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SmartStore Review (2024): The Best E-Commerce Solutions

Smartstore Review:

Are you looking for the best e-commerce solutions?

There is no doubt that e-commerce is bringing a lot of success to different brands. But it is not that easy to grow in this market as it is very saturated. That is why you need a platform that can provide you with the solutions that can help you grow your e-commerce business. You can easily increase your business through reliable e-commerce solutions. So, today, we are going to take a look at Smartstore that provides e-commerce solutions.

We will take you through all of the features that Smartstore brings to the table. In this way, you can easily determine whether you should use the e-commerce solutions from SmartStore or not.

What is Smartstore?

Smartstore was founded in 1999 and is a pioneer in developing some of the leading e-commerce solutions. If you are looking for any type of e-commerce solution then you will get them at Smartstore. It is also an open-source platform that provides not only e-commerce solutions but also B2B, B2C, and enterprise solutions. The solutions that Smartstore provides are suitable for all types of businesses whether big or small. With the help of Smartstore, you can easily tackle all of the current and future challenges.

Smartstore Home

One of the biggest appeals of Smartstore is that it makes administration very easy. You can also increase your growth time with Smartstore. It is built on an architecture that offers a lot of flexibility. If you are looking for a platform keeping in mind scalability and performance then Smartstore is the platform to choose.  

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Easy E-Commerce:

E-Commerce is really easy with Smartstore. The only thing you need to do is to download, install, and set up, or use it as PaaS on Azure. After this, you are good to go. It is really easy to use and very adaptable as well. You also get high scalability and performance with this platform. There are smart marketing tools available with which e-commerce becomes really simple and easy.

Usability & Design:

One of the best things about Smartstore is that it allows you to create engaging content with one click. The whole system is very user-friendly with an intuitive interface. It comes with a customizable design with hundreds of different variables. Due to this design, it is much easier to control everything from your mobile to desktop. Smartstore has a really modern and aesthetic look that is very appealing. 

  • CMS Page Builder
  • Mega Menu
  • Intuitive & Responsive Backend


If you want to manage all of your content from a single place then Smartstore also provides you with a top-of-the-line CMS system as well. It is really easy to use and provides clear content management. The page builder is also very easy to use as it is based upon the drag and drop method. You can create different menus with their own content and pages using the Menu Builder. With the help of Smartstore, you are able to put your products in the spotlight and bring more awareness to your brand.

  • Widgets
  • Pages & Menu Builder
  • E-Mail Templates


Security is a major factor when shopping online, that is why Smartstore also provides you with online security as well. They have implemented different online security measures to keep you safe at all times. There is also a new improved rights system present that allows for granular management of the rights/permissions. So, online security isn’t an issue when working with Smartstore.

  • SSL Support
  • Geo Blocker
  • Data Encryption


One of the biggest advantages of choosing Smartstore over others is that it allows you to create multiples shops from a single database. So, using this feature, you can easily operate a B2C shop as well as a B2B shop and another brand with its own unique style and design. Using this feature, you can save a lot of money.

  • Cost Saving
  • Intuitive Administration


Smartstore is very clever in its approach which is why they have integrated all of the basic concepts of SEO in every area. This allows them to be visible to everyone using a search engine. This is a really powerful thing as anyone can easily search for your page through a search engine like Google. It brings your shop to the front and center of the web. The design is very responsive which adds to the experience as well.

  • Rich Snippets
  • Meta & Canonical Tags
  • Talking URLs


The best thing about Smartstore is that it is designed for extensibility. With its plug-and-play architecture, you can really easily grow your business. It is a very flexible platform and can be easily molded to meet any requirements. So, you can easily adapt Smartstore according to your business needs and also extend the adaptation to specific apps as well. 

  • Data Import and Export
  • Shopping Portals
  • Connection with External Systems
  • RESTful Web API

The Ultimate .NET Platform:

If you are looking for a platform that uses the latest Microsoft Technologies then Smartstore is going to be your best bet. This open-source platform is based upon the technologies provided by Microsoft. There are advanced developer tools present and with its open-source architecture, it is the best place to implement your individual solutions.

  • Open Source

Smartstore is a totally open and transparent platform due to its open-source nature. All of the Smartstore code is hosted by GitHub. The code is visible to you and you can make decisions based upon the code as well. With this feature, you get more flexibility and can easily adapt the platform according to your needs. 

  • Microsoft Technology Stack

If you are a .NET developer and have specific requirements then Smartstore is the best thing for you. Smartstore contains all of the Microsoft Technology stacks like Entity Framework, Domain Driven Design, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL Server, IoC, and much more. So, this is an amazing platform for developers who want an experience that can cater to their needs.

  • High-Quality Code

When it comes to e-commerce solutions, Smartstore is definitely the most popular in ASP.NET. They have a really large network of partners as well as a very active developer community. SmartStore writes the code (Clean Code) in very high quality so that it is understandable in the first go.

  • Best Frontend

If you are a theme developer or a web designer, you can always rely on Smartstore to provide you with the best frontend in the world. Their frontend is based on Bootstrap and you can easily redesign it with a Razor template. Their CSS code is also very granular at the structure as well as file level. So, basically, Smartstore provides you with state-of-the-art web technologies as well.

  • Powerful Theme Engine

The Theme Engine was designed especially for Smartstore and is also updated along the way. After years of enhancements, the Theme Engine has gotten much more advanced. The templates, Sass variables, and themes can be easily inherited to any level. So, this allows you to easily change anything without needing to introduce new technology. 

  • Message Templates

Another great thing about Smartstore is that it provides you with highly customizable message templates as well. You can easily customize the message templates according to your needs. There are master templates available as well.

  • Plug-in Architecture

You can easily expand, change or replace anything in Smartstore without needing to touch the core of the program. This is possible due to the plug-in architecture of Smartstore. You don’t need a monolithic approach when working with Smartstore, therefore most of the risks are automatically solved. Your code is preserved at all times and you can easily migrate with little to no effort as well. 


Smartstore also provides you with different services as well. Some of them are listed below:

First Time Installation

The first-time installation is provided by Smartstore and allows you to save time as well as money.

Basic Setup

All of the basic setups for the shop are done by Smartstore, so you are good to go from the start.

Server Setup

The server setup is also provided by Smartstore as well. They will install and set up the server with the necessary software that is needed to run SmartStore on the server.

Auto Backup

Data backup is very important and that is why Smartstore provides you with Auto-Backup of all of your important data.


Smartstore also provides you with a webinar that is specifically designed to get you started with your shop.


They also give you the ability to customize the platform according to your needs. If you have an idea in mind or want additional functions/extensions then you can easily do it with Smartstore.


  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Customizability
  • Best Security
  • Data Backup Feature
  • Setup Multiple Shops
  • Cost Saving
  • High Coding Quality


  • The payment system doesn’t support the local currencies of some countries.

Try SmartStore For Free


The pricing for SmartStore starts at €1490.

  • Community – Free
  • Professional – 1490€
  • Premium – 3990€ 

There is also a free trial available that you can use to determine whether Smartstore is good for you or not. The pricing model is based on one-time payments.

Final Verdict:

Managing e-commerce can be a bit of a struggle but with Smartstore everything becomes much easier. It is an open-source platform and is built on a plug-and-play architecture. It is very transparent so you can easily see everything at all times. Smartstore is also a customizable platform so you can easily complete your requirements. If you have any problems in your projects then Smartstore can help you solve all of them. The platform is very user-friendly and intuitive. So, if you are looking for a platform to set up multiple e-commerce shops then you won’t find anything better than Smartstore.

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