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Yo!Yumm Review 2024: The #1 Online Food Ordering Software

Yo!Yumm Review 2023: A Readymade Solution to Launch an Online Food Ordering and Delivery Marketplace

Introduction to Yo!Yumm

YoYumm is a ready-made customizable solution that helps budding entrepreneurs to build and launch a feature-rich online food ordering and delivery marketplace with advanced features. Available for startups, SMBs, and large enterprises, Yo!Yumm empowers businesses and restaurants to have a unique online presence and serve the customers “on the go”. As claimed by FATbit Technologies, the solution is robust and scalable so as to handle the business of any proportion.

UCompare understands the time and efforts consumed in comparing the different solutions available in the market and choosing the right one to launch your own online food ordering and delivery marketplace. So here we are reviewing this popular solution which could be a fruitful investment for your business venture. Let’s discuss its features in more depth.

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Yo!Yumm Salient Features

The solution comprises 4 user types: admin, merchant, customer, delivery staff, so we have categorized its features into 4 sections. Let’s have a look:

Admin Panel:

Admin panel is the most essential panel for the proper working of the platform. It is usually used by the owner of the business or the person who manages the business. The admin panel offers various important features and functionalities to manage the business in an efficient and effective way. The admin is responsible for approving merchants’/restaurants’ accounts and releasing funds from merchants’ virtual wallets after the order completion. The admin also has access to the restaurants, customer insights, deliveries, sales reports, payments, marketing modules, etc. to know and manage the inside out of the business. Exemplary admin features include:

  • Restaurant Management
  • Marketing Modules
  • Customer Management
  • Multiple Restaurant Management
  • Review Management

Merchant Panel:

Restaurant Web Panel/Mobile App empowers restaurants to grow their business by listing their menu items and receiving orders through the app. They can choose to manage the food deliveries by themselves or can opt to assign it to the admin. The panel offers a multitude of features that helps restaurant owners manage and have complete control over the restaurant’s activities. Sellers can effectively analyze their sales, fulfill food orders, track deliveries, manage orders & menus, track payments, and much more. Restaurant panel features include:

  • Delivery tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • Payment tracking
  • Daily/monthly reports
  • Order Management
  • Menu Management

Customer Panel:

The customer app that comes with Yo!Yumm offers complete freedom to the customers to explore restaurants and food options to order their favorite food from a nearby restaurant. The web and mobile app of Yo!Yumm has an easy to use interface and multiple payment options which makes it easy for the customers to place orders. Features like order tracking and curbside pickup ensure a seamless food ordering experience. Some outstanding features of the customer panel are:

  • Location-based restaurant listing
  • Multiple payment options
  • Review/rating
  • Order tracking
  • Social logins
  • Advanced search for restaurants and cuisines

Delivery Staff Features

The delivery staff panel helps delivery staff to streamline the food delivery process and deliver food at the customers’ doorstep without any hassle. It enables the delivery staff to deliver orders, navigate to the restaurants’ as well as the customers’ location, and manage wallet transactions. Yo!Yumm’s delivery panel features are:

  • Multiple Delivery Management
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Flexibility

FATbit has placed demos of all these user panels on their website for those who would like to explore the solution before deciding to opt for it.

Striking Characteristics that make Yo!Yumm Stand Out of the Crowd

White Label Solution

Yo!Yumm is a white-label solution that can be customized as per business requirements. The solution allows business owners to add unique elements to their platform for branding and expand their service channels. White-label also means huge savings on development time and cost, compared to a solution built from scratch.

Free Technical Support for 1 Year

Yo!Yumm focuses on helping its customers use the product more effectively by offering immediate and free technical support for 1 year in regard to any bugs and errors. They believe providing technical advice and assistance to customers for a trouble-free operation of their business is the number one way companies can enhance the product ownership experience.

Lifetime Ownership

Yo!Yumm offers lifetime ownership of the solution without any recurring fees. Once you buy the solution, you can use it for as long as you want it without any additional, recurring or hidden costs.

Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency

The solution supports multiple languages and currencies to remove international barriers. Business owners can set up and launch the solution in their preferred language and currency.

Adaptability to Challenges

While reviewing YoYumm, we found that the solution is equipped with several features to adapt to the changing times and global situations. As there is a huge disruption after the pandemic and people are hesitant to order food from outside, the solution was customized with significant features to sustain in these difficult times. Let’s have a look at those features:

Contactless Deliveries

The solution allows the customers to opt for a zero-contact delivery option by mentioning it at the time of ordering the food. 

No Contact Payment

The solution is equipped to handle cashless payments limiting merchants, customers, and delivery staff exposure to COVID-19.


Restaurants can set virtual boundaries and deliver food in their preferred zones with this feature. Ensuring the safety of restaurants, the delivery staff, and a safer food delivery experience to their customers.

Curbside Pickup

The solution also allows customers to place their orders online and collect it themselves from the restaurant to minimize any contact with the delivery staff.

Client Testimonials & Ratings

While going through the website, we also found a few client testimonials.

“Coming in contact with FATbit was like a dream come true! The entire service was humane and that’s different from what I’ve experienced from many online services in this category. I believe I can count on the FATbit team to deliver on all my technology needs and I look forward to doing more incredible things with them.” – Patrick Franklin

“Very happy with the product and the current support. We are hoping to upgrade our website to a mobile app soon. Great communication with the sales and support team. The best Multi-Vendor Marketplace System in the market.” – Volcan Demrican 

Closing Thoughts:

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After reviewing the solution, we think that YoYumm is a great pick for those interested in launching their own online food ordering and delivery marketplace. An intuitive interface and plentiful customizations make YoYumm a worthy choice of partnering as you begin your journey as a foodpreneur. 

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