Reddit Enhances Comment Section with Recent Update

Reddit is launching new updates to its iOS and Android apps that make it easier for people to locate and take part in conversations on Reddit.

According to Reddit, it wants to remove the hurdles and reduce the friction points.

Reddit is improving its iOS and Android apps to help people find and join conversations more easily. They’re adding new features like a unified media player, faster comment loading, and a shortcut to jump directly into discussions.

Since Reddit is all about conversation platforms, these updates focus on making it simple for users to engage with a variety of topics they care about on their mobile devices.

Reddit introduced the unified media player, which makes it easy and accessible for users to move between different types of posts. Now, users can swipe different post types like; images and videos to see comments and discover new content.

By clicking on an image or video, users can access this new feature. According to Reddit, these smooth conversations are usually blocked due to the different types of posts( text, video, images), so they ensure consistent navigation across all types of posts.

Users can now swipe left to view new posts and swipe up to quickly access the comment section, regardless of the media type in the original post.

Moreover, Reddit introduced a context bar that will remain at the top of the page, giving users the option to return to the post or explore the content with just one tap.

Clicking on the thumbnail will take the user back to the original post or an image in expanded form.

Reddit made it easier for users to get access to the comments by taking them directly to the top of the comment section when the user clicks on the comments button in the feed. Before, users need to scroll through the post page to find the comments.

The main purpose of Reddit is to get people to interact with others by leaving comments, not just reading the posts.

This change might create confusion for the users. Users who are used to clicking on the comment to see the full post will end up on the comments and the image or post will be shrunk. This way, users might miss part of the post if they are used to clicking on the comment icon or forget to scroll up to move back to the post.

Although the changes are minute, updating the comments features makes it a good point in the user experience. Due to this, when a user clicks on the comment, it will be opened instantly.

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