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20+ Best VPN For New Zealand 2024 (According to Experts)

Best VPN For New Zealand:

Are you a New Zealander seeking to reclaim control over your online privacy and unlock a world of unrestricted internet access?

Look no further as you’ve landed on just the right page!

Online security and privacy have become increasingly crucial as New Zealanders navigate the vast internet landscape. Utilizing a dependable virtual private network (VPN) has become essential in light of the rise in cyber threats and data privacy concerns. Your internet traffic is encrypted by a VPN, and it also lets you get around geo-restrictions and access content from all over the world!

A VPN – Virtual Private Network is a surefire way to safeguard your privacy online and unblock geo-restricted content or services, whether you’re a visitor or a resident of New Zealand. Because New Zealand is a member of a 5-Eyes Alliance, it is acceptable for the state to monitor your internet activities and share data with other alliance members.

However, a VPN safely shields your IP address as well as data traffic from governmental organizations that are tracking and collecting data. We’ll look at some of the best VPNs for users living in New Zealand in this guide, giving them the tools they need to protect their digital lives and have a safer, unrestricted online experience!

Why should New Zealanders use a VPN?

Regardless of where you are, a VPN enables you to securely access local and foreign material. By selecting a VPN with a global network, you may easily get around geo-restrictions.

Additionally, a VPN protects your data from snoopers. Since New Zealand is a participating member of the Five Eyes Alliance, member countries’ intelligence agencies can share your information. Additionally, there have been more cyber security events, including some significant data breaches.

VPNs are permitted in New Zealand?

VPNs are legitimate in New Zealand, yes. When traveling abroad, numerous New Zealanders are using a VPN to safeguard their privacy or access local content. VPN can provide you with a New Zealand IP address and offers a vast network of secure servers.

Can New Zealanders access a free VPN?

You can, but it’s hazardous to use a free VPN. Free VPNs frequently have feature limitations that make you upgrade. Additionally, they have the option to gather or sell your personal details to outside parties. Try given VPN’s premium subscription for a safer alternative; some offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best VPN for New Zealand:

Here is the list of 15+ Best VPN for New Zealand in 2023 And 2024:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. NordVPN
  4. PureVPN
  5. CyberGhost
  6. IPVanish
  7. Vypr VPN
  8. PIA
  9. Proton VPN
  11. TunnelBear
  12. Hotspot Shield
  13. Trust.Zone
  14. Private VPN
  15. HMA

1- ExpressVPN:

Express VPN

On this list of the top VPN services, ExpressVPN is the clear winner. Even though it is somewhat expensive, it remains the fastest VPN available. ExpressVPN’s network of servers spread over 94 nations is what gives the service it’s incredibly quick speeds.

ExpressVPN has a BVI base of operations and is pre-configured with a number of the most secure features available on the market. To begin with, ExpressVPN NZ offers protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP as well as the finest in class encryption.

Express VPN NZ is a pro when it refers to unblocking streaming services. Man at their disposal. They were able to stream a number of programs in Ultra HD resolution without any buffering issues on BBC iPlayer, Netflix US, and Hulu.


  • Offers more than 3000 servers in 94 different countries, including one server in NZ
  • Features five multiple logins
  • Compatible with ios, Android, Mac, and Windows
  • Unblocks streaming services like BBC iplayer, Hulu, and US Netflix


ExpressVPN is somewhat pricey when it comes to VPN costs in New Zealand. However, if you choose the company’s recently released 15-month (12-month + 3-month free) special offer, it would only cost you NZ$11.94 (US$6.67) per month. Overall, ExpressVPN is the top VPN for New Zealand.

2- Surfshark:


Surfshark is currently one of New Zealand’s most affordable VPN service providers. The New Zealand VPN made a strong first impression by providing outstanding all-around reliability at a very affordable price of NZ$4.46/month (US$2.49/month). This is, in a nutshell, the finest VPN service for New Zealanders.

When it comes to security features, Surfshark provides CleanWeb, MultiHop, and Camouflage Mode, among other security-improving features. The purpose of these features is to protect your internet activity from government monitoring.

  • In addition to these characteristics, Surfshark makes use of the secure encryption standard AES-256-GCM.
  • On various servers, Surfshark performed flawlessly in unblocking Netflix US, Disney+, Hulu, as well as other streaming services.
  • On the US servers, Surfshark produced speeds of approximately 60.7 Mbps on average.


  • 3200+ servers are offered throughout 65 countries, with 1 host in New Zealand.
  • Abides with the no-logging policy
  • Provides the functionality of limitless simultaneous connections
  • Unblocks services including Disney Plus, BBC iplayer, and US Netflix


Unlimited simultaneous connections are supported by New Zealand’s top VPN service. In addition, users adore the VPN for its incredibly low cost. Surfshark is available for as little as $2.30/month and has a 30-day revenue guarantee.

3- NordVPN:

NordVPN -1

A VPN provider with a location in Panama, NordVPN offers 5200+ servers in over 60 different nations. A service is a good option for New Zealanders who wish to access a VPN that does not log their surfing activity as well.

NordVPN has several intriguing privacy and security tools at its disposal. A kill switch, split tunneling, six multi-logins, double VPN, dedicated IP, etc. are some examples of such functionality.

Most importantly, it also permits torrenting activities, which is advantageous for Kiwi users in terms of privacy. To keep your sensitive data secure from the intrusion of cybercriminals and other online cyber terrorists, NordVPN employs 256-bit encryption.


  • Provides 5200+ servers in over 60+ nations
  • Has six multiple logins
  • Works well with BBC iplayer and US Netflix
  • Support for android, iOS, windows, mac, and further devices


Regarding pricing, NordVPN provides a 2-year package for NZ$5.89/month (US$3.29/month), which includes an eye-catching 70%, discount as well as a 30-day revenue guarantee. The service is compatible with many different operating systems, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Interestingly enough, you can secure all six of your devices with only one account.

4- PureVPN:

Pure VPN

PureVPN comes in at number four on this list of VPN providers. On the basis of its features, superior unblocking skills, and servers, it is currently among the top VPNs for New Zealand. Regarding servers, PureVPN provides 6500+ servers across 140+ nations.

Military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption is provided by PureVPN NZ, which has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. Even a supercomputer would need a billion years to be able to crack this type of encryption due to its extreme security.

Along with its excellent compatibility with geo-restricted streaming platforms like Sky Sports UK, Netflix USA, Kayo Sports Australia, and Hulu Plus, PureVPN also wins points for its encryption.

Aside from providing the fastest VPN speeds, PureVPN also provides one of the top VPN apps for a range of popular devices. It works with a wide range of devices, including routers, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and iOS.


  • Provides 6500+ sites in 140+ nations, 90 of which are located in New Zealand
  • Offers the capability of 10 simultaneous connections
  • Supports android, iOS, Windows, and Mac
  • Removes restrictions on US Netflix, Hulu Plus, as well as other video-on-demand services


Pricing-wise, PureVPN is only NZ$3.56/mo (US$ 1.99/mo), and there is a 31-day refund period. Additionally, a 7-day trial is available for $0.99 (NZD $1.42).

5- CyberGhost:


CyberGhost is the 6th VPN on the list of the top service providers. As the only VPN with a Romanian base that services New Zealand, CyberGhost has more than 7700 servers spread across more than 90 nations. CyberGhost utilizes AES 256-bit aes encryption for ultimate anonymity, just as its top-rated competitors.

Regarding streaming performance, this VPN was able to unblock all streaming services. CyberGhost performed remarkably well when we tried to unblock Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Kayo Sports, and 10 All Access from within and outside of New Zealand.

On the 100 Mbps test connection, CyberGhost was able to produce rates of about 63.4 Mbps. Additionally, the service provider offers support for the majority of popular devices and operating systems, like iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android.


  • Provides 7700+ servers across 90+ nations, with 10+ hosts in New Zealand
  • Features seven simultaneous connections
  • Compatible with ios, Android, Windows, and Mac
  • Utilizes services like Kayo Sports, BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, and others


Moving on to cost, CyberGhost has a 2-year + 2-month free subscription option available for only NZ$3.72/month (US$ 2.08/month). The best part is that all CyberGhost memberships include 7 simultaneous connections and a 45-day refund policy.

6- IPVanish:


People in New Zealand may use the well-known VPN provider IPVanish for a variety of applications. IPVanish is precisely what you need if you want privacy or quick access to blocked content anywhere in the world.

With 2000+ servers spread across 75+ locations, IPVanish has a respectable network that is more than sufficient to unblock the majority of geo-restricted services and websites.

In addition, all IPVanish servers employ AES 256-bit encryption providing ultimate online confidentiality and the protection of your critical data.

They also enjoy the SOCKS5 proxy as a feature. If you want to download torrents covertly and blend in, this tool can be really helpful. Since New Zealand’s anti-piracy laws are fairly strong, you shouldn’t take a chance by downloading torrents without additional security.

While IPVanish is helpful for unblocking some geo-restricted services in New Zealand, such as Foxtel and beIN Sports.


  • Offers a feature that allows for limitless multi-logins and offers 2000+ servers across 75+ countries, notably 5 servers across New Zealand
  • Unblocks streaming services like Foxtel, Sky News, and others
  • Provides reasonable connection speeds


Regarding cost, IPVanish costs NZ$7.14 per month (US$ 3.99 per month) and offers unlimited concurrent users, enabling you to secure numerous devices simultaneously with an impressive level of effectiveness.

7- Vypr VPN:

Vypr VPN

Strong security protections are provided by VyprVPN to protect your personal data. Your online activity is automatically protected from hackers as well as snoops when using a public WiFi network. Also if your laptop went on sleep mode while you test, VyprVPN’s kill switch protects the real IP address.

The VPN also includes the Chameleon protocol, which encrypts your metadata so that deep packet inspection cannot read it. Additionally, a no-logs policy prevents the collection or sale of your personal information to outside parties.

It has quick servers spread throughout 70 nations, including New Zealand, making it simple to unblock geo-restricted data and watch it without any lag. They used New Zealand to access foreign subscriptions like my HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video accounts.


  • Server location and speed: There are 700 servers with decent speeds spread throughout 70 countries, including Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Automatic WiFi protection, a Chameleon protocol for security and privacy
  • Device connections concurrently: 10
  • able to stream material from both domestic and foreign sources, including Netflix (US and New Zealand), RNZ, Freeview, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Bravo, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more


VyprVPN is only $5/month if you purchase a 36-month membership. Despite not accepting bitcoin payments, VyprVPN does accept alternative payment methods (like credit cards and Amazon Pay).

8- PIA:


PIA VPN occupies a spot on the list of the top VPN service providers. The US-based supplier adheres to an admirable no-logging rule. Similar to how the service has substantially improved in regards of server dispersion.

This VPN Company currently has 35500+ servers available in 84 different nations. It implies that you can rapidly connect to your preferred server from any location, like New Zealand, Australia, as well as other nations.

In addition, using features like the kill switch, OpenVPN protocol, split tunnelling, 256-bit encryption, and 1-click connect is simple. When it comes to streaming, the service performs admirably with both BBC iPlayer and US Netflix.

PIA offers user-friendly and appealing programs for a variety of operating systems, including Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS.


  • Offers 35500+ servers within 84 different nations
  • Have ten simultaneous connections
  • Compatible with various devices, including windows, mac, android, and ios
  • Offers generally respectable connection speeds


If they talk about its pricing structure, you may sign up for its 3-year package for NZ$4.1/month (US$2.29/month). Fortunately, you can take advantage of an amazing 30-day finance guarantee if you’re unhappy with PIA VPN’s performance.

9- Proton VPN:

Proton VPN

There are 1000+ servers operated by ProtonVPN in 54 nations, including New Zealand. However, you’ll find that on its free plan, you could only access to servers in 3 countries (US, Japan, and also the Netherlands). This implies that if you wish to access servers in the aforementioned nations from New Zealand, ProtonVPN’s free version is ideal for you. However, you would have to either purchase a subscription service you can afford or take full advantage of the 30-day risk-free trial period offered by ProtonVPN.

The company’s headquarters are in Switzerland, which is not a member of any coalitions that are hostile to personal privacy. Additionally, ProtonVPN has a strict no-logs policy, so you can rest easy knowing that such a VPN service provider values your security and privacy. It has high-grade encryption that is military-grade secure.

Even if its servers aren’t the quickest, you may view movies on well-known streaming services without buffering and lagging thanks to them. In order to guarantee dependable and quick connections, ProtonVPN offers a “Quick Connect” function that connects you towards the fastest server right away


  • The free version is offered
  • Dependable security measures
  • Trustworthy no-logs policy
  • Allows Excellent Forward Secrecy


Best deal: €8/month (a 25% savings and a free option).


Hide me is a different free provider with excellent features. It is accessible from 72 different locations and has more than 1800 total servers. You can access content that isn’t available elsewhere thanks to’s New Zealand-based servers. The only available server locations for’s free edition are in Germany, US, the Netherlands, but also Canada, similar to ProtonVPN.

As a result, only New Zealanders who desire access to the servers inside the four eligible countries can use this VPN service’s free plan. Luckily for them, they won’t have any trouble gaining access to regional material in those nations. However, only allows free users to consume 10GB of data each month. For those whose daily data usage is substantial, that is undoubtedly insufficient.

The free edition of only permits one connection; other than by using a router, you cannot secure numerous devices. Additionally, users outside of New Zealand wishing to access to its servers in New Zealand will be attracted by its 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • 1800+ servers across 72 nations with advanced IP leak security
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Offers a version that is 100% free


Best deal: €4.99/month (Savings of 61%)

11- TunnelBear:

Tunnel Bear

Another excellent choice for VPN users within New Zealand and those wishing to access servers there is TunnelBear, which has a reach in far more than 40 countries. Anyone in or outside of the country wishing to safeguard their connections or get around geo-restrictions will find what they need on its New Zealand servers.

You may watch regional programming on streaming services with TunnelBear. However, it is effective at maintaining your network secures than it is at getting around geo-restrictions. With its dependable connections, Tunnelbear promises to give on all fronts. The maximum amount of information you can access in a month is 500MB, same like with free VPNs. The only problem is that people today use so much in a day.

TunnelBear has conducted an annual independent security audit in addition to a clear privacy policy demonstrating that it is a zero-log VPN. This demonstrates that it regularly presents a trustworthy front to its users. You also keep your network secure with 256-bit encryption, guaranteeing that nobody can access your data as it travels via the internet.


  • Offers a version that is 100% free
  • Accessible in 26 nations
  • Available AES 256-bit encryption
  • Generally dependable speed


The best deal is $3.33/month (Save 67% plus receive priority customer support & TunnelBear applications).

12- Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield

The well-known VPN service provider Hotspot Shield also provides a free app. At least 80 different nations offer this VPN service. People who want to pretend to be in New Zealand and New Zealand residents who want to access to servers abroad can both use Hotspot Shield to meet their demands

Unfortunately, only American servers are accessible through its free version, making it undesirable to those who prefer access to Kiwi material specific to New Zealand. The 30-day cash-back policy, however, allows anyone to access all servers throughout the risk-free period. The good news is that its US servers unblock popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO. Additionally, it uses the Catapult Hydra protocol, which is quick and dependable, to guarantee that you won’t experience sluggish connections.

However, Hotspot Shield’s free edition has a 2Mbps bandwidth restriction and a daily data use cap of 500Mb. Therefore, it is suited for those whose online activities do not demand extensive data usage; frequent streamers and downloaders won’t like it.


  • Rapid server response time
  • Amazing unblocking skills
  • User interface that is simple


Best deal: $7.99/month (a 38% discount plus free).

13- Trust.Zone:

Trust Zone

Since privacy is Trust. Zone strongest suit, it makes sense that the company’s headquarters would be in a nation that does not require VPN network operators to keep users’ data on file. You can also use this VPN provider to circumvent regional limitations since it has servers in 30+ countries, including New Zealand. Additionally, you have a lot of possibilities with its free plan because you can link to 157 different server locations. That makes up almost three-quarters of all of its servers.

It is terrible that you cannot use its facilities in New Zealand for free, though. This may hinder visitors from other countries from visiting Kiwi websites or streamed libraries.

Trust.Zone is indeed a privacy-friendly VPN since it has a kill switch and built-in leak protection that prevents unwelcome leaks. An excellent place for VPN providers is Seychelles. The free plan from Trust.Zone is only accessible during a three-day trial period. You are only permitted to consume limited data over those three days. Finally, it supports several platforms and allows only one connection per user.


  • Provides specialized IP addresses
  • Allows for P2P file sharing and torrenting
  • Great value
  • Free version is offered


Best deal: €3/month (a saving of 67%)

14- Private VPN:

Private VPN

PrivateVPN is another great option for users living in New Zealand. You can use PrivateVPN’s servers for torrenting because they support P2P. They put PrivateVPN’s file sharing to the test, and it worked well for substantial downloads. The limitless bandwidth also makes it simple to obtain as often as you desire.

Your browsing habits are protected from prying eyes thanks to improved security safeguards. Your IP address is adequately hidden by its AES 256-bit encrypted and a number of security mechanisms. They also performed DNS/IPv6 leak testing, but they were unable to find any data leakage.

Additionally, its kill switch and zero-logs policy guarantee that your internet activity remains secret. Whether you’re around New Zealand or somewhere else, you can depend on PrivateVPN will keep you alive.


  • Location and server speed: 200 quick servers in 63 nations, such as New Zealand
  • Strong encryption, a no-logs policy and a kill switch, for security and privacy
  • Device connections concurrently: 10
  • able to stream material from both domestic and foreign sources, including Netflix (US and New Zealand), RNZ, Freeview, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Bravo, Disney+, and more


PrivateVPN is available on the 2-year plan for as little as $2.00/month.

In the long run, short subscriptions are less cost-effective.

15- HMA:


HMA apps offer an intuitive layout that is great for beginners. When HMA’s Lightning Connect feature is used, it immediately selects the most suitable server for the users. You may connect to the quickest and closest server with only one click because to how simple the VPN is to use.

You can browse both regional and international websites thanks to the 210 countries represented by the servers. You may stream your subscriptions, like Netflix NZ, while travelling because of the New Zealand-based servers.

You can be sure that your data is secure while linked to HMA thanks to strong security and privacy features. The VPN offers a kill switch option and employs AES 256-bit encryption. Additionally, HMA adheres to a no-logs policy that forbids the sharing of your internet activity.

HMA is supported by a 30-day money-back assurance so you can test it out without risk.


  • 210 nations, including New Zealand, have fast connectivity on 1,040 servers.
  • With strong encryption and a no-logging policy, you can feel secure and private.
  • 5 devices can be connected simultaneously.


Although a monthly membership costs a lot, going with long-term plans will save you a lot of money. The 36-month subscription seems like the best value to me. HMA is available for $2.99 per month.


Utilizing a VPN offers various advantages that improve your internet based insight and guarantee your protection and security. First and foremost, a VPN scrambles your web traffic, making it almost inconceivable for programmers or outsiders to catch and interpret your delicate data. Second, by masking your IP address and location, a virtual private network (VPN) lets you surf the web anonymously, safeguarding you from targeted advertisements and tracking.

In New Zealand, it’s critical to have a free VPN with good security and privacy standards. You can access geo-restricted content and enjoy high-speed connections in addition to being shielded from government surveillance.

If you are visiting New Zealand or want to browse New Zealand-specific data from a distant place, this article will be of great help to you!

Try one of our suggestions and let us know in the comment section!

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