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10+ Best Twitter Analytics Tools in 2024

Best Twitter Analytics Tools:

Since its launch, Twitter has grown to be one of the biggest social media platforms to expand the business and reach a huge number of targeted audiences. Twitter takes pride in more than 330 million active users, over 400 million daily tweets, and around 10K tweets per second. It provides an excellent environment for promoting your brand to a large number of visitors worldwide.

If you want to promote your personal brand or business on Twitter, you will have to do more than just share your blog posts or product updates. You’ll require in-depth Twitter analytics to better understand what’s working right and what’s wrong, how much lead your posts are generating, which content is performing better than others, which product your customers love the most, what is the optimal time when the majority of your followers are active and much more.

All these metrics are essential for measuring your return on investment (ROI). Plus, by analyzing these aspects, you can easily make data-driven decisions, improve your business strategies, and save time. Manually tracking the performance of your campaigns is impossible, and that’s where Twitter analytics tools come in.

Most of the Twitter analytics tools keep an eye on your every post’s performance and measure different metrics like reach, engagement, clicks, impressions, and more to help you optimize your Twitter marketing strategies to grow your brand and generate more revenue.

With so many available Twitter analytics tools in the market, choosing the right one is very difficult. But you don’t need to worry as we are going to explore some of the best Twitter analytics tools that you can use to get detailed analytics and effectively grow your business on Twitter.

Before jumping to details, let’s discuss the reasons to use the Twitter analytic tool are?

What are the Reasons to use Twitter Analytic Tool?

As mentioned above, the Twitter analytic tool helps you grow your business by offering deep insights into how your Twitter posts are performing. Following are some key reasons to use a Twitter analytics tool:

  • Important Twitter Metrics Tracking: Track tweets with more impressions, engagement, and brand mentions. Also, monitor your profile visits, follower growth, and competitors’ performance.
  • Brand Growth: Twitter analytics tool helps to identify potential brand influencers to grow your follower base and business.
  • Making Data-Driven strategies: With the tool, you can easily discover what topics your followers discuss and which content your audience finds the most interesting. It’ll help you to better manage your Tweet schedule and replies to brand mentions.

Best Twitter Analytics Tools 2023:

Here is the list of some of the Best Twitter Analytics Tools that you can use in 2022 and 2023 to analyze your tweets and manage your Twitter account:

  1. Circleboom
  2. SproutSocial
  3. Union Metrics
  4. Twitter Analytics
  5. Twitonomy
  6. Keyhole
  7. Foller. me
  8. Hootsuite
  9. Tweepsmap
  10. TweetBinder

1- Circleboom:


Circleboom is the #1 Twitter analytics and management tool that enables users, brands, and businesses to grow their Twitter accounts. The platform is trusted by leading brands and organizations, including Netflix, Unicef, UN News, BBC News World, SoundCloud, Roche, and many more. The platform offers in-depth analytics about your followers, friends, tweets, engagements, leads, conversions, and much more.

Following are some of the prominent features of Circleboom:

  • Follower Analytics: Circleboom keeps an eye on your Twitter account to keep the record of your new followers and to track unfollowers. It provides you with a growth graph that shows how your followers have changed every day. Moreover, Circleboom also provides you details about followers that are active, inactive, overactive, verified, and even spammers. In addition, the tool provides information on users based on their language, demographics, location, interests, behavior, and much more. It also identifies the optimal time to post tweets for increasing engagements.
  • Schedule Tweets: the tool helps you discover the right content from your area of interest and then plan and send your tweets by scheduling them. It also offers an easy-to-use calendar to set your posting time; Circleboom automatically posts the content at the exact time you set.
  • Search Tool: The platform offers Smart Search and Live Keyword & Hashtag search to identify bio and tweets for trends you are interested in. It will help you find the targeted audience that might be interested in your offers.
  • Delete Twitter Archive: One of the most remarkable features of Circleboom is its Tweet Deleter tool that enables you to filter and delete your old tweets, Delete retweets, and replies all at once or separately.

Besides, the RSS module offered by Circleboom helps to automatically tweet photos, videos, or articles on any RSS Feed to keep your followers up-to-date. In essence, Circleboom is an all-in-one Twitter analytics and management tool that provides you detailed analytics on your Twitter account and helps you make data-driven decisions and improve strategies to gather more audience, improve engagements, increase conversions, and drive sales.

Try Circleboom For Free


Free (with limitations)/ Pricing plan starts from $11.99 per month

2- SproutSocial:


SproutSocial is a powerful Twitter analytics and social media management tool. The tool is trusted by more than 25,000 world-class organizations and brands, including Havas, Unicef, DreamWorks, Tumi, Shopify, and more. Sprout’s Twitter integration allows brands to manage their Twitter profiles effectively. The platform’s unique tools help manage tracking, publishing, engagement, listening, automation, and collaboration.

You can easily combine all the major messages from all social profiles into a single stream with the aid of the Smart Index feature. Moreover, the advanced Twitter Publishing and Planning feature helps to easily plan, categorize, and distribute Tweets intelligently. Furthermore, the social CRM tools enable you to personally engage with and grow your followers.

Some additional features of SproutSocial are given below:

  • Analyze and Share Important Metrics: It allows you to measure follower growth, engagements, leads, impressions, conversions, and much more with presentation-ready reports. SproutSocial helps you uncover trends in Twitter hashtags and keywords used across any data range.
  • Organize & Schedule Tweets: you can easily post images and content to your profile and use the ViralPost feature to determine the optimal post time. Moreover, smoothly manage your publishing calendar across profiles and teams.
  • Implement Collaborative Workflow Processes: The platform offers various Twitter management tools to manage your tasks, tagging, social CRM, and an internal audit trial to increase efficiency and save time. It also grants you access to historical Twitter conversations, plus identifying & prioritize important Tweets.
  • Engage with Your Audience: SproutSocial enables you to engage with DMs, mentions, replies, and more via Smart Inbox which is a centralized hub for all Twitter activity. Moreover, you can easily set up keyword searches in order to discover engagement opportunities. Moreover, seamlessly tag, route, filter, and mark DMs and Tweets to track progress across different profiles.

In addition, the platform offers 24/7 customer support to solve all of your problems. All these features make SproutSocial one of the best Twitter analytics tools.


30-day free trial/ Pricing plan starts from $99 per month           

3- Union Metrics:

Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a comprehensive Twitter analytics tool that gives you a complete understating of your Twitter activities. It allows you real-time monitoring of tweets, campaigns, conversations, and more. The tool provides you with in-depth analytics on your content, reach, engagement, leads, impressions, etc.

Some of the unique features of Union Metrics include:

  • Monitor Tweets in real-time
  • Instantly identify insights on your Twitter account
  • Monitor important spikes and impressions
  • Find the optimal time to post a new tweet to boost engagement
  • Measure impact, reach, and monitor hashtags
  • Get recommendations about Twitter trends
  • Identify how many tweets were posted about any event

It also helps you track the tweets that are performing best and identify your best biggest fans. Moreover, it offers you reports on advanced metrics like geo, sentiment, and language. Furthermore, you can easily visualize your results on-screen or export the data for deeper analysis. In essence, Union Metrics provides you the full picture of your Twitter campaigns to fully understand what’s working and what’s not.


The pricing plan ranges from $49 – $199 per month

4- Twitter Analytics:

Twitter Analytics

Twitter has its own analytics tool that is free for all users. It can be a good first step for beginners to understand the performance of their Tweets. It offers you a 28-day summary of your tweet count, engagements, leads, impressions, profile visits, mentions, and much more. You can also check your top followers, top tweets, and top mentions.

Apart from this, the tool also gives you can also gain detailed analytics on your followers based on their demographics, location, behavior, gender, interests, buying styles, etc. Besides, Twitter Analytics also provides you with data on trends, such as trending topics, sports, events, movies, and many more.

The tool also offers Twitter cards that help you richly represent your content on Twitter and track how your cards drive clicks. You can use all the information provided by Twitter Analytics to improve your marketing strategies.



5- Twitonomy:


Twitonomy is a popular Twitter analytics tool that gives you detailed and visual analytics on tweets, retweets, mentions, engagements, leads, and hashtags. It also analyzes your competitor’s account; all you need to do is log in to your account and provide your competitor’s Twitter handle. The tool also provides you with detailed analytics of your followers based on their location, interests, and demographics.

Some of the prominent features of Twitonomy are given below:

  • Track engagements, clicks, and leads
  • Presents information in colorful and easy-to-understand graphs
  • Provides actionable insights on your followers
  • Export the reports to PDF or Excel in just one click

The tool allows you to monitor predefined keywords and provides in-depth analytics of any public Twitter account. Twitonomy is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.


Premium package starts from $20 per month

6- Keyhole:


Keyhole is a live tracking tool for social media accounts trusted by more than 7,000+ popular organizations, including BBC News, Netflix, NBC, WWF, Google, and many more. It allows you to track real-time conversations to improve your Twitter marketing strategies and stay ahead of your competitors. The tool also helps to analyze Twitter campaigns from start to finish to optimize your strategies for better results.

Moreover, it provides you with real-time analytics reports on how your tweets are performing and how much they are generating clicks. Besides, the hashtag and keyword listening feature help to analyze the live industry conversations. The analytics tool offered by Keyhole helps you analyze and optimize your tweet schedule.

Interestingly, Keyhole automatically recommends the optimal time for posting tweets so that they could get maximum engagement from your followers. Additionally, the tool keeps track of your competitors’ activities, growth rates, and engagements. This data will help you to identify tactics that are most effective in your niche and avoid others.


Free trial/ Pricing plan starts from $44 per month

7- Foller. me:

Foller. me

Foller is a powerful Twitter analytics tool that gives you deep insights into any public Twitter profile. The tool helps the users to gather real-time data about topics, hashtags, mentions, followers, demographics, location, and more.

Some of the prominent features of Foller. I include:

  • Provides information on user’s join date, follower ratio, and time zone
  • Details statistical reports on followers, friends, lists, and followers to the following ratio
  • Identify trending topics, mentions, and hashtags
  • In-depth analytics on Tweets, retweets, replies, tags, links, media, etc.
  • Determine the optimal time for Tweets

The tool is best for getting the knowledge of someone’s Twitter account and can be used for basic research on your competitors. It also aids in reviewing your past Twitter activity and identifying engaging content.



8- Hootsuite:


Hootsuite is another powerful Twitter analytics as well as social media management tool. The most remarkable feature of Hootsuite is that it allows you to unite all your social campaigns in a single platform. The tool helps you schedule and publish content at the optimal time, track your campaigns’ performance in real-time, identify top-performing content, monitor engagements, and more.

Following are some of the major benefits of Hootsuite:

  • Manage all your content from a single dashboard
  • Automatically schedule posts to keep your social presence 24/7
  • Easily engage with your customers
  • Create insight metric reports

The tool also helps you create custom reports with the metrics that are most important to you. All this insight data assist you in making data-driven decisions and improving strategies to grow your business efficiently.


30-day free trial/ Basic plan starts from $19 per month

9- Tweepsmap:


Tweepsmap is a unique AI-powered Twitter analytics and management tool that analyzes Twitter accounts and provides actionable insights to save your time and increase audience engagement. The tool comes with a user-friendly dashboard that gives you deep insights into your Tweets, trendy topics, engagements, conversions, followers, and much more to enhance the impact of your publishing.

The tool also helps to analyze your Twitter community and provides you details on your followers based on their gender, demographics, interest, languages, behavior, location, professions, and more. You can also identify your influential followers, measure your campaign’s performance, and track Twitter follower growth.

Besides, Tweetsmap allows you to research any topic via hashtags and keywords. Additionally, you can set a Tweet alert on any topic and get email notifications. The tool also gives you access to information on influencers, partners, competitors, and potential leads.


Free/ Basic plan starts from $14 per month

10- TweetBinder:


TweetBinder is a popular Tweeter analytics tool that offers in-depth analytics reports on your campaign’s data: impact, reach, engagements, leads, and much more. The User Ranking feature of TweetBinder lets you easily detect the most active and engaging accounts. You can also identify most mentioned & retweeted users and evaluate your influencers’ activity.

Moreover, the tool gives you the ability to sort your tweets by any criteria such as accounts, hashtags, mentions, etc. Furthermore, it provides sentiment analysis of the tweets, hashtags, and keywords. Interestingly, you get the online version of your Twitter data reports that can be downloaded and exported as PDF or Excel.


The basic plan starts from $39.99 per month

Final Thoughts:

Well, this is the list of some of the best Tweeter analytics tools that offer deep insights into your Twitter account and provide you with detailed information about your campaign’s performance, number of leads, engagements, clicks, and more. Analysis of these metrics will help you make better future decisions and improve Twitter marketing strategies to enhance engagement, maximize ROI, and grow your business.

Through this article, we tried to explore the best Twitter analytics tools, and we hope you will find them helpful.

If you are a beginner and looking for an easy-to-use, simple, and free analytics tool, Twitter Analytics (Native) is the best choice for you.

For professionals who need Twitter analytics with more advanced features, we recommend trying Circleboom and SproutSocial.

If you are looking for social media tracking and management tool, you might consider trying Keyhole.

But keep in mind that before investing in any premium services of Twitter analytics tools, you should try the free trial offered by the tool, and if it fulfills your requirements, then buy the premium service.

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