Six Steps of Giving a Great Tarot Reading In 2023

Six Steps of Giving a Great Tarot Reading In 2023

If you wish to be a good tarot reader, then you gain more experience rather than just learning the meaning of the cards by heart. It is important to have these three virtues when you start tarot reading. These include patience, practice, and also a will to trust your intuition. If you can do the three tasks properly, then there will be no looking back for you in this field.  

People who do Online Tarot Readings or at an office space do follow these basic six steps so that they can give you a good reading.


Prepare a peaceful environment:

 This is the most important practice adopted by all tarot readers over the world. It is because they believe that if the environment is not peaceful enough, then it will harm both the person being read and also the tarot card reader. Place your concerns and issues out of the table when you start the tarot reading sessions.

Select a signifier card:

 the person who is reading or a particular situation is denoted by such cards. If a signifier card is used to represent someone, then the tarot card reader will want to know more about the physical appearance of the person to assign a particular tarot card as the signifier card. In the case of reading a particular situation, the card reader can assign any card from the deck as the signifier card.

Choosing the appropriate tarot spread:

 tarot card spreads are generally laid out in a certain manner as each card in the spread has a particular meaning. Hence it is necessary to arrange the card as per the situation that has to be studied. For example, if it is about a career, then you have to lay out a career spread and then explain the finding to the querent.

Setting out the questions:

If the questions asked are to the point, then the tarot reading session will be more productive, and the querent may get the answer sooner than normal. If the questions are open-ended, then there is a scope of going through issues that would have been otherwise overlooked.

Shuffling the cards:

There are several ways in which you can shuffle the cards before the card reading sessions. The most common form of shuffling the card is cutting the deck three times with the left hand.

Understanding the Tarot Deck:

 It will be useful to study the tarot decks in detail before someone starts tarot reading sessions. It will make the reader more comfortable with the cards and will also broaden the knowledge about their relationship in a deck. If you do not practice with the cards often, then you may miss out on this aspect of the cards.

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