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Best Times to Post on Twitter in 2024

Twitter is a tool for spreading data fast. A beginner visitor can mistake a tweet for an instant message since tweets may be sent to followers instantaneously. Tweets are also published on the Twitter website, unlike instant messages (IMs), which vanish after the person exits the program. They are visible, accessible, and ongoing. Tweets can also be protected so that only friends can read them.

What Makes Twitter a Good Choice?

Approximately 145 million people use Twitter daily, making it a well-known social media platform. The greatest way to increase your online presence is to sign up for many social media platforms. Because of this, Twitter is a smart decision for developing and attracting new customers.

However, having a strong online presence across various platforms, such as Twitter, enables you to effortlessly communicate your image of a firm, business identity, and commodities to various consumers.

Why is it important to Post?

Use analytics to determine the ideal time to post on Twitter for your company and the overall best time to publish. Before that, why is it crucial to publish at the appropriate time? Since 2016, Twitter has also operated its feed similarly to other social networking sites, based on popularity or interaction rather than in reverse chronological order. However, due to user criticism, Twitter allows users to quickly alter their feeds from top-ranked tweets to the most recent ones.

What are the Best Times to Post on Twitter in 2023?

Reverse Chronological Feed

Twitter users who utilize a reverse chronological feed will first view tweets as they are posted, but as time goes on, more recent tweets will take their position at the top of the stream. Therefore, you should plan your tweet to go live at the appropriate moment or post it when most of your audience is online.

Average time to post

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter does not have an optimal time to publish since various businesses have diverse audiences, so their preferences and preferred times to post material vary. However, you can always look into well-known social media marketing firms that advise when brands should tweet.

Tweet regularly

You must frequently tweet if you wish to keep up a large presence on Twitter. Since a tweet only has an estimated lifespan of 20 mins, you must often update your material to maintain your readers’ interest.

You may achieve the interaction you need by tweeting each day to maintain your company’s brand consistent.


After putting so much effort into it, it would be discouraging if you had no engagement simply because it was uploaded when your audience was not available for interaction. The biggest interaction is often seen in tweets published between 2 and 3 a.m.

The hours of work, or between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., are when involvement is lowest. Between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., the most retweets and favorites are made. As a result, you are now loaded with the finest industry standards timings.

It is important to consider time zones.

If you’re seeking to approach a target audience from outside your nation, you should also consider the various time zones.

For instance, if you are headquartered in the USA but most of your viewership is in Italy, you should consider the relevant Italian time zone while deciding when to publish.

Twitter Analytics

Consider examining your Twitter Analytics to determine the best time to publish on Twitter. The whole picture of your tweet impressions, profile visits, and other engagement variables is provided by Twitter analytics. Additionally, you may monitor your development over time and develop new posting techniques as you go by using Twitter analytics. You may also utilize Twitter analytics tools, which will provide you with a summary of your Twitter profile, to make things simpler.

Explore Twitter Analytics:

How to investigate Twitter Analytics then:

  • Visit the stats section after logging into your Twitter account.
  • For thorough details regarding your tweeting activities, visit the Tweets category.
  • You may select how far in the past you wish to view the activity statistics for your tweets in the top right corner.
  • Additionally, you may navigate the graph with your pointer to get statistics for a certain period’s tweet activities.

Test Post Timings:

Next time, use a Twitter scheduling tool to experiment with various post times. Make an effort to tweet at particular times in the morning, noon, and evening to determine what works and doesn’t. A Twitter management tool can help with this arduous task because it appears time-consuming.

Enhance Your Method

You may refine and adjust your posting strategy depending on this data once you’ve gathered it all.

As your following expands, you may repeat this testing procedure frequently to maintain learning regarding your followers’ preferences and post your tweets at the most effective times.

Find out the best time to publish for other social media networks:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the optimal number of tweets each day?

Answer: Look for one to four tweets daily if you get the most interaction per tweet. However, 10 tweets or more are okay if you wish to receive more general reactions to your tweets.

  • What time of day does Twitter get the most retweets?

Answer: Most retweets and likes are often given to tweets published in the United States at 9:00 p.m. From 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., the most retweets and likes are made, increasing around 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. At three in the morning, retweet-favorite interaction is at its worst.

  • Why is it vital to retweet?

Answer: Retweets have a higher chance of being seen than the original tweet, which means more people will have the chance to view your profile. Additionally, influencers frequently return the favor by following you again, thanking you for your contribution, retweeting it, and adding it to a list.

  • What causes a Tweet to become viral?

Answer: A tweet that goes viral gets swiftly forwarded by many people. A tweet is deemed popular if it receives a significant number of retweets, Twitter likes, and comments, yet there are no specific and rigid standards for what constitutes a viral tweet.

Final Thoughts:

You may go through every web piece that discusses when is the best to post on Twitter. But in reality, nothing else will match leveraging your actual Data from Twitter to choose the best time to publish your content.

You may better understand your audience by employing a planning and analytics tool for social networks. You may try it to find out when your audience is most on Twitter.

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