SEON Fraud Prevention Review (2024): The Best Tools for Fraud Fighters

SEON Fraud Prevention Review 2024:

SEON – The Best Tools for Fraud Fighters:

In the current era, fraudulent people and organizations have found many means to trick platforms and companies to get their needs completed. It can occur in many different ways, such as improper payments, terrorist financing, money laundering, cybersecurity, and public security. In the past, it was quite a difficult and hectic task trying to keep up with them and prevent it from happening, but now, with the current technological advancements, it has become quite an easier task.

Before, it was quite hard for businesses to keep an eye on fraud prevention along with carrying out their daily business tasks, but now a lot of platforms have come out and are offering impeccable services & tools for fraud prevention which are actually working and making their lives easier than ever.

Now it might be kind of confusing not knowing which platform to pick for this task. This is where we come in because if you are looking for a service that makes sure no fraudulent activity gets past its defenses. Well, we have the right thing for you.


SEON is an online platform designed to minimize the resources, cost, and time that is lost to frauds. It adapts to how you conduct your business and the risks regardless of what scale you are working on and then automates all of your decisions, improves the speed of your manual reviews, and much more. So that you can grow your business while having peace of mind.

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It comes equipped with all the necessary tools that enable fraud managers to have absolute control over the scoring engines and adjust the threshold of risk according to the needs of your business. All of this is done through an API or an impeccable dashboard embedded with all the features of management, making you a better fighter against fraud.

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It provides the following products, which we are about to discuss in detail, along with their features and pricing.

Products of SEON:

1- Intelligence Tool:

It is an enriched tool providing you’re a complete 360 view of each of your users along with quality data that is based on a single location, IP, phone number, or email. It can be used easily through the in-built REST API, Admin panel, or the One-Click Chrome Extension. It comes along with the following features discussed below:

  • Frictionless Integration – It lets you run all of your operations with ease as you get started with this module. The intelligence tool is capable of integrations using the REST API, and the non-developers can make use of the Admin pane for leverage or even the one-click chrome extension to manually enrich their data.
  • Social Media Lookup –It allows you to conduct deep background checks on your users using more the 20 social media platforms. This is the widest range of social media profiling being offered by any of the current fraud prevention tools.
  • Accurate Risk Scores – It delivers precise risk scores to you so that your decisions are always well informed. You are also allowed to manually adjust the thresholds that can block any suspicious user automatically and manage all the fake/false-positive rates.
  • Complaint and Quick –All the SEON aggregates’ information are in real-time from the open live source databases. All of your connections remain SSL protected and anonymous. It also does not store any of your sensitive info or logs to always remain within the boundaries of the data protection compliance.

It also provides different modules for the analysis of the users mentioned below:

  • Email Analysis Module: It lets you enrich the data of your users using a single email address. It achieves this through:
    • Social Media Lookup gives you the most comprehensive lookup for social media by looking through more than 20 social media sites that include the user’s profile info, bio, and avatar.
    • Address Profiling –Confirm the validation of your users’ address and the complete domain info so that you can calculate the risk score that is based on the maturity of the address, analysis of strings, and lookup of data breaches.
  • Phone Analysis Module: It lets you improve your information about your users by using a single phone number. It achieves this through:
    • Social Media Lookup – It gives you the most comprehensive lookup for gathering the social and messaging data from more than 20 social media sites that include the user’s profile info, bio, avatar along with the last time they were seen online.
    • Number Profiling – Confirm the validation of your users’ number and detect its originating country, type, and carrier.
  • IP Analysis Module: It lets you detect and spot all the suspicious web connections within the 200ms. It achieves this through:
    • Proxy Detection gives you the instant highlights of the connections through VPN, TOR, or any other suspicious proxies.
    • Open Port and ISP Analysis – Confirm the locations of your users, block all the hijacked netbots& bots, and flag any data centers that seem suspicious.
    • Spam Blacklist Check – It clears out all the spammers by scanning their IPs on more than 60 DNSBL databases.

2- Sense Platform:

This lets you minimize all of your fraud rates by introducing automation. It provides handy features like data enrichment, device fingerprinting, predictive scoring, using custom tools, and machine learning. It is an absolute platform with a classy Admin Panel, extraordinary UX, and full team management. It comes equipped with the following set of features:

  • Frictionless Integration – It makes all of your operations smooth from start to end by utilizing the well-documented REST APIs.
  • Machine Learning –The whiteboard algorithm is present to memorize all the fraud patterns and practice multiple times each day to improve its accuracy. You can get results from human-readable rule suggestions by feeling the training labels via the Admin Panel and API. The results have a specific accuracy percentage.
  • Device Fingerprinting – Implement their lightweight SDK to your Android, iOS, and Web Apps to get the smoothest solution for device and browser identification. You can also accumulate thousands of data points to flag VPNs, emulators, and VMs even when using incognito browsing.
  • Optimized UX – The Admin Panel is perceptive, customizable, and fully collaborative. It has the ability to boost your team collaborations while minimizing your fraud rates by using powerful tools like:
    • Collaboration tools
    • Customized widgets
    • Statistics and reporting
    • Custom filters, settings, and rules
    • Machine learning rules
    • Scoring Engine
    • Tutorials
    • Lists management
    • Data import/export
    • Logging features
    • Permission levels


  • Fraud prevention is completely automated
  • You can blacklist and filter frauds
  • You get complete control over the fraud cases
  • It is effortless to integrate
  • Availability of device fingerprint
  • It can detect proxies and TOR
  • The Overview has a clean and elegant look
  • 24/7 customer service


  • No particular cons have been noted as of yet.

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SEON  Pricing Plan:

The pricing plan for SEON is as follows:

Pricing: There are basically two types of products when it comes to SEON.

1- Intelligence Tool:

It comes with four plans that are mentioned below. You can also get additional details on this page.

  • Standard – It has a monthly 8000 check limit and other additional features and a 7+ day free trial. It has a monthly payment of€300.
  • Business – It has a monthly 20000 check limit and other additional features and a 7+ day free trial. It has a monthly payment of €600.
  • Premium – It has a monthly 30000 check limit and other additional features and a 7+ day free trial. It has a monthly payment of €1000.
  • Custom Quote – If the above plans are not accustomed to your needs, you can get a custom quote through this link.

2- Sense Platform:

It comes with multiple kinds of monitoring plans with a minimum monthly fee of €300. You can get more detail about the plans through this link.


After Studying and going through this review, you should have a lot more information about what SEON has to offer. A fraud prevention platform can help out your business on a grand scale saving your much-needed time and money that you might spend trying to prevent such incidents from happening. You can utilize this time in other aspects of your business that require your attention.

This accurate information will also help you deal with users that have malicious intentions towards your business. We hope that you give the free trial a shot and see how happy you are with the results. Speaking from experience and research, we are sure you will convert to a paid customer as soon as the results are in your hands.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to make a decision as we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information to you related to SEON. Our team wishes you the best!

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