20+ Best Photo Editing Apps for Photographers in 2021

Photo Editing Apps:

Do you love to take photos?

Do you want to edit your pictures like a pro?

Yes! it is absolutely possible to edit your photos perfectly right through your mobile phone without using any complex programming or software.

You can easily convert an average looking photo into something brilliant and extraordinary but all it requires is an appropriate selection of best photo editing apps.

In this era of technology, the mobile phone plays a wider role for each individual in this modern society. In the era of socializing, taking pictures of high resolution and sharing them with your family, friends, or even with loved ones has become a modern trend nowadays.

It doesn’t matter what your age is or what creed you belong to, or even which corner of the world you are living in, taking photographs and preserving them as memory has always been the top priority of everyone these days.

If we talk about the early old days, it was an expensive piece of work to have professional pictures. As well as people used to shell out lots of money just to get beautiful pictures. But now, as compared to present times in the twenty-first century, capturing high-resolution pictures by your own self is as easy as making a cup of tea!  keeping the pictures as memories.

However, there’s an old saying that says “A picture is worth a thousand words” which means that multiple ideas can be conveyed in a single picture.

This proverb has never been proven as true as in the age of technology and social media. People these days are much conscious about their appearance, as well as how to look in their photo-collections. Getting your required look has been so easy that every individual takes the pictures like a pro only with the help of few android and iOS applications that make you and your pictures the center of attraction!

What Is a Photo Editing App?

Who on the earth does not want to look pretty, attractive, and adorable!

A photo Editor App is something that fulfills your dreams of looking more like what you want yourself to look without putting much effort. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, nor you have to spend lots of money to be able to post adorable professional images of yours.

All you need to have is the right photo editing app that can make you feel like a pro without much effort, all on your fingertips!

Are Photo Editing Apps Safe?

Yes, Photo Editing Apps are absolutely safe but there are some precautions that you must take care off! Avoid shady ones. Use familiar apps like Photoshop Express from Adobe Photoshop Express or Snapseed from Google or PicsArt.

There are hundreds of other shady apps out there with a number of promises of automatic special effects and stuff. They may be capable of getting things done, but use them only if you do not care about your privacy. If you are very particular about privacy, edit the photos when you are offline.

Best Photo Editing Apps 2021:

Here is the list of Top Ranked Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS that you can download in 2020 and 2021

  1. VSCO
  2. Google Snapseed (Android/iOS)
  3. Adobe Photoshop Express
  4. Adobe Lightroom
  5. PicsArt Photo Studio
  6. FilterStorm Neue
  7. Aviary photo editor
  8. Facetune
  9. Photomate R3
  10. Pixlr.
  11. Prisma Photo Editor.
  12. InstaSize.
  13. Instagram.
  14. Canva.
  15. Pixelmator.
  16. Lens Distortions.
  17. Enlight Photofox.
  18. TouchRetouch.
  19. Distressed FX.
  20. SKRWT.

1. VSCO – Best Photo Editing App For 2020:


VSCO stands for Visual Supply Co. VSCO is one of the best photo editing apps among professional photographers due to its stylish editing abilities and advanced effects that users can access with in-app purchases.

VSCO is considered as the original leader of photo editing tools for social media. With a wide range of stunning filters, VSCO will allow you to really stand out from the crowd especially to those who use standard Instagram filters.

VSCO has also an online community of its own, where you can share your captured and edited images with peers, or to any other social network such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

The quick editing tools include some of its best qualities as white balance, shadows, highlights, and exposure, etc. It comes with multiple features. You can edit and polish your photo with a number of filters just in one-click.

It offers basic editing features that allow you to crop photos and adjust the exposure, color, and sharpness. It is great for Instagram.


  • Natural-looking cool effects.
  • A variety of filters make your pictures like a pro.


  • It forces users to make in-app purchases.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS

Price: Free/Paid

2. Adobe Photoshop Express – Free Photo Editor App:

Adobe Photoshop Express

Have you ever done any of the photo editing in the past? If yes, you probably are familiar with Adobe Photoshop. But now the king of photo editing software has a baby sister, called Adobe Photoshop Express. This app takes the best of Photoshop’s features and puts them into a compressed version of the mobile app which is easily accessible on Android, as well as to iOS.

The pronounced thing about Adobe products is that they are all tried and tested and widely used in terms of photo editing. Adobe Photoshop Express has all the standard tools that you might need in editing, including crop, contrast, saturation, red-eye correction, spot filler, etc.

However, the best thing about Adobe Photoshop Express is its variety of smart filters, which automatically solves the problems with its features like exposure, temperature, and much more.


  • It is convenient to use and does not involve any complexities.
  • You can get multiple customization options.
  • It is free to use.


  • While the Photoshop Express app is free, you’ll need an Adobe Creative Cloud account, for which you might have to pay roughly $10 per month.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS

Price: Free

3. Adobe Lightroom – Top Photo Editing App:

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is part of Adobe Creative Cloud that can easily work on iOS as well as the Android platform. Adobe Lightroom is a well known advanced mobile editing tool that offers all unique features as different exposure, blemish removal tools, filters, color, white balance feature, gradient, and clarity settings. Adobe Lightroom is available for free at stores.

Adobe Lightroom offers powerful advanced adjustments and corrections which are not usually available in other apps. For the ease and simplicity of usage, it offers One-tap presets for quick editing. Adobe lightroom enables you to share photos with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flick.

One of the best features that we love about this app is that it saves photos on Adobe Creative Cloud so that you can access them on other devices through the cloud and you get free from the fear of losing your precious photos. Get Amazing photos no matter where you are!


  • Impressive controls with effective synchronization.
  • powerful advanced adjustments.
  • It has a blemish removal tool.


  • This photo editing app is quite complicated, might be creating a mess for beginners.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS

Price: free/paid

4. PicsArt – Best Photo Editing App For Beginners:


PicsArt is a versatile photo editing app for iPhone as it does not only allow you to edit the most adorable pictures, but it also lets you make videos, you can use its awesome stickers, fonts, blemish removal tools, and text features to create magical images.

The best features about Picsart include a perfect remixing and collage making. Through this app, you can also get access to a large number of cool filters. To further impress your viewers on social media, you can develop animated GIFs so easily through this awesome app.

Picsart is on the whole an amazing app which is actually an all in one package that offers multiple useful tools like collage maker, drawing tools, photo, and video editor.


  • Powerful features with eye-catching results.
  • Free and paid versions available for iOS.
  • perfect remixing tool.
  • collage maker.


  • The free version is limited to a few features only.

Availability: iPhone

Price: free/paid.

5. Google Snapseed – Best Free Photo Editing App:


If you want to have the best photo editing software on Android or even on iOS. Snapseed holds a collection of editing tools that can assist you to manage its brightness, color contrast adjustments. The collection of advanced filters allows easy editing for glamour glow, lens blur, grunge, HDR scape, Noir, and frames.

Google Snapseed is a powerful yet and easy-to-use tool. Snapseed is a real gem when it comes to editing photos professionally with greater ease and without spending any penny. It is one of the most downloaded apps on Google play store.

It offers multiple useful tools and features like flexible color, exposure, and sharpening adjustments. It also comes with awesome editing options like crop, rotates, straightens.

You can easily mold the photos according to your requirements. You can get even more tools like Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective, etc. Which further makes your pictures look awesome in each aspect.


  • It allows faster processing of all media file formats.
  • It is totally free and tutorials are available.


  • Beginners find their interface a little awkward to use.

Availability:  Android/iOS

Price: free

6. Aviary Photo Editor:

Aviary Photo Editor

Here is one more photograph manager application that offers compatibility and reliability for all altering errands with its easy to understand highlight set. You can achieve such a large number of manual modifications here like brightness, temperature, shading, differences contrasts, saturation and immersion, and so on.

It also contains Emojis and GIFs that have become a massive part of the language of social media. We use emojis and GIFs to add personality to our social media conversations and convey our feelings more efficiently.

Aviary photo editor is one of the few apps that cover everything from the basics like crop, filter, etc to fully advanced editing tools. It comes with multiple useful features like one-tap auto enhance, fun stickers, and other options including, color correction, adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation.

If you want to add some text or object for memes etc, you can easily draw and add text.


  • This editor app holds lots of stickers, cosmetic tools, and advanced professional filters to assist users with editing tasks.
  • Both free and paid versions available.
  • Very user friendly


  • The free version restricts users in customization.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS

Price: free/paid

7. Facetune – Best Free Photo Editing App in 2020:


It’s more like a portrait & Selfie photo editor. Facetune is designed for iPhone as well as android users can access it with compatibility. With its interactive editing features, it has gained so much popularity over Instagram, Flickr, and other social networks.

With Facetune, you don’t have to install Photoshop to retouch your selfies as it contains everything and it’s also easy-to-use. Facetune provides you with a powerful portrait and selfie photo editor.

You can significantly improve your overall outlook by doing face correction tools that enable you to remove blemishes and dark circles, brighten teeth, or add natural makeup. Through its retouching, you can make your skin look smoother and airbrushed. You can also use the face reshape tool to make your face look more defined.

Another useful feature you can get includes blurring the background and adding textures. If you are looking for something that is more focused over your face, do try it.


  • Useful for advanced editing needs and for educational needs.
  • It offers various tricks for easy customizations.


  • The subscription is quite expensive.
  • Not suitable for business platforms.

Availability: Available on iOS

Price: Free.

8. FilterStorm Neue – New Photo Editing App:

FilterStorm Neue

A brilliant image can set you apart from the rest of the field, and this attractive editing app allows users to make advanced settings for all editing tasks. It provides you with all the photo editing tools at one place including a wide range of options for editing, blurring, masking, cloning, noise reduction, highlighting, sharpening, cropping, scaling, and much more.

You can also add multiple outstanding effects to your photos. The largest advantage that you can get with FilterStorm Neue is its speed with which it edits a full-sized image much quicker than other tools and apps.

Some of its interactive features include adjustments over curves, tone, and levels along with channel mixers. You will be able to apply to sharpen, watermarking, noise reduction, and clarity effects on this tool. You will also love to access its clone tool that can replace or remove unwanted objects with ease.

It is indeed an impressive feature. Another great thing about this app is its fast easy usage. This makes it ideal even for the beginners. Some of the other features include FTP and IPTC metadata with code replacements which are usually loved by photojournalists. It also offers Color blending and masking features to further enhance your photos.


  • It allows you to replace or remove unwanted objects with ease.
  • So many preset filters with adjustable features.


  • Paid version only and works on iOS devices.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS.

Price: free/paid.

9. Photo Mate R3  – Best Photo Editing App For Andriod:

Photomate R3

Although this is a costly option to download Photo Mate R3 from your Google downloader, professionals will definitely love to work on Photo Mate R3. This tool can easily process JPEG images as well as raw data and for advanced controls, you can access localized color corrector, lens corrector, blur adjustments, sharpening, and many more.

The great features about Photo Mate include decoding and editing raw files, full control over white balance, and exposure. You can also get multiple features regarding contrast, Lights, Shadows, banish removal, make-up, or even Lens-Based adjustments.

It also comes with an amazing darkroom photography feature that includes perfect adjustment tools like structure and saturation. You can also remove shadows and relight to mimic studio lighting.


  • It processes raw data files.
  • Easy to use.


  • Highly-priced.
  • It is compatible only with Android.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS

Price: free/paid

10. Pixlr – Photo editor online:


Pixlr is another amazing photo editing tool that brings a new life into your average looking photos. With Pixlr you can easily use a wide variety of overlays, color, blemish removal tools, white balance features, and cosmetic adjustments. It makes photo editing real fun and with quick stunning results through super-fast editing time.

It comes with two different tools i. e Advanced Pixlr E and Playful Pixlr X both have multiple unique features. I suggest you try both of them and don’t miss any features that are totally free.

Pixlr offers many advanced features and smarter tools. It comes with over 2 million blends of free overlays and filters. You can also use the auto-fix option to correct your pictures through a single click. If you want your digital pictures to look like a hand-drawn portrait, Pixlr enables you to convert your images into a pencil drawing, an ink sketch, or a poster.

So try this tool and make your selfies attractive. With Pixlr you can also make any object in the background disappear through a single click.


  • It comes with a free and paid version.
  • Powerful feature set.
  • Intuitive navigation


  • Beginners need to follow tutorials to start with.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS.

Price: free.

11. Prisma – Best Photo Editor:


Basically, Prisma was not designed for photo editing but its users are enjoying its features impressively for capturing customized and personalized images. Here you can access a range of graphic artworks, a variety of filters, and attractive editing tools that can accomplish every job amazingly.


  • Turn photos into art.
  • More than 800 modern art filters.
  • Stunning photo effects.
  • Considered as one of the finest apps that professional pictures.


  • Works on specific devices only.

Availability: Available on Android and iOS

Price: free/paid.

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Last, but not least! Photographs play a significant and vital role in everyone’s life. They connect us to our past, they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories that we have gone through. They can help us to know who we are and what we were.

To collect good memories, we need to have some really good pictures which can be obtained by using any of the above Photo Editing apps by your choice. Use these awesome tools and create brilliant pictures to increase your social media friends and fan following and also keep great memories for the future. I hope you get the most adorable, prettiest, and attractive pictures ever!

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