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Datspush Review 2024- Best Push Notification Ad Network?

This article is about Datspush Review and How you can use Datspush to engaged your audience and Increase your Ad Revenue

DatsPush Review 2024:

We are all familiar with the push notifications ads since they are known as one of the second largest notifications in the online world. Push notifications basically keep all of your visitors and subscribers updated with every latest news who has given permission to show push notifications.

Push ads notifications are offered by many ad networks in the market. Among various push ads networks I tested; personally, I found DatsPush to be the best Push Notification Ad network as they provide a high level of push notifications services which leads to generating more revenue and more engagements with the audience.

Yes! It would be a little frustrating to choose among various ad networks to find out the best one. Therefore, in this article, I would help you understand about DatsPush network and would prove why it is known as the superior ad networks by discussing its pros and cons.

Join DatsPush Ad Network


DatsPush, known as the best popular ad network as it is specialized in push notifications. With DatsPush, you can easily monetize your site to make thousands of dollars in a month with quality traffic.

LeadBit, CEO of the DatsPush network which owns the company is one of the Best CPA networks of all time. DatsPush lets their user fully optimize their site and set ads according to their needs. Therefore, it is known as the self-serving ad platform.

There are several ad networks available on the internet but as we all know there are some limitations for targeting audiences in every ad network, but DatsPush is the only one ad network which enables its user to target their audience using different methods. Moreover, DatsPush offers you to create even your custom ad campaign.

How Does DataPush Work?

Now you must be probably thinking about how it works? Right? Well, you might find tons of options in DatsPush ad network, and yeah it would be a little overwhelming for you but still not a big deal as it worth it. If you have been planning to drive traffic using Push ads, then DatsPush would be the best choice for you.
To start with DatsPush, you must have an account there.

DatsPush offers these 3 types of push notifications:

  1. Mobile Pushes
  2. Web Pushes
  3. Pich Pushes

Let create an account to start working with this amazing Ad Network.

How to create a DatsPush account?

Create DastPush Account

Open the DatsPush website and head over to the signup button. Now while signing up, you will be asked to input username, email id, Telegram or Skype id and password. Once you completed the following requirements, click submit and boom! An account would be successfully created. Simply sign in to your dashboard now. You’ll now have access to all of the functionalities.

While signing up, you’ll be presented with two available options, Publisher & Advertiser. One thing you must keep in mind that if you want to act as a seller, for example, if you’re going to sell push subscriptions, you must then select publisher. However, if you have been thinking to buy from the DatsPush network such as traffic etc., then you must have to choose an advertiser.

After successfully creating the account, open up the dashboard of your account. Now to get started with the DatsPush network, you need to add some funds to your account. For that, you can quickly move to the finance segment panel in the dashboard to add funds.

Website Requirements for DatsPush Network:

Join DatsPush Ad Network

As we all know that probably every ad network as some requirements for the website to get approved. The site must adhere to these requirements and must follow the rules and regulations of the DatsPush network. Some of the requirements by the DatsPush ad network are as follows.

  • The website must be on paid hosting such as Bluehost, Siteground, Namecheap, Maxbounty, Godaddy, etc.
  • The website should have 500 daily visitors.
  • Placing someone else code on your website other than DatsPush networks would be counted as a violation of their rules and regulations.

Note: In case of any violation, your account will be banned immediately. Therefore, before adding your website to your account, have a check at your site whether it fulfills all those requirements or not.

Adding Website on DatsPush Network:

As I already mentioned above that DatsPush offers you two options: to act as a publisher or advertiser. To add your site to this network, you’ll be prompted with two options on the screen to select which are as follows:

  • Publisher
  • Advertiser

If you plan to buy traffic from the DatsPush network, you’ll be required to fill up all the details such as Site name, payment details, category, and postback URL. However, if you plan to select the second option “I have a website” then you’ll be asked to add your site in two ways, either for HTTP or HTTPS.

For Http:

Subscriptions will be carried out in just two clicks. Simply click on the JS banners, and subscription is in the frame. Due to Http, it allows working with both RS and CPA. However, if you have been planning to customize your website script, then you might need to contact the manager.

For Https:

In this case, Subscriptions will be carried out directly in one click. But it works only with the RS. In Https, CR is about 15%. One thing you must keep in mind that if you remove the script from the roots of the site, then all of your subscriptions would be lost. So beware of doing that.

Pros and Cons of DatsPush:

Every ad network has advantages and disadvantages over other ad networks. Some of the Pros and Cons of DatsPush ad network are as follows:


  • It accepts both Http and Https websites.
  • They Accept Traffic from 250 Countries.
  • You can get up to 88% of revenue on each click.
  • 100% Safe and Secure.
  • High-quality and targeted traffic.
  • Daily CPA payouts.
  • Various Targeting options available.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Works on 120 geo-locations.
  • Supports 3 formats; Phone push, web push, and rich push.
  • Low bids in most countries.


  • The support center is quite slow in responding to the request.
  • Live chat is not available.
  • The cropping image feature is not available.

DatsPush Targeting Options:

Following is the list of several targeting options offered by DatsPush Network.

  • Region.
  • City.
  • Browser.
  • Platform.
  • White list IP.
  • Blacklist IP.
  • Mobile brand.
  • Usage type.
  • Device resolution.
  • White list site.
  • Blacklist site.
  • Country.

With the help of these functions, you can easily collect data from the audience and can get more audience.

How much can we earn with this Ad Network?

DatsPush Payments

People generally use this ad network to keep in touch with the latest brands. However, the source of their income comes only through the ad clicks by the audience’s quality. The more is the traffic, the more you’ll be able to earn from this ad network.

2 Monetization Options are available on DatsPush which are listed below. 

  1. CPA
  2. RevShare

CPA: As the name signifies, CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Therefore, in this model, the payout is generally fixed according to the Geo locations. With the CPA model, you can earn more than $20 from per 1000 Push Installs. You can find more CPA Networks here.

RevShare: In this model, you’ll get paid for every click made by your subscribers on the ads. With a revenue share option, you will receive 88% of the click price, which is paid by advertisers.

Payment Details:

Payment details of DatsPush Ad Network are listed below:

  • Minimum Payout:  50$ manually, 15$ automatically net7
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Paxum and Wire Transfer.
  • The minimal deposit for advertisers: 50$

Do I Recommend DatsPush Ad Network:

Join DatsPush Ad Network

Yes, I Do Recommend DatsPush Ad Network because It is one of the best and fastest growing Push notification Ad Networks. If you are an affiliate marketer and running CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing Campaigns, then you must promote your Offers with Push Notification Traffic. I highly recommend giving DatsPush a try to promote your products, offers, and services to get more leads and more sales. They have a lot of targeting options that can help you to increase your conversation rate. This is the best Ad Network for both publishers and advertisers.

To be honest, I personally tested this Ad network on one of my client websites, and I found it to be the best Push notifications Ad network I ever have seen. Since it is an international ad network which is specialized in generating Push notifications. The majority of the people when setting up their websites are confused to choose the best ad network, which could help them to generate a lot of revenue from ads. Therefore, I would prefer you to go for this ad network which would surely take your website to the next level.

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