PQ Hosting Review: Is it best for 2024?

Are you in search of a good web hosting server for your website? Are you confused that which web hosting service is the best among all? Then there is no need to be worried anymore. Because here we have the best solution for your problem. Which is the name ‘PQ Hosting’ service. If you are hearing this name for the first time, this article will clear all of your ambiguities.

Well, there are more than 300,000 web hosting companies in the world. That are providing their services to billions of users all across the Globe. However, not every company is available in all countries of the world. Besides this, you cannot search each and every company separately. Hence, we thought to give you a name before you go out for searching some.

What is Web Hosting and How it Works?

A web hosting service is one that provides a platform for clients’ websites to be easily accessed on the internet around the globe. It also assists in the creation and maintenance of websites. It also makes significant contributions to the storage and distribution of website files, databases, and so on.

Moreover, if I talk about the working of Web Hosting service. It is actually a space that allows you to save all of your necessary data that is required for a website to work in the most efficient manner. This whole system works like there is a web host server that has stored all of your files. So, when any users visit your website through their browser. The web host server will provide all the required files to load your website in an efficient manner.

Types of Web hosting:

There are various forms of web hosting, each catering to a distinct set of requirements and budgets.

  1. VPS
  2. VDS
  • VPS:

VPS stands for virtual private server. A VPS provides rental virtual space to hosting websites and apps with advanced access than a typical shared server. It’s a highly private server that does not share resources hence avoids hogging and slowing down the server.

  •  VDS:

VDS stands for virtual dedicated server. A VDS server provides an isolated system that avoids sharing of resources, too. It helps in the smooth performance of hosting a website or processing power with a lot of flexibility and customization processes.

Pq Hosting Review:

Pq Hosting Review

Try PQ Hosting

PQ hosting stands for Perfect Quality Hosting.

PQ hosting is a hosting service that is responsible for supplying its customers with top-notch hosting services. The company was established in 2019 by Ivan Neculiti, who is the mastermind behind all the success. The company is also a member of RIPE, the global network of internet registrars. It has a big clientele of around 30,000 people.

The company strives to give the best and most timely services possible. Employees are highly proficient individuals who strive for perfection in their support service duties.

PQ hosting is well-known for its fast and effective service, taking approximately 30 minutes to attend to any of their clients’ requests at any time of day.

Pq Hosting Details:

Hosting Locations: the Netherlands, Russia, USA, Latvia, Moldova, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Serbia and more.

  • Specialty: Premium web hosting
  • Monthly Starting Price: 4.77 euro
  • Head office: Moldova, Europe.

Features Of Pq Hosting:

PQ Hosting has very beneficial features that every other person wants in his web hosting company. Among these, we are listing some important of them below.


The very first and most beneficial feature of PQ Hosting is its amazing port speed. PQ Hosting provides its users with a huge port speed of 1 Gbps which is quite amazing. In case you are not sure what port speed is and why it is important. Port speed is actually the speed of web hosting service through which it transmits the data in second. And having 1 Gbps speed shows that PQ Hosting transmits almost data of weightage 1Gbps which is quite huge.

Amount of Traffic:

Another amazing feature of PQ Hosting is it provides you server quickly after the placement of order. That is you can have your order ready just in 15 min once you have placed your order. As we are all aware no one wants to wait for hours for their sever after they habe placed their order and in this regard PQ Hosting provides one of the quickest services compared to its other competitors.

Availability of Server:

The next most beneficial feature of PQ Hosting is providing unlimited traffic to their clients, which is also very interesting. As we know, without optimum traffic a web hosting service is of no use. Because maximum traffic means maximum number of visitors on your website. And through PQ Hosting you will be able to have unlimited amount of traffic on your website. Isn’t it cool?

Customer Support:

Another one of the best features of PQ Hosting is its wonderful support for their clients. In all honesty, we all want a trustworthy hosting service which always helps us more efficiently at time of need. And in this regard PQ hosting offers its services 24 hours a day for 7 days of the week. That is very impressive. In short, if you are looking for such web hosting service which is present anytime anywhere for their clients, then PQ Hosting is definitely the right choice for you in all aspects.


The next most amazing feature of PQ Hosting is their quality service in a very short time, just as the name suggests. As we know, besides speed the quality of the service of any web hosting company really matters. And for this purpose, PQ Hosting uses their own high in quality equipment. Moreover, their software is also licensed with a number of choices according to the preferences of their clients.


 The PQ Hosting service has come up with a very decent pricing plan for their clients. You can choose from among these plans according to your requirements.

The first plan comes with 1 GB RAM and 25 GB  NVMe disks. This plan will only cost you only 4.77€ per month.

The second plan will provide you with 2 GB RAM, and a 40 GB NVMe disk. And this plan will cost you around 5.27€ per month.

Payment Method:

And lastly, before choosing any web hosting service one should always be aware of the payment method which is supported by that service. And in the case of PQ Hosting, you will be happy to know that it supports many payment options. As we know not every payment service is available in every country. But if you choose this service, then you can choose from multiple payment methods according to your ease.

PQ Hosting supports a number of payment methods including G Pay, Apple Pay, Bank transfer, Visa, Master card, PayPal, Beeline, Samsung Pay and much more. Apart from this, you can transfer money in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and many more.

Pros Of Pq Hosting:

  1. Reliable
  2. Maximum protection
  3. Optimized speed
  4. Unlimited traffic accommodation
  5. Free website migration
  6. Great customer support
  7. Virtual services

1. Reliable:

 PQ hosting provides great reliability, with an impressive uptime that ensures clients’ website is always accessible to users. This high uptime ensures a smooth online experience for clients, improving the overall performance and credibility of clients’ website.

2. Maximum Protection:

PQ hosting maximizes protection of websites by considerably improving their security posture and safeguarding them from a wide range of vulnerabilities, including the serious danger of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) assaults. Web hosting services establish a guarded environment through advanced security measures and special facilities assisting websites in remaining resilient in the face of potential cyber threats, downtime, and other dangers connected with DDoS attacks.

3. Optimized Speed:

The web hosting system is optimized for maximum speed, and this factor plays an important role in maintaining a consistent user experience, making it a key component of hosting performance.

3. Unlimited Traffic Accommodation:

PQ hosting services aim to handle unlimited traffic with no limitations. Clients’ websites can grow easily to accommodate as much traffic as they receive, delivering a smooth experience for users even during peak periods.

4. Free Website Migration:

PQ hosting services provides a free website migration for anyone who already has a website hosted with another server.

5. Great Customer Support:

PQ hosting service’s customer service is outstanding and truly stands out. The employee team is a group of perfectionists that are always ready for service and go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Their dedication to delivering excellent support significantly improves the entire hosting experience.

6. Virtual Services:

PQ hosting service provides virtual services, allowing users to take advantage of virtualization technology for their web-based needs. Users can gain access to a number of virtual services personalized to their specific needs through PQ hosting, resulting in a flexible and responsive environment for managing websites and applications.

Cons of Pq Hosting:

Quality Can Be Improved:

PQ hosting is thriving to provide the perfect service to its customers, however the quality can be ameliorated and improved in many ways.

Why Pq Hosting:

PQ hosting is a broadly distributed hosting provider with data centers in over 30 locations worldwide, including Russia, the United States, and Canada.

It has extremely low monthly charges. The smallest package starts at 4.77 euros per month.

The employee group is constantly aiming to give clients the most timely and efficient service possible. The company’s goal is to make clients’ servers perfect, and they are doing everything feasible and difficult to achieve this goal.

The PQ professionals are industry veterans who have extensive experience in hosting services. PQ work environment is more than just a job for the people who work there; it has become the work of their lives that they are most passionate about.

In A Nutshell:

As it is quite obvious that choosing a web hosting service is not a easy task. Because there are already multiple choices in the market. However, with little guidance you can choose the right one for you. In case you are not sure what kind of web hosting service is right for you. Then read this article with full concentration. Because here you will have insight into all the features of PQ Hosting.

Hopefully after having the details of PQ Hosting. You will go for their services for your website. As this hosting service provides the best quality services at a very reasonable price in more than 30 countries of the world with multiple payment methods. And, without any doubt this PQ hosting is one of the best hosting services in major countries of the world.


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