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How To Build VPN Kill Switch On Macos And Linux In 2024


Being unable to visit some websites or play certain games will make a person download the VPN app so that he can get access to all kinds of material on the internet. There are some websites or apps that are location-specific; those apps or websites will not run where they are prohibited. At that location, people will get the help of a VPN to run those websites or apps. VPN is the app that will help you to get access to the sites that are prohibited in your area. Many people get this assistance even for illegal work. For example, you must know that in some countries, WhatsApp is not allowed, so those people use a VPN whenever they want to use the WhatsApp app. Many other apps are being used in different countries through VPNs, where they are prohibited.

Using a VPN feature, you have to get the internet service at full speed so that there won’t be any interruption in your connection. There is no VPN that will connect or disconnect automatically but there is a specific feature that is known as a VPN kill switch. This feature will allow your VPN to disconnect your device whenever it does not get enough connection service. But this feature is only available if you build it, and for creating this feature, you need to go through a specific process. That process will be discussed in this article. This article will guide you about the VPN kill switch and how you can easily build it.


VPN is a “Virtual Private Network” and it will describe the whole opportunity so that a person can establish a protected network connection while using a public network. VPN is a software that will encrypt your internet traffic and disguise your online identity. With the help of this VPN service, no one will be able to identify your identity, and it will be even more difficult for third parties to track your activities and steal your data. VPN will not just secure your identity. It will also add security to your system whenever they connect to web-based services and sites.

VPN will hide your actual public IP address and tunnel traffic between the user’s device and the remote servers. Some people will only avail this opportunity to avoid being tracked online, and they often use it on public Wi-Fi as those Wi-Fi’s are very easy to hack. In public Wi-Fi, there is a huge chance of being hacked by hackers, so people always go for the VPN service. 

VPN Kill Switch

VPN kill switch is the feature that will automatically disconnect your computer, phone, or whatever device you have connected to the VPN, whenever the connection of the VPN drops.  Whenever the VPN crashes, there is only one thing that will secure your privacy and protect you from any harm that is a kill switch, at that time kill switch will turn off the online traffic to protect your privacy. But it will only perform its function if you activate it before the emergency time. This is the safety measure for the user’s identity protection. The VPN kill switch will help the device to stop talking to the internet so that there won’t be any danger for you. 

Why You Need A VPN Kill Switch?

If you are worried about your identity being exposed to other people while browsing, then the best option is to have the VPN, but when you are choosing the VPN for your use, make sure that the VPN has the VPN kill switch option. As it will protect your identity when the VPN crashes. There is a huge risk of leaking your identity if the connection becomes unstable at that time there will come the VPN kill switch; if you have that, then it will immediately disconnect you from the VPN, but if you don’t have this enabled, it will show your browsing data to all the people. Many people are not evading oppressive governments but taking precautions so that they can protect their online privacy. Those users are at peace of mind just because of the VPN kill switch option. 

Create A VPN Kill Switch In Linux:

As higher authorities like the government and ISPs are taking more interest in browsing data, people are going towards VPNs increasingly as they don’t want anyone to know who they are and what they are browsing on the internet. But what will happen if the connection drops and you don’t know about it? Your identity will immediately shown to the higher authorities without any delay. What will you do at that time? If you are already committed to browsing the web anonymously, setting up a VPN kill switch on your Linux desktop will make sure that your data is encrypted. 

A VPN kill switch is a great opportunity to provide extra security measures, but few VPNs are equipped with a VPN kill switch. If your VPN encounters any issue your privacy or data will not be at risk, your kill switch option will immediately take action to protect your privacy. Let’s find out how you can set up a kill switch in Windows. But before starting, make sure that you are connected to the OpenVPN server of your choice, but you should be connected to a VPN. Now, let’s get to know the process:


1. First of all, run the command prompt with admin rights and select the “Run as administrator” option.

2. Once your OpenVPN connection is established, you have to delete the default route.

Once you have deleted the default route, the command line interface will output “OK!”. this command will delete the default route, and it will make the VPN your only access method to the internet. So, in this way, your internet connection will be cut off when the VPN is inaccessible. The operating system you are using will still stasis until it can access that route again. Let’s suppose you are using an unstable Wi-Fi connection. It is not good to set up an OpenVPN kill switch using this method.

If you want to restore the default settings manually:

  • Go to the Network and sharing center from the settings
  • Click on the change adapter settings

3. You will see the option network adapter, right-click on that option and click on the Disable option.

4. Right-click on the disabled network adapter again and click on the enable option. 

Setup The Open VPN Kill Switch On Macos And Linux

1. first, you have to use the hoist command and get the IP address of the VPN gateway that this kill switch is intended for

2. The Mac VPN provider hostname will be found in the OpenVPN configurations file

3. Get your default gateway connected to the network interface and sub-net of the local network using the route command.

4. Do remember that root access is needed in a Linux OS to use the above command.

5. In the .ovpn configuration file, make some changes. Change the tun device to -dev to in the client configuration file. After that, change the host names to IP addresses for the remote option in the same configuration file.

After these changes, you are set to create the kill switch for your system

1. Use the command-line tool pdf to create the kill switch option of VPN on macOS.

2. But to perform any other operation in your process, get the administrator access with root and sudo 

3. Now edit the configuration of pf. Remember to do this in the terminal window with the configured file’s location.

nano /etc/pf.conf

4. Now you have to block all the internet connection through the ports except the VPN port

5. After doing all this, go to the save option save all the settings, and then close the window.

6. Now, if you want to complete your changes, you will have to import the newly added rules like

 Pfctl – f /etc/pf.conf

7. Now, lastly, you have to turn on the firewall by doing this command

 Pfctl -e

Once you have enabled the pdf, the kill switch will automatically come in. The VPN firewall will keep all your internet connection going through the security provider’s encryption. 


You can create the manual kill switch in two ways in Linux. Let’s see how:


Iptables is the Linux command firewall that will allow us to manage incoming and outgoing internet traffic with built-in rules.  You have to make sure that you have backed up the current iptables rule set first with the help of 

 iptables- save

1. Now you have to create the new shell script that will contain the following rule-set:

iptables – – save

  iptables – – delete- chain

  iptables -t nat – – flush

 iptables -t nat — delete- chain

2. Save the whole created script as iptables-

3. Now it’s time to set the permissions.

   chmod +x iptables –

4. Now execute the script


Using Ufw

Ufw is the default configuration tool of the firewall in ubuntu. With the help of this, you can easily create the IPV4 or IPV6 host-based firewalls.

1. Install the ufw tool with the help of this command

   apt-get install ufw

Now back up your firewall rule set to be on the safe side

2. Add the below command in a new shell script

  ufw — force reset

  ufw default denies incoming

  ufw default outgoing

  ufw allow in on tuno

3. Save the script file as ufw-

4. Set the permissions with chmod

5. Execute the whole script

Now your VPN kill switch is ready to go.


VPN is the tool that will help you to get access to the sites that are prohibited in your area. This tool will help you to hide your IP address so that no one will get to know who is using this browsing data and from where that user is doing it.

But this VPN tool can be harmful sometimes, as when the signals drop, there is a huge chance that your VPN will stop working and will show your identity to the government, which will create a lot of problems for you.

At that point, you will need the VPN kill switch that will immediately disconnect your device whenever there is a signal drop so that there won’t be any chance of leaking out of your identity. In this article, we have shared certain ways with which you can build your kill switch in your device, whether it’s in Windows macOS, or Linux. 


1. How Can I Test The VPN?

To test the kill switch, you have to turn off the engine of the device you want to test. Then disconnect the kill switch wire from the ignition and use the multimeter to test for continuity between the kill switch wire and ground. If there is continuity, it means your kill switch is working properly. 

2. Can I Have A Built-In Kill Switch In My Window?

No, windows do not have any built-in kill switch. Even in VPNs, there are few VPNs that will give you the facility of the kill switch.

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