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Cointraffic Review (2024): Why This is #1 Bitcoin Advertising Network?

Cointraffic Review 2024:

Running a cryptocurrency blog?

Not getting enough earnings from your blog as per your expectations?

Looking for a better ad network?

If yes, then you have come to the right place as Cointraffic would surely take over all your worries as it is the only crypto ad network that promises to support their publishers to generate quite decent revenue from their blog or website.

Let’s have a detailed overview of this stunning Crypto ad network.

Introduction To Cointraffic:

Cointraffic is a popular crypto-advertising network usually known as the Bitcoin advertising network which is based in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It is crypto-ad networks which basically means that it usually approves sites that are relevant to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, etc.

Cointraffic is a little bit strict in reviewing the sites as their first preference is having crypto sites, news, currencies, rate calculators, crypto-currencies blogs, etc.

The approving time for the sites usually take around a maximum of 1 Day. As per the above requirements, Cointraffic displays ads according to the niches but their main focus is on displaying crypto ads since it is a bitcoin advertising network due to which it is famous all over the world.

Cointraffic is a large advertising network having 400+ publishers and 1000+ advertisers which is a quite good amount. Cointraffic has a legitimate list of clients (both publishers and advertisers) who work on this ad network. Some of the most well-known publisher’s sites include,, etc. while on the other hand, the famous client’s sites as advertisers include KuCoin exchange and Paragon, etc.

Cointraffic website

How Cointraffic Ad Network works?

Cointraffic is probably one of the best Ad Network for Small publishers who want to generate good revenue from their blog as it is the only network that helps their publishers to increase their revenues with their amazing ad optimization.

It is the only crypto ad network that drives a large amount of targeted audience through its multiple ads formats such as static banner ads, slide banner ads, sticky footer ads, native ads, mobile banner ads, desktop and mobile Pop-under ads which is another famous ad format used in various famous ad networks.

In addition, to these formats, you can also publish Press Releases coming from the network advertisers to gain additional profit.

Cointraffic Revenue Models:

Unfortunately, Cointraffic doesn’t support CPC models or affiliate programs. Cointraffic revenue models are based on CPM (Cost Per Mile usually known as Cost Per Thousand Impressions) and pop ads only.

But what actually is CPM advertising? Let’s see in detail

What is CPM Advertising:

CPM stands for Cost Per Mile generally means Cost Per Thousand Impressions refers to the cost of displaying an advertisement one thousand times (known as “impressions”). The CPM pricing structure is used for some display ads and is an important metric for businesses that maintain affiliate networks. This means that Cointraffic pays you some amount per thousand impressions. The more are the impressions, the more will be your earnings.

How to get started with Cointraffic?

It’s not a big deal to start working on Cointraffic as it is quite easy to begin. Simply you just need to sign up either as an Advertiser if you want to buy Crypto ads or as a Publisher if you want to sell advertising positions. Cointraffic also offers you with a self-service tool with which anyone can start serving ads or monetize Cryptocurrency website within several minutes.

Creating Campaigns For Advertisers:

Creating a campaign takes three easy steps. By using the Cointraffic self-service tool, you choose one or multiple ad formats, fill out the details asked for the launch and top up the budget. After a quick review by Cointraffic, your advertising campaign will start.

Cointraffic Statistics for Websites:

With the amazing feature of Cointraffic, you can easily check the detailed statistics of your website of how it is performing.

To check your website report, simply open the section of the website of your Cointraffic dashboard, select the website you want to analyze, and proceed to the sub Reports tab where you can easily get a detailed insight of daily impressions for each advertising format.

Cointraffic Ad Formats:

Cointraffic Ad Formats

Coin traffic offers you various ad formats types such as static banner ads, slide banner ads, sticky footer ads, native ads, mobile banner ads, and desktop and mobile Pop-under ads. Following is the list of ad formats with their sizes:

  • Slide Banner ads (300×250)
  • In-page banner ads (728×90, 300×250, 160×600)
  • Premium headers
  • Sticky banner ads
  • Background banner ads
  • Desktop Pop-under ads
  • Mobile Pop-under ads

Slide Banner Ads: In this case, the banner appears in the corner of the screen above the main content instantly attracting the audience’s attention.

In-Page Banner Ads: In-Page banners are placed at the most perfect position coupled with great brand awareness which makes it the best choice for marketing in today’s era.

Premium Headers: As the name signifies, the premium header is another type of banner ad which is situated at the top of the page stretching to the entire width of the user screen.

Sticky Banner Ads: You might have noticed a banner ad that usually appears when the page is loaded and you scroll through the page. This ad doesn’t disappear even while scrolling until you hide them. This type of banner ad is known as sticky banner ads.

Background Banner Ads: Background banner ads are known to be the king of audience generator as they are placed at the left and right side of the page and boost great awareness to your audience.

Desktop Pop-under Ads: This ad format is probably one of the best methods to gain the audience’s attention towards what you’re offering. Whenever the user opens a website, popup ads appear after some seconds and drives your audience to your targeted link.

Pop-under Mobile Ads: The same mechanism which is used for Pop-under desktop ads is being followed by Pop-under mobile ads as it also displays popup ads to seek audience attention when they are active on the site and drives them to the targeted link.

Requirements to Join Cointraffic Ad Network:

Cointraffic For Publishers

Cointraffic is the only crypto ad network that provides the best traffic quality, especially in crypto niche sites. But not everyone can easily join this network as they approve only professional and reputable sites with good quality content. With this kind of strategy, they offer high payment rates to their publishers as well as advertisers.

Following are the minimum requirements to join Cointraffic Ad Network:

  • The site must have good quality content with unique articles and a user-friendly interface.
  • A top-level domain is required
  • The site must be related to crypto-currency niche such as Bitcoin.
  • The site must not contain inappropriate content such as adult content, PTC content, viruses, Proxies, and other illegal content.
  • Your website must have a minimum unique visitor per month rate of 10,000 or above.

Key Features of Cointraffic Ad Network:

  • It is a Crypto Advertising Network known as Bitcoin Advertising Network.
  • Offers different ad format types such as banner, native, press release and pop-under ads.
  • The facility of withdrawing payment as low of only €25.
  • Fast payment processing within 1-2 days of the request.
  • Reporting system enabled.
  • 24/7 support.

Which sites are not approved?

Cointraffic doesn’t approve sites that are not relevant to the crypto-currency market. They straight away reject those applications. So before applying to this ad network, be sure to have a site that is relevant to the cryptocurrency niche.

Pros and Cons of Cointraffic Ad Network:

As we already know that every ad network has its advantages and disadvantages over other ad networks. Some of the pros and cons of Cointraffic are as follows:


  • User-friendly design
  • Impressive client list
  • Personal managers
  • Self-service
  • High CTR
  • Performance control
  • Quick launch of campaigns in less than 5 minutes.
  • A 24/7 support center is available for you if you encounter any issues.
  • Convenient to use.
  • High-quality traffic.
  • Supports multiple ad formats
  • Competitive rates
  • Payment on time with minimum withdrawal option available up to €25.


  • Approval time is usually 1-2 Days.
  • No Referral system is available.

Payment Methods:

Cointraffic payments are done in euros. The payment methods for Cointraffic Ad Network are as below:

  • BTC wallet
  • Bank Transfer

Note: The minimum threshold for the BTC wallet is €25 while if you want to withdraw using the bank transfer method, then the Minimum threshold needed is €300. Cointraffic payments are made in only three working days; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Do I Recommend Cointraffic Ad Network?

The answer is surely yes! But why? Well, compared to other crypto ad networks, Cointraffic is one of the best choices for your website in 2023-2024. It is known as one of the most popular Crypto advertising networks (Bitcoin advertising network). The reason which makes this ad network stand out from other networks is because of its quality.

They approve only the sites which have quality content related to the cryptocurrency market. As a publisher, I would surely advise you to check this stunning bitcoin advertising network which would definitely help you generate massive revenue by implementing its banners and popup ads. 

At we provide Honest and Unique Ad Network Reviews to help you find the best Ad network.

The publishers and Advertisers who have used Cointraffic Bitcoin Ad Network can share their experiences below

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