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Perform[cb] Review – The #1 CPA Network in 2024

Perform[cb] Review 2023:

Are you looking for the best affiliate network to acquire new customers and maximize ROI?

Do you want to promote your brand and generate more revenue?

You have come to the right place, as today we are going to explore one of the world-leading affiliate networks.

We know that CPA networks play an important role in the success of any business. However, the online market is flooded with a plethora of available affiliate networks, and choosing the right one is quite difficult. But you don’t need to worry because Perform[cb] can solve your affiliate problems and make things easier for you.

In this review, we will dive deep into the details of this amazing affiliate network and explore its features.

Here is the comprehensive review of Perform[cb] affiliate network.


Perform[cb] is the world-leading affiliate network that has been voted as the #1 CPA network by since 2018, and has more than 20 years of affiliate marketing experience. The platform takes pride in more than 1M+ monthly conversions, 300+ Brand and Agency partnerships, and 97% customer retention. Some of the biggest partners of Perform[cb] include eharmony, HBO, FANDUEL, McAfee, Nextdoor, Redfin, and many more.

The platform focuses on performance marketing and offers a wide range of performance-based solutions for modern marketers. They grant their affiliates access to a huge pool of advertisers and marketers, a wide array of top-performing campaigns, and built-in patent-pending technology.

PerformCB Home

Moreover, they offer a broad range of revenue-generating models, including CPA (Cost-Per-Action), CPC (Cost-Per-Click), CPE (Cost-Per-Engagement), CPI (Cost-Per-Install), CPL (Cost-Per-Lead), CPS (Cost-Per-Sale), Pay-Per-Call, and OTT.

Furthermore, it helps advertisers and marketers reach a large number of targeted audiences and maximize return on investment (ROI). Besides, it also enables affiliates and publishers to promote campaigns and generate huge revenue.

Some of the unique features of Perform[cb] include customer acquisition, strategic program launches, experienced account managers, brand protection & compliance, curated program recruitment, advanced analytics, and much more. Additionally, the platform offers services in various verticals, such as Finance, Downloads & Software, eCommerce, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Health & Beauty, etc.

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Perform[cb] for Advertisers:

Perform[cb] offers various performance marketing programs to provide high-quality, scalable, and consistent traffic for advertisers and marketers. They are specialized in generating high volumes of quality customer acquisitions via exclusive affiliate channels on native, social, mobile, email, SMS, contextual, and search placements.

Some of the services offered by Perform[cb] for advertisers are given below:

1- Collaboration:

Perform[cb] provides you industry insights and different marketing practices to make your digital advertising more effective. They help you develop various strategies for campaigns and set up your campaigns, plus provide competitive analysis to identify short and long-term goals for your business.

Moreover, they connect advertisers/marketers with top affiliates and publishers to reach a wide range of audiences. Perform[cb] also ensures that engagement and scale are aligned to gather more customers and maintain lifetime users.

2- Technology:

Technology can make or break any advertising plan; therefore, Perform[cb] offers advanced patent-pending technology with unique features like customized dashboards, real-time tracking and reporting, budget management & rotation, proactive fraud management, and SmartLink technology. Launched in 2015, this cutting-edge patent-pending technology was custom built-in by industry veterans and was named PerformLEAPTM.

Following are some of the unique features of this amazing technology:

  • Analytics: PerformLEAPTM Marketing UI offers an easy-to-use custom dashboard and real-time reporting tool to make sure that their affiliate partners are hitting marketers’ KPIs. This Marketer UI enables marketers to make granular or global adjustments to payouts or traffic via the dashboard. It provides in-depth analytics on the performance of campaigns, number of visitors, leads, engagements, conversions, and much more.
  • Optimizations: PerformLEAPTM, with the aid of unique predictive algorithms and machine learning technology, implements real-time optimizations to primary engagement and monetization events.
  • Targeting: For effectively targeting an engaging audience, PerformLEAPTM offers various targeting techniques, including Enhance Targeting and Offer Segmentation. These tools help marketers to generate lead ratings and maximize ROI.     

3- Compliance:

Perform[cb] assigns Compliance Associates to each of their marketer accounts to ensure brand protection. They take an audit-level approach to compliance and review affiliate partners’’ marketing materials pre-launch based on periodic scheduling. The Compliance team first reviews offer-specific applications of affiliate partners who apply to run their campaigns and then approve on an individual basis.

4- Results:

One of the main reasons that make Perform[cb] the #1 CPA affiliate network is that it ensures the best results and gives the marketer the ability to price traffic to align with customer lifetime value, target their valuable customers, and drive cost-effective and high-volume customer acquisitions.  The proprietary integrated platform of Perform[cb] supports businesses of any size and offers various traffic channels to any advertising and performance marketing needs.

Perform[cb] for Affiliates:

With Perform[cb], affiliates can get access to hundreds of marketers & advertisers, tones of top-performing campaigns, built-in patent-pending technology, and much more. The platform offers services in 100+ verticals, including Financial, eCommerce, Health & Beauty, Downloads & Software, Entertainment & Lifestyle, etc. they offer best marketing practices and insights to take your affiliate marketing to the next level. They also offer flexible payment options for you to stay in action. Moreover, they offer advanced AI technology that helps to maximize the campaign performance of their affiliate partners via tracking links, impression tracking, offer formats, and more.

Some additional benefits of Perform[cb] for affiliates are given below:

1- Efficiency:

The Weighted Distribution feature offered by the platform enables affiliates to have better control and be more precise with their targeted traffic. This feature automates the managing of various factors, including conversion/revenue cap, campaign performance, geo-targeting, and more. This feature allows affiliates to focus more on profitability rather than the mechanics of pixel placements and filling inventory.

2- AI Optimizations:

The major benefit of AI optimization is analyzing historical performance records, leveraging social learning, and recognizing data trends in various branches of high-performance traffic. The AI performs real-time analysis of terabytes of data and then makes real-time data-driven decisions for each unique user. The Perform[cb] AI technology provides a 36% lift in EPC for their affiliate partners.

3- PerformPRIORITY:

PerformPRIORITY allows affiliate partners to choose their top priority offers and also ensure 100% of traffic is routed towards their selected offers. Moreover, for smart and automated redirection, affiliates can designate their second priority offers. You can also place several offers in the same Priority Group, and the system will decide which one to be used based on availability and performance. Furthermore, PerformPRIORITY can also automate image and brand rotation so that the image of the product or brand name that appears on your affiliate lander is similar to the end offer. Additionally, it also shows the correct creativity to the unique visitor based on the demographics and historical actions of users.

4- Targeting:

In addition, to Offer Groups and Offer rotation (mentioned above), the platform also offers some great targeting tools, including Enhanced Targeting and Offer Segmentation. These advanced features allow you to target huge traffic to yield the highest customer lifetime value. It also enables affiliate partners to create a feedback loop via segmenting their traffic with a large number of fields, such as device type, traffic channel, day-of-week, and more. All of these tools help the affiliates to improve and monetize their traffic.

Additional Features of Perform[cb]:


PerformSHIELDTM, launched in 2019, is a proprietary fraud-fighting software offered by Perform[cb] that protects brands and marketers via a custom-designed suite of advanced tools that performs real-time analysis of traffic and post-processing. The shield uses continuously changing algorithms based on complex machine learning recognition patterns. This protective shield protects marketers from any suspicious activity before reaching their site.

Data Analysis:

Perform[cb]  constantly completes more than 3,500 systemic audits/month to enforce their compliance policies. The deep data analysis conducted by their experienced team helps to spot any fraudulent or suspicious traffic patterns with customized traffic alerts, triggers, and suspension.


The platform ensures the highest level of brand protection by offering pre-payment validation with a sophisticated fraud-detection review of every affiliate partner before their first payment. It also integrates with AppsFlyer’s Protect 360, Optizmo, and Forensiq to provide more insight into traffic sources.


Perform[cb] offers guides on everything related to affiliate marketing, including how CPA marketing works, how to select your pricing model, what are the ultimate customer acquisition strategies, how to choose an affiliate network, how to measure your success, and much more. Along with this, the platform also publishes all the case studies of top affiliate marketers and brands to help you get the idea of what worked for them, what hurdles they faced, and how Perform[cb] helped them in achieving their business goals.

24/7 Support:

Perform[cb]  offers complete customer support. Their dedicated account manager helps you choose the best affiliate partner for marketers. Many of their account managers have years of experience in working with marketers. They also help you develop various marketing strategies, making effective campaigns, and more. Besides, they will assist in managing your account and campaigns.

Perform[cb] Agency:

The platform offers a premium affiliate marketing agency to launch, manage, and scale affiliate marketing programs that drive conversions and sales via performance-based strategies. Unlike other affiliate marketing agencies, Perform[cb] provides various services that are customizable to your brand needs. They help brands in every stage of their voyage, from launching a new app to incrementally growing an eCommerce brand affiliate program. Perform[cb] grew client sales on average: 105% (first 3 months), 146% (6 months), 289% (first year).

Some of the services offered by Perform[cb]  Agency are given below:

  • PerformONE: They will manage affiliate research, onboarding, outreach, and ongoing performance to drive sales for your brand via content, search, deal, loyalty, retargeting, and cart abandonment.
  • PerformMEDIA: Handles all aspects of your mobile and desktop marketing strategy. They also identify and foster publisher relationships, execute IOs, develop a strategic placement level plan, provide analysis, troubleshoot, and FTC monitoring.
  • PerformMobile: Provide access to leading mobile publishers, plus constant optimization, coordination of post-install events, and fraud-protection.

Pros and Cons of Perform[cb]:


  • #1 CPA affiliate network
  • 20+ years of experience in affiliate marketing
  • High customer acquisition
  • Advanced patent-pending technology
  • Strategic program launches
  • A wide range of pricing models
  • Offers services in more than 100 verticals
  • Curated program recruitment
  • Brand protection and compliance
  • Affiliate program audit
  • Performance media and distribution strategy
  • Consolidated management
  • ROI optimizations
  • High-quality traffic worldwide
  • Experienced account managers
  • Unique fraud-fighting software
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools
  • Enhanced targeting
  • AI-powered and machine learning technology for data analysis
  • Step-by-step guides for beginners
  • 24/7/365 customer support


  • No cons

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Perform[cb] Details:

  • Name: Perform[cb]
  • Founded: 2002
  • Number of Employees: 135+
  • Languages Supported: English, Russian
  • Office: 401 N. Cattlemen Rd. Ste. 200, Sarasota, FL, 24232, USA
  • Phone: +1 866-867-6333
  • Website:

Perform[cb] Payment Details:

  • Offer Types: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPE, CPS, CPC, Pay-Per-Call, and OTT.
  • Minimum Payment: No
  • Payment Frequency:  NET7 (Weekly) to those who qualify.
  • Payment Method:  ACH, WIRE, PayPal, Capitalist, Payoneer, and Paxum

Do we Recommend Perform[cb]?

Yes, we do recommend Perform[cb]  because it is the number 1 CPA affiliate network worldwide. The platform offers a variety of services to maximize ROI and grow your business. It provides various performance marketing solutions to reach a wide range of audiences, boost engagements, increase conversions, and drive sales.

The advanced patent-pending technology, unique fraud-detection software, enhanced tracking & targeting, excellent analytics, and other features make Perform[cb] one of the best affiliate networks for marketers and affiliates. Through this article, we have tried our best to provide you the detailed information related to Perform[cb], and we hope that you will find it helpful.

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