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Ad Dragon Review 2024- Is It Best Crypto Advertising Network?

Ad Dragon Review 2024:

Ad Dragon is now Dragon X

Founded in 2019, Ad Dragon is an advertising platform that has grown to be the world’s top online advertising marketplace in a short period of time. The platform continuously introduces new features to help its customers generate more revenue.

Ad Dragon is the world’s first ethereum based platform that aims to promote the crypto niche. All the payments are made in cryptocurrency. With the help of young and talented team members, Ad Dragon offers a perfect ecosystem for publishers to make more money.

Their primary goal is to change the online advertising industry completely, and to the goal, they have introduced the latest marketing model; peer-to-peer advertising via online market place. They also use a decentralized blockchain technology that provides cutting edge marketing solutions.

For achieving the goal of changing the internet market, the network has introduced a new model of advertising, peer-to-peer marketing through the online market place. Interestingly, they developed a decentralized blockchain technology that provides cutting edge payment solutions to its customers.

The platform is the best alternative for other ad networks like Coinzilla and Google Adsense due to its unique features, like privacy-focused advertisement and censorship-free network without data harvesting and mass-surveillance.

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Ad Dragon for Advertisers:

Ad Dragon Home

Unlike the popular crypto ad networks that control the placement of advertiser’s ads across the publisher websites with their algorithms, Ad Dragon gives full access to advertisers for the ads-placement. The platform acts as a bridge to connect advertisers with publishers.

Moreover, advertisers have the choice to select the platform or publishers of their preference, and there are no algorithms to control the ad placement, which means that advertisers can place the ads according to their needs.

Joining the platform and buying the advertisements is a straightforward process; all you need to do is sign-up as a buyer, browse the marketplace for advertising services, check out the products, pay, and wait for the delivery.

How Ad Dragon helps the Advertisers?

With Ad Dragon, advertisers can access high-quality traffic across the world without any privacy-invasion. Advertisers can choose the best place for displaying their ads. Plus, the support managers help in developing various strategies for developing campaigns.

This control over ads helps the advertisers to launch their campaigns more effectively. Further, the platform also helps advertisers choose the best-converting media for their business.

Ad Dragon emphasizes providing advanced advertising formats that can get across ad blockers; some ad formats are podcast marketing, influencer marketing, press releases, and sponsored articles.

Benefits for Advertisers

A huge range of advertisers trusts the Ad Dragon advertising marketplace to buy the products and promote business. Here are some of the unique benefits of Ad Dragon for advertisers:

1) They offer modern advertising techniques, including podcast marketing, influencer marketing, video shout-out, sponsored content, and many more

  1. They connect advertisers to publishers in a transparent way, without involving any illegal intermediates
  2. The latest ad formats made it possible for getting across ad blockers
  3. They provide highest yields for return of interest (ROI)
  4. Geo-tracking tools help the advertisers to target and narrow down their audiences
  5. A team of experienced managers ready to help in making marketing campaigns
  6. Sales team assists you in finding the right product for you
  7. Full control over ad placements
  8. Advertising can use campaign tracking tool to track to monitor the performance of their campaigns
  9. They offer high-quality traffic
  10. CPM model

Ad Dragon MarketPlace

Publishers or content writers can create their own store on Ad Dragon marketplace and sell the advertisements. Publishers don’t have to put any lock-in, codes, and contracts on their websites. It is a free marketplace powered by blockchain technology.

Buyers can browse for products of their choice and contact the sellers to confirm the deal. The whole process is very transparent, and there is no chance of data harvesting and privacy invasion on the marketplace. You can manually control your ad placements, and the earnings are instantly shown on the panel when the sales are made.

You can monitor your campaigns’ performance, track live impressions, clicks, leads, and purchases. Moreover, the support team will help you design different campaigns for business promotions. All the payments are timely and in the form of cryptocurrency.

Ad Dragon for Publishers

Ad Dragon offers various features for publishers (sellers) and helps them make more income. Publishers can join the platform as sellers, make the store at the online marketplace and start selling the advertising products.

Publishers have complete control over pricing, meaning that they can sell the ads at their own prices. The platform will keep only a 5% commission of the publisher’s earnings. Along with this, they can also take advantage of other features like attributes, geo-targeting, and analytics. We have listed Ad Dragon as one of the Best CPM Ad Network.

Benefits for Publishers

By joining Ad Dragon, publishers get access to following features:

  1. With Ad Dragon publishers get automatic and instant crypto payouts using ethereum.
  2. Ad Dragon doesn’t control the CPM prices, so publishers can set the advertisement prices.
  3. Publishers get flabbergasted advertisement revenue of 95% of their earnings.
  4. There is no need to put any contract, lock-in, or codes on websites.
  5. Sellers can use attributes feature for listing important metrics, such as CTR, audience size, and other useful information.
  6. With the help of analytics, tool sellers can track their income and also statistical reports.
  7. You have the right to accept or reject any offer and ad placements on your sites.

Requirements for Publishers

Ad Dragon has no specific requirements for publishers, but the platform is governed by the Law of the United States of America.

Why you should join Ad Dragon?

Ad Dragon is the world’s first DeFi advertising platform that offers several unique features to its buyers and sellers. A number of advertisers and publishers are joining the platform. Ad Dragon is the best alternative to other famous advertising networks because it provides a free and privacy-focused advertising marketplace with cutting edge blockchain technology.

They focus on supplying unlimited features to the content writers and advertisers to help them generate more revenue. So if you are tired of trying every crypto network but still don’t earn as per expectations, the Ad Dragon is worth trying. Following are some of the amazing features of the platform that will help you in promoting your business and generating more revenue:

  • They provide high-quality traffic across the world.
  • Instant and automatic payouts
  • Best yields of ROI
  • Privacy-oriented platform
  • Censorship free network
  • Advanced blockchain technology
  • Earn 95% of the revenue
  • No strict policies for joining
  • Advanced ad formats
  • Ads offered by the platform can get across ad blockers.
  • Team managers will help you in developing campaigns.
  • Sales managers will aid in selecting best product.
  • Advanced geo-tracking technology
  • Campaign trackers for monitoring campaigns
  • Analytics tool for statistical reports
  • Full control over ad placements

Monetization Methods

Ad Dragon helps its publishers to monetize their website easily and generate more income. The analytics and statistical tools will help you to consistently monitor your campaigns, website traffic, visitor’s response, impressions, monthly progress, and many more.

Ad Dragon keeps a low commission of only 5% on the publisher’s earnings, which is a very less commission as compared to other crypto platforms. You only have to make a store and determine the prices; Ad Dragon will do the rest for you. By joining the platform, sellers get an opportunity to enhance monetization skills.

Payment Details:

  • Office: USA
  • Email:
  • Commission Type: CPM (Cost-Per-Millie)
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Frequency: Net30.
  • Payment Method: Ethereum.

Do We Recommend Ad Dragon?

Join Ad Dragon Now!

Yes, we do recommend Ad Dragon because it is the best advertising platform that has grown to be the world’s top online marketplace for advertising services. They provide a privacy-oriented, censorship-free marketplace without any data grabbing and surveillance. Moreover, blockchain technology provides solutions for payment issues.

With Ad Dragon, advertisers have full control over ad placements, and publishers get instant crypto payouts. If you are an advertiser looking for the best advertising services and high-quality traffic, you might consider trying Ad Dragon. Publishers can easily monetize their websites in a secure environment and make huge income.

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