Xiaomi 14 Pro- The New Model Of Xiaomi

Where iPhone and Samsung are releasing their new models, how can Xiaomi stay back?

As per resources, Xiaomi has released its new 14 series exactly on the date it was finalized; this series has come with the revamped Leica camera, snapdragon 8 Gen 3, with fresh new design and Xiaomi Hyper-OS. These are all the update features in the news series of Xiaomi’s new models. The new model of Xiaomi, which is 14 pro, features a different style from its predecessors or is different as it comes with a flat metal side instead of normal curved edges. This model has a symmetrical design with the two glass panels taper slightly at every mobile phone edge.

Unlike other models, Xiaomi Pro 14 has a camera on a metal bezel finished with the Parisian hobnail texture. Unlike its other mobile phones, Xiaomi is also bigger as it has a 6.73-inch 1440 *3200 px 12-bit LTPO OLED panel with 120 Hz refresh rate. This refreshing rate is the same as the Xiaomi 13 pro model. The model presented in Xiaomi 14 pro model lights up all the way to 3,000 nits and is covered by Xiaomi longing glass. The bezels on the mobile phone are thinner in size all around the display of Xiaomi 14 pro.

The colors decided for Xiaomi are the most prominent black, white, rock green, and the very special titanium special edition with the matte side made of titanium alloy. All the models of Xiaomi have a 1-inch sensor, but in Xiaomi Pro 14, we have a new sensor dubbed with the Light nunter 900 with the custom Leica Summi Lux lens. The sensor of Pro 14 is a 50 MP 1/1.31″ with the 1.2 micro pixel size and 13.5 EV of dynamic range.

If we talk about the camera structure of Xiaomi pro-14, the custom 22 mm lens has a aperture, that will be going from f/1.42 with the width of f/4.0 when it is closed. The sensor of 14 pro is around 44%smaller than the previous one which has the 1-inch type imager. But this new lens will give you an image with 80% brightness so that the light-gathering capacity will be unchanged.

And then we have another 755mm f/2.0 floating telephoto camera, seemingly lifted straight from the last year’s model of 13 pro that was only capable of 10 cm close up photography. Xiaomi 14 is identical to its predecessor at 152.8 mm in length, 71.5 mm in width and 8.20 mm in thickness. The new phone comes with two finishes, one with a 193 g glass version, and the other one is lighter with a 188 g nano leather model.

The display of Xiaomi 14 has retained the 6.36-inch diagonal but is a superior 1200* 2670 px with LTPO OLED panel with 120 Hz refresh rate and a peak brightness of 3000 nits.

Like many other mobile phone companies, Xiaomi is now gaining more fame because of its new models and features. Now Xiaomi has launched its new model of Xiaomi 14 pro that offers amazing features with advanced setting.

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