Reasons Why Your Cold Emails Are Getting No Response

Email marketing has become an integral component of the marketing domain due to its significant value addition to the RoI.

While social media platforms are significant, email marketing is considered the most personalized and engaging form of contact you can make with your online customers.

The only roadblock is that most people fail to create good and engaging SaaS emails that ensure a promising response and better conversion rates.

If you’ve sent many emails to the clients or have read some other guides on the subject, you likely have a good understanding of the fundamentals of writing an email.

But if you fail to get a promising response, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This blog post will notify some of the potential reasons you were not getting the response from the email campaigns and faced poor conversion rates.

We will go through some of the most common mistakes that most marketers, even smart ones, regularly commit without improving their approach.

Let’s deep dive into details.

1- Your Cold Email doesn’t include Introduction

An introduction is the most important part of any writing, whether it’s a blog post, an essay, or an email. Therefore adding a complete, clear, and engaging introduction in your emails is vital as it is the first expression your reader will get when they open your email and start reading it.

Keep in mind that with the growing challenges and face-paced working environment, the attention span of individuals has decreased significantly. They will not even bother to open your email in the first place if the introduction appears absurd and boring.

To ensure a promising response and high conversion rates, write the email in such a way so that your prospects or clients understand how you can resolve their issues. In this regard, the first email involves your prospect as a central character of your email, not yourself.

2- Absence of Relevant Subject Lines

Another important aspect applies to all emails, especially cold emails. It is vital to use a relevant and appropriate subject line to catch the attention of your prospects. Once you successfully catch your prospect’s attention, you will likely get a promising response and strengthen your relationship with the prospect.

It is recommended to make your subject lines very direct and clear, with a maximum length of up to 7 words. Generally, it would inform the reader what they will find in the following email and how it can add value to their life or business. Refrain from acting mysterious by shadowing anything on the subject line, as it might push your email directly to the spam folder.

A mantra to success is keeping it simple by stating why you are connecting with the individual in the first place.

Don’t forget the potential of making your email personalized. A personalized subject line can do wonders and create a significant impact on your overall email campaign. According to the survey, a personalized subject line can boost the chances of your email opening by over 60%, followed by a 70% boost in CTR.

3- Your Emails Are Too Lengthy and Complex

Imagine yourself reading a miles-long email. You would deny neglect this idea. So what makes you think that others will like to read your complex and lengthy emails.

People are not a fan of reading lengthy emails. That’s why you need to keep your emails short, to the point, and interesting, that is, from 4-5 sentences (depending on the nature of approach or service).

Do not include the entire list of benefits you are going to offer. Just add the top two or three features so that your prospects don’t get bored.

If you have not received a promising response from the cold emails you have sent to date, maybe they were too complex or irrelevant for your clients. In this regard, just add the relevant and simple information and crop the rest away. 

4- Your Emails Lacks Personalization

It is one of the most significant factors in determining the potential of cold emails. Your emails should have a personal approach to engage your clients and readers. But how to integrate a personal tone in your emails?

Of course, you don’t know the individuals you are approaching, so asking how their pub night last weekend is not a sane idea.

You can, however, incorporate a personal tone by adding some interesting facts or stats related to their niche, or you can include any unique feature about their business to show that you understand their challenges and preferences.

People like being approached personally, and if you break the shell of just sticking to the fundamental email template, you can create a difference and outstand. Perform comprehensive research on their business and niche to add value for them.

5- Your Emails lack engaging Visuals or Infographics

Sharing visuals in your emails can be a game-changer.

Visuals have become more common and used consistently in blog posts, social media posts, and emails in the content marketing domain. Gifs are the most impactful form of visuals you can use in your emails. Adding Gifs to the emails is used by famous eCommerce businesses, including Nike and others.

When it comes to B2B business and SaaS email marketing, infographics are the mandatory ingredients. Adding an interactive infographic or graph about the benchmarks achieved by the business or a case study or survey outcomes are the perfect examples of incorporating visuals in apparently boring emails.

Including pictures in your content improves the engagement and interest of the readers. In other words, the readers can experience and feel the content of your blog or email.

It’s a good idea to add statistics to your email. At the same time, stats can be very boring to look at in black and white format; once part of emails, they appear attractive and informative.

End Words

By taking care of the aspects mentioned above while writing an email, you can turn your cold emails into promising business deals by improving conversion rates and click frequencies. To make your email campaigns more streamlined, you can choose from a range of Free Marketing Automation Tools. Give it a try and make an impact by being outstanding among your rivals.

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