15+ Best VPN For Australia 2024- According to Experts

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Searching for a VPN in Australia? Both within Australia and among Australians who travel abroad, VPN use is very common. A VPN can be useful if you want to access Australian TV or safeguard your privacy online when accessing unsafe public Wi-Fi.
We have you covered whether you need to keep your online activities hidden from the ISP and hackers or locate the best VPNs for watching geo-restricted content.

Why utilize a VPN service?

An Internet security service called a virtual private network (VPN) allows users to connect to the Internet like they are linked to a private network. To provide a secure network across insecure Internet infrastructure, VPNs utilize encryption.

In what ways do VPNs assist protect data?

Data can be scrambled using encryption so only authorized parties can decipher it. It captures readable data and modifies it so everyone who detects it, even attackers, thinks it’s random. Thus, encryption is comparable to a “secret code.”
Maintaining secure communications between devices is how a VPN operates. All connected devices create encryption keys, which are then used to encrypt and decrypt all data exchanged among them through the VPN.
Because of this encryption, VPNs remain private even when they cross open Internet infrastructure. Consider John doing some internet shopping from his private room. Now imagine that a criminal has covertly accessed the hotel’s internet infrastructure and is keeping an eye on any data being transferred there. The VPN has maintained the security of John’s data. The data that has been encrypted is all that the criminal can view.
A VPN will improve your security whenever you conduct business or have to transmit or receive sensitive data.

Do you require a VPN on each device?

Yes, each item you want to access the VPN must have a VPN client installed.
Fortunately, you may connect to numerous devices using a single account with each VPN  recommended on the website.
Therefore, you can quickly connect to your VPN service with any platform, whether you use a Desktop Pc, MacBook, Laptop, iPhone, or Android smartphone, without creating a new account.

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How are the Top VPNs selected?

To create this top 15 list, tested, researched, and ranked hundreds of the greatest VPN services. We considered each brand’s features, rankings, and costs to determine which VPNs are worth your money.
Security is the most important factor in choosing the VPN in the very first place. That’s why our experts selected VPNs with features like kill-switch, various protocols (OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, and more), military-grade encryption, and security against DNS leaks. The quantity and location of each VPN brand’s servers and their performance and latency have also been evaluated.

Criteria for the Best VPNs in Australia

With so many alternatives, picking a VPN could be a little challenging. Not all, though, are cost and time-effective. We looked for VPNs that meet the following requirements to speed up and simplify your decision-making process:

  • Servers located throughout the world (including Australia).
  • Fast and unrestricted connectivity for lag-free streaming
  • Ensures the highest level of encryption for your internet data.
  • Avoids maintaining any identifying logs to protect privacy
  • There is always-on live chat as well as email help available.
  • Allows a least five connections to be active at once

The top VPN providers in Australia have been compiled in this article just for you! We have examined VPNs with top privacy features, quick speeds, and compatibility with well-known Australian and international streaming providers. Following is the list of best VPNs for Australia.

Best VPN for Australia in 2023:

Here is the list of 15 best VPN For Australia In 2023 and 2024:

  1. NordVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. CyberGhost
  5.  PrivateVPN
  6. IPVanish
  7. Atlas VPN
  8. VyprVPN
  9. PureVPN
  10. Private Internet Access
  11. Trust Zone
  12. ProtonVPN
  13. TunnelBear VPN
  14. IVPN
  15. Mullvad VPN

1. NordVPN:

One of the speediest VPN services available, NordVPN has numerous servers throughout the Asia-Pacific region and in 60 countries. Consequently, there are a lot of options available for Australian servers. This VPN thrives at unblocking geographically restricted content and can get beyond Netflix’s proxy firewall in the US and Australia.
It is headquartered in Panama and maintains no logs of any type. As a result, Panamanian data retention regulations do not apply to it. Through the use of AES 256-bit encryption as well as secure VPN servers, NordVPN prioritizes user privacy.
NordVPN provides dedicated servers for privacy and quick downloads, including those for ultra-fast viewing, dual-hop VPN, Tor via VPN, and anti-DDoS.

Try NordVpn For Free


  • Leading VPN competitor for Australia
  • Unblocks international Netflix libraries as well as streams quickly
  • Security and privacy features are uncompromised.
  • Servers with a specific use are accessible (streaming, torrenting and P2P, etc.)
  • Access to Australian material is provided through Australian servers.


  • It sounds complicated used to the desktop app.

2. Surfshark:

A smaller operator called Surfshark is excellent for unblocking regionally restricted services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. Surfshark is another great option for VPN service providers in Australia. As it lets you have an infinite variety of simultaneous links under a single account; it’s a fantastic option for families. This makes it a fantastic low-cost choice to share with close relatives and friends.
On all dedicated servers, P2P file-sharing is permitted by Surfshark, which does not record your online behavior. Strong encryption is used, and a kill switch stops unsecured data from leaving your device if the VPN-safe connections break. 24/7 live chat help is offered.
For Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, and Linux, apps (or browser extensions) are readily available.
It is a low-cost method to torrent securely and unblocks websites on all of your gadgets. There is a 30-day revenue guarantee included with this quick, no-logs VPN.

Try Surfshark For Free


  • Usually reliable speeds
  • Excellent collection of security features.
  • Outstanding at unblocking well-known streaming such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu
  • Allows P2P file sharing and torrenting
  • Many connections at once


  • A relatively smaller server network than the majority of VPNs
  • Sometimes, a slow server

3. ExpressVPN:

Ninety-four countries are home to more than 2,000 ExpressVPN servers, with much more than 20 of those located in only APAC. Every server allows torrenting. It regularly did well in both the speed and ocking testtand is estsellent choice for video streaming. It can access the United States and Australian Netflix catalogs in a browser or via the Netflix app.
It does not store traffic logs and is situated within the British Virgin Islands, which are exempt from regulations governing the keeping of user data. For MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux (command line), and a few Wi-Fi routers, ExpressVPN offers apps.

Try ExpressVpn For Free


  • An exceptional way to use and access Australian material while traveling outside of Australia
  • For greater streaming and downloads, fast servers are ideal.
  • Circumvents restrictions on torrent tracker websites without sacrificing privacy
  • Revokes the requirement for ISP data keeping
  • Apps have reliable digital privacy and security features.


  • Unable to be modified as much as some users would desire
  • Is expensive; employ a coupon for savings

4. CyberGhost:

A massive system of far more than 6,400 servers, including 104 in Australia and much more than 1000 in the United States, are run by CyberGhost. Unblocking streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is one of its main priorities.
It is also well-liked by torrent users, and its tools include a special “Torrent Anonymously” option. Additionally, it has exceptional speeds, making it a good all-rounder. Neither IP neither addresses nor user activity is logged by CyberGhost. There are apps for MacOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android.
Utilizing CyberGhost is simple. Use a strong selection of servers to get a quick and dependable internet connection. Zero logs, DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch provide excellent privacy. This is suitable for the majority of well-known streaming services. This offers guaranteed money-back for 45 days.

Try CyberGhostVpn For Free


  • Operates Australian servers, which are handy for accessing local material while traveling.
  • Their apps are simple to set up or use for beginners.
  • During the tests, their server speeds will impress you.
  • Dependable security and privacy protections are activated by default


  • Power users will become frustrated by a lack of configuration choices.
  • There are no specific router apps.

5. PrivateVPN:

Swedish-based PrivateVPN is a company that was established with the cooperation of activists who promote the right of users to torrent privately. This service, which lives up to its name, has a strict no-logs policy. Additionally, it offers services for all platforms with obfuscation, a kill switch, AES encryption, port forwarding, DNS leak protection, and DNS leak prevention.
With a single account, you can use it on a maximum of five devices. It has very quick speeds and compatibility with about 20 regions of Netflix. It offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days.
PrivateVPN treats customers who purchase VPN services like family. The best support staff in the business is always there to assist. If you have an issue, you can personally speak with one of our in-house developers rather than a random virtual assistant. Use its submission form or the green chat bubble in the bottom right corner to start a direct conversation.

Try PrivateVpn For Free


  • Allows continuous torrenting
  • Servers in 63 different nations
  • Strong no-logging policy
  • Features including port forwarding, kill switch, and AES encryption
  • Excellent timing


  • Fewer servers than the previous recommendations in each country

6. IPVanish:

Hundreds of IPVanish server locations operate in 60 nations, including 12 in APAC. It has some of the quickest download speeds of any VPN because the company owns all its physical servers.
However, because IPVanish still blocks Netflix, those speeds cannot be used to view Netflix. For P2P file sharers, it’s a good alternative. On all servers, torrenting traffic is accepted. Although the business is situated in the US, it strictly prohibits logging.
A sizable server network is present at IPVanish. Generally good for Kodi users, torrents, and people who require the utmost level of secrecy, but if you intend to unblock Netflix, search elsewhere. It offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Try Ipvanish For Free


  • This manages server facilities in Australia.
  • This has remarkable speeds and solid, private connections.
  • Torrenting is permitted, and they don’t record internet traffic.
  • Countless safe devices


  • If you need to unblock Netflix, look elsewhere.
  • Can’t register with Bitcoin
  • China doesn’t support apps

7. Atlas VPN:

The service AtlasVPN was only introduced in 2019. However, experts frequently suggest it as a secured no, logs service for streaming. It is among the few VPNs that can grant access to services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and American Netflix in Australia. There are apps available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
These applications offer a ton of functions, such as malware filtering. The major flaw is the absence of OpenVPN encryption; however, it features safe options like IKEv2 and Wire Guard. There are servers available in over 30 nations.
It has very fast wire guard connections, great for streaming. Accessible services include HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix US, and iPlayer. Logs are not kept. It is dependable AES encrypting (IKEv2 protocol). It offers additional security through malware filtering. This allows an unlimited number of connections from one account.

Try AtlasVpn For Free


  • The quick Wire Guard protocol
  • Useful applications for all popular operating systems
  • Logs are not kept.
  • Dependable security features.
  • A 30-day money-back promise


  • Less cutting-edge functionality for power users
  • Only servers in 30+ nations

8. VyprVPN:

Like the top services mentioned above, VyprVPN provides servers in 96 nations!
Although there is occasionally cursing and flying objects, VyprVPN theoretically supports Kodi, Netflix, and torrenting. Torrenting is permitted but not recommended, and your activities may be recorded.

VyprVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, similar to NordVPN. That means a lot if you’re new to this since it’s your backup plan if you suddenly freak out and decide to stop using the internet altogether.
But what is appreciated about this service is the unlimited streaming feature, which lets you virtually be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the entire duration of your life without ever encountering a capacity or performance limitation. That is not a claim that all Vpn providers can make.
In the VPN game, security is crucial. Without such, there is absolutely no benefit to paying for the service. All of the servers are owned by and maintained by VyprVPN internally. This means there will be less chance of improperly handling your personal information.

Try VyprVpn For Free


  • Reliable VPN
  • A user-friendly program
  • Additional security measures


  • Average speeds
  • No Bitcoin transactions

9. PureVPN:

There is nothing to see if using a VPN for torrenting is your intention. As far as you can see, PureVPN bans every type of torrent. Similar to tmostother VPN services, most  of their servers won’t dependably allow you to access US Netflix. However, PureVPN has an authorized add-on that makes using Kodi a snap if you’re a fan.
This discussion covers ad blocking, detection and p,prevention of intrusions app filtering, and a host of other topics. Other services offering comparable levels of security sophistication are not available.
Australians that know they need to have a VPN but also need a strong “no-session logging” policy and maybe the industry’s easiest user interface have a great option thanks to these features.
The monthly fee is $1.99.
99.9% of the time

Try PureVpn For Free


  • Compatible with almost 50 different devices
  • 6,500+ systems in more than 75 nations
  • Ten devices can be linked at once.
  • Supports both Lightning Network and Bitcoin on-chain payments


  • Has no risk-free trial

10. Private Internet Access:

Concerning the best VPN services for Australians, Private Internet Access comes directly in the center of the pack. This indicates that you receive a reasonable price for a good amount of bote and not-so-good things.
One of the numerous intriguing features about Prof Internet Access would be the ability to voluntarily choose to lower the level of encryption on your connection in exchange for a speedier surfing experience.

A reasonably secure network and understandsat switching from 256-bit encryption to 128-bit encryption still gives you a strong layer of cryptographic security. You might find that the extra speed is worth it.
If you’re looking for a trustworthy but affordable VPN, here is the PIA  Your monthly fee for such a VPN will probably be in the $3 to $7 range, depending on the duration of the agreement and other choices you select.

Try PrivateInternetAccess For Free


  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Support for P2P and VoIP.
  • Many VPN entry points
  • Allows for Bitcoin on-chain payments


  • Has no specialized streaming service

11. Trust Zone:

There are many benefits to using Trust. Zone’s VPN service. The quantity and position of servers are one drawback.
Their commitment to security is another plus. Trust. Zone, based in the enchanting tropical paradise of the Seychs, frequently breaks out in fits of laughter when requested to provide user informatusefulto the governments who like making such requests. The typical suspects are up for discussion: the US, the UK, Australia, etc.
This VPN service doesn’t impose any limitations if you want to torrent. Are you prepared to watch Netflix and unwind in Australia? Well, it might or might not work for you. Only 3 of the 7 servers that attempted allowed bypassing the geo-restrictions, so you quit trying.
One of the finest VPNs for Kodi is also this one.
Trust if you’re one of the luc,ky few who lives close to a server.A zonee is a great option thanks to strong data encryption and a reasonable price range.

Try Trustzone For Free


  • Facilitates P2P traffic
  • No limits on data.
  • Incredibly reasonable
  • Enables Bitcoin on-chain transactions and provides a 10% bonus discount for doing so


  • Insufficient customer support

12. ProtonVPN:

People who don’t trust popular VPNs frequently turn to ProtonVPN. It provides a number of the same functions as services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN but gives each of them a competitive advantage.
The main benefit of ProtonVPN that attracts interest is its support for torrenting. Although difficult to set up, once done, you have access to one of the most advanced downloading technologies ever created.

Enabling a channel on your network typically entails a high risk of cyber-attacks. However, ProtonVPN does not.
They also provide split tunneling and an ad blocker, which assist you in remaining safe. Furthermore, the private network inherently prevents port forwarding from becoming a security risk.
Since they have the lowest uptime history of any VPNs tested here, customer service is crucial. They are also simple to find on a website.

Try ProtonVpn For Free


  • Heavy on features
  • Customer service that communicates
  • BBC iPlayer and Netflix are quite quick.
  • Payments with Bitcoin are only possible after upgrading from a free plan.


  • Not very good uptime

13. TunnelBear VPN:

Put away your complex apps and trendy visuals, and let TunnelBear VPN’s powerful but adorable bears protect your web traffic. It is an Editors’ Choice selection because it is simple to use and inexpensive.
Thanks to its straightforward and approachable user interface, TunnelBear VPN is a fantastic option for everyone new to VPNs. It’s also a good choice for those who don’t want to mess with network settings and just need a general-purpose VPN.

With its amusingly themed bear interface, vibrant colors, and constrained function list, TunnelBear VPN is simple to disregard. It lacks a lot of the power featured in the top pick. However, that is a serious disservice to TunnelBear VPN. This VPN is a fantastic alternative for anyone who is not experienced with VPNs because it is very simple to use and offers a limited free membership option as well. Additionally, TunnelBear VPN utilizes one of the open audit procedures in the sector, giving it a brand you can rely on.

Try Tunnelbear For Free


  • Affordable
  • Fantastic privacy standards
  • Annual, impartial audits
  • A welcoming and approachable look


  • No support for Wire Guard.
  • Few cutting-edge features

14. IVPN:

With regard to multi-hop connections, IVPN has a novel method. It also has a security account system and offers reasonable, flexible pricing. It’s a great VPN service, despite having a small server network.
A person who wishes to expose as little of themselves as reasonable and needs a VPN provider that will accomplish the same may find IVPN appealing. Anyone who desires complete control over their network security is sure to appreciate some of the enhanced features of IVPN.

IVPN offers two key characteristics that no other VPN can match. First of all, this employs a system of account numbers that protects your privacy and only asks for a minimal amount of personal data. Second, this takes cash payments delivered to their separate headquarters.

Try Ivpn For Free


  • Flexible and inexpensive pricing
  • Distinctive multi-hop system
  • Its account system has privacy features.
  • Adamant position on transparency


  • Few server sites available
  • Account ID and Multi-hop could make some users confused.

15.Mullvad VPN:

Mullvad’s great VPN encrypts your connection and guards your privacy for an amazing price, albeit it isn’t the most refined encountered. A privacy-protecting login structure and the option to pay for the service in cash anonymously are two advantages that only Mullvad VPN offers. Since this no longer allows recurring payments, they have no way of knowing who their clients are.

In addition, Mullvad VPN offers clients a wealth of information on how their service functions. Best of all, Mullvad VPN has a fixed monthly fee of only 5 Euros ($5.09 at the time of writing).
The service provided by Mullvad VPN focuses on learning as little as feasible about its users, but this has significant limitations. However, it’s a fantastic price for a wonderful service that includes all of the features of the two VPNs available today.

Try Mullvad For Free


  • Need neither an email address nor a login.
  • Incredibly reasonable
  • Extreme transparency
  • a few sophisticated features, such pas ort forwarding, and multi-hop


  • Uncomfortable desktop interface
  • Servers in a select few nations
  • Some clients may be confused by the pay-as-you-go model.


In conclusion, when it comes to the best VPNs available in Australia, a number of the best providers stand out due to their outstanding performance, robust security features, and extensive server networks. Australians can use these VPN services to improve their browsing experience, bypass geo-restrictions, and protect their online privacy.

ExpressVPN has set up a good foundation for itself as a leader, offering bursting quick paces, military-grade encryption, and an easy to use interface. ExpressVPN’s extensive server network and Australia-optimized servers guarantee seamless streaming and secure browsing for its customers.

The advanced security features of NordVPN, such as double VPN encryption and a strict no-logs policy, are also worthy of praise. It is an excellent choice for Australians seeking anonymity and unrestricted access to global content due to its reliable performance and extensive server coverage.

Surfshark, which combines top-notch security with affordability, is yet another noteworthy option. Users are shielded from malware, trackers, and advertisements by its CleanWeb feature, and its Camouflage Mode ensures even more privacy.

At last, the best VPN for you will rely upon your particular necessities and inclinations. However, Australian users can benefit from enhanced online privacy, seamless streaming, and unrestricted access to global content with any of these top VPN providers.

Ammad Ali

Ammad Ali is the founder and CEO of RankingGrow LLC, where he helps his clients build powerful brands through Search Engine marketing. He is a frequent contributor to several other sites. His articles and blogs are featured on some of the most reputed digital marketing forums.
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