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How AI content-writing Bots Better Than Chat GPT! (2024)

What is AI, And Will It Replace Humans?!  

Can AI replace humans? Sometimes, yes! Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant are all forms of AI or artificial intelligence, but AI extends far past voice-activated assistance AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems, and almost all businesses today employ some type of AI some more complicated than others AI can be categorized as weak or strong weak AI is a system designed and trained for a particular task like voice-activated assistance it can maybe answer your question or obey a program command but can’t work without human interaction. 

Strong AI is an AI system with generalized human cognitive abilities meaning it can solve tasks and find solutions without human intervention a self-driving car is an example of strong AI that uses a combination of computer vision image recognition and deep learning to pilot a vehicle while staying in a given lane and avoiding unexpected obstacles like pedestrians.

AI has made its way into a variety of industries that benefit both businesses and consumers like healthcare education finance law and manufacturing in fact many technologies incorporate AI including automation machine learning machine natural language processing and robotics the application of AI raises legal ethical and security concerns for instance if an autonomous vehicle is involved in an accident liability is unclear and hackers are using sophisticated machine learning tools to gain access to sensitive systems despite the risks there’s very few regulations governing the use of AI tools but experts assure that AI will simply improve products and services and won’t replace us humans anytime soon. 

Some AI Content-Writing Bots That Are Better Than Chat GPT! (2023)

Almost all of us now know about ChatGPT and how it will soon replace most employees, but are there some AI bots on par with GPT or even better than it in some cases? Let’s find out! 

We’re going to be showing you the best AI content writers out there in the market and you’re going to be surprised, this is probably not about the one that you think it is about, we’re going to have a look at the inside of each of the tools so you can figure out which one is going to make sense for you and your business because each one has its own different purpose, without any further ado, let’s get into it   

Chat GPT is meant to change the world but is it the best AI content writer? GPT is more generalized and there are better AI content writers that are better at writing content they’re able to help you achieve your goals with much more efficiency and give you different objectives along with different types of purposes for the content that you’re looking to write which will look to save you time compared to using ChatGPT.  

We’re going to start by showing you how to find the best content to write about for your business the questions people are searching for on Google right now, and then we’re going to jump into three of the most popular AI content writers. We haven’t included an open AI playground so if you’re more into technicalities then that might be a good option for you but if you’re looking to save time, save money, and work on your business or create content and improve the process and your flow then you came to the right place! 

 1. SEO minion:  

let’s jump into it for the AI content writing test we’re going to use the business model of dog groomers to help show what we can do so let’s start off by going back into Google and searching for dog groomers we are going to go to log in to a plugin that’s called SEO minion this gives us all the questions that people are asking about our keyword, so in “dog rumors” we will be able to see the questions people ask section in an “excel format” so when you find the plugin, go run it in the background and create multiple results, the excel sheet automatically downloads itself so we will open that up and have a quick look to see what questions we have been prompted on for a blog article.  

We should be getting answers like, “dog trimmers”, and “clean dogs” Then we can choose to go with any of the options there for example, if the option we choose is “dog grooming painful for dogs” then we can write on that topic and give it our best so we get the traffic that we’re looking for!   

 2. Jasper AI:  

Our next AI bot is going to be a content writing tool which is Jasper AI, this AI tool is not going to be free, however, its one of the best at what it does, so if you do have a budget in mind to spend then make sure you invest your money into buying a subscription from here as it creates content that is generated specifically for content writing while ChatGPT is more generalized this is going to give you better e-commerce related, blog related, SEO related, high-quality content that is provided to its users in a long-form and is not going to have breaks within the content which will give you better content faster than ever before!  

it should only take a minute to create as a brand new article we have templates as well, which is going to allow us to set up and use templates to speed up our content creation and make it even faster, they also have a boss mode which allows us to create long form content where the first second and third part of the content is all remembered by the AI content writer So what you don’t want to do is to write a large article and you write a few paragraphs on content and then you write some more paragraphs and they don’t link together and the second bucket of content that you’re writing doesn’t actually relate to the first part.

You’re either repeating yourself you’re contradicting yourself Jasper is amazing for helping its users with this, which would be much better for SEO purposes and this is giving us back 99% real content, its not taken from any where on the entire internet, which is going to help us get around the AI plagiarism issue that is happening however we wouldn’t recommend doing this purely for content but what they should be used for is more to give you really good outlines, inspiration and for you to go through what you do and don’t like and then add in unique information, for you giving your unique information from your viewpoint which is going to still be viewed by Google as a benefit to the reader.  

Content writing can be a great time saver but again do come through and update the content yourself use the AI content writer as if you’ve hired someone and then you need to proofread their work before it is allowed to go online. Jasper AI gives us some amazing tools and templates they have introduced image creation so if you’re looking to create amazing AI imagery then Jasper AI will also do that for you.  

now next here are some of the templates that we have available to us through Jasper you can ask it to write large articles and content summarize you can use the native framework can look to get people’s attention get their interest their desire and their auction and create an article that is going to bring them through those four steps:

You can write hi Ross social media posts public descriptions Amazon descriptions SEO blogs titles manage subscriptions you got blog post intro paragraphs blog posts across and so much more there are many more benefits coming out on Jasper along with that you get recipes which will work alongside with these templates the Chrome extension the user interface is the best I have seen out of any of the AI content writers this is my highest recommendation for a content writer for your business  

 3. Copy Ai:  

copy ai lets you generate the article-related responses that you want; again we have our projects templates and tools so we can create the very niche prompts that we need to do for that specific task click on it, enter your title, and then we will hit “create content” so straight away you will see that the results are there, the content is known to be good the grammar is good but what happens when you put it into the plagiarizer?

It’s definitely going to give us plagiarism no matter how much you want it to give you original content, it sums up its data and answers you through the internet, of course, it gives plagiarism, it mashes up the answers like any other AI and gives you the answer you’re looking for, and it uses thousands of websites on the internet for that. 

You will also see from the multiple different sections coming back is the content is a lot shorter than you would find from Jasper AI, especially with the boss mode all the content is unrelated it’s more different versions giving you a choice on which one that you may want to use  

They do have nice features within copy AI website and they appear to be quite good allowing you to better organize and filter the content that you want to create. 

what you should do no matter what while writing content with any of these content writers is to use these plagiarism testers which you can find the link in our bio, they’re free and they’ll get you started so you’re providing good quality content to your users that’s not being seen as plagiarism   

  4. Write sonic:  

 Next we have right Sonic which again is one of the most popular AI content writers, let’s see how it does in terms of coming plagiarism or if it’s being seen as written by a human and what the user interface is like speed and the quality of the results that we get back, it seems worthwhile, so they tell us that this is the best content writer for captions, SEO, articles, optimization and their own version “three” of the content generator.  

it gives lots of different versions of content and examples so once you log in to chat Sonic we have a few different versions we can use and something interesting that we don’t see in Jasper or within copy AI, we get the “chat Sonic” which is like chat GPT giving us content writer, we also have a make your own AI which helps you generate long-form content.  You do need to sign up to their “pay plan” to be able to get this but again this would be similar to Jasper’s boss mode which would give us long-form content that would help us rank large articles online. 

when starting to use the right Sonic it does feel more cumbersome, we have to do more steps but actually, you get through the steps very fast and we are going to see if that’s going to give us a better result giving us better control and structure to our article. 

there is a huge amount of growth targeted towards AI so we could be seeing these growing pains happening for some of these tools, pains like network connection and whatnot, as it goes this is actually quite. 

People really do like the way that they’ve set it up at the start but it’s not recommended to use these tools solely to create content, don’t think of It like this or any other tool will handle it all and you’ll generate income by doing nothing, it’s not like that, the truth is you have to monitor and proofread everything typed by the AI tool, plus you have to keep yourself focused on the fact that this could always turn out to have plagiarism so make sure you test it out before you start editing and proofreading your generated content.   

So the above-given ai bots are free and paid, but if you’re only looking for free ai bots that you can use whenever and wherever you want, then look no further! We have also got you covered with free AI bots that are always up and ready to be used!  

 Some Free To Use GPT Alternatives!  

ChatGPT a powerful language model developed by open AI has been widely used in AI languages processing tasks such as text generation, language translation, and question answering, however, due to extreme traffic sometimes it crashes down and in some cases, the cost can be an issue for some users additionally, there are a number of open source free models that offer similar capabilities to help you find the best free alternatives we have come up with a list of seven free ChatGPT alternatives that you can use right now so without any further ado let’s jump right into list! 

 1. Playground: 

First on our list is Playground, one of the perfect alternatives that work like chat GPT but comes with more advanced features even though both chat GPT and Playground are developed by open AI they have similar yet different purposes and features. While chat GPD is only used to generate text, playground comes with an interactive interface for experimenting with the GPT model and generating text completions.  

This free web-based interface allows you to input a prompt and generate text completions as well as provide an accurate and fast response depending on the language model it also includes a feature that allows you to interact with the model in real-time moreover it also supports speech to text inputs allowing you to even upload an audio recording.  

 2. Chat Sonic:  

We have already discussed a part of Chat Sonic, known as write sonic above, this is one that many people use and it has been an absolute lifesaver for most content creators and writers, this AI bot is called write sonic, it obviously comes with a few different things they are even better and more useful than Chat GPT; it has the ability to create social media posts, AI posts content writing, writing keywords and even comes with its own version of chat GPT which is more up to date and has a lot more data.  

is a conversational AI platform for providing assistance and other conversational interfaces, it uses natural language understanding and generation to understand user intent and generate appropriate responses it inherits the vast potential of ChatGPT but is also backed by more features and a broader knowledge base than ChatGPT. 

one of the uniqueness of this tool is that it can access the Internet and as a result, it can generate more correct and appropriate results, this conversational AI platform supports up to 16 different personas to bring variety to conversations and also offer developers a visual editor for creating. This chatbot flows with zero coding knowledge moreover it also comes with pre-built integrations for different messaging platforms like Facebook, WeChat and more and provides analytics and data visualization to improve your chatbot performance. 

this also comes with an AI photo tool so you can pretty much type in what you want using its checkbox similar to chat GPT it does have a whole lot of new features and it is generally a bit better than what chat GPT has, what you can try doing is pretty much tell it to write a video script and explain to us why to chat Sonic is better than ChatGPT, it will give out various different scripts for you and you can choose whichever one you like 

 3. Bloom bot:

coming up we have Bloom, a web-based chatbot development platform that can be used as an alternative to ChatGPT in certain cases while Chat GPD is a powerful language model that generates text based on a given prompt. Bloom is designed to make it easy to create train and deploy chatbots without any coding it uses a visual interface to create a conversational flow and it comes with prebuilt connectors to popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Slack, since Bloom is trained on a larger corpus of text and ChatGPT it can generate more human-like text in 46 languages and up to 13 programming languages making it the best multilingual language model additionally it has more potential applications due to its ability to generate original content. 

boom is all about its lingual language model which is among the top ChatGPT alternatives it is an open-source platform and is thought to be the best GPD 3 substitute it was created by a team of more than 1000 AI researchers, bloom took 384 graphics cards with a combined memory of more than 80 gigabytes to train on 176 billion parameters which is 1 billion more than GPT 3  

 4. You Chat: 

number four on this list is you Chat, and it’s a power chatbot that’s designed to help you quickly and easily find the answers to your questions just like ChatGPT it also uses open APIs GPT 3, and natural language processing technology, moreover this chatbot can answer anything including math coding translating and writing prompts all you have to do is just type in a query on the chat page meanwhile having full access to the Internet keeps it up to date with the latest information making it less prone to error and delivering accurate answers, furthermore, you chat also provides citations for answers and can provide users with relevant and reliable sources.  

While generating AI writing it allows you to specify the use of tone and audience for better outcomes moreover you can use all of this for completely free! 

 5. Simplified: 

our next tool is simplified, it’s a stop solution for content creators and it can be another ChatGPT alternative, this tool offers a whole bunch of tools and templates that help you to create incredible designs, videos, social media content and more with this tool, You can generate unique and plagiarism free short form and long-form content along with generating over fifty types of copies in seconds. 

it can also help you to overcome writer’s block ChatGPT simplified can also generate AI content based on prompts with its easy and simple content generation process all you need to do is just choose the content form and output language from its more than thirty options and then complete the prompt.  Moreover, with its article rewriter, sentence expander, and AI paragraph generator you can improve your content with its forever free plan that offers you 3000 words per month, a long-form writer, many short-form templates, and more. 

 6. Rydr bot: 

coming up we have another chat GPT alternative known as Rider this AI-powered virtual writing assistant provides content writers and marketers useful powers by providing decent content. with this tool, you can create high-quality content for blogs, ads, e-mail, social media, and more within a few seconds. 

To get started with this easy and user-friendly tool all you need to do is create an account to generate your desired content you need to provide some keywords and choose your preferred language writing tone and writing type in a few seconds it will provide you with auto-generated content and it will also allow you to edit it as you wish, moreover it comes with a plagiarism checker as well, you can do that for free and also upgraded to its premium plan for additional features 

7. Character AI:

last on the list is another Free GPT alternative known as character AI it’s a very simple chatbot that helps you to generate human complexions and also understands and responds to human speech, gestures, and facial expressions. While Chat GPT is a general-purpose language model character AI is a specialized language model for generating text in the style of specific characters or authors, it can generate text that mimics the writing style of a particular person or character and it could be used for tasks such as writing fan fiction and writing in the style of a historical figure, meanwhile what’s great about this tools is you can use this tool for free just by creating an account. 

Best AI Tools For Students!  

If you’re a student looking to speed up your learning process, get the best grades you can, and make use of new technologies available on the Internet here are seven AI tools that you can use 

1. Otter.AI:

Number one is Otter dot AI using transcribed audio or speech into text, so you can turn it on during the lecture and it will actually take notes you can also record the lecture as an MP3 and upload it to WhatsApp and it will transcribe it, so the other really quick use is that if you first draft off an essay into your phone for a few minutes and it will transcribe it you can then take that text and use it as the first edition of your essay once you’re done speaking into it you just have to make it “stop recording “ and it will save the conversation you had as a new note from here you can copy and paste on the text that you like  

2. Grammarly:

the next tool we’re going to introduce you to is really so you can take the text you’ve generated and then you can use this tool to start editing that, it will suggest some simple grammatical errors that you can correct then it will start to improve your writing by removing the words that your content does not need. 

it can suggest rewriting things for clarity such as moving words into different sentences and it offers you synonyms when you repeatedly use the same word over and over another interesting thing is you can understand how Grammarly interprets the emotions of what you’re writing  

 3. Speechify:

Next up is Speechify now this essentially does the opposite of to Watch Otter does it takes the text and it reads it out for you using a computerized voice now this is especially good if you have a long textbook that you need to review and you want to save time so you can put that in to specify and it will read it out to you whilst you’re working out or whatever you do it’s especially good if you prefer to listen than to read. 

this is a fantastic tool it just sits there and transcribes what’s going on you can catch up on some sleep and maybe do something else  

 4.Quill Bot:

If you would want to summarize this, all you need to do is take it to Quill Bot and you’ll be done in no time! Next up is Quill bot and which is an AI-powered summarizer so you can put a long paragraph into it and it will pull out the key point. What it does is that it distills it down even further to you can put Otter on during a lecture and it will take all the notes you need for the entire lecture this is great if you have recorded a lecture and then you want to pull out those key points so you can really save time and distill broad amount of information into the most signed information. 


coming in hot is Jasper.AI this is an AI writing tool it is a fantastically intelligent tool and you can use it for writing essentially, it’s been designed to create blog posts. It’s fantastically good at writing paragraph-length topics So what you can do is write in a topic, and choose the tone of voice.  

one way to use AI to learn faster is by using a spaced repetition algorithm, this type of algorithm can be used to help you review information at strategic intervals so that you can better retain the material for example if you’re using a flash card about to study for a test app can track which cards you’re struggling with and present them to you more frequently in addition to using a spaced repetition algorithm you can use AI to create customized learning experiences so you can see that Jasper can create fantastic text and save you a lot of time writing essays. 


another option for an AI writer is Writer on Me it’s slightly easier to use but it doesn’t create such comprehensive content, To get started with this easy and user-friendly tool all you need to do is create an account to generate your desired content you need to provide some keywords and choose your preferred language writing tone and writing type in a few seconds it will provide you with auto-generated content and it will also allow you to edit it as you wish, moreover, it comes with a plagiarism checker as well, you can do that for free and also upgraded to its premium plan for additional features. 

 7. ANKY:

the next app we will be talking about is Anki which is an artificially intelligent flash card that helps you memorize the information that you’re looking to learn there are many people who have been using Anki to learn languages, So what you do is you create flashcards for yourself with information that you’re trying to learn So what is really cool about Anki is that it uses a space repetition system so that it only shows you the cards that you know the least well if you know a card it won’t show it to you which is fantastically useful for having this training mechanism to really push your abilities to retain information more quickly it’s also very fun and its useful for a lot of different use cases, learning languages, learning geographical elements. 

 8. DALL E2: 

our final tool is Dall E 2 which is an artificially intelligent text image generator meaning you can give it a prompt and it will spit out images related to that what’s useful for this is that you can use It for creating any image you want, so if you’re looking to visualize some piece of information you can generate these images at the moment it’s just being released to beta users you will also be able to look at stuff that other people came up with, it can give you ideas about your own image and can influence a great image. 

there are some useful tools for learning with artificial intelligence the key thing to remember here is understanding how you learn best and creating a learning experience that fits with that it takes a long time to recognize that so if you can connect a concept with a noise sound of visualization and experience on that you’re going to remember it much more effectively and also integrate it more deeply into your consciousness. 

 Things To Look Out For!  

As machines work more and more efficiently, they will be replacing workers along the way, because why wouldn’t an owner of a company substitute his human worker with a robot worker that works all the time, doesn’t get tired, doesn’t make mistakes, doesn’t require breaks and keeps on working all day every day. This could lead to large-scale unemployment if the masses don’t look out for this phenomenon, this won’t be all bad, it will create opportunities along the way and the person who doesn’t learn about AI will be left behind so make sure you take some time out to learn at least about the basics of how this new, revolutionary tech works, and how it will soon affect our lives.  

Another danger from AI is its potential to be used unethically, it will be used to exploit people’s weaknesses and get what the other person wants from them, as AI gets better at understanding and responding to human emotions, there is always a risk that it could be used to exploit people’s vulnerabilities.   

How Do These Bots Work?  

Today artificial intelligence helps doctors diagnose patients pilots fly commercial aircraft and city planners predict traffic but no matter what these AI’s are doing the computer scientists who design them likely don’t know exactly how they’re doing it this is because artificial intelligence is often self-taught working off a simple set of instructions to create a unique array of rules and strategies so how exactly does it there are many different ways to build self-teaching programs but they all rely on the three basic types of machine learning unsupervised learning supervised learning and reinforcement learning, let’s take the example of the use of AI in medical terms to understand better. 

 Supervised And Unsupervised Learning: 

to see these in action let’s imagine researchers are trying to pull information from a set of medical data containing thousands of patient profiles first though unsupervised learning this approach would be ideal for analyzing all the profiles to find general similarities and useful path maybe certain patients have similar disease presentation or perhaps a treatment produces specific sets of side effects this broad pattern seeking approach can be used to identify similarities between patient profiles and find emerging patterns all without human guidance.

But let’s imagine doctors are looking for something more specific these physicians want to create an algorithm for diagnosing a particular condition they begin by collecting two sets of data medical images and test results from both healthy patients and those diagnosed with the condition then they input this data into a program design to identify features shared by the sick patients but not the healthy patients based on how frequently it sees certain features the program will assign values to those features diagnostic significance generating an algorithm for diagnosing future patients.

However unlike unsupervised learning doctors and computer scientists have an active role in what happens next doctors will make the final diagnosis and check the accuracy of the algorithms prediction then computer scientists can use the updated data sets to adjust the programs parameters and improve its accuracy this hands on approach is called supervised learning now let’s say these doctors want to design another algorithm to recommend treatment plans since these plans will be implemented in stages and they may change depending on each individual’s response to treatment  

 Reinforcement Learning: 

Now, this is where the doctors decide to use reinforcement learning and this program uses an iterative approach to gather feedback about which medications dosages and treatments are most effective then it compares that data against each patient’s profile to create their unique optimal treatment plan as the treatments progress and the program receives more feedback it can constantly update the plan for each patient none of these three techniques are inherently smarter than any other while some require more or less human intervention they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Which make them best suited for certain tasks however by using them together researchers can build complex AI systems where individual programs can supervise and teach each other for example when our unsupervised learning program finds groups of patients that are similar it could send that data to a connected supervised learning program that program could then incorporate this information into its prediction or perhaps dozens of reinforcement learning programs might simulate potential patient outcomes to collect feedback about different treatment plans there are numerous ways to create these machine learning systems and perhaps the most promising models are those that mimic the relationship between neurons and the brain.

These artificial neural networks can use millions of connections to tackle difficult tasks like image recognition speech recognition and even language translation however the more self-directed these models become the harder it is for computer scientists to determine how these self-taught algorithms arrive at their solution researchers are already looking at ways to make machine learning more transparent but as AI becomes more involved in our everyday lives these enigmatic decisions have increasingly large impacts on our work health and safety so as machines continue learning to investigate negotiate and communicate we must also consider how to teach them to teach each other to operate with ethics.  


1. Who Should Learn AI?

Students, professionals, and basically anyone with an interest in technology should not wait another moment to start learning about AI, what it is, where it came from, and how it can be used to leverage in different businesses and taken advantage of as a businessman.  

2. What Are The Benefits Of AI?

AI enables the automation of routine tasks that otherwise consume a lot of mental energy along with time to be completed, with AI these tasks can be done passively and can be completed without mistakes in them.  

 3. Why Is AI Important?

Thanks to machine learning and deep learning, AI applications and bots can now learn! In near real-time too, it is important as a new level of accuracy has set its foot in the world of technology and is causing a revelational change in how things work, what you should do is learn about them thoroughly and learn how they process and work to leverage them in your daily life tasks and get the most out of them.  

 4. What Is The Future Of AI?

The future of AI seems bright and continued to become better along the way, it’s still in its developmental stages and will remain to be so for a long time, it is nowhere near its full potential and it will require people to work on it a lot for it to reach its potential. So start learning AI as soon as possible and take advantage of it in these early stages and learn how to process normal day-to-day tasks at least, to save your time and money both.  


So what we need to keep in mind and understand with these AI content writers in relation to SEO is Google has stated that they are not completely opposed to AI what they’re looking for is helpful unique content so the issue with the AI content generators is that they go in and they look at lots of different articles that are already written and they are going to rewrite that content by mashing multiple content articles together to give you a unique piece of content.

But then they’re able to go back and to use AI plagiarism detectors to pull out all of the different bits that you have used to help you generate that article while we are able to show that some of these sections of content are real and fake while we can also see from these tools is that they are currently getting ranked from Google you are able to get your articles ranked even though these are coming up as part of the fake what you can do is you can spend a small bit of time getting trained on plagiarism.  

If you like spending time and updating it while you still do is how you save yourself a majority of your time from having to figure out the concept create the idea write an outline in there and the structure for the article itself, you are given a huge amount of structure for your articles that you can then rewrite for yourself and you can pull out the best bits which will give you absolutely great unique content.

Which Google will find helpful even if sections of it are generated from AI content writers, with article Fiesta people are quite impressed with how it is structuring everything similar enough to write Sonic it does seem like it’s giving a better overview emphasis including imagery and they are looking to get rid of multiple steps to streamline your process of generating your idea on publishing the content to your website everyone is going to be able to do that during the year so the barriers to entry are being reduced. 

We hope that you got the information that you were looking for, we wish you the best of luck in generating content through these AI tools and bots! We hope the best in your future endeavors!  

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