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Adsterra Review 2024 – Is It Best Advertising Network?

Adsterra Review 2024:

Are you looking for a solution to instantly create and launch high-quality ad campaigns that provide you maximum ROI and the highest revenue?

Are you searching for the best way to make money on the blog?

You are knocking at the right door! We have the perfect solution for you here in the form of the Adsterra advertising network.

Through this article, we will dive deep into the details of this amazing ad network and will explore its features.

Before jumping to the details of Adsterra, let’s know what ad network is? And how do you make money through the Ad network?

Join Adsterra For Publishers

What is an Ad Network?

Ad Network is a method for selling or inventory; simply think of it as an intermediary responsible for presenting the right impression to the right buyer. It makes partnerships with advertisers (demand-side) and publishers (supplier-side) to help them achieve their ad campaigns’ goals. Ad Networks perform a huge range of roles; for instance, the ad network may directly buy inventory from supply-side platforms (SSPs).

How do you Make Money through Ad Network?

Once you have joined an ad network, your time for making money has started.

You will earn money on every click your visitors make on the blog ads. Among different payment methods, CPM, CPC, and CPA are the most popular payment models.

CPM: “Cost-Per-Mille” or CPM is the pricing model in which a publisher or blogger gets revenue after every 1000 impressions on a single ad. Impression means that advertisement is seen by how many visitors. The network sets the rate based on the impressions. For instance, if the network sets the rate of 20 USD, you will earn 20 USD for every 1000 impressions.

CPC: CPC stands for “Cost-Per-Click” and is also the most popular pricing model because it gives special benefit to publishers who generate a highly engaging audience. It depends on the visitor’s click, which means that you will earn more income, each time a visitor clicks the ad on your website.

CPA: The acronym CPA stands for “Cost-Per-Action,” and it requires not only clicking the ad but also signing up and purchasing. You will get money when the customer clicks, sign-up, and purchases.

CPI (Cost-Per-Install), CPL (Cost-Per-Sale), and CPS (Cost-Per-Sale) are some other important pricing models offered by Ad networks.

Adsterra Introduction:

Adsterra Home

Headquartered in Cyprus, Adsterra is the world-leading advertising network that offers services for both advertisers and publishers. The digital advertising platform was founded in 2013 by professional webmasters and affiliate marketers with more than 20 years of experience in the field. It is partnered with top brands and organizations, such as GlobalWide Media, CyberGhost, Mobinner, BaseBone, and more.

The platform takes pride in more than 30 Billion impressions per month, over 10000K leads generated per month, and around 150K+ successful campaigns. It is also home to 18K+ affiliate publishers and 12K+ advertisers, plus offers services in more than 248 countries across the globe.

The primary goal of Adsterra is to connect advertisers with publishers to help them develop their skills, grow their capital, and ensure a successful future. They offer a wide range of marketing models, including CPA, CPM, CPC, CPI, CPL, RTB, and more. Moreover, Adsterra also provides various ad formats, such as Popunder, Social Bar (new!), Push Ads, Native Ads, Banner Ads, Video Ads (VAST), and Direct Link.

Additionally, they offer services in a variety of verticals, including VPNs, Utilities, Subscriptions, Sweepstakes, Dating, Gambling, Adult paysites, Cams, and many more.

In 2020 Adsterra successfully invented and launched the Social Bar — ad format exclusive for the whole advertising market. Its main feature is full customization. This means that the creatives can take any form, depending on your wishes and objectives.

What are the Unique Features of Adsterra?

Adsterra offers many features that make it one of the best advertising networks worldwide. Some of the unique features of Adsterra are given below:

1- Intuitive and User-friendly Self-Serve Platform:

For those who prefer to work without a manager, Adsterra offers a completely automated platform: campaign launching, black or white list placements, statistics tracking, ad code generation, change ad settings, and more. It offers effective solutions to enhance your digital advertising strategy and performance marketing.

2- Multiple Ad Formats:

Adsterra offers a huge range of web and mobile ad formats to make more money from your website or app. Following are some of the ad formats offered by Adsterra:

  • Popunder ads are shown in the new browser window or tab without stealing the focus and can remain hidden behind the main tab.
  • Social Bar ads help publishers achieve the highest CPMs, and advertisers reach 10X to 30X more CTRs (comparing to the ordinary Web Push) .
  • Push ads (In-Page Push) A non-intrusive ad that is placed directly on the publisher’s website. It does not require subscription or opt-ins. It is highly customizable, as users can change anything from CTA and color scheme to the icon, its size or position
  • Native ads are displayed to users through UI components that are native to the network. Adsterra allows advertisers to run cost-effective CPM and CPC native ad campaigns that can drive 8X higher CTRs with more than 1B daily impressions.
  • Pre-Roll Video ad is a short video that appears before the main content on the publisher site. These videos are best for generating visual impact; a brand video, a game/movie trailer, and other video teasers.
  • Banner ad campaigns deliver unmatched performance.
  • Direct Link ads show up in the text and act like simple links. The direct link is similar to Smart link – in fact, this is an URL that holds all the variety of advertisers’ landings. When the user clicks on this link, Adsterra’s smart ad rotator screens the traffic by various parameters and then sends it to a suitable landing page.
  • Pop-under ads offered by Adsterra are highly recommended because the platform has specialized in these ads, and they deliver 100% responsiveness.

3- Security:

One of the most remarkable features of Adsterra is its Anti-Fraud Technology to prevent any suspicious and fake traffic from reaching the campaigns and avoids illegitimate transactions. Adsterra offers three-level security to make the whole process 100% safe and transparent. It comes with advanced fraud-detection technology and also works with other fraud-detection systems as well as manual checks to detect any suspicious or fraudulent traffic and provides you the safest experience possible.

Adsterra strives to provide publishers with a safe experience by using in-house and third-party fraud detection systems, together with manual services to weed out fraud and malware.

4- Dedicated Account Managers:

After joining Adsterra, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to you to develop various strategies to successfully run your campaigns. They will also help optimize your ad campaigns and give you suggestions to attract more audience via advertisement. The Adsterra managers have top-notch problem-solving skills, plus you can get quick replies and access to in-house developed design concepts.

Adsterra for Advertisers:

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Adsterra gives you full access to high-quality traffic from more than 18K publishers and other advanced features. They deliver top-class services for brands, affiliate marketers, agencies, and media buyers.

Join Adsterra For Advertisers

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of Adsterra for advertisers:

  • Instant signup with your email in just one minute
  • Easy start within an hour
  • Monitor traffic volumes and recommended bidding for your targeting
  • All payment models are available: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, CPL, RTB
  • Transfer money via various payment methods
  • Launch single or multiple advertising campaigns from a single page
  • Easy API integration
  • Complex multistep system to protect partners from inappropriate traffic
  • Multiple ad formats: Popunders, In-Page Push, Native Ads, Vast (video), Social Bar (OUR NEW FORMAT), Banners (Display)
  • The minimum deposit is only $100 (easy to start/to test traffic) 
  • 20+ filter targeting including user activity and retargeting option. As well as rare finds like Browser versions, OS versions, carrier, user lifetime and IP targeting.

Adsterra helps advertisers to reach a wide range of audiences, maximize ROI and grow their business.

Adsterra for Publishers:

Publishers can easily monetize their traffic with Adsterra via 20K+ current campaigns that ensure a 100% fill rate. It provides an enormous pool of 12,000+ advertisers for publishers. You can easily monetize your blog if you have an entertainment website, downloads, streaming, anime, filehost, mp3/music, movie website, a gambling portal, an online casino, dating service, shop, social network etc.

The platform connects publishers with affiliate and social marketers who know how to monetize social media followers from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, or TikTok via affiliate marketing tools. Moreover, Mobile app developers and messenger group owners can also use it to monetize their products and generate more income.

Some additional benefits of Adsterra for publishers include:

  • Instant hassle-free launch
  • Highest CPM rates
  • Automatic payments twice a month
  • Smart direct link for offer-to-traffic matching
  • URL shortener, and Domain parking traffic
  • The minimum payout is only $5 for Webmoney & Paxum, $100 for other payment systems

The URL-shortening service helps to transform long and unappealing links into short and attractive URLs. Additionally, Adsterra offers a broad range of payout methods for publishers.

Adsterra for CPA Affiliates:

Adsterra offers its affiliates a large number of high-rewarding worldwide and local offers. Besides, the offer approval is very fast, and you can get a dedicated expert manager and automated weekly payments. Additional features of Adsterra for affiliates include global and custom postback campaigns’ history, a variety of verticals, and statistics with all key metrics.

What are the Reasons to Choose Adsterra?

Following are some of the main reasons to choose Adsterra over its competitor ad networks:


The platform provides a built-in Anti-Adblock tool that helps to bypass your ads through ad blockers and place ads on the best place to win the attention of visitors that leads to higher CTRs. Adsterra’s Anti-Adblock solution can add 20% to your advertising revenue.


Adsterra strives to provide publishers with a safe experience by using in-house and third-party fraud detection systems, together with manual services to weed out fraud and malware. They take serious measures to detect, prevent, and fight fraud and scams.

Quality over quantity 

No restrictions on the traffic volume of the website. What matters for approving your website at Adsterra Network is your traffic quality.

Easy-To-Use Self-Serve Platform & Dashboard:

Adsterra offers a user-friendly, clean, and intuitive dashboard equipped with full-fledged functionalities. It contains the entire statistic and other useful data in a single place for the convenience of users. Simple self-service platform with automated onboarding and video-onboarding (clear and intuitive)

Detailed Analytics:

The advanced tools offered by the platform provide actionable insights into your campaigns. It helps in real-time tracking your campaigns’ performance and provides you detailed analytics on the number of visitors, engagements, impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue generated. You can also download reports on your campaign results, analyze them, and make data-driven decisions for the future to grow your business.

Advanced Targeting:

Adsterra offers advanced geo-targeting features that help advertisers to target and narrow down their audience. Moreover, it ensures that the campaigns are delivered to the audience of interest to capture their attention, boost engagement, improve conversion rates, and drive sales.

20+ filter targeting including user activity and retargeting option. As well as rare finds like Browser versions, OS versions, carrier, user lifetime and IP targeting.

Industry-best Partner Care managers 

Adsterra has an industry-best Partner Care training program that all our managers have to pass. As a result, their managers are usually skilled, caring, and interested in every client’s success.

Tailored Payment Options:

The platform offers a wide range of payment options, including Visa/Mastercard, Paxum, Webmoney, Paypal, Bitcoin, QIWI, Capitalist, Yandex Money, and Wire. You may choose any of these money transfer methods according to your preference.

Adsterra Referral Program (Forever!):

You would be surprised to know that Adsterra offers a referral program that helps you make money by recommending the network to your colleagues and friends. It allows you to earn a 5% commission on users you refer to Adsterra for a lifetime.

The process is very straightforward; simply signup to the network, get your referral link and share it on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networks. Whenever someone clicks your referral link and joins the network, you will earn a commission. Moreover, you can check your statistics and referral reports in real-time and withdraw money whenever you want.

How to Get Started?

Getting started with Adsterra is very straightforward. Steps involved in joining the Adsterra network are given below:

  • Open the Adsterra website, click Register, and then choose As a Publisher.
  • Once you sign up as a publisher, you will be redirected to the registration page. Enter your name and email and tap Continue
  • Make up a login, add a password, choose the preferred payment method, list the websites you want to monetize and click Complete Registration.
  • After completing registration, you will get a confirmation email; open the mail and click Confirm E-Mail.
  • Sign in to your account
  • Click the green ADD NEW WEBSITE button to add the websites you want to monetize
  • Enter your website URL, Category, Ad units, Campaign type filter, and then click ADD button
  • Wait for the website verification.

Numerous guidelines are available for advertisers and publishers on the Adsterra website. So if you want to know more about campaign launching or traffic monetization, you can visit

Adsterra Pros:

  • More than 1B+ daily impressions
  • Over 18K+ affiliate publishers and 12K+ advertisers
  • Offer services in more the 248+ countries worldwide
  • A wide range of verticals
  • Various pricing models
  • Numerous ad formats
  • Extremely secure
  • Ease-of-use
  • Dedicated team managers
  • Advanced tracking and targeting tools
  • Anti-fraud technology
  • Timely payouts
  • Instant signup and approval
  • User-friendly dashboard and excellent analytics tool
  • Anti-Adblock software
  • Multiple payment methods
  • 5% referral commission
  • 24/7 support service


  • Some payment methods need documentary confirmation;
  • No demographic targeting yet.

Adsterra Payment Details:

  • Pricing Models: CPA, CPC, CPM, CPI, CPL
  • Payment Frequency: Net15 (twice a month)
  • Minimum Deposit for advertising campaigns: $100
  • Payment Methods: Visa/Mastercard, Paxum, Webmoney, Paypal, Bitcoin, QIWI, Capitalist, Yandex Money, and Wire

Do we Recommend Adsterra?

Yes, we do recommend Adsterra because it is one of the most powerful and leading advertising networks worldwide. You can join the network to easily and instantly create highly profitable campaigns and promote your offers to a large number of audiences across the globe to generate more income. It also assigns you a dedicated account manager to help you create and launch campaigns and develop various strategies to maximize ROI. Through this article, we tried to give you all the necessary information about this amazing ad network, and we hope you will find it helpful.

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