Rebar Tech Review 2023- Is It Best Recurring Billing Software?

Technology has changed the way of humans work. There was a time when organizations have to hire a lot of workforces to manage different departments like reading mail, receiving mails, writing emails, sending emails. There was a time when companies had to hire personnel to safeguard their ledgers, books, and accounts books. That’s was old days nowadays afore mention working can be done by a simple system integration services which are clicks away. But before that click, many questions arise like

Who To Trust?

Which is the best Technology solution Company?

Will our requirements be fulfilled?

All your prayers are answered because Rebar Technology Solutions is here.

In this article, we will review Rebar Technology Solutions.

Why Rebar Technology Solutions?

In technological solutions, many companies are competing against each other and providing good service. Still, the cause of selecting rebar tech is their “out of the box” thinking and customer satisfaction at the forefront. As the merchants are seeking system integration services to customizes and integrate solutions according to their needs. Rebar has become a flag-ship company in providing those solutions with their cloud-native tech that provide simplified integrations and advanced scalability.

About REBAR Technology:

Rebar Tech


Rebar Technology Solutions is an American-based company providing expert consultancy to design, build, operate applications and integrations that effectively solve each business’s unique requirements. Rebar has offices in Nashville and Chicago but serves its clients domestically and globally. Rebar has a parent company named W. Capra Consulting Group and a professional services firm focused on delivering technological solutions based in Nashville & Chicago. W.Capra Consulting Group has been delivering solutions for fortune 100+ clients across the globe since 2000.

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Services At Rebar:

Subscription Software Management:

At Rebar, customer ease is a top priority, as, through their subscription systems, they lessen the pain of arranging and handling subscription systems and multiple vendors. With the Consultations of the client, the company creates a plan for billing that resolves all customer’s personals and professionals’ needs.

To create such a plan, sometimes integrate the internal system, third-party tech subscription solutions, or Rebar-managed microservices. This combination aims to design the best tech-savvy, possible user-friendly, and consumer experience ecosystem.

Recurring Billing Software Integration:

Many organizations step up their game and require internal and vendor-supported architecture, which becomes complicated.  This creates trials for technical experts to scale billing operations, deal with clients and design appropriate analytics.

Rebar’s strong point is consultation, clarification, and support needed by the client to deal with the subscription’s solution. Their technical team works harder for the billing software integration. That billing may be Stripe, Braintree/PayPal, Vindicia, Recurly, Aria, Chargify, and others. Rebar’s tech team is fully equipped with the expertise and technicalities to deal with all kinds of platform integrations.

Payment Gateway Implementation & Optimization:

A payment gateway is a service that enables, authorizes, and conducts payment processing for online and brick-and-mortar businesses. A gateway serves as the medium or gateway to enable the transaction flow between customers and dealers. The information is interconnected to the subscription payment processor (or existing payment processor), network, bank, and back.

Rebar’s payment gateway integration services emphasize designing the essential networks with the preferred payment partner of the client. Rebar integrating team has experience with many gateways as they have completed integrations with the largest gateways and payment merchant processors for their clients. Not only that, but rebar can design the essential guidelines to manage transactions, currencies, and in-country rules with each payment processing platform at the request of their esteemed clients.

Rebar’s technical expert professionals has instigated payments optimization logic to permit active routing capabilities which help clients in reducing total cost of acceptance. Rebar’s applications are designed in such a way that they can connect to the gateways and make the most sense for subscription business for the client.

User Experience & Self-Service Portal Development

Esteemed organizations worldwide always look for rich user interfaces that assimilate with existing systems so that they can quickly launch to the market. As of today, many third-party platforms do not offer the level customization and configuration which is necessary to enable these user experiences.

Other Subscription organizations want to guarantee the customer checkout and self-care experience assimilates with their existing systems. So that the customer manages their subscription, buy new products, see billing history, and update their transaction method in a clean, seamless manner. But Rebar recognizes client’s portals are more than just a simple user interface.

As, it emphasizes on ensuring systems link together to safeguard everything that is already in place and add layers on top to grow client’s business.

Recurring Billing & Invoice Middleware

While using SaaS billing platforms performing custom integrations, clients often face long lead times and high prices. But Rebar tech refers to companies to make this verdict and can lessen costs and time by designing the necessary middleware so that systems work together.

As mid-range companies and large-scale enterprise companies keeping technological advancement with them looks to add subscription services for their products, Rebar tech’s team offers solution to link various systems with the compulsory data to confirm operational efficiency.

Not only that, but Rebar tech also provides consultancy in accounting to CRM, as it is one of the top and best system integrator companies in the country, which maps out the countless linking points and ensures to put in the essential middleware or APIs to connect all systems.

Custom Insights & Dashboards

Rebar’s also offers data insight. The data insights team review client’s architecture and subscription applications to support in designing the essential insights that clinks the data from internal systems and third-party platforms. Their goal is to make this top subscription-management software for all business groups in spite of the range.

For which they work with sales, marketing, finance, operations, and others to comprehend the key data points required and design active, real time dashboards and reporting to help manage the business.

Rebar works with different parties to create dashboards and reports that showcase accurate and correct metrics in a clear and simple manner. Working with others is necessary because merging various data aspects can be challenging for subscription management providers.

Our Teams Focus On The:

  • Ability to quickly develop and deploy using the latest technology solutions
  • Provide insights from real time data to shape business decisions
  • Deliver company specific metrics that out of the box platforms cannot address

Project Management Consulting

One of the best strength Rebar team has is its project managers, who are experts immensely talented and fully equipped with market-oriented knowledge, they are industry experts for subscription billing platforms and payment integrations.

Rebar’s project managers can balance and streamline the necessities of the subscription and payment projects, dropping the required time and price to completion. They follow a tried and tested method to cope all projects associated to expenditures and subscriptions. The first step in the process is to engage with the esteemed customers and comprehend prospects.

Then team manage a session with the client to discover and establishes the essential parts, tasks, and timeline. Rebar tech’s fine and persistent experts can lead the effort or partner with the client organization to manage the entire project or specific workstreams with zeal and zest. They will provide the best result one can offer.

Security & Compliance:

One of the main burning issues of today’s digital world. As, more and more companies are moving towards the cloud, more data is vulnerable to breaches than ever before. Good thing Rebar Tech helps keep their client’s delicate data safe throughout its life cycle.

They deliver industries with data security with the best practices to safeguard confidential, personal information associated to payments (PCI), personally identifiable information (PII), and regulatory information is kept safe without any effect to day-to-day business of the client. Subscription management security architecture design is the basis for safeguarding the client’s organization’s environment protection.

They have planned, designed, tested, and created architectures for different organizations. They have worked with different organizations of the different field to ensure there data’s safety through Rebar’s tailored structure with specific compliance, enhancement, or regulatory requirements. Rebar’s technical team is highly skilled, fully trained with security measurements with the technical knowledge of managing security and compliance for all payment and data-related projects. They ensure the best security for the clients data and provide the best services.

Managed Subscription Services:

The Leverage Rebar Tech have over there competitors is their team, either of subscription billing experts, delivery managers, developers, or analysts, they ensure daily payment processes are up and running efficiently. One more positive point Rebar Tech has is that Rebar’s subscription software management technology can be custom deployed to meet all of the subscription lifecycle management needs, including, but not limited to, recurring billing, payment tokenization, advanced routing, and recycling strategies, and reporting.

This method is an efficient means to outsource the administration and technology for the subscription billing systems and operations. Service is fixated to deliver substantial cost savings such as staffing operations, managing support, card tokenization services, increased collection rates, automation of chargeback dispute process, reporting, and payment routing (uptime and least cost routing). They will manage all with any delay all you need is to hire them.

Rebar’s Approach:

Customer Management:

Rebar’s customer support always priorities their customers’ needs and priorities. Customer satisfaction is necessary for the company. Not only customer checkout, customer inquiries, payment management, billing but Rebar priorities customer satisfaction upfront. As they are managing all the financial dealings of the customers. They believe in building trust, and working around that trust is their strength.

Relationships & Experiences:

At Rebar, teams have worked with clients across several industries and traders representing all facets of processes. Their method has been improving constantly as they are stepping up by solution developing day by day for their customers either in their demand or on the market demand.

Due to this they have built a relationship with fortune 100+ clients and has maintained this relationship over the years seemingly clients are quite comfortable with Rebar Tech and their experiences while working are good because not only Rebar is providing a technological solution but Security and compliance for their data which is the first requirement of the industry.


Mid-range to enterprise-level membership and subscription management software needs the capability to scale across diverse business units, numerous geographies, different subscription plans, and integration to company systems. Rebar billing platforms and solutions are ready to handle simple and complex business requirements. They charge for what they provide, the best services.


Rebar Technology provides many services to get the pricing then feel free to contact at


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Before writing this article, we have searched many companies, but overall reviews were not good but REBAR Tech’s client’s reviews were solid. They have explained the working experience with them and showed great faith in them. During the research, we have concluded that Rebar Technology is the best solution provider company. Their teams are professionals, supportive, and fully equipped. We highly recommend their services.

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