15+ Best Time Tracking Software 2024-According to Experts

Time Tracking Software:

Are you waiting for someone to come and help you with your time management? Do you waste more time worrying than doing? Do you need some assistance in your time management? Are you serious about the work that you have just started? Are you confused about where to start?

If yes, then we welcome you to a discussion you might be interested in. Time management is a basic life skill that needs to be practiced by everyone from the start. Being lazy may give you some rest for the time being but it makes you less productive and hence less successful.

If you have a goal to achieve and you have time to get to it, you won’t if you do not use it properly. Time management is a skill everyone will mention in every list of the skills that you need to master to be successful. Having it like this, you might need assistance in managing your time sometimes just to be more organized and serious about your work.

This is where these time-tracking software come in.  You will find hundreds of applications and software that will claim to help you manage time and eventually start your journey toward your goal. This software may be paid or free. But the real issue is which one to choose if they all work the same.

Along with the question, we have got a solution for you. Read this article further to know which ones are going to help you the best according to your needs and demands. You will be finding all the well-known and working time tracking software here along with their necessary details, all in one place.

What is time-tracking software?

A time-taking software is an important tool that is used for time management that can help its users or a team of users to be more organized, efficient, and on time. This software can help in getting more stuff done in lesser time. They can enhance your productivity and may come with some additional features. These features might include monitoring productivity, GPS tracking, Invoicing, etc.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software:

  • They help in keeping the time tracking
  • You can have task management flexibility
  • There is a new discipline in the organization
  • You can check employee efficiency
  • People stay motivated and can carry on the good work
  • They promote a sense of accountability
  • You can save time as an organization or an individual
  • You can set a benchmark for upcoming events or projects
  • Keep the environment professional
  • It maintains workplace transparency
  • There will be no more micromanagement

The benefits of this software will increase as the features will increase in every software individually. And selecting the best for you means that you are looking for one that suits your needs the most. Along with time management, you might also b looking for some features that are found in a few.

Best Time Tracking Software 2023:

We have prepared a detailed list of some of the Best Time Tracking Software and Tools for you in 2023 and 2024 so that it becomes easy for you to select one among them. The list goes like this:

  1. ClickUp
  2. Paymo
  3. Harvest
  4. Toggl
  5. Timely
  6. TimeCamp
  7. TrackingTime
  8. RescueTime
  9. Everhour
  10. Time Doctor
  11. DeskTime
  12. ProofHub
  13. Hours
  14. Hudstaff
  15. Tick

1. ClickUp – #1 Time Tracking Software:


ClickUp is considered one of the best management software and is among the world’s highest-ranked ones. It is being used by huge companies that are working with a huge impact on the majority of the people. It works to enhance your productivity as well as your management skills.

If you feel overwhelmed with a huge pile of to-do tasks on your desk and do not know where to start, then this one is for you. Big or small businesses can use it for working more efficiently than they already are. It is super user-friendly and one of its biggest flex is that it owns a free plan that is packed with good features and can help in all the necessary functions you might need from this software.

But you can also buy the paid plan if you are looking for some other advanced features. It will help you with recurring tasks and templates to arrange them. Moreover, you can add priorities to your list along with the time you will need to do them. It will also give you reminders of the tasks that are close to their deadlines. These reminders are also automated.

Try ClickUP For Free


ClickUp has a free plan and then the paid plans start from $5 per month.

2. Paymo:


Paymo is a time management software that also has features of project and task management. This company came into being in 2008 and has a good experience in its field. It started as a time management app but has now been upgraded into a full-time work management program. The time management that you can do with this software is exceptionally good and it can also enhance your other management and organizing skills.

It is considered best for small and medium-sized businesses. The user decides how and from which device is he or she willing to track the time. It is available as a web timer, mobile application, desktop application, etc. It can also help you to calculate and manage the resources that you might need to complete your project. They offer timesheets and time reports on your tasks telling you how much time you spent on each task.


It has a free plan for one user and then the paid ones start from $5.95 per user per month.

3. Harvest:


Harvest is an all-rounder that is working best for every type of business so far. It works well for small businesses, large businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. It was launched in 2006 and has been working for business time tracking since.

The software is serious about its policies which include being honest, giving back, innovating, and listening and responding to the customer’s feedback. This one has two features i.e. time tracking and invoicing working through the same application. It will do time tracking along with expense management for you.

They also send email reminders to you if you take too much time to resolve the issues that you have mentioned to the software. It also monitors the team members along with their progress. It shows visual reports that include time entries and viewing their comparison to the project budget to see if you are on the right line. It also helps in scheduling.


It has a free plan along with a pro version that starts charging $12 per user per month.

4. Toggl Track:

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is another software that has some remarkable time-tracking features for you. It has a remote work culture and has become a pride for the company now because of its huge success. Being a remote culture software, it has a number of people from different parts of the world working under the same roof.

This has added some diversity to the software too. They also fly to different countries to meet their users and get feedback from them. They ask them how they use it and what they think about it. The time tracking feature is available through a web timer or a browser extension that will connect its users to more than 100 applications.

It shows visual reports that are very easy to understand and can give the users their daily activity check mentioning the use of their time on the projects that they mentioned. They give a team overview as well. It also offers a master’s program that will help you hire a toggle consultant who is certified enough to help you use the tool efficiently.


The free plan has about 5 users free and then the paid versions start from charges of $10 per user per month.

5. Timely:


Timely is a very dedicated software that can work with full zeal to introduce time tracking and time management in your lives. The team members of this software call themselves ‘obsessed with time. Their aim is to make the 24 hours of the day as productive as possible for the users making sure that the users listen to the instructions and the reminders given to them.

It is a simple time-tracking tool that focuses on tracking time and making schedules. The timesheets provided by this software are automated. The AI-powered memory tracker that it owns can really help in automating the sheets. You can also copy and paste the time entries that you have already done, for many days. The scheduler helps you keep track of what is being done as compared to what was supposed to be done.

You can also keep the track of your budget for your project as well. Moreover, you get automated reminders which allow you to have a team dashboard that has a monitor that tracked the time and one that did not.


The pricing of the software starts from $7 per month.

6. Time Camp:

Time Camp

TimeCamp is a time-tracking software that is web-based. It was launched in 2006 as a small company that was started by a single person and an investor. They had a goal of working with their features with huge companies and now companies like Buffer, Dropbox, OneDrive, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Survey Monkey, Reddit, Zapier, Salesforce, Toggl, etc are integrated with it.

It has an income function that can calculate income by assigning billing rates to the projects. The reports prepared by this software are very accurate, choosing from different templates with regard to the tasks, attendance, users, day, etc. It also has an invoicing module that does the automated invoicing of the work and its users. The software also provides verification of productivity in the form of reports.

You can set goals, approve timesheets and receive weekly emails with summaries of computer usage. It also tracks attendance and time off.


There is a free plan and the paid plans start from $7 per month.

7. TrackingTime:


TrackingTime is one of the power tools that are used for time tracking of projects. It was launched in 2012 and has been helping companies since. It focuses on tracking time, management of projects, and measuring team productivity in small, medium, or large-sized companies or even freelancers and entrepreneurs.

The company works on strict principles when it comes to time and this is why it has been working so well in helping others to do the same. You can schedule events that are repeating in your life. You can just change the time entries of the events and can avoid adding them again and again.

It can automatically sync your deadlines for tasks within the calendar. You can also import time entries, clients, services, tasks, and projects directly into your account. The activity tab will show you everything to need to know to track the progress without any interruptions.


It has a free plan and the pro or the paid versions start from $4.99 per user per month.

8. RescueTime:


RescueTime is another company that was founded in 2008 by some good investors including Series A Financing by True Ventures and Y Combinator and has members all over the United States today. They have a different approach to time and task management as a result of the management of the company.

They do not ship in the ways that are traditionally used to keep an eye on the employees and want to promote an environment full of trust and encouragement for their employees. It works best for individuals and small teams that are looking forward to growing into large businesses.

This one helps you to keep control of your day with ease. The platform helps you set goals which are then tracked by the platform. It gives detailed reports along with productivity scores. They block distracting websites for you so that you can focus on your work completed in the given time and can use any other websites after your day’s share of the work is done.


It has a free plan and the paid ones start from $6 per month along with advanced features that keep adding up along with the price.

9. Everhour:


Everhour is a time-tracking and management software that can actually work beyond these features. It focuses on many other features that it offers. These include integrations, budgeting, billing, custom reporting, visual aids, scheduling, estimates, invoicing, etc. This platform assists you in flexible yet strict time management through its tracking. It is considered a fault-free and efficient software to work with.

It is seen as working best for small or medium-sized companies that need an all-rounder tool the control the environment. It also offers a top-notch project management assistant to keep things on track along with time tracking. It has more than 30 integrations with a number of applications.

It shows you which employee is working at which time and what his or her progress is. It also offers the option of custom reports along with timesheets. The project and task manager that it owns helps you filter tasks and set a budget for them.


It owns a free plan along with paid plans starting from $5 per month.

10. Time Doctor:

Time Doctor

TimeDoctor is a time-tracking software, especially for teams, and was designed by the owners of a company named It was launched in 2012 and has been working in the field since. It has desktop software, a mobile application, and a web platform. You can choose any one of these options before using the software for your good.

As this software has been specialized for teams, it allows the customers to build distributed teams so that those teams can work outside the office irrelative to the location they are in. And so this is also a fully remote software that is working in this field. They have employees who belong to 23 different countries which give diversity and companionship in the teams. It works well for any sized business or company.

You can keep an eye on the employees’ progress in their work by using a screenshot option. The remote employees do need to be managed as they are not coming to your office for a job. It further allows alerts, reporting, payroll, and automatic time tracking.


There is only one plan present for this platform.= which starts from $9.99 per user per month.

11. Workplus:


Workplus is another one in the list that has automatic time-tracking features and it lets its employers and managers know how the team members spend their time on the computers while working. It also tracks productivity levels from the tracking of the activities of the employees.

It works best for small, medium, and large teams that need solutions for their time-tracking and management issues. It helps you get a specific number of screenshots per hour of what the employees are working on. Moreover, it helps in analyzing the productivity of the team members through charts that are up to date.

It can also categorize the activities that are seen on the employee’s computers. Time and attendance are an important part of the software as well. Along with this computer activity monitoring helps keep a check on the workers.


The pricing starts from $6 per user per month and can change when the plan changes.

12. Desk Time:

Desk Time

DeskTime is another good one on this list that has a number of users and fans. It is a combination of three main features that include employee monitoring, productivity analysis, and project management. It has good time tracking skills along with some other important features making it an all-rounder needed for the overall success of a company. They help their users (mostly employees) to identify their unproductive and productive habits.

The applications and the web pages they use are categorized into productive and unproductive applications. It will track your time along with automatic calculation of daily productivity and efficiency. So the more time you spend on the productive site, the more productive you will be considered.

This one suits those teams and companies that focus less on URLs and programs and have a keen eye on the main goal. Some features that it has to offer are auto screenshots, scheduling shifts, an absence calendar, a timeline with daily productivity, and visual reports that are detailed and even downloadable.


It has a free plan and the paid plans start from $7 per user per month.

13. Hours:


Hours is a time clock application that has some basic but necessary features for time tracking. It is best for people who are not looking for highly advanced applications or software and get bothered by the types of details they go into. It is available as a mobile application and helps you in keeping a list of tasks running.

It assists you in tracking your time every day to get the best of it. It allows its users to manage projects and tasks with color-coding options. You can also make adjustments at any time for any task. It is best suitable for personal use or small businesses that need simple time-tracking software to get their tasks done.

The color coding option has a keen effect on the human brain that helps in finishing them on time. There are reminders to start the time tracking timers before you start doing a task and it is also compatible with the Apple watch.


It starts from $8 per user per month.

14. Hubstaff:


Hubstaff resembles TimeDoctor in many of its features and displays. They have almost similar time-tracking options, employee monitoring systems, and project management features. One difference from TimeDoctor is that this one will let you keep a track of your employees and the time from anywhere.

The time tracking application of this platform is for Mac, Windows, and Linux along with access to mobile phones as well. It has a GPS tracker that will track the location of the user too. This feature is used by those companies who have employees that frequently travel for the sake of the company or due to any other reason.

It can help you know the time the employees spent on the roads and how much time they spent working. Some of its additional features are Auto screenshots, timesheet templates, payroll creation, etc.


It has a free plan that is free for up to 1 user only. The paid ones start from $7 per user per month and the price keeps on increasing as the number of users and features increase.

15. ProofHub:


ProofHub is another project management and time-tracking software that has some really powerful features to work with. The user interface is easy to use and so teams can easily get attracted to it and start using it as a must application for their business. The timer is automatic and can start tracking every billable hour as soon as you open the software to start working.

You can add time entries manually too. The reports in the platform assist the users to keep a track of the productivity of the members individually. It also has integrations with some third-party employees as well.  It works best with companies that have teams and managers so that there is someone to keep a check on someone. It has real-time collaboration tools and custom reports too.


To end the discussion, we can say that all these are considered one of the best in their fields and have been working for some time now o have the required experience. There are many companies or startups out there who are looking for ways to increase their efficiency and productivity day by day.

To select a good one you need to know your needs and the position you are in i.e. whether you own a big company, a small one or you are working alone as a freelancer. We tried to do our part in your decision and we hope that you choose the best one for you and your company.

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