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How To Update iPhone Without WiFi in 2024? Latest Method

Due to the excessive use of the internet all over the world, the speed of the internet becomes slow. It is sometimes essentially important to update your iPhone for better performance. You have often noticed a notification pops up on your screen to update your iPhone and if you tap later it would keep showing on your screen and you think it might be important.

Any type of software you update will take effort, time, and storage space. Popping up that notification will convince you to tap install now. In this blog we will let you know the methods of updating your iPhones and also why it is important to update it.

Importance Of Updating Your iPhone:

Updating your iPhone is necessary for the proper functioning of apps

  1. To improve performance
  2. To fix bugs
  3. To improve security
  4. New features
  5. Compatibility

1- To Improve Performance:

Not updating your iPhone for so long will affect its working and slow down its performance. Although outdated software is not the only cause of its slow working. This happens because, with every major update, apps have to adapt to the new technical standards. This means some of them won’t work as intended on older software versions or will make the devices lag. It will be hard to notice its performance because you are using your phone for so long but after updating your system you will notice the change. Your iPhone will resume working efficiently at top speed.

2- To Fix Bugs:

An error known as a bug will cause a problem in the functioning of your phone or cause it to crash. They are random and quite frustrating. For example, lots of iPhone users have experienced bugs such as WiFi not getting connected, cellular connection not working, iPhone getting stuck at the iPhone logo, and freezing/crashing randomly among others. Users fix these errors by updating software. In order to get rid of these frustrating issues updating your phone is important.

3- To Improve Security:

You don’t have to install antivirus software on your iPhone the reason is this most vulnerabilities are taken care of by iPhone’s security features. Hackers go for new ways to hack your iPhone. Software updates come with updated security improvements called “patches” based on the vulnerabilities found in the previous version. So, to protect your privacy, identity, and financial information, you need to install the latest software that has no susceptibilities.

4- New Features:

Every time when you update your iPhone it comes with new amazing and exciting iPhone features. You might feel like you don’t need your phone to do anything new, but it is more than likely that there is a feature you currently rely on that was rolled out in an update.

Some Notable Features That Came With Updates Include:

  • Low Power Mode (iOS 9)
  • Screen Time (iOS 12)
  • Widgets (iOS 14)
  • Live Text (iOS 15)

5- Compatibility:

Some applications and Apple products only work with later software versions. For example, apps such as Canva and Reddit are not compatible with any software earlier than iOS 13.

Even if you have an older iPhone with the latest software, you can enjoy these apps.

How To Update iPhones Without WiFi:

If an internet connection is unavailable when you are doing an update, your iPhone can still complete the update process without any problems. However, it may take a little longer if a connection is required. Before you begin, you should check to make sure your current version of iTunes is up-to-date. If you see a not responding symbol while updating your iPhone, it is an indicator that the update process isn’t being completed properly. This can be caused by outdated iTunes software. Follow these below methods to update your iPhone without the wifi.

  1. With the help of cellular data
  2. With the help of iTunes
  3. With the help of a third-party tool

1- With The Help Of Cellular Data:

iPhone can be updated by using mobile data. Make sure you have a fast internet connection to update it successfully. Following are steps to update your iPhone with mobile data

Step 1

Turn on the internet connection on your phone

Step 2

Open the settings of your device

Step 3

Find the general option, and click on it

Step 4

Now, tap on the software update and install Now to update your device.

2- With The Help Of iTunes:

When your current version of iTunes is up to date then it is a good chance to use them to update your iPhone when you do not have an internet connection. Make sure that before starting this process you have backed up your data. Because updating your iPhone through iTunes can remove data from it.

Step 1

First of all, connect your iPhone to a PC with the help of a USB cable.

Step 2

Now, download iTunes on your PC

Step 3

Open this app

Step 4

Now, click on the icon of your device.

Step 5

Onto the left side panel, just tap on the summary option

Step 6

Here, You will see the Check for Update option; tap on it.

Step 7

You will be getting a notification about the latest update available on this app.

Step 8

Click on the download and install option to update your iPhone to the latest version.

3- With The Help Of A Third-party Tool:

If you do not want to update your iPhone over the internet then third-party apps and services can help you find. However, there is a downside to this. If the update fails to be completed, you will have an issue with your software and device.

Recommendations And Precautions:

It is important to note that you must have to back up your data before you update your iPhone through any process. Otherwise, there is a risk of your data being removed from your device. Also, before you update your iPhone, make sure you have enough storage space. You need at least 5 gigabytes of space on your iPhone to update it, so if you are low on storage space, try deleting apps or backing up content to iTunes or iCloud.

Also, make sure you have charged your iPhone before starting this update.

Close all applications before the update. And make sure that the device is plugged into power during the entire process. Most importantly, do not interrupt the process in any way – it could cause serious damage to your iPhone or even render it useless.

If there’s any problem occurring in iPhone after updating it

Generally, software updates are meant to fix glitches and improve the overall performance of your iPhone. However, there can be instances when you face issues like frequent crashes, unresponsive behavior, some apps not working properly, or sluggish performance on your iPhone after you’ve updated iOS. These issues can ruin the overall experience rather than improve performance on your device. If you’re facing similar problems on your iPhone after an update, you’ve landed at the right place.

To help you, we’ve come up with our troubleshooting guide on how to fix the iPhone not working after an update problem. We’ve mentioned 15 productive ways to fix the iPhone issues that you might face after updating iOS. So, whether your iPhone is not working after iOS 15, crashes or freezes at random, or has become too slow after an update, this guide will help you fix them. Also, if the camera. This guide contains the problem and solutions for every iPhone.

Why Is My iPhone Acting Up After An Update?

  1. Restart iPhone
  2. iPhone won’t turn ON? Charge your iPhone
  3. Can’t make calls from your iPhone after an update?
  4. Reset Network Settings on iPhone
  5. Update or Install the apps again
  6. Check and manage internal memory
  7. Battery drain after updating to iOS 15?
  8. Is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi not working on your iPhone after the update?
  9. Not receiving message notifications or text delays?
  10. iPhone camera not working after an update?
  11. Factory Reset your iPhone
  12. DFU Restore your iPhone
  13. Contact Apple

1- Restart iPhone:

Restarting your iPhone will be preferred if your device is not working properly after the update. Rebooting your device is capable of fixing a variety of issues also it is one of the easiest ways. And rebooting your device once a week is good as it provides a fresh startup. Several forms of minor glitches can occur which can be sorted out by restarting your iPhone. This is a go-to technique for many users, whenever anything goes wrong with their device. This simple hack works like a savior in many situations.

2- iPhone Won’t Turn ON. Charge Your iPhone:

If your iPhone won’t turn On after an update, even if you’ve done a force restart, it can be possible that your device is completely out of charge. Therefore, you must plug in an original or Mfi-certified Lightning cable into your iPhone and let it charge for about an hour. After a few minutes, you must see the charging screen. In case you don’t see that, make sure you’ve plugged in the charger properly and there’s no debris in the charging port. In case your iPhone doesn’t turn up, you may need to try a different power source, adapter, or cable.

3- Can’t Make Calls From Your iPhone After An Update?

Sometimes when you update your iPhone, you’re unable to make phone calls. To overcome such problems there are two convenient ways that can help you.

  • Toggle Airplane Mode:

When you are unable to make phone calls after updating your iPhone toggling airplane mode is an effective way to fix these problems. When the phone is in Airplane mode, it will turn off any network connections including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. When the phone is in airplane mode it removes all the minor network errors.

  • Ensure There Is Proper Network Coverage:

If you are in an area without proper network coverage then the phone call you are trying to make would say “Call failed”. If you’re in an area with a poor or no network, you won’t be able to make a call. In such situations, you may feel that something has gone wrong with your iPhone after the update. However, in this case, it’s the poor or no network rather than the iPhone that’s giving you the trouble. This problem can be due to some temporary network issues. Sometimes minor glitches can occur in phone apps that enable you to make calls from your iPhone.

4- Reset Network Settings On iPhone:

If your iPhone stopped working after an update it can be possible that your iPhone has run into connection issues after you have updated. Resetting the network setting on your device will clear any conflicting data that’s responsible for hampering the normal functioning of your iPhone.

5- Update Or Install The Apps Again:

When you update your iPhone, some app errors may occur and can cause trouble in the functioning of those apps. Updating apps will refresh the system and also improves the performance, which in turn will allow apps to work properly with the newer version of iOS. If no update of that app is available you need to delete it and install it again.

 6- Check And Manage Internal Memory:

Files of complex formats and big sizes may slow down the functioning of your device. When you update your iPhone you must check and manage your internal memory on your device. Having a lot of apps, videos, and photos can increase the chances for your iPhone to run out of space. This can be a reason why your iPhone freezes, crashes unexpectedly, or becomes too slow after an update. To fix such issues, you must manage the internal memory.

You Can Follow These Steps To Remove Unnecessary Space From Your iPhone:

• Delete unnecessary data and apps on your iPhone. You can start by deleting old photos, unnecessary videos, inbox messages, and other data. Also, you must spot the unused apps on your iPhone and uninstall them. For this, press and hold the app until a quick menu appears, and then select the Delete App option.

• You must also close the background apps on your iPhone. These are the recently used apps that have not been closed and keep running in the background. As a result, they take up space in the internal memory of your iPhone. You must close these background apps to free up space and improve the performance of your iPhone.

7- Low Battery After Updating Your iPhone:

After updating iPhones many users have reported issues of battery drainage, if you are also facing the same issue you can follow the steps mentioned below

• After updating your iPhone you will have to wait for some time to adapt its new updated version. Once you’ve updated the software on your iPhone, your device will integrate the new system and also re-index the data. The process of updating your iPhone will consume power therefore you have to wait 48 hours to finish the process.

• Restart your iPhone to remove any form of glitch or error

• Battery drainage apps can also interfere with the performance of the phone. They are one of the most common reasons for the iPhone battery drain. Head to Settings > Battery and you’ll see the battery consumption by different apps. Now, identify and quit the apps that are using the most battery life, and ultimately cause abnormal battery drain on your iPhone.

8- Is Bluetooth Or Wi-Fi Not Working On Your iPhone After The Update?

Bluetooth and WiFi often stop working when you update your iPhone. It creates problems in connection, to fix these problems there are the following ways.

• Toggle Bluetooth. Head to Settings > Bluetooth and turn the slider OFF. Wait for a few seconds and turn it ON again.

• Forget that Bluetooth device by heading to Settings > Bluetooth. Now, look for the Bluetooth connection that’s giving you trouble and tap on the info icon. Now tap Forget This Device.

• If this doesn’t help, you can try resetting the network settings on your iPhone. For this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will also wipe off your Wi-Fi information. So, make sure you’ve noted the passwords.

• Reset your iPhone to its default settings via Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

If you are facing the same problem with connecting to WiFi you can follow the same steps

9- Not Receiving Message Notifications Or Text Delays?

Updating your phone can sometimes cause delays in receiving and sending texts or if you just can’t see the notification banner when your iPhone is locked. If you’re also facing the same issue, upgrade to iOS 14.4 or above. These problems can be caused by an error known as a bug they are affecting the delivery of your messages.

10- iPhone Camera Not Working After An Update?

iPhone cameras stop working when you update them. Problems include a black screen, Delay in the opening, blurred photos, or the phone’s camera keeps crashing then you must close and relaunch the camera app, check your internal storage, or reboot your iPhone.

11- Factory Reset Your iPhone:

If you have first reset All settings on your phone and it is still crashing and freezing, then perform factory resetting on the phone. By doing so it will load the default settings on your device giving a fresh startup to your device. This process also refreshes the RAM on your iPhone.

Please note that this method will permanently delete all the stored data, including apps, saved passwords, and restore your iPhone to the factory settings.

12- DFU Restore Your iPhone:

Putting your iPhone on DFU mode is the last method to resort the problems it is creating after the system update. Using this method after you have tried all the methods would be suggested. DFU Restore is the deepest type of restore that can be done on any iOS device. Doing this will erase all the data and resets the iPhone. Make sure that you have backed up your iPhone data because this method will wipe off all the data from your device.

13- Contact Apple:

If you have tried all possible methods to overcome errors and glitches occurring in your phone then there is a high possibility that something is wrong with the internal components of your device. It can be the reason that your iPhone has suffered liquid or any other damage. In such cases, the best is to head straight to the Apple store and get your iPhone diagnosed. Make sure that you don’t fall for any cheaper alternatives as they can put your iPhone at risk.


In this article, you would learn the detailed process and methods of updating your iPhones without WiFi. It is very feasible and convenient to update your system if you don’t have any access to WiFi and it is equally important. iPhone update is necessary for its well-functioning and fast services but you better follow some precautions mentioned above before updating it, also we have discussed the problems and their solutions that occur after updating your iPhone in detail. I hope that this blog about updating iPhones will help you learn how to update them without having a WiFi connection.

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