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UniConverter Review 2024 – The #1 Video Converter Tool

Wondershare UniConverter Review:

If you are working in the video editing biz, you must acknowledge the struggle of finding a suitable video converting software. But don’t worry at all, as now all your days of toil are over, and you can relax with the ultimate video converting tool. Have we sparked your interests? Are you intrigued? Rightly so.

In this article, we’d present to you the introductory basics of a top video converting tool called Wondershare Uni Converter. We’d also brief you about the specifications, and features of this device, along with the pricing and perks of using this tool. So, without wasting any further time, let us jump right away to the article.

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Introduction to UniConverter:

uniConverter Home

UniConverter is a multiservice video converting tool for potentially any media memories or files available under a single roof. It is a robust video tool that possesses many worthwhile specifications in-built in its system, which ease out and streamline the whole process of video conversion. It can act as a video editor, file converter, DVD burner, video compressor, among many others. This tool is highly convenient to use and will make your converted videos stand out in the crowd!

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This tool is highly suitable for Windows 7 with 64-bit or later versions. Are you worried because you have 32-bit Windows? Don’t worry at all, as you can also use this tool. Do you have Mac software? No worries! You can use this tool on your Mac devices for 10.10 or later versions, too. They also have an online version available that you can use by visiting

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Features of Wondershare UniConverter:

Wondershare UniConverter will assist you in all your video conversion operations with its advantageous features;

1- Authentic Video Conversion:

With this tool, you can get original standard video conversion with full GPU acceleration.

This tool can assist you in attaining diverse formats as you can conveniently convert 1000+ varied formats of audio and videos. This converter also has the highest conversion rate, 30 times more rapid than the customary ones! This tool also provides you with video conversion devices diversity, as you can straightforwardly convert videos for a collection of various devices using this tool. You can also have the liberty to convert multiple media files simultaneously with this tool. Are you already loving this tool? Wait till you hear the following features!

2- Straightforward usage:

With this tool, you can personalize the home movies with upgraded editing features and get maestro-level work done within just a few minutes! You can alter the speed of the video, shear up the video, add subtitles, configure the audio, crop the video, add effects, and watermark by using this feature, and make your videos prominent. This converter is perfect, right?

3- Personalized Video Compression:

This feature will aid you in compressing your videos to just the appropriate size and standard for a wide variety of purposes, for instance, sharing on social networking sites, sending through emails, playing back on your handheld devices, among others. Using this feature, you can compress videos with configurable settings, rapidly compress myriads of videos in batches, with the ability to view the files prior to compression! And the best part is that you can compress up to 8000 videos with a single mouse click, and this tool supports more than 1K video and audio formats!

4- Supreme Screen Recorder:

This tool is also laced with a 1:1 premium quality screen recorder. This feature will assist you in utilizing the recording webcam, image-in-image record, recording audio, and the in-recording screen switching element through which you can generate top-quality videos. Are you excited to try out this tool?

5- Multiple sites video saving:

Utilizing this tool, you can download videos from 10,000+ video-sharing websites with just one mouse click for enjoying them offline, or even better, you can convert them to a supportable format to playback on your smartphones, LEDs, or other devices. You can also save videos from well-approved UGC sites by utilizing this feature! This tool can also assist you in converting the online videos to MP3 video files in just a single click. You can also download the complete video playlist simultaneously. Oh, and it is pertinent to mention that users can save the videos with authorized copyrights. This tool is fantastic, right?

6- Impeccable DVD and Blu-ray interface:

With this tool, you can enjoy a peerless DVD and Blu-ray experience in potentially any location! The UniConverter DVD Toolkit feature assists you inconveniently in creating and editing DVD files. You can straightforwardly burn videos to Blu-ray and DVDs discs using this feature. This spec will also aid you in transforming the DVDs to all format types, along with the ability to copy DVDs to other DVDs discs and burn the audio files to CDs.

Additional Specifications in the UniConverter DVD ToolBox:

We’re aware that having read a bit about the matchless DVD and Blu-ray Interface, the maestro video editors dealing with DVDs and Blu-ray Discs must be itching to know more. To save you from any more trouble, we’d provide you with the additional specs of the UnConverter DVD Tool Box that will prove to be more robust and offer you increased ease in your routine video tasks.

1- CD Burner:

This outstanding feature will aid you in burning music files to CD, which will further assist you with the video conversion process.

2- CD Ripper:

Using this feature, you can conveniently streamline the video conversion process by ripping the CD files and converting them into well-known audio formats.

3- VR Converter:

This feature will assist you in upgrading your video conversion experience by enabling you to convert any video to a VR format.

4- Subtitle Rectifier:

This new add-on feature will improve your video conversion process as it’ll provide you a creating and editing personalized subtitles ability that too in a wide range of styles.

5- Image Converter:

This feature will enable you to benefit the most from this tool by offering you image conversion potential to potentially any appropriate format for you.

6- Fix Metadata:

This spec seems God-send as it can assist the video editors in fixing and controlling the metadata, which is the trickiest feature to handle during video conversions.

7- GIF Maker:

This spec will assist you in streamlining your video editing and conversion process by enabling you to make GIFs from all your photos and videos.

8- Transfer video:

The transfer video feature of UniConverter Tool Box assists the video converters in straightforwardly transferring the videos to their handheld devices.

Video Tools usage hacks and suggestions:

Yes, you read that right! This fantastic tool will also provide you with the tried and tested tips and ploys to get around the video conversion and offer remedies for your routine video conversion or editing tasks. This informative blog comprises data on various topics, like

  • Methods for conversion of MOV to MP4.
  • Schemes to convert MXF to MP4.
  • Getting a free-of-cost MP4 Converter without Watermark.
  • The conversion process of MP4 from VOB.
  • Hack to convert AVCHD to MP4.
  • Tips to get WAV from MP4 conversion.
  • Six free-of-cost MP4 to AVI converters.

Latest user-intuitive interface model:

This tool possesses the most trending user-intuitive interface version, enabling you to convert, save, edit, compress and record the videos conveniently. You can also use their merger tool for merging the videos. The DVD Burner and Toolbox will enable you to streamline all your video conversion processes and will be your ultimate video toolbox!

Perks of using UniConverter:

Having learned a great deal about the basics, features, and specs of Uniconverter, you must be wondering about the perks of using this tool. Well, you think, and we provide! Let us guide you about some of the perks of using this tool;

Convenient and rapid Video Conversion:

Wondershare UniConverter assists in converting multitudinous videos in a matter of few seconds. So that you can enjoy the videos at any time and anywhere. You can convert the videos into more than 1000 video-audio formats. The Wondershare Video Converter also supports a diverse range of video conversions like AVI to MOV, WEBM to MP4, MP4 to MPEG, and TS to MP4. New formats are also continuously being added to UniConverter for your video or audio conversions.

VR Device and 4K format support:

UniConverter complies with various VR devices and 4K Video formats like MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc., all hot supported formats.

Varied devices video conversion:

Are you looking forward to watching the videos on a wide variety of devices like playing MP4 on a TV? Don’t worry at all! Because UniConverter will assist you in fulfilling all such aspirations as it will aid you to convert the videos for all the device kinds, including game consoles, Apple Devices, VR devices, Android Devices, etc.

For Apple:

The devices encompass iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 4S, iPhone SE, or later versions. Ipad Air, pro, and mini, among others.

For Android:

The devices comprise Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei, etc.

For Game Console:

The devices include Wii, Xbox One, PS4, and Xbox, among others.

Multitudinous Video Conversion in batches:

UniConverter Version 12.0 enables you to convert multifarious videos simultaneously after setting up the output factors. You can convert multiple videos in batches with just a single click, convert the desired files without any hassle, and complete the conversion tasks rapidly.

Lossless Conversion:

You can convert videos without any loss in the standard of your video and convert up to 4000-8000 and other high-standard quality videos without compromising on the quality. You can convert HEVC videos and conserve their quality in the output files.

Huge Customer Base:

Another major perk of UniConverter is its massive customer base. It possesses an enormous customer pool with more than 50 million users! That’s right! Their users love them, and the most reported favorite feature is its ease of use and user-friendliness.

The second most approved spec is the ability of this tool to integrate with and comply with all the software types perfectly. With this tool, video conversion for your handheld devices can be immensely straightforward and rapid due to its swift conversion time, superior standard output, and additive specs, making it the perfect fit for video conversion purposes.

Converting features in Wondershare UniConverter 12.0 model:

Are you excited to know what’s new in UniConverter 12.0 version? You can significantly benefit from the converting features in the 12.0 model with the help of specs like,

  • Smart Recognition: You can smartly recognize the videos in your external hard drives and other devices.
  • Lossless Merging: You can quickly merge various video clips into a single one without any standard compromise! Isn’t it perfect?
  • Operation Scheduler: You can manage all your conversion operations and system tasks after the conversion in this model!


They offer three types of packages for individuals, teams & businesses, and Teachers & Students;

  • For individuals;
  • For Teams,
  • For students,


Try UniConverter For Free

Having read all about the basics, features, additive specs, and perks of this tool, you must be able to summarise the whole review on your own. Nonetheless, we’d provide you with the conclusion as promised! In this article, we explained the basics of our favorite video conversion tool, UniConverter, developed by Wondershare and is bound to streamline all your video conversion experience due to its impeccable features. We also listed uniConvter as the best free video converter in 2021. 

Thus the device is highly user-friendly and user-intuitive and will assist you in making matchless videos! The features of this tool have revolutionized the video editing and conversion process by providing the characters like retaining the original video quality in conversion, customizable video conversion, and peerless DVD and Blu-ray interface. 

This tool has a customer pool of more than 50 million users who’re completely satisfied with their services! The main perks include lossless conversion, multiple video conversions in batches, and numerous devices’ conversions, among various others. We’d highly recommend using this tool to everyone as it is worth a shot, and you can avail of the free trial to try out the tool. You should also try out this tool as it is definitely worth it!

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