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VCPowerPack Review (2024): The Best Ultimate Product Configuration Tool

VCPowerPack Review 2024:

When running a product manufacturing enterprise, you must be familiar with the struggle of managing every step. Moreover, the operations within the supply chain are bound to somehow go wrong! The effort to maintain products that still meet the needs of consumers remains a challenge for many entrepreneurs. The management of product configuration and calculation is a hassle, where one has to hire numerous employees just to maintain these operations. Of course, a lot of enterprises utilize software and various tools to help with these operations. We’d like to brief you about our favorite software that will not only assist you with the product customization and calculation but also streamline these operations for you! In this article, we present you the basics of our approved product configuration software and then guide you through the core features, perks, working principles, and a lot of helpful information about this tool. So without wasting any further time, let us get started.

VCPowerPack Introduction:

VCPowerPack is the ultimate configuration tool that allows customization in the industrial production environment, including down to one individual piece. The main target of VCPowerPack is the transformation from mass production to mass customization for the developmental industry, ensuring that each client gets the features they desire while remaining easy to use! They allow their consumers’ brands to customize their products at every level of the purchase selection process, which has been shown to result in a more vital trust with the clients of those brands.

VCPowerPack Home

VCPowerPack authorizes Mass Customization Production, a ground principle of Industry 4.0. Their latest model collates two existing approaches of the digital revolution, CtC and CPQ. The perfect engine for simple and complex configurations in SAP. Developed by Aicomp, VCPowerPack is the leading configuration mapping software that provides ultimate compatibility and an ideal basis for the integrative process path, from the quotation until the invoice. You can modernize your product calculation and customization with this tool.

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VCPowerPack Core Features:

You must be pondering the innovative features of this tool, so let’s look at them. Let us first list out all the core features and then explain them to you:

  1. CoreVC – an intuitive Kernel for customization models.
  2. SmartVC – Collaborative and Smart User Interface
  3. SmartMD – Automatic Material organization.
  4. SmartPR – 360 degrees price management.

1- CoreVC:

CoreVC is a systematic, customizable engine for collaboration with SAP variant configuration. It allows the management of multiple product classes within the same SAP modulation and integrates segment lists and operational plans. You can acquire a considerable functionality enhancement via the object reliance and the prospect to allocate the characters for a new calculation of figures in the configuration model. It is a structured modulable add-on for collaboration with SAP LO-VC, enabling the handling of various product ranges in similar SAP customization. It provides integration of work schedules and segment listings. Other specs are:

  • Multiple usable modulation models.
  • Modular version container.
  • Multiple units of measure in a single VC.
  • Systematic substructure.

2- SmartVC:

SmartVC provides you a convenient easy-to-use and innovative configuration interface. This interface is highly user intuitive. The settings for components or products are organized in a clever and clear tree pattern. A designated traffic light system for the status navigation and comprehensive status reports streamline the adaptations, assisting in rectifying incorrect entries. The live updates and efficient display allow fast and accurate calculations and entries. Additional characteristics include:

  • Smart modular interface.
  • Status alerts with hint messages.
  • Collaborative interface.
  • Automated route evaluation or routing supervision.

3- SmartMD:

MD is the acronym for mass data. SmartMD helps with handling the master data for client material data log, segment division list, workplace documentation, material masters, and so on. Further performance for beginning comprehensive workflows along with operations across significant interfaces are also integrated. SmartMD automatically designs the otherwise widely compliant manual development of processes and data at a predetermined time, saving time and eliminating errors.

Through a detailed protocol, the development of an object can be tracked. The status logs display possible issues, such as a creation process being unable to be carried out by SAP. Other features are:

  • Duplicate material systems and check.
  • Product lifecycle management PLM.
  • Migration assistance.
  • Workflow of systemic SAP transactions.
  • Mass management material modulation.

4- SmartPR:

Definitive genuine statements on price and cost components are vital. VCPowerPack will assist in a wide variety of methods. Depending on comprehensive cost measurement, the bottom price limits, contribution margins, and target prices can easily be calculated.

  • Overview maintenance and management.
  • Scale standards.
  • Pricing portal extension for automatic price comparison calculation based on existing configuration models.

Why should I choose VCPowerPack?

You must be thinking to yourself, this tool has many specs, but why should I choose it? For starters, you increase the rate and effectiveness in the selling of your products with multiple variants. Now allow us to guide you through the reasons that you should use this tool:

1- CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote:

The demand to quote advanced and complex products enables manufacturers to tackle infinite combinations, indicating the rapid expansion of complexity. In linking with manufacturing, VCPowerPack starts up where the other CPQ software leaves off, offering a plan vs. original analysis and connecting to the inventory management by creating all relevant master data. VCPowerPack creates the master data from finished or semi-finished goods to the bill of materials to machine routing, price limitations, and ranges. Designed to offer simplicity, they provide a user-friendly, efficient, and high-powered interface to assist their clients in explaining the intricate products and supporting their manufacturing and calculation to the maximum limit.

2- CtC – Configure the Configurator:

To enable the ultimate personalization and modulation, the configurator must also be configurable. VCPowerPack provides manufacturing enterprises a comprehensive architecture that can support all of their versions and mass personalization processes, with a convenient user frontend and an efficient, scalable backend.

VCPowerPack offers a systematic Integration in SAP ERP:

VCPowerPack is an SAP plug-in to streamline the variant modulation in SAP. From utilization to operation, VCPowerPack will optimize your enterprise’s complete SAP ERP system for product calculation and configuration. You can also benefit from the standardized integration in SAP ERP. VCPowerPack is an SAP add-on to expand and upgrade the SAP variant personalization, potentially configuring multi-variant products immediately.

VCPowerPack employs a configuration generator that utilizes reusable, clear modules according to the object-centered model for its customization models. It is the SAP extension for upgraded variant personalization. Using the fundamental SAP HANA technology, complicated calculations of material routine and consumption are only a matter of a few seconds. VCPowerPack operates without making any changes to the SAP software coding, and it is ready to be released from the get-go. All the valuable SAP standard processes are supported. A single VCPowerPack operator can now manage the operations generally performed by multiple employees with reduced risk.

Perks of using VCPowerPack:

How is it possible to write a review about a software tool and not include its perks? Let us guide you through the bonuses that you must take into consideration when deciding on product configuration software:

1- Process Automation:

VCPowerPack will automate the production and handling of all your appropriate master data for the entire ERP system via Robot Process Automation RPA.

2- Assisted Selling:

VCPowerPack will support you with plausibility checks, object allocation, error notifications, and comprehensive status warnings to avoid errors during the quotation process. 

3- Instantaneous Modulation:

VCPowerPack vouches for speed, which will help you to focus entirely on business expansion, and you won’t have to sit around waiting for the system to complete the operational task. With VCPowerPack, you can forget about an hour to the day-long waiting period for quotations, as they’re old news! Now you can obtain a quote within a few minutes.

4- Increased Data Quality:

VCPowerPack operates all the data required for a precise and comprehensive configuration, customization, and calculation. And the best part is that with VCPowerPack, there is no chance for any lack of transparency or rounding errors regarding the unified data. You can view the process data step by step and ensure 100% transparency.

5- Multiple Channel Integration:

Mobile integration with VCPowerPack allows multiple channel sales for rapid production of master data and sales files. With this spec, the integration has become far more convenient and efficient! Now you can perform integration from any venue, be it from your office, or in the field with a client on a tablet, or anywhere on the go!

6- Original Production Assistance:

VCPowerPack ultimately acknowledges the indispensability of the inclusion of logistics and production data into the appropriate systems in each calculation. Hence, they take extra care of the integration within your system landscape. VCPowerPack assists with various value chain areas and improves all the significant stages of the modulation lifecycle management, beginning with modeling, manufacturing, reporting, engineering, sales, and logistics.

7- Configuration Lifecycle Management:

Having read a great deal about this innovative tool, you must be pondering Modulation Lifecycle Management. Allow us to brief you on how and where our favorite product configuration tool fits in the whole management cycle:

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Managing & Utilizing VCPowerPack Data in Your Value Chain:

VCPowerPack collates various advantages in the form of a single solution. It supports all significant classes in the customization lifecycle management (CLM), beginning with reporting, sales, logistics, engineering, and manufacturing.

For enterprises that provide multi-variant products, approximately every business process from development to manufacturing and product release must be adjusted to guarantee effectiveness and precision. The evolution of customization capabilities in the present markets suggests that configuration data is highly likely to be distributed across various apps in an enterprise system. CLM software offers the performance immensely required for a lifecycle approach to product configuration.

VCPowerPack compasses all customization logic for planning, sales, manufacturing, engineering, maintenance, and pricing. VCPowerPack also guarantees a smooth exchange of data with your CRM, PLM, PPS, and MES systems through bidirectional interfaces by being initially integrated within the ERP system.

This qualifies VCPowerPack as the “Single Source of Truth” for all of your configuration solutions. It also meets various management requirements and reduces the risk of error in product rollouts, change management, and operational order processing risk.  This is achieved through complex object dependencies, automatic master data handling, and plausibility checks.


Having read all about this innovative tool, you must be able to summarize the entire article for yourself now, right? However, to give you a better overview and summary and assist you in making an informed decision, we will sum up the whole discussion for your sake! VCPowerPack is a systematic, customizable framework that allows industry-relevant customization in production and assists enterprises in upgrading their product management and calculation. The main target of this tool is to revolutionize the processes from mass development to mass customization, providing each client with the features they desire.

This tool also allows personalized production, which is the fundamental principle of Industry 4.0. Their latest model is based on the collaboration of the primary digital innovation concepts, CtC and CPQ. We highly recommend you take full advantage of all possibilities within VCPowerPack. This tool offers a load of perks, like real-time configuration, special product assistance, assisted selling, process automation, among many others. So if you’re in the manufacturing sector, you must think about opting for this software.  The core features of this software are exceptional, such as overview management, sales handling, feasibility check for production, intelligent configuration interface, and a variety of usable modulation models. We’d highly recommend using this tool to everyone, as it has many impressive specs, and it is definitely worth it!

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