TV Wall Mount vs Entertainment Center: Which One Is Better In 2023?

TV Wall Mount vs Entertainment Center:

When you decide to buy a TV, you must decide on how you intend to mount it. Do you want to go with the everyday TV mount? Or would you prefer to have an entertainment center?

Many people find it challenging to make the right choice, so in this article, you will learn what each of these options has to offer, and situations when they become the better alternative.

TV Wall Mount:

The second option on our list is the TV mount like you find on These are easy to use and are usually not as expensive as the entertainment center. You should know that they also come with less functionality.

Pros of the TV Mount:

Safe for Kids

If you want to avoid any accidents in the home, then having a TV mount is your safest option. There is no possibility of furniture falling on the kids, and the TV won’t get damaged by falling over when hit.

Excellent Mobility

If you want an option that lets you adjust the viewing angle and height of your TV with ease, then you should get a TV mount. You can get either a full-motion mount or tilting mount depending on your needs.

Useful with an Entertainment Center

If you already have an entertainment center, it doesn’t stop you from getting a TV mount. Since you can adjust the viewing height and angle, it doesn’t limit your choices of the type of furniture you want in your home.

Modern and Minimalistic Look

Choosing to go minimalistic in your design is usually excellent, and a TV mount can give you the support you need. It helps you conserve your space and can fit into any room.

Disadvantages of a TV Mount

Cable Clutter

When you use a TV mount, your cables may become an issue. Since these mounts don’t have any feature to hide your cable, you may need to incur additional expenses getting a professional to help.

Lack of Storage

This also creates additional expense. On the plus side, it allows you to choose a storage that complements your interior décor. You can go with a floating shelf, vintage dresser, surfboard bench, or industrial locker.

Entertainment Center

The entertainment center is usually the focal point of many homes. It is what many people use, so they are most likely going to stick to it when they purchase a new TV. The entertainment center serves as a hub for various items.

It houses the television console, books, and art. It also provides storage space and space for mounting art. The addition of other elements to the entertainment system makes it visually appealing to anyone that steps into the room.

There are several pros to the entertainment center, but it also has several cons. Understanding what you stand to gain, as well as the things you have to deal with will help you make the right choice.

Benefits of the Entertainment Center:

Visual Appeal

One of the key benefits of an entertainment center is its visual appeal. You can use them to show off your style and make a statement with your home design. They offer design flexibility that makes it easy to match them with the design of your home.

If you want a contemporary or vintage design, you can find an entertainment center to match. You also have the option to make it look like a built-in part of the home.

Storage Space

One thing to note about entertainment centers is that you can buy them in different sizes. Most of them are usually large. This size gives users access to lots of storage space.

You can decide to arrange your books in one area of the entertainment center. This not only eliminates the need for an additional bookshelf but also provides a stylish display of gradients or blocks of color.

Video game consoles, speakers, DVDs, and controllers also find a place to hide in the entertainment center. Many of these centers usually offer excellent ventilation so you can keep most devices out of sight.


With every electrical device within the same area, you don’t need to look too far when you need to switch from your video game to a DVD player. Everything can be set up without having to deal with issues of cables causing clutter.

You have a place to mount your TV, storage space, bookshelf, and display for your photo frames and art all in one furniture.


It Gathers Dust Underneath

Cleaning beneath an entertainment system can be tricky since it isn’t usually visible. This gives room for dust to gather, and you may find some kid’s toys here. Sweeping or vacuuming underneath the entertainment system can be very stressful.

For many individuals, purchasing a robot vacuum is usually the best option.

Possibility of Tip-Over

Although entertainment centers have a sturdy design, it is typical for them to tip-over. This is the case if you have an entertainment system that doesn’t use any form of the fastener to secure it to the wall.

If you have a toddler in the home, you may find them climbing onto the entertainment center, which can be dangerous. To avoid accidents in the house, you must fasten the entertainment center to the wall.

Not Suitable for All Homes

Entertainment centers are usually large pieces of furniture. This means you can only get the best out of these centers if you have enough space in your home. For people with limited space, using an entertainment center isn’t a good idea.

If you’re thinking of putting one in your bedroom or cramped space, then forget about it. You should have a dedicated TV wall in your living room if you want to get the best out of an entertainment center.

Viewing Angle and Height

The design of an entertainment center usually results in a fixed height and viewing angle. To increase the height of the entertainment center, you will need to add a base which can make it less stable. This solution is unsafe.

If you decide to mount the TV on the wall, the entertainment center may limit the functionality of the swivel mount.

When Should You Pick an Entertainment Center or TV Mount?

For individuals with enough space in a room and an entire wall to spare, then an entertainment center is an excellent choice. It is also an excellent option for anyone that needs lots of storage space.

If you have toddlers or pets running around your home, then you should consider getting a TV mount. This option is also suitable for individuals that don’t need extra storage or lack space for additional furniture in the home. Other things to consider when picking the TV mount include the ease of adjustment and placement of the TV.

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