Google AI Overview Gives Misleading Answer, Becomes Social Media Joke

Google claims that their new artificial intelligence will do the work for users and help in finding the exact answers to the users but just after the day of running the AI language is already giving the incorrect and weird answers.

A few days ago, Google introduced the AI-generated Search Overview tool which helps users get the quick and straight answer that they are searching for instead of clicking on multiple websites and scanning for the exact answer. But right after the launch of this feature, it became the laughing stock after providing false and misleading information to the questions of users.

Like, some users stated that Google AI summary answered that former President of the USA Barack Obama is a Muslim which is untrue.

Similarly, another user post says that according to the Google AI Summary, none of the countries of Africa start with the letter K and forget that Kenya is the country that starts with the letter K.
On Friday, Google stated that the AI overview for these queries has been removed due to violating company policies.

As you see, Google’s AI search overview gives the acknowledgment that it is experimental and it is testing the AI by simulating potential misuse to prevent false or low-quality results from appearing in the AI summaries.

Google AI search Overview is the segment of the big effort to integrate Gemini AI technology across all products of Google. The main aim of this move is to stay ahead in the competition with rivals like OpenAI and Meta in the Industry.

However, the blunder created by AI overview could tarnish the reputation of Google. Google is considered one of the most trusted sources of information online.

This is the second major Google AI launch that turn into the subject of a joke on Social media. Google generated false and misleading responses, some answers to the queries are even dangerous like putting nontoxic glue on the pizza, eating rocks, and making chlorine gas.

But this is not the first time Generative AI models have been caught up in making things up (hallucinations). Once ChatGPT also made a fake sexual harassment story and wrongly accused a real law professor, even inventing fake newspaper articles as proof.

A Google representative said they had tested the new feature thoroughly before launching it.
For now, the company has not made it clear why this issue is happening. According to Google Spokesperson, Colette Garcia, the majority of the AI Overview provides high-quality information with links to get the most data on the web.

This incorrect information is answered due to uncommon queries and it is not representative of most people’s experience.
They added that, like with other features, they appreciate feedback and are quickly addressing issues based on their content policies.

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