15+ Best VPN For Canada In 2023

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Although one of the largest markets for the finest VPN services in Canada, it’s not always simple to discover a reliable VPN there. Choosing the best service might be difficult considering the numerous options and so much on the line. Like many other developed nations, Canada conducts extensive surveillance of its population. It is understandable that residents and visitors need to step up their private information in light of intrusive anti-terrorism laws, complicated privacy regulations, and the reality that most traffic in Canada passes via Canadian and US data centers. But that just tells half the tale. A top-notch Canada VPN should be able to unblock international streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and others, enabling you to watch CTV, TSN, and Crave while you’re away from your home. You can go everywhere you want to by just connecting to the appropriate server.

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Why do you need a VPN for Canada?

Streaming and privacy are the two main issues. Using VPN is the first and simplest step to ensure that you are protecting your data because, as you are likely aware if you read the news, internet liberties are increasingly being curtailed in Canada, the US, and practically everywhere else. A solid Canada VPN can protect you from hackers and trackers, targeted advertising, ISP throttling, and much more by anonymizing all data. To discover more about what else a VPN can accomplish, visit this comprehensive article on VPN usage. Additionally, streaming plays a significant role in people’s lives today, but if you travel abroad, it’s possible that people will not be able to obtain the stuff you’re used to. You may disguise your location at home with a streaming VPN, allowing you accessibilitaccessng you have been before. In the same way, you can use your home computer to research various local streaming services; simply choose a server and start browsing.

Best Advice for Picking a VPN to ensure

Here are two considerations to make when selecting a VPN before you part with your hard-earned cash: First of all, no longer subscription will always result in financial savings. However, experts advise against doing this at first. Instead, try a VPN in the home setting with a free or limited-time subscription. This will allow you to test its compatibility with all the websites and services you require and get a feel for how it performs in real-world situations. You can always subscribe to a lengthy subscription if you appreciate what you see. Second, even though a VPN is a helpful tool for enhancing your online privacy, it is not impervious to all dangers. Tor is required to protect the privof acy your traffic truly. Ever utilizing it can significantly slow down your internet connection compared to using a VPN. Additionally, maall ll local antivirus software, activate multi-factor verification wherever it’s allowed, and generate unique, complicated passwords for each website and service you use using a password manager.

Can you obtain a free VPN in Canada?

Free VPNs for Canada are available, but you must use caution. You should also be conscious that a free VPN has some disadvantages. You’ll probably be subject to monthly or daily data caps that can be anything from generous to pitiful, and you likely won’t receive the same fast speeds that you would do if you paid a paid subscription. One of the main reasons people use VPNs is to dodge ads, which some are also renowned for injecting into your browser. A free subscription can be adequate if you won’t have access to VPN frequently. However, you’ll need to have something fully fledged if you want to broadcast, game, or even simply leave it on all day. Fortunately, Surfshark starts at just $2.50 per month, so you will not have to pay much.

List of 15 Best VPN Canada 2023

You have a wide selection of VPNs to choose from in Canada. These are the best services you can use. 
  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. NordVPN
  4. Proton VPN
  5. Private Internet Access
  6. TunnelBear VPN
  7. CyberGhost VPN
  8. HMA VPN
  9. Mullvad VPN
  10. Mozilla VPN
  11. IVPN
  12. Pure VPN
  13. Perfect Privacy
  14. IPVanish
  15. Private VPN

1. ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is the top Canadian VPN in this market and checks all the right boxes. It offers the most comprehensive bundle in the industry with amazing torrenting support, real security, and great apps on all platforms, not just lightning-fast speeds and potent content unblocking. Industry-standard AES-256 encryption, various methods, Perfect Forward Secrecy, and an audited no-logging policy are all features of ExpressVPN. Additionally, it offers split tunneling, which allows you to send some of your data through the VPN while leaving other portions intact, as well as a kill switch to safeguard you if your connection stops. Overall, ExpressVPN is the best VPN service available because to put it simply, it can do everything. However, it also has a 30-day revenue assurance, so you can try the service if unsure. You will receive a complete refund, no questions asked, if you decide to cancel. ExpressVPN is ideal for those who simply want to connect and play because it operates flawlessly right out of the box.

Try ExpressVpn For Free


  • Outstanding connectivity rates
  • Powerful streaming
  • Improved applications for all devices
  • Amazing assistance


  • Five connections maximum

2. Surfshark:

The best option for a truly affordable Canada VPN is Surfshark. In the analysis of Surfshark, you discovered that the service offers fantastic speed for a portion of the cost of its competitors, and for many, that’s a deal breaker. It is as fully equipped as the majority of people will require. Its pc clients are strong and dependable with AES-256 encryption, many protocols like WireGuard, an ad filter, a kill switch, and more. It is simple to set up and offers instant access to the 3,200+ servers that Surfshark has scattered across the globe, with about 90 of them located in Canada. Even while its mobile apps aren’t as in-depth as Express’, they perform an admirable job of getting the job done and are sleek and easy. Although many customers won’t care, some may find Surfshark’s tools overly basic. Beyond protocol and the kill switch, there isn’t much that can be changed, and the provider’s appeal lies in its simplicity. It’s affordable, simple, and trustworthy.

Try Surfshark For Free


  • Fantastic value
  • Easy-to-use apps
  • Fantastic for streaming


  • The performance of OpenVPN is poor. 

3. NordVPN:

Given that NordVPN is undoubtedly the most well-known VPN brand, it should be no surprise that it performs admirably as just a Canada VPN. The NordVPN review finds it among the best services available right now, and it’s also really simple to use. It has high-quality privacy protections and broadcasting power to match. No issue where you are; you; you’d be able to obtain excellent streaming and browsing speeds because of the provider’s approximately 400 Canadian-based servers. It’s also one of the top-rated Netflix VPN services, and with over 5,500 servers globally, you should be able to connect easily if you’re on vacation or on a business trip. Although NordVPN has a wide selection of apps available for many different platforms, you rather see lists of locations than a map on smaller screens. However, you could do much worse than NordVPN if you seek a reliable cybersecurity brand.

Try NordVpn For Free


  • Powerful streaming
  • Excellent speed
  • Ideal for privacy nut lovers


  • Apps may be weird.

4. Proton VPN:

Proton VPN has improved significantly over the past year or two and has resolved the minor problems that kept it from making the top 15. Canada’s enormous stream diversity will be valued by its residents; in addition to allowing access to US and UK Netflix within the nation, it also allows access to the Canadian library from other countries. Proton VPN focuses strongly on privacy, and you’ll be allowed to access the Secure Core feature in addition to the entire bare-metal DNS system and secure servers located worldwide. In essence, this sends your connection to the place of your choice after passing through an incredibly secure server (in Iceland, Switzerland, or SwedeThis is fantastic if you wish to connect to hazardous countries such as the UAE or Turkeystic. Proton VPN is indeed a super strong, private VPN. If privacy is a priority for you, it’s worth giving it some thought, even though it doesn’t offer 24/7 assistance at this time.

Try ProtonVpn For Free


  • Great security and privacy features.
  • Access Netflix in the US, Canada, and the UK
  • Amazing speeds
  • Powerful apps that prioritize privacy


  • More difficult than some competitors

5. Private Internet Access:

In the most recent assessment of Private Internet Access, it is discovered that the company has improved its network and usability in general. With multiple servers in Canada simply, PIA boasts more specific servers than any of its rivals, making it incredibly easy to locate a fast connection no matter where you are in the nation. With the ability to access Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and Amazon Prime, PIA is quite useful for streaming. However, we encountered difficulties using BBC iPlayer. Therefore, it’s not entirely faultless in this aspect. In terms of privacy, PIA is quite outstanding. It will undoubtedly attract the techier user because it has a thorough zero-logging policy in addition to intriguing additional features,cludinguding port forwarding and a command line tool that lets you create rams that automate the software. One of the minor drawbacks is that PIA’s broadband speeds are somewhat slower than the competitors. Stilsincehat WireGuard connections can reach more often than 320Mbps; these connections ought to be adequate for almost any user.

Try PrivateInternetAccess For Free


  • Numerous servers
  • Helpful for P2P
  • Outstanding privacy characteristics


  • The speeds aren’t world-beating.

6. TunnelBear VPN:

The VPN option with Canadian origins is called TunnelBear, but it also has other advantages. The price of the service is reasonable, and the bears are wonderfully amiable. Its friendly look conceals a serious dedication to client privacy. By sending your internet traffic through the encrypted channel to a remote server, a VPN lets you reclaim some of that privacy, making it more difficult for snoops, spies, and salespeople to follow you online. TunnelBear VPN, one of the top VPNs tested, guards your security with a team of adorable but strong bears. It is brimming with charm, upholds an excellent stance on customer privacy and transparency, and provides top-notch security features at a reasonable cost. You’ll appreciate using this VPN, which was named Editor’s Choice. It is highly recommended that you start with one of Tunnel Bear’s free or per-month plans to test it out and ensure this will operate for you. TunnelBear is a great value.

Try TunnelBear For Free


  • Affordable
  • Fantastic privacy practices.
  • Annual, impartial audits
  • A welcoming and approachable look
  • Bears


  • No support for WireGuard.
  • Few cutting-edge features

7.CyberGhost VPN:

CyberGhost provides a comprehensive set of capabilities and a strict privacy policy. Additionally, 180 servers are available from CyberGhost VPN in Montreal, 63 in Vancouver, and 63 in Toronto. These servers specifically permit P2P. Directing your website traffic through an encrypted channel to a distant server, a VPN shields your details and makes it more difficult to monitor you online. It’s a potent tool, and we think CyberGhost is among the top VPNs out ther It offers the biggest VPN server network  e r seen andbeen permits a massive seven connections at once. With the addirity technologies, it has also extended its reach beyond VPNs. However, the service is pricey, hasn’t undergone a third-party review, and lacks all of the VPN capabilities which have come to expect with texpectedoods.

Try CyberGhostVpn For Free


  • Widely dispersed server fleet
  • Enables up to seven connections to be active at once
  • Numerous add-ons, such as antivirus
  • Fantastic results on the speed test


  • Expensive
  • No independent audit.
  • Conflicting privacy regulations


Thirteen servers for HMA VPN are located in Vancouver, 9 in Montreal, and 35 in Toronto. These servers indicate that their physical location is in Canada. The business’s privacy policies have recently undergone a significant improvement. Excellent user experience, an unrivalunrivaledion of dedicated servers, and exclusive features make HMA VPN stand out from the competition. That is weighed against its high cost, ambiguity over server locations, and absence of the extra privacy features seen in the best VPNs. HMA VPN has one of the greatest user experiences of any VPN, along with a huge selection of server locations and one-of-a-kind utilities like an IP address shuffler. Sadly, HMA continues to hide the locations of its servers, and the app misses the privacy features that have come to expect from the top VPNs.

Try Hidemyass For Free


  • Simple, friendly interface
  • Having the most server locations
  • A helpful IP shuffler
  • Surprising results on a speed test


  • In some places, monthly membership is not an option.
  • Unknown location of VPN servers
  • Split tunnels and multiple hop connections are absent                                         

9. Mullvad VPN:

The Mullvad VPN is unique in promoting user privacy protection at a very low cost. It is a corporation that embraces unconventional techniques to protect people and is completely transparent. You won’t receive upsells, a wide selection of servers, or an amazing interface, but you’ll pay surprisingly little money for enhanced online privacy. Mullvad VPN is the most budget-friendly Editors’ Choice-winning VPN. With 21 servers inserverseal, 10 in Toronto, and 3 in Vancouver, Mullvad provides service for Canada. It provides multiple-hop bridge servers in Toronto and Montreal. With its exclusive account system and cutting-edge VPN technology, Mullvad safeguards the privacy of its customers. Additionally, it is very inexpensive. By charging a single charge for accessibility to its security, Mullvad VPN differentiates itself from its competitors. There is only one cost: 5 euros a month, or approximately $5.11 just, at the time of the writing.


  • Need neither an email address nor a login.
  • Incredibly reasonable
  • Extreme transparency
  • A few sophisticated features, such as port forwarding and multi-hop


  • Desktop interface is awkward.
  • Servers in a select few nations
  • Some clients may be confused by the pay-as-you-go model.

10. Mozilla VPN:

Mozilla VPN safeguards your privacy, and a supporter of free internet benefits from your monthly price. It’s user-friendly and fairly attractive because of the recently introduced multi-hop and split tunneling capabilities, but it costs more than the service it’s built on. The nonprofit that created Firefox provides a VPN option that makes you feel good and donates money to a good cause. Functionality-wise, Mozilla VPN performs the same functions as all other VPNs: It securely encrypts and forwards all of your internet traffic to a remote server. This implies that no one, not even your ISP, will be allowed to view what you’re doing when you’re online. By concealing your IP address and, consequently, your location, VPNs also protect your privacy, making it more difficult for advertising to follow your online activities. Each month, beginning at $9.99

Try Mozilla For Free


  • Supports the charitable Mozilla
  • Powered by Mullvad, a privacy hawk
  • Elegant but simple design
  • Split and multihop tunneling


  • Not many server sites.
  • Costly and constrained in comparison to Mullvad

11. IVPN:

Four servers for IVPN are located in Canada, and two in Montreal and Toronto. The business provides servers set up for both WireGuard and OpenVPN. Like Mullvad, IVPN uses an encrypted communication account system and offers multi-hop connections. In addition to offering reasonable, flexible pricing, IVPN also touts a unique strategy for multi-hop connections and a privacy-first profile structure. It’s a great VPN service, despite having a small server network. Having billing cycles as long as three years and as brief as one week, IVPN is a reasonably priced VPN. Its interface is straightforward (though a little sparse), but it uses the most recent WireGuard technology and has the most flexible multihop connection option tested. IVPN’s dedication to privacy and openness is most striking, which more than makes up for the disadvantage of its relatively small server network. It receives the Editors’ Choice award because of all of that and its reasonable price.

Try Ivpn For Free


  • Flexible and inexpensive pricing
  • Distinctive multi-hop system
  • Its account system has privacy features.
  • Adamant position on transparency


  • Few server sites available
  • Account ID and Multi-hop may be confusing to some users.

12. Pure VPN:

PureVPN supports all major operating systems platforms, including Android TV, popular mobile apps, and Firestick devices. There is also a useful feature in the shape of a browser extension that uses a proxy network just for a greater streaming experience. A trustworthy VPN for Canada is PureVPN. You are always safe and secure from online snoopers thanks to tools like Kill Switch, IPv6 leak protection, WebRTC leak, DNS leak protection,  and AES 256-bit encryption with nearly five distinct connection protocols. Even though PureVPN’s 2-year subscription is somewhat expensive, they do provide something unique. They provide a 7-day trial period for just $0.99. If the subscription does not meet your expectations, you may cancel it. There is no chance you won’t adore them with all the functions and the VPN price.

Try PureVpn For Free


  • 6,500+ sites in 140+ countries, including more than 210 in Canada
  • 10 Multi-Logins connected simultaneously


  • Largest network of VPN servers
  • A bit expensive

13. Perfect Privacy:

Perfect privacy is the VPN that some consumers might find the service’s features or connection options to be eve. t Privacy is an excellent choice if you’reyou searchsearch thatof high-end service. At Perfect Privacy, privacy is almost perfect. You can be certain that your data will be protected thanks to sector encryption, methods and zero data storage. They discovered that the speeds were above the ordinary. It will be necessary to give up extraordinarily fast spetor to have limitless connections and cutting-edge functionality. Everything is unlimited. Thus, there is only one cost tier. It costs $12.99 monthly if you pay for it in full. The cost reduces to $9.99 monthly if paid for one year in advance and to $8.95 monthly if paid two years in advance.

Try Perfect Privacy For Free


  • Rich in features
  • Devices and connections are limitless.
  • Full support for IPv6
  • Jurisdiction in Switzerland
  • Allows torrenting
  • A 30-day money-back promise


  • Many consumers consider advanced features to be excessive.
  • Costly price tag

14. IPVanish:

Although based in the US, IPVanish is a fantastic service. All things considered, IPVanish is reliable. There aren’t many issues with this VPN service, even though it doesn’t seem to be the greatest at anything in particular. Due to its disclosure of user data to the US Department of Homeland Security, IPVanish has made headlines. They have a new owner nowsayingay they don’t store any logs. There are no concerns with the speed supplied and it I,s generally above average thanks to IPvanish’s large network of servers and geographic location. They only offer a 7-day money-back promise, which is significantly less than the typical 30-day guarantee offered by the industry. You are locked into the lowest price tier for a year for $6.49 per month. Three months and 1 month are the lengths of the alternate options. You will need to pay $8.99 and $10.00 each month for them, respectively.

Try Ipvanish For Free


  • Superior download speed.
  • Using streaming services
  • Permits torrenting
  • Supports every hardware
  • Ten connections all at once
  • Strong Cryptography


  • US-based
  • Costly
  • Money-back assured

15. Private VPN:

Although PrivateVPN is a relative novice to the VPN sector, it can compete with the established players in terms of speed and security. The business is located in Sweden, which is not a member of the Five Eyes but does have some mandated data retention rules. Regardless, the business employs no-logs policies to ensure there is nothing to turn over in the case of a court order. Using the TAP and TUN connection with OpenVPN affects the encryption level. You will also receive complete forward privacy, kill switch, built-in IPv6, and DNS leak protection. Currently, there There tries, but that number is expanding quickly. In our tests, VPN’s download and upload speeds were very good in our testsything they have tried it out with thus far, including Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer, but also Amazon Prime, PrivateVPN has performed flawlessly. The best offer is $2.00 per month.

Try PrivateVpn For Free


  • Another inexpensive choice for Canadians
  • Operated from outside the Five Eyes, in Sweden
  • Reliable speeds, strong pri,vacy and security features


  • System of server locations that is still small but expanding.
  • There is not always live chat available.

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