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15+ Best Free Cell Tracking Apps In 2024 – According to Experts

Free CellPhone Tracker Apps:

A phone tracker app lets you monitor the location of a mobile device. You can use the app to recover your lost or stolen phone or tablet. The app can also be used to keep tabs on your children. You can view the location and other information of the kid’s mobile device including call history, Internet searches, social media messages, and more.

Where technology is what we all see around us, it is hard to stay away from it. In the process of not using too much technology, one might feel abandoned due to the prevalence of its use everywhere. Similarly, when it comes to being ignored or abandoned, kids don’t like that.

This is the reason why they want to be updated and aware of everything that is going around including technology and media. They want to explore everything from using smartphones to using the internet for everything. Little do they know that it all comes with legitimate threats that they are ignoring.

Where parents are still debating on whether to use monitoring and phone call tracker apps for their kids, the kids are doing everything in their abilities to explore the world around them. Though it is a good thing to stay updated and know more about everything around them, the threats must also be taken into notice that can interfere with their physical and mental health. In all the fun and entertainment, kids don’t care about the dangers they are indulging themselves in but being parents, you need to be very well aware of such things.

When using a parental control app, you can make sure that your kids are safe and protected. You can monitor their calls, messages, location, and a lot more. Not only you will get peace of mind, but also you will be able to interfere and guide where you find something wrong. You can observe them from space and see what they are doing instead of asking them about their actions. It is an amazing and authentic way of making sure that your kids are safe.

The Benefits Of Cell Tracker Apps:

Though the idea of confronting your kids with the truth might shake you, if you look at it, you will know how beneficial it is for them to have you on their side. Here are some of the advantages of using a monitoring and phone cell tracker app:

1. Cyberbullying and Predating:

Tracking their activities include tracking their phone calls, messages, social media, and other related things. When we talk about such things, we can’t ignore the influence of digital media threats on kids these days. Calls, messages, and social media are one of the most common means to pursue cyberbullying, predating, blackmailing, and a lot more things. Most of the kids even try to commit suicide when faced with these things.

They can receive threatening calls and messages, or someone might be bothering them on social media. Most of the kids consider them so big or they fear that the facilities will be taken away from them, so they don’t tell their parents. They try to handle this on their own which results in them being trapped in it more and more. But, if you are monitoring them, they won’t need to hide anything from you, and also, nothing will come as a surprise for you. It allows you to make yourself aware of the things that are going on with them instead of being all surprised when you come to know suddenly.

2. Location Tracking:

How many times do you feel afraid when your kids are late for school? Or when they have not come back from their friends’ place? Well, it can happen to the best of us and the tension doesn’t just go away. Many parents have even suffered from anxiety and panic attacks when such a situation arises. But with monitoring and tracking apps, you can be at peace knowing where exactly they are. It gives you the liberty of knowing where they are or if they are facing some issues.

3. Block Inappropriate Sites:

Yes, it is possible to block inappropriate sites from their devices. Every parent is worried about exposure to porn and other filthy content by their kids. Usually, when the kids are given smartphones and internet access, they would like to get access to and search for everything, and that includes these inappropriate sites. You can save them from it by blocking all such sites through the monitoring app you are using. There are a lot of sites that are alluring and attractive but it just doesn’t make any sense to let your innocent kids explore them as it will pollute their minds.

4. Manage Screen time:

Though it doesn’t seem like an issue to many parents, giving your kids a smartphone doesn’t mean that they should be using it the way they want and especially all the time. It can harm their mental and physical health. But, it shouldn’t be the case anymore as you can now manage their screen time as well by the use of parental control app. You can decide when they should turn off their mobile phones and when they should be using them. But it should be according to their understanding as well.



1. Location Tracking: One of the significant benefits of mobile tracker apps is their ability to track the location of a mobile device. This feature can be useful in various situations, such as finding a lost phone or keeping track of your child’s location.

2. Parental Control: Mobile tracker apps can also be used as parental control tools. These apps allow parents to monitor their children’s online activities, including social media usage and website browsing history.

3. Employee Monitoring: Mobile tracker apps can be used by employers to monitor their employees’ mobile phone usage. This can help make sure that company devices are only being used for work-related tasks.

4. Security: Mobile tracker apps can help improve the security of your mobile phone. Some apps can remotely lock or erase data from a lost or stolen device.


1. Privacy Concerns: Mobile tracker apps raise serious privacy concerns because they can be used to track someone’s location and activities without their knowledge or permission.

2. False Sense of Security: Mobile tracker apps can provide a false sense of security, as they may not always be accurate or reliable. Additionally, these apps may not protect your device from all types of threats.

3. Technical Problems: Mobile tracker apps can have technical problems like draining the battery, not working well, or not being compatible with other apps.

15+Best Free Cell Tracker Apps Are Listed Below:

● mSpy
● uMobix
● eyeZye
● SpyBubble
● CocoSpy
● HoverWatch
● GEOfinder
● Where’ my android
● GEO tracker app
● Mobile number tracker pro
● Family orbit
● Kids guard pro
● Snoopza


mSpy is a great parental control and phone tracking app. The app is compatible with all iOS versions and most Android phones. It has a lot of advanced features that are not present in other apps like a key logger, website blocking features, and encrypted data access.

2. uMobix:


uMobix is an advanced cell phone tracker. It has capabilities for monitoring everything happening on your kid’s smartphone or tablet in real time. It supports Android and iOS devices. It can monitor more than 30 social media platforms.

3. EyeZye:


eyeZye does everything you can expect from a feature-heavy cell phone tracker. The app will allow you to track both an Android and iOS device while maintaining its presence hidden from the device owner. It is also incredibly simple to install if you have access to your target device.
Once installed, you will be able to track calls, messages, and online activity in real-time remotely via a dedicated dashboard that is provided to you when creating an eyeZy account. The app will also help you find all files, images, videos, etc. irrespective of where they are located on the device. Furthermore, the app also possesses very reliable GPS location tracking capabilities.

4. SpyBubble:

Spy Bubble

While not exactly free, SpyBubble still delivers on the promise of robust cell phone tracking with a phenomenal, feature-rich platform. This is one of those apps that not only allows you to monitor cell phone activity on target devices but also lets you control certain elements on it.
The software can capture screenshots on the target device and send them to you discreetly. The platform also facilitates accurate GPS tracking. It can accurately pinpoint the location of the target device at all times.



XNSPY is an all-in-one platform that can be used for parental control as well as employee monitoring. It provides real-time updates on the activities.
It contains capabilities like recording in-app screens for all popular Instant Messaging apps. It supports various applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Facebook App, Instagram, Tinder, etc.

6. is a smartphone monitoring app for Parents, Schools, and Businesses. It is undetectable and can provide the live details. With the help of this tool, you can spy on Live GPS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. It can undelete the messages. It offers more than 42 unique features.

7. CocoSpy:


Coco spy may not be free, but it does offer a free demo that allows you to gauge its usability and features. It relays all the information it spies on through a secure channel and presents it to you on a comprehensive web-based visual dashboard.
From here, you can spy on a person’s activity on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. You can also track all incoming and outgoing calls with attached timestamps and also monitor all sent and received messages, even those that have been deleted. Aside from this, the app also allows you to track a phone’s location via SIM card and real-time GPS technology.

8. HoverWatch:


HoverWatch is a free mobile tracker. It lets you sign up for free. It has functionalities for phone history tracking, social media tracking, text tracking, etc.
It offers the free function of a key logger that registers all the keyboard buttons pressed. It is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac OS X. HoverWatch can remain completely invisible.

9. GEOfinder:


GEOfinder is an easy-to-use cell phone number tracker that can precisely pinpoint the location of any phone number on the map, regardless of the mobile network. To track location by phone number, enter the number you wish to track and select the SMS you want to send.
The device owner will then receive an SMS with a special link. By clicking on the link, the device owner essentially shares the phone’s location with you, which you can view in the user space.

10. Where’s my droid:

where is my droid

Where’s My Droid is yet another free Android app that lets you track your device. The app has many useful features apart from phone tracking. The theft detection feature allows you to know if your device has been stolen.
The app available for download from the website has additional features which not available in the one available in Google Play. These include a call log, a hidden icon to prevent uninstallation and call notification features.

11. GEO tracker App:


Geo tracker is a good GPS tracker that is particularly suitable for people who are fans of long-distance travel and action sports. The app displays the location on a map and also shows statistics such as track length, maximum speed, altitude, slope, and other information.
A unique feature of the app is that it supports both Google and Yandex maps. You can switch to the alternative Yandex in trips to Russia and CIS countries as it displays a more detailed app of the region.

12. Mobile Number Tracker Pro:


This is one of the best mobile number tracking apps for Apple iOS devices. The app has a database of several phone numbers from all over the world and sends instant notifications once the cell phone number is tracked. It gives you detailed information for any phone number such as the owner, operator, and network details.
You get better results when the app is installed on the cell phone that you wish to track. However, if the application is not installed, the location of the phone number is displayed on the map. So, if you’re tracking a child, it’s better to install it on their phone. The app also allows you to make calls and send texts.

13. Family Orbit:

Family orbit

Family Orbit is one of the most accurate and reliable tools for tracking the real-time location of a device. It allows you to track a cell phone using a real-time map that shows you where your loved ones are. The app has some fantastic features like the Geofence, which is a virtual boundary that you set up for your child and notifies you whenever the boundary is crossed. Family Orbit also saves the location history of a cell phone, allowing you to see all the places the person you’re tracking has visited.
Besides location tracking, the app also helps you to monitor and control phone activities such as text messages, photos, videos, website browsing, and more, making it a perfect parental control app.

14. Kids guard Pro:

Kids Guard

Kids Guard is progressive mobile tracker software that regularly releases powerful upgrades and supports the newest versions of Android and iOS. This phone spy app offers all the features needed to monitor a target device comprehensively, regardless of the platform.
This app comes with several powerful features that give you the ability to monitor incoming and outgoing calls, and track call logs, texts, browser history, social media, and more. It also comes with a highly accurate GPS location tracker that offers geofencing as well. Other than these, this spy app also offers several remote features such as the ability to take screenshots and photos, and also record phone calls.

15. Snoopza:


Snoopza is yet another great Android phone tracker application. The software allows you to monitor calls and track social media messages. It also has a feature to track Internet and YouTube usage history.


In this article, you should be able to select a cell phone tracker-free app that best suits your requirements. The best parental control and phone tracker apps include Mobile Tracker, FamiSafe, and Snoopza.
If you want a free GPS tracker to monitor your employees and fleet, you can use the free Phone GPS Tracker and GPS Phone Tracker & Mileage Tracker app that is compatible with most Android devices. Travel buffs who want to track the distance traveled during a trip can use the Geo Tracker app.

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