How to Delete All Retweets With Retweet Deleter Tool In 2024

How to Delete All Retweets?

Who is unaware of Twitter in this technological age?

I think no one because of its popularity. Twitter is American social networking and microblogging application in which people post and interact with messages known as ‘Tweets’. The users of Twitter, if they are aware of tweets, then they must be aware of Retweets also.

As the prefix Re- means “again’, Retweets are the reposted and forwarded messages on Twitter. Many people confuse a copied tweet with a retweet but they are different. A copied Tweet is the one that ends up on your profile when you copy and paste someone else’s Tweet and post the Tweet on your own account. These copied Tweets are not retweets because retweets are directly reposted and forwarded tweets.

You might be wondering, why is there is a need of Retweets when there are tweets present. So, Retweets are powerful and have a great role in a marketing platform. They make your tweets look like they are loved by everyone and has the ability to get your tweet at the top of any hashtag.

Following are some important reasons why people retweets, maybe you will find yourself in one of the “ways” below:

  • help spread good information to the followers
  • begin a conversation by commenting on someone’s tweet through retweeting
  • agree with someone publicly
  • make others feel your presence
  • make other’s people thoughts valid
  • gain new followers
  • Save tweets for future access

We are all human beings and a change of heart is normal for everyone. Thinking and doing one thing and right after some moments, thinking about other things is something which we all face. If there are no reasons to do something on purpose, we may change our minds anytime.

The same is the case with retweets and then thinking of deleting retweets. Sometimes you feel like you no longer want those retweets to be part of your Twitter timeline or history. If you feel that your retweets are overshadowing your tweets or you find those retweets embarrassing, the best thing you can do is to delete them.

Many people wonder, can they delete their retweets so the answer is yes. A lot of articles are on board to tell you how can you retweet and it’s quite easy but this article is all about how you can delete retweets because apparently there is no such option on Twitter from where you can delete bulk retweets.

Generally, for deleting retweets, you can use and navigate the social platform itself from your mobile device but if you find it less effective and you are not satisfied with the results, you can simply use a third-party tool and I would highly recommend Circleboom.

Circleboom is a Twitter Management tool from which you can, unlike tweets, delete retweets, Delete All Tweets, delete the Twitter archive, auto-tweet, schedule tweets, and finally, helps you to strengthen your social circle, hence a multifunctional tool. Circleboom is also listed #1 best Tweet deleter tool by

You can delete all tweets separately or you can also upload your Twitter archive to delete all retweet history. The following information will help you to know how Circleboom helps you to delete retweets in different ways.

Try Circleboom Deleter Tool For Free

Delete Selected Retweets:

If you want to delete selected retweets and want to see which retweets are to be deleted, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Login to Circleboom and authenticate your Twitter account.
  • Go to the Circleboom menu, click on the ‘drop-icon’ next to “My Tweets”.
  • Select “Delete RTs” and Circleboom will list your last 3200 retweets.
  • Select the retweets you want to delete and click on the red icon in the top left “Delete selected RTs”

Delete Retweets From A Specific Twitter Account:

Circleboom helps you to delete retweets from the Twitter account of a specific person. You have to enter their Twitter handle or name in the grid power search. By doing this, all the retweets from that specific account/person will be filtered by Circleboom.

You can select your desired retweets and delete them. The grid power search can also be used to filter retweets by entering keywords, hashtags, or a specific date.

Delete All Retweets with Twitter Archive:

Apart from selection, if you want to delete All retweets you ever posted on Twitter, Circleboom Twitter archive eraser, makes it easy for you. Download your Twitter archive and upload on Circleboom and follow the steps below:

  • Login to Circleboom and authenticate your Twitter account.
  • Go to the Circleboom menu and click on “My Tweets” and then click “Delete Old Tweets”.
  • You have to upload your Twitter archive when it will direct you to “Upload your Archive”.
  • When the archive is uploaded, check the retweet box and uncheck the options of tweets and replies.
  • Click on “Approve” to delete all the retweets as per the filters selected

Are Deleted Retweets Recoverable?

Once you have deleted retweets, it is impossible for you to recover the deleted ones. There is no backup and an option to restore, so you have to consider the retweets before deleting so that you might not delete the important ones.

Circleboom’s Features Guide for Deleting Retweets:


As you have seen how Circleboom works, have a quick look at the following features  to gain an idea of what Circleboom is capable of while deleting retweets:

  • It can filter and sort your retweets
  • It helps you to delete individual retweets
  • Grid power search helps to find specific tweets and delete your retweets
  • It helps you to delete bulk retweets.

Try Circleboom Retweets Deleter For Free

Final Words:

In a nutshell, deleting retweets is not a problem with Circleboom. You can have an advantage with its wonderful features and can save your time. The task of deleting retweets and other ones can be finished in minutes by using this tool. Hence, Circleboom is a reliable and helpful twitter tool that can be liked by anyone.

Go Ahead, Try it, Signup with Circleboom, Authenticate your Twitter account, and put yourself at ease!!!

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