Everything You Need to Know About UV LED Blacklight Flashlights In 2023

UV LED Blacklight Flashlights:

UV flashlights are a form of a flashlight used to view invisible objects that can not be seen with the naked eye. However, with many brands found in the markets nowadays, it seems more companies are now producing UV flashlights and can be complex to choose between the numerous options especially if you don’t know what to look for.

This is why you should have a headstart on what to look for when buying a UV flashlight. We have compiled a well-researched guide on what you need to know about this product.

What is a UV flashlight?

The special component that makes UV flashlights different from normal flashlights is the ultraviolet rays they emit. As a human, you can’t see these rays of lights, but you can see the reaction they cause when they come in contact with particular objects because you will see a fluorescent light that they produce.

This fluorescent light can be likened to a glow that is brighter than normal light. Most objects can produce fluorescent light when hit with ultraviolet light, including humans. When any objects make an impact on a surface, and UV light is shone on the surface, the impact will be revealed.

There is no difference in the physical design of the conventional flashlight and the UV flashlight. The only difference is the type of light they emit, while the traditional flashlight gives off a white light, UV flashlight gives off ultraviolet light, and they are made with the LED system.

Where to use UV Light

You might be wondering what you need UV light for. Well, many situations can warrant the use of UV light. For instance, it will come in handy when you need to see if someone has been tampering with your stuff behind your back. Also, the compact design makes it easy to carry around, so some people prefer using it instead of standard flashlights. Not only this, but it is also used in the observation of precious stones and general mineral extraction, wildlife search, in forensics, and so on.

Choosing a UV flashlight

UV flashlights differ in quality. You may find it hard deducing which one to buy for the activity you want to perform, but you can get through this problem by checking the specifications. Some things make a UV flashlight stand out, and they are listed below.

The wavelength:

You need to check the wavelength of the flashlight you are buying to see if it can serve the purpose you want it to serve. It is measured in nm, meaning nanometers. The more the wavelength size, the stronger the flashlight is. If you are going to use the flashlight for something that needs enough emission of UV rays, you should get a flashlight with a wavelength of about 365 nm. This is because most quality UV flashlight comes with 360 nm, so for it to do what you need it to do, get one that surpasses this level.

Sometimes, you may come across a UV flashlight whose manufacturer does not include the wavelength in the specifications; you shouldn’t buy this flashlight as it may be camouflaged with fake UV rays. Go for the one that you can trust because if a manufacturer wants you to trust them, they will let you know the wavelength of the flashlight you are spending on.

The Power:

Apart from having a low wavelength, another quality that can hinder the performance of a UV flashlight is the quantity of the ultraviolet light present in it. This is different from the quality of the wavelength.

Many manufacturers hide this specification from buyers, so you may not see it on the most flashlights you find. However, you should take caution when choosing one that has it listed. Always go for those that have more than 2 watts even if they come with just one LED. Note that some flashlight may have more than one LED, but this can be used to trick buyers into buying the low-quality types.

No matter how many LEDs a flashlight has, the quality of the LED is important. It is better to get the one with the highest watts.

Powering On:

Another factor that should influence your choice of UV flashlight is how it is powered on. What type of battery does it use? This is one of the questions you should find answers to before picking a flashlight from the shelf of a store. Most affordable UV flashlights use AAA or AA batteries.

However, this specification is for those that won’t be using the flashlight for a longer period. If you want it for domestic use, you may opt for this, but if you are looking for a more rigorous usage, it is advisable to buy a flashlight that you can recharge.

One of the most recommended rechargeable types is the one with a lithium-ion battery, 18650. These batteries have a capacity of 2500 mAh and utilize 3.6V of electricity. They last longer and would take you through most of your activities.

Price: The price of the UV flashlight is also very important. Ensure that you go with one which is in line with your budget. However, this does not mean you should go for the cheapest option you can find. Sometimes the cheapest may not always be the best.

Is UV light harmful?

Disclaimer: The information below is not to be used as standard advice from professionals. You should consult a qualified medical practitioner if you have any questions relating to UV light.

You may have read it somewhere that UV lights are harmful and may want to take necessary precautions. It is advisable not to look directly into UV light as it may damage your eyes as well as your skin if you are exposed to it for a long time.

Also, always keep the flashlight from the reach of children because humans can’t feel the reaction of the light; they may be looking right into it without knowing. Another thing you can do is to switch the flashlight off immediately after using it so as not to forget about it. In case you want to take further steps in protecting yourself, you can buy a google that blocks UV lights or probably get sunglasses.

When you follow these precautions, it will be safe for you to use.

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