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BaseCloud Global Review (2024): The Best Digital Marketing Specialists

BaseCloud Global Review 2024:

Businesses have expanded significantly due to BaseCloud’s contributions. We would suggest them to any business owners looking to boost their leads and sales and implement automation in their business to streamline repetitive business processes.  They are highly professional and accommodating. BaseCloud is a premium, worry-free digital marketing agency, labeling itself as ‘performance managers’. The term ‘performance manager’ is extremely fitting, as they get involved with the performance of your business all the way from marketing to your sales and business processes.  With BaseCloud, you are ensured 5-star service.

They ensure that you succeed in business. You’ve come to the perfect location for exceptional Google Ads campaign management, website construction/maintenance, lead management software, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and additional tools that assist in you closing more deals.

Why BaseCloud?

Originally founded by two engineers, BaseCloud’s approach has always been data and performance-driven.  They are obsessed with numbers, and frankly, marketing is all about numbers.  Along with providing smart, effective, and data-driven Google Ads campaigns, their team has designed a very effective Lead Management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, which provides real-time data on your leads and customers. Using this data, BaseCloud makes strategic changes to your Google Ads marketing campaigns proactively.

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Every service that BaseCloud delivers is measurable, so no more ‘being left in the dark about your performance.  BaseCloud’s purpose is simple: to help businesses grow.

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What distinguishes them as the best?

Having an efficient conversion-driven team, their own software tools that measure and improve all aspects of your business, and the determination to help businesses grow, BaseCloud provides you with solutions that will excel your business to new levels.


Engineering and marketing may not be a typical combination. Still, for these two engineers, the world of marketing opened up when they realized they could use their skills to create higher sales rates and improved customer service for their clients.

As the business grew, BaseCloud expanded its business to provide five different digital marketing services.

Their Services:

1- BaseCloud CRM:

BaseCloud CRM is a distinctly automated CRM system with a strong focus on lead management.  Many small businesses worldwide do not have systems in place to help them with:

  • Understanding their marketing performance and where leads are coming from.
  • Measuring their ROI for various marketing channels.
  • Managing their leads and sales team effectively.
  • Insights into their business inefficiencies (e.g. sales and communication processes)
  • Business automation to streamline processes.
  • Integration with other software packages that they use.
  • Building databases for further marketing opportunities.

BaseCloud CRM provides simple solutions to these problems.  This unique CRM system also allows you to automatically track all of your leads, meaning less manual logging from all kinds of different lead origins. Automatic lead tracking includes:

  1. Calls (from multiple origins)
  2. Emails (from multiple origins)
  3. Website forms
  4. Facebook Lead Ad forms
  5. LinkedIn forms
  6. etc

BaseCloud’s CRM Software can be customized to meet your specific company objectives. You can now keep track of where new clients are coming from and where more resources should be directed.  The following business processes can be easily automated depending on your unique requirements:

  • Logging of leads (and their origins).
  • Auto-assignment of leads to specific sales team members.
  • Automatic calling of sales reps, enabling them to call the lead in under the 30s.
  • Communication to the sales team and leads via emails and SMS.
  • Reminders for your team to follow up with leads.
  • Lead logging to other software (API integration – even to Zoho, Salesforce, Xero, etc.).

2- Google Ads Management:

Generate high-quality leads fast and effectively with a high-performance driven team managing your Google Ads campaigns, with the focus being on conversions. What you can expect from Google Ads campaigns:

  • Precision targeting

Get your brand in front of people looking for your specific products and services in your target area.

  • Flexible, Agile, and Adaptable

Refine your Ads and supercharge your leads. Google Ads is highly adaptable and flexible enough to adjust to your business needs or focus areas when you need it most.

  • Instant and Live Reporting

Access your results on the fly and get real-time reporting through the custom BaseCloud marketing dashboard.

  • Measurability

Unlike traditional marketing methods, Google Ads is highly measurable, providing the ability to make better-informed decisions to increase performance.

You can reach your target audience by making use of the various networks available to advertise on:

Search Ads:

These are very targeted advertisements, seeing as they would appear based on what you are physically searching for; hence this form of marketing is seen as very ‘high intent’ marketing. These Ads are best used for advertising to people who are actively looking for your product or service, where they are ready to buy or take action.

Display Ads:

These are image-based Ads that allow you to target your audience based on, for example, their interests, what they are actively researching or planning, how they interacted with your business etc.

Video Ads:

You can show targeted Video Ads on YouTube. These types of Ads are best used for brand awareness and advertising your product or services to relevant audiences.

Shopping Ads:

Google Shopping Ads are primarily for product-based businesses. These Ads are best used to increase traffic to your e-commerce store and boost sales.

3- Website Development:

A website is not just a website.  BaseCloud is conversion rate focused, with the primary goal of ensuring that the prospective visitors to your website convert into paying customers, drastically enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign performance.

Their website development team has over a decade of expertise in developing high-converting websites.  Furthermore, BaseCloud has a premium worry-free website hosting and maintenance service that allows business owners to never have to worry about their website.

Imagine 24/7 uptime monitoring, daily website backups, continuous conversion rate optimization on your website, along with an incredible guarantee that if your website breaks down, they will fix it or even rebuild the website without any additional costs.  This shows their determination to keep your website online, ensuring continuous lead generation.

4- SEO:

BaseCloud can help you drive high volume organic traffic to your site by:

  • Helping you write or write well-researched, SEO-optimised articles for your website.
  • Implementing best SEO practices on your site, both on and off-page.
  • Finding ways to get authority websites to link to your website, giving you domain authority.
  • Improve your overall ranking for relevant keywords.

Benefits of Basecloud SEO:

  • You receive a clear SEO roadmap to follow along and understand every step of your company’s SEO journey.
  • BaseCloud takes best SEO best practices into consideration from the start and teaches you how to implement them for the future.
  • You receive monthly SEO timeline reports that make sense and have clearly stated outcomes.
  • The goal is to improve your domain authority and create content that will allow you to rank well on Google and other search engines.
  • Building quality content and backlink is evergreen and will increase your brand’s reach over time, improving with each year as you continue implementing SEO best practices.
  • Your SEO ranking will not fall as soon as you stop being a client; your organic growth is long-term.


  1. They provide a customizable CRM system that helps manage your leads and automates many tedious tasks – saving you both time and money.
  2. Your Google Ads are targeted, measured, and adjusted frequently, so you don’t waste money on fruitless ad campaigns.
  3. BaseCloud designs are easy to use, conversion-driven websites. If you use their website service, you will never have to worry about your website again.
  4. Your organic traffic will grow with BaseCloud’s SEO timeline, and you will have peace of mind knowing even if your ads are down, you may still get organic traffic to your site.


None to be found yet.

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Contact Them:

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  • Phone: 012 002 3645
  • Mail:

Final Wording:

BaseCloud wants to help businesses grow; it is their core business.

According to one of their established clients, theirs is the only digital marketing agency that would tell clients to suspend a service they provide if they see it’s not working for the specific business. If it’s not helping your business grow, they don’t recommend spending time and money on it.

Take a look at their website to see what a passionate digital marketing agency can do for you.

Please see the following website for more details:


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