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CodeLions Review 2024 – Why This is Best Software Development Company?

CodeLions Review

Are you worried about Web development for your business and increasing competition in the digital world?

Are you looking for a Web-based company that can help you design your website and expand your business or product?

If you are looking for a well-reputed company which can provide you assistance related to your business and helps you in developing your website and Web designing, then you should read this article.

In this article, we will introduce you with a well-reputed Web assistant company, “CodeLions.

We will discuss the working domains, specialties, and useful features of CodeLions in this article and help you to understand CodeLions and choose it as your Web designer company.

Try CodeLions For Your Project


CodeLions is well known for its quality services in web development and is gaining popularity day by day. Any company can choose CodeLions as its Web assistant, and it helps them to build their websites by using modern and excellent technologies. CodeLions has become a partner of many startup businesses and helping them professionally in Web development or mobile applications development.

It has been providing worldwide services to all the companies that need any kind of Web assistance.

Within 2 years of its development, it has covered a lot of projects efficiently and is continually progressing due to its quality work.

About CodeLions:

CodeLions Home

CodeLions was founded in 2018 by Mr. Volodymyr Dudas in Ukraine, and its team consists of 10-49 persons.

The moto of CodeLions is to satisfy all of its clients by providing them excellent services. To achieve its objectives, it works like a team with its clients and provides full cooperation to them, and helps them in every way in achieving their target. Small scale business companies are their clients, and it always tries to help them in an effective way and win their trust.

The expert team of CodeLions considers each client important and works mutually to reach the clients’ expectations. CodeLions team consists of professionals who are always dedicated to the projects of their customers.

CodeLions actually tries to help their clients bring their product faster in the market and reduce system development costs. CodeLions always try to provide their best in their field. It mostly focuses on a small number of technologies and works systematically to reach the target level.

The major services of CodeLions include software development, analyzing new requirements, technical consultation, and implementation of software solutions.


CodeLions has proved itself competitive among all the companies of its type in the digital world. It always focuses on Client demands and delivers quality work and excellent services to satisfy its clients. The work of CodeLions consists of the following domains:

  1. Custom Software and Application Development
  2. Technical Consulting
  3. Quality Control
  4. Security Testing


CodeLions has a dedicated team who are expert in:

  1. Web & Mobile Applications Development.
  2. Enterprise Software Development.
  3. Custom Software Development 4-UX/UI Design.
  4. Architectural Design.
  5. Information technology 7-eCommerce.
  6. Business Analysis.

Why You Should Choose CodeLions? 

The following are the advantages of choosing CodeLions as your Web developer:

1- Client Focused:

An important positive point of CodeLions is that they are always Client-focused. They listen to their demands carefully and work exactly according to their expectations. CodeLions believe that each client is of equal importance to them.

2- Systematic Approach:

One of the reasons for the success of CodeLions is that they map out a specific plan of action for every client and work according to it.

It divides the plan into steps and works on each step very carefully to obtain a good result. Each and every step in the system of developing websites is carried out in a controlled and coordinated way to rule out the chance of errors.

3- Excellent Services:

The reason behind the success of CodeLions is that it always tries to provide excellent services to its clients. It always tries to solve the problems of its clients. These services assure that the clients are fully satisfied with the company.

4- Quality Assurance:

CodeLions not only provide quality work to its clients but also try to maintain it throughout. It always tries to ensure the Quality of the work in order to follow international standards.

5- Mutual Cooperation:

CodeLions work like a team with its clients. This cooperation is the key to satisfying the client’s needs and bringing out the desired results.

6- Best Technology:

It is up to the team of CodeLions that they use which technology to accomplish a specific task. Although the team is an expert in all technologies, it chooses a specific technology for a specific task according to its requirements. They mostly use small technologies to fulfill their work.

7- Cost Reduction:

CodeLions focus on decreasing software production cost in order to benefit its clients. Choosing CodeLions for developing your website decrease not only the development cost but also improve the quality of small scale businesses

8- Time-Saving:

If any business company chooses CodeLions as its website developer, it will help them decrease their production cost and save their time. The expert team of CodeLions has the ability to complete the test in the minimum possible time.

9- Cooperative Team:

The reason behind the success of any company is its dedicated team. CodeLions also has a very strong and dedicated team that cooperates with clients maximally and helps to win the trust of the clients

10- Full Support:

CodeLions, after completing the assigned task and handing it over, the client also takes the responsibility of solving their problems regarding that task or project. It provides full support to the clients during and after the accomplishment of the assigned work.


You need to provide the following details to get services from CodeLions:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Full name
  • Project Detail

The team of CodeLions is always ready to help any customer or company on a single call. They will firstly discuss the details of your project with you, map out the plan for its accomplishment, discuss with you, and after your approval, start to work on it.

How It Deals with Clients: 

It deals with its clients in a very systematic way means that it divides the task into steps, works on each step carefully, and puts full energy into completing the project and bringing out the desired results within a given time limit.

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. It firstly conducts a netting with its client.
  2. It listens to all the demands and requirements of its clients and talks about the setup requirements.
  3. It decides Project milestones with its clients and, by mutual cooperation, tries to cover these milestones efficiently.
  4. It decides the framework to carry out the required task.
  5. It tries to cover the project under UX/UI Design.
  6. It uses Scrum Software for project development.
  7. It analyzes the process to assure the Quality of the work.
  8. It assures on-time delivery of the project to the client and also takes relevant steps for its maintenance.


  • It is always Client-oriented.
  • It has a problem-solving team.
  • It conducts easy communication with clients.
  • It always uses transparent processes.
  • It provides quality services to its customers.
  • It always tries to fulfill the expectations level of clients.
  • It always tries to satisfy its clients.
  • The results are always real and authentic.


  • There may be a slight delay in completing the orders of customers.
  • The customer has to provide exact and clear details of the project.

CodeLions Contact Details:

The following are contact details of CodeLions:

Who can be a part of CodeLions:

CodeLions has been efficiently providing its services worldwide, especially in Europe and the USA. Many companies have worked with it and have become satisfied customers.

The customers of CodeLions are the following:

  1. Small Sized Businesses.
  2. Medium-Sized Businesses.
  3. Early-Stage companies.
  4. Fast-Growing startups.

Final Words:

Try CodeLions For Your Project

You can freely choose CodeLions as your reliable partner for building a dedicated technology related to Website development. CodeLions is a software developing company that works on very clear terms. Its only goal is to reach the expectations level of the client and win their trust.

The well-skilled team of CodeLions can complete the assigned task within the time limit given by the client CodeLions can provide every type of service related to Web development, for example, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, IT Services & Consultation.

They develop the map work of website development and stick to it, work on it till its implementation. Many companies in Europe and the USA have worked with CodeLions and are completely satisfied with its work.

The list of its clients has been increasing very rapidly. If you are looking forward to the Best company for your website development, we will recommend choosing CodeLions as your Web partner for its best quality services.

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