Android 15 to Introduces Storage Estimation Feature

Android 15 might come with the latest feature that helps in maintaining the overall health of Android phones. As in the Android 15 version, you will get an early alert of phone storage that assists you in preventing file loss.

Google Will Show The Storage Chip Health Of Your Android Device:

This new feature in Android 14 is named Device Diagnostic by the Android Authority. These features show Android users a percentage of how much phone storage is remaining in the phone. This way, we get the idea of how much space is left so they can manage their files without being afraid of losing them.

This feature is required for many Android phones that can tell them how much storage they have left. Android phones have a space, but half of it is covered with operating systems and other phone apps. Moreover, the Android phone storage called Universal Flash Storage gradually wears out and causes degrading phone performance. The reason for this storage in Android phones was because of its small, fast, and low consumption of power, but certain works like downloading videos and audio, taking photos, and transferring files from other devices to Android also caused the wear down.

Device diagnostics might not be restricted to only battery and storage heath but also help you in getting the phone battery and screen heath like touchscreen and display. That would help monitor the phone part that slows down with time. This way, you can decide whether to switch to the new phone or move your files to another storage.

This feature will provide a clear picture of your remaining storage, helping you avoid accidental file loss and enabling better file management without the need for backups.

It is important to note that the Device Diagnostic feature might be present only in the Android Beta 1 version/which means it might not be a part of Android 15. Google is working on it and making this functional but it will only present in new devices.

Android Authority mentions that Android already gathered this information. With this API, it would just display it in apps like the Settings menu, but only for system apps.

It is expected that the overall release of Android 15 might happen in August and October of this year.

We’re not sure when we’ll get to use this feature, but it looks promising for Android 15. However, Google doesn’t mandate it for other Android phone makers, so we’re unsure if it’ll be available other than Pixel devices.
We will know more about this at the Google I/O 2024 event on May 14

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