations with Google AdWords, eBay, accounting, client management a, promotional tools, promotion codes, and other tools as well.


It offers 10% commission of the 1st year´s license

2- Bill4Time Affiliate Program:

Bill4Time Website

It was launched in 2006, contained office in Bellevue, Washington with other branch offices in Pittsburgh and the big apple, is one of the Web´s old supplier of cloud-based time and request software packages with more than 50,000 users.

Wherever you are either at home or the workplace, it allows you to access your business by using any desktop or mobile device and track your performance directly from the devices.

Bill4Time is very reliable as it offers the best client services, timely payouts, and creative content as well as provide banners to the affiliates to display on the website for the convenience of customers. It helps the people in various categories like;

  • It helps Professional associations like bar associations and societies in resolving their matters
  • helps the Consultants who offer skilled services and technology to the lawyers and accountants to promote their services so the people can trust him easily
  • helps the Small Publishers, advertisers and bloggers, especially those who are interested in composing the body, social control, and practice-management subjects.


  • It allows secure online consumer payment portal
  • It offers 40% of recurring commission of monthly fee subscription for up to 3 years

3- LambdaTest Affiliate Program:


LambdaTest is one of the efficient SaaS startups in the domain of cross-browser testing. Every Webmaster and blogger desires this software affiliate to test for the cross-browser capability, so you can buy this software to fulfill your testing needs.

If you want to make the right amount of money in less time, then LmbdaTest is the best affiliate program for you that you must use to promote your business.


  • It offers 25% of recurring commission for all yearly plans
  • While on monthly plans you can earn 50% of commission on the first transaction and then 25% of recurring commission for a lifetime

4- Wrike Affiliate Program:

Wrike Website

Wrike is the best collaboration tool that helps the teams in work management so they can complete their projects on time and budget. Becoming a partner with the Wrike, you can get easy access to the reports on generated trials, profit earned, and paid subscriptions.

It supports you to grow your clients rapidly and to come up with high-quality leads as well as upsell your paying accounts. It has translated into 10 languages and markets in 120 countries. Ever


  • It offers you 200% recurring commission from all annual payments
  • It offers 100% commission from the monthly payments
  • The minimum amount of threshold is $200

5- Spotmau Affiliate Program:

Spotmau Website

Spoutmau is the leading supplier of a utility product that is specifically designed for configuring, monitoring, optimizing, and repairing your computer system.

It relates you to AN business leader selling the best computer products, cares about the customer services, post-sales products and offers you to earn extra income by helping you with the queries and resolving the problems to remove the hurdles from your way of promotion.

Its a chance for you to make extra money by working with Spotmau, even you can earn half-hour of damage for every sale generated!


You are offered 30% of recurring commission for 1st tier and 5% on the second tier.

6- AutoDesk Affiliate Program:

AutoDesk Website

It is beneficial for the architectures in terms of 3D styles, engineering, and diversion code as it generates the law for people who make things.

AutoDesk allows the marketers to earn money from each sale generated by your website; more sales you generate, more money you can earn.

AutoDesk mainly sells the products to the professional people and small businesses such as people related to the field of designing, engineering, construction, media and production, and producing infrastructures.


It provides 5 to 10% of recurring commission depending on the products

7- Stellar Data Recovery Affiliate Program:

Stellar Website

It is one of the leading IT companies, that has transfigured the concept of data recovery with efficient software and the services. Data recovery tools help marketers by bringing back the loss from catastrophic data loss conditions.

Stellar Data Recovery focused on the objective of successful data recovery and get customer satisfaction by delivering data recovery and its protection through quality products, services, and solutions.


It offers a recurring commission of $239 per sale

8- Veeqo Affiliate Program:

Veeqo Website

It is one of the best and leading inventory, order, and shipping management software for retailers.

It helps them to track and manage the shipping orders online as well as encourages you to specialize in multiple tasks as it can handle and synchronize inventory and orders in real-time across your website and marketplace.

It permits you to ship more than one hundred orders and print traveler labels with only one click. Thus saves your time.


  • It offers 20% recurring commission for per sale monthly
  • Payout commission to the affiliate on the 15th of every month via PayPal
  • Provides a 5% bonus for each referral

9- MacPhun Affiliate Program:

Skylum Website

Update: MacPhun is now SKYLUM

MacPhun is a compelling affiliate program that makes wonderful photography tools. It is recommended for photographers and artists for polishing their skills at a high level.

It is considered the best Editor’s choice and the best app ever by photographers. By using this affiliate program, you can attract a significant number of audience towards your website and can draw more sales with the help of eye-catching themes, graphics, images, and other visual contents.


You can earn 20 to 50% of recurring commission for every sale as well as $0.35 for a free trial installation

10- BuilderAll Affiliate Program:


BuilderAll is the set of state-of-art-website and marketing tools. It contains all efficient tools that a marketer need to promote their business and get the best possible results.

It is a complete digital marketing suite with all features available all in one such as the website’s builder´s app, webinars, App builders, and email autoresponder, etc.


It offers up to $49.90 for each sale as well as recurring revenue to its affiliates

11- BackLog Affiliate Program:

Backlog Website is one of the leading and efficient project management software. It is considered trustworthy by 800,000 users, and 900o companies include TransferWise, Adobe, and Softbank Robotics.

It helps the developers in team collaboration, share team projects, and submit requests to other teams for optimal results.

Its advanced features and technology make it popular among the digital marketing industry as every software development collaborated with team desires like Gnatt charts, Wikis, bugs, issue tracking, and version control.


It offers $150 per sale

Here are Some Relevant Affiliate Programs For Publishers:


If you are a beginner, then this article is beneficial for you as it will guide you to promote your affiliate program and earn more money by getting more traffic to your website.

The list of software affiliate programs will help you to choose the best software affiliate program that meets your needs and is according to your budget as a learner. Hopefully, with a bit of analysis, you can turn out your efforts in a fruitful way.

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